Eagle Industries Shooters Stock Pack

9 January 1999
By peteR
Fully Loaded Stock Pack

Eagle Industries is a prime manufacturer of paramilitary style rifle cases, tactical vests, and shooting web gear. One of the many useful products they produce is the Shooters Stock Pack which quickly affixes to the butt of a rifle via three vertical hook and loop fasteners and a horizontal web strap that wraps around the heel of the buttplate/recoil pad. The SSP is made of heavy weight #1000 denier weight Cordura nylon fabric and is available in a choice of Black, Olive Drab, and Woodland Camo colors. The SSP has two main features: a zippered storage pouch, and padded suede leather cheek piece that provides a greater margin of comfort when shooting a rifle in weather extremes. Being rather poikilothermic, uh- "cold blooded", this small creature comfort makes me real, real, happy when shooting at temperatures below 50 F.

Ammo Holder

The SSP has a 1 1/2" wide elastic band sewn on the outside of the pouch to secure five rounds of additional ammo for ready access. Due to the large surface area provided by the elastic, rounds can be loaded either point down or point up and be easily withdrawn. I like this option for use with handloads too long for use with the my Remington 700P-DM's magazines that must be single fed into the action, and when working "under a veil" in the field.

Stock Pack Showing Loaded Goodie Bag and Ammo Holder
Goodie Pouch

The goodie pouch is approximately about 7" (diagonally measured) tapering from 3" to 2" at the front of the pouch, and expanding to about 2 inches deep for around 14 or so cubic inches of storage space available to keep any necessary trinkets handy. The #9 YKK type zipper seems to be plenty durable and a small length of 550 para-cord is attached to speed opening and closing with weather numbed fingers. I keep a Triangle bandage, two non-adhering 4"x 4" dressings, a metal match & Benchmade CQB-7 knife, and tool grip coated Allen keys for the stock, scope mount, and trigger in mine. You have the inalienable right to chose any other small personal items that a mission or hunting trip may dictate.

Only a few trivial drawbacks have been found after using the SSP for a little over three years on a number of differently proportioned rifles. When the rear two straps on my version are cinched down on a Remington 700P-DM they had very little contact surface area left for the hook and pile material. Stocks with a thicker diameter through the wrist and comb would probably allow for a more positive strapping ability. Field improvisations could be quickly made with Shoe Goo, OD duct tape, etc. etc. I slipped some 3/8" neoprene rubber under the starboard side to give a little more grab area for the straps. The down side to my quick fix is the pouch protrudes a little further and carrying the rifle at low ready or "Rhodesian Ready" could conceivably cause a bind to occur with the inside of the arm during an emergency presentation to a target.

Second, the benefit of the suede cheek padding precludes my using a Dewey cleaning rod or similar rod with a large diameter handle. It is thought to be very risky flexing the rod shaft against the bore guide and possibly peening the edges of the lands and grooves at the chamber leade. Smaller diameter handles, those brands equipped with tee handles, or the mother of all cleaning rods (44" long versions) that clear the muzzle with the rod handle behind the rifle butt will eliminate this problem. I simply remove my SSP while bore cleaning to solve this problem.

I would like to see a SSP variation / 2nd generation version made to give the benefits of the suede cheek pad and cartridge loops/ no pouch/ and the cinch straps pared about 1 1/2" shorter for conventional factory supplied rifle stocks. Now that would really be the Tactical cats meow!

Stock Pack showing Cheek Piece

Eagle Industries Unlimited Inc.
400 Baltimore Drive,
Suite 530,
Fenton, MO 63026

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