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How are you transporting your handguns to the range or in your car? Owning a good quality handgun case is important for any responsible gunowner, especially if you don’t live in an open-carry state. We’ve put together this review of the best handgun cases on the market, and we’ll let you know which is our top pick at the end.
Handgun cases can serve a couple purposes, but it really depends on your need for one. If you only need to transport your handgun to the shooting range or out for some hunting, then you could possibly get away with an inexpensive soft case. For anything beyond those needs, a hard case will be better for you. If you intend to travel by plane with your gear, make sure you’re aware of all TSA guidelines and requirements for a handgun case. Hard cases also tend to be better if you are storing your guns inside them at home. Hard cases can be padlocked and are difficult to break into or smash open.

Drago Gear Double Pistol Case

Drago Gear Double Pistol Case

Materials – This first option is a multiple handgun case from Drago Gear, and it’s the only soft case within this review. It’s made with a durable nylon material that will be resistant towards rips and tearing. It is available in either all black or an olive drab green. The dimensions of this case are 12.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. Featured in the handgun case are two compartments. The main compartment has two pockets within it, one for each handgun. There is enough room to store extra gear or an accessory in either of the pockets. The second compartment is smaller, and it is also suitable for extra gear. Both compartments close with heavy duty, non-rusting zippers with pull cords. At the top of the multiple handgun case are two nylon carrying straps.

Performance – If you don’t do a lot of traveling with your handguns, but you need to transport your gear to and from the shooting range, then this is the best choice for you. The Drago Gear Pistol Case is okay for storing weapons at home too, but there isn’t anything keeping your handguns particularly secure. We suppose you could padlock the zippers of the two compartments together, but we’re not certain how affective that would be. The nylon material is durable and easy to wipe clean when you need to. The open pocket system allows you to utilize the storage in basically any way you need to. Don’t try to pack more than two weapons in here, however.

What we say – This is the best multiple handgun case for shooters that just need a simple way to carry their gear at the range or to and from locations. This option also has the comfiest handle out of our selections in this review as well.

  • Lowest cost
  • Holds multiple weapons and gear
  • Comfortable nylon carrying straps
  • Not ideal for high security or airport travel
Drago Gear Double Pistol Case
  • Dimensions: 12.5″x9.5″x4.5″
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Heavy-duty, non-rust zippers

Pelican 1170 Case with Foam

Pelican 1170 Case with Foam

Materials – The Pelican hard case is made of an outer material that is entirely water proof and dust proof with an O-ring seal. It cannot be crushed or smashed under heavy weight, either. Inside this case is a single space that is just under 11 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Also inside is Pick N Pluck foam, which will protect your handgun and any additional gear your can fit inside. The case closes with a pair of double throw latches. Most impressive is the automatic pressure equalization valve, allowing the case to withstand a variety of temperatures and moisture levels. You can buy this case in black, desert tan, orange, silver, yellow, or olive drab green. Pelican offers a lifetime warranty for any damage.

Performance – This option is easily one of the best handgun cases for anyone who will be traveling through various weather situations and even altitude changes. Between the O-ring seal and multiple layers of hard casing and dense foam, your handgun will be safe from rain, snow, fog, and being dropped or banged into something. However, what really wins us over is the automatic pressure equalization valve. That feature will also ensure that your handgun won’t rattle around between the padding. There is just enough space for a single full sized pistol with a magazine.

What we say – The Pelican Hard Case is the best handgun case for those transporting only one handgun and is concerned with weather conditions, extreme temperatures, or is traveling to anew altitude. Check it onto a flight or stow it in your car’s trunk for transporting.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Can be padlocked
  • Only space for one handgun
Pelican 1170 Case with Foam
  • WATERPROOF CASE: Waterproof protection (IP67) that delivers crushproof and dustproof protection for your camera, GoPro, gun, or other portable electronics and equipment
  • FEATURES: O-ring watertight seal, Pick N Pluck foam, double throw latches, automatic pressure equalization valve (balances interior pressure, keeps water out)
  • DIMENSIONS (LWH): INTERIOR - 10.54" x 6.04" x 3.16" ; EXTERIOR - 11.64" x 8.34" x 3.78"

Seahorse SE-300 Handgun Case

Seahorse SE-300 Handgun Case

Materials – The Seahorse hard case has an exterior made of plastic, but it’s proven to be totally crush proof. It is also resistant to water, moisture, and dust. It will never rust. Inside the case is high density foam with spaces specifically designed for your weapon. The foam padding lines space for a single handgun, a magazine, and an extra compartment for storage. This case closes with two throw latches. Keys are included to padlock the case for travel. Seahorse, like Pelican, offers a lifetime guarantee towards any damage. You can purchase this case in black, gun metal, orange, or yellow.

Performance – This option from Seahorse shares a handful of similarities with the Pelican case. They both have almost the exact same exterior hard casing. However, this one doesn’t mention the O-ring seal, even though it’s still water and dust proof. The padding is similar too, but the Seahorse handgun case has specifically carved compartments for your handgun and magazine. Since it doesn’t have a pressure equalizer, the compartments are helpful in ensuring the stability of your weapon. On the other hand, this doesn’t give you any option to utilize the space creatively. In a sense, you’re limited on this one, but it’s a great and reliable handgun case!

What we say – This is the best handgun case for anyone who only has one handgun and magazine to transport, and is particularly concerned about items sliding around inside.

  • Water proof, dust proof, and rust proof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Special pockets in foam for weapon
  • Limited on space utilization
Seahorse SE-300 Handgun Case
  • Se300 single pistol case, gun metal
  • Exterior dimensions: 10.8 x 9.8 x 4.87 | interior dimensions: 9.50 x 7.35 x 4.10
  • Watertight, Airtight and Crush resistant protection for your valuables

Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol Case

Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol Case

Materials – The Case Club multiple handgun case is made of a plastic exterior that is sealed to be resistant to water, dust, and rust. Inside the case is a closed cell foam insert made of military grade polyethylene. The padding can be wiped clean, and there are four slots to hold up to four handguns. Also included are slots for up to 12 magazines. The case shuts with two latches and can be padlocked. It is only available in black, but the case has been approved for airline checked luggage. There is a single plastic carrying handle at the top of the case. Case Club includes a lifetime warranty with its product.

Performance – Quite easy to see, if you are transporting multiple handguns, then this is the case for you. Compared to our other selections in this review, the Case Club pistol case carries the most handguns. It’s also the best for airport travel. It’s TSA approved and it’s highly protective. If you’re not big on travel, it even makes a great case for storing and protecting your weapons at home. Similar to the previous option, there are special slots carved out in the padding for your weapons, but they’re large enough that really any size handgun will fit comfortably. It is certainly more expensive than the rest, so only make the investment if you actually own more than two handguns.

What we say – This is the best multiple handgun case for gunowners with three or more weapons, and they want to transport a handful of magazines as well. This is the most ideal for longer-term travel or a lot of airport travel.

  • Stores up to four handguns
  • TSA approved
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Most expensive option
Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol Case
  • Holds 4 pistols, 16 magazines (+4 more in the magwells) & comes standard with a specially designed rechargeable moisture-absorbing silica gel canister to help prevent gun rust. Case is 100% shippable and airline approved for TSA checked luggage. Two metal reinforced padlock points that support a customer supplied padlock with a 0.3" shackle along with one way hinge pins ensure your gear remains safe and secure.
  • Case has a lifetime warranty, is 100% Waterproof (IP67) & Dustproof with a built-in pressure release valve. Base foam is heavy duty, non-abrasive, pre-cut, mil-spec, closed cell polyethylene which won't absorb moisture or oil. Magazine compartments are dual level & will fit both single & double stack mags of varying lengths. Utilize our specially designed magazine spacers for your single stack mags and remove the spacer for double stack guaranteeing a perfect fit regardless of magazine size.
  • Accommodates full size, compact & subcompact pistols with under-barrel attachments and small reflex sights. Foam also has built-in height and length adjustment blocks in which you can use to further customize the fit ensuring even your smallest subcompact pistols fit just as tightly as your full size ones. Max length of pistols is 8 5/8" & is not intended for revolvers due to their longer barrel lengths.

Our Favorite Handgun Case

We decided that our favorite handgun case of the four here was the Pelican 1170 Case with Foam. While there are certainly some impressive cases in this list, like the Case Club option, we’re guessing the average gunowner is not toting four weapons on a regular basis. The Pelican case is small, lightweight, and it can satisfy gunowners heading to the range or gunowner traveling a greater distance with their weapon. You can padlock it shut, and you can be confident that your gear will be protected from all weather elements. As mentioned before, the automatic pressure equalizer feature truly won us over. If you have more than one handgun you want to store in the same case, we highly suggest you check out Pelican’s other handgun case options. This is a great brand, and you can see from all the 5-star reviews that it’s reliable. With a lifetime warranty included, you can’t go wrong with this affordable buy!

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