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5 Best Laser Boresighters

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If your hits are far from the center, you’ll probably need to zero in your firearm. That used to be a tedious process. Not only a frustrating task, but also involving lots of ammo, and these days that is expensive. Fortunately, laser boresighters are available to make the process easier and faster.

If you are new to guns you might wonder what exactly is boresighting? It’s the process of aligning the center of your barrel, called the bore, with the sights on your firearm. This results in more on target hits.

In this article we look at:

  • Bushnell Banner Bore Sighter Kit
  • LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight 22-50
  • Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter
  • Gun Gear Depot Laser Boresight Cartridge
  • SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

How to Use a Bore Sighter Video – YouTube:

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Boresight Buying Guide

Boresighters come in many shapes and sizes. They also use a variety of features for attachment. Therefore, choosing a boresighter can be a challenge. In order to get the most value for your money and to save time, I made a list of the main features you need to consider when buying a laser boresighter. They include the following:

  • Laser power/quality: Lasers are categorized into classes, which is one way to determine their power/quality. Most lasers usually come in Class III, but other high-end sighters use better ones. Generally, a higher-class number indicates better visibility and better sights. However, too much is also dangerous as higher-class versions can damage your vision. However, buying a low-quality, dim laser that’s hardly seen even indoors can affect accuracy.
  • Laser color: Most lasers are visibly red, which is the economical option. But if you want a more powerful laser that is highly visible, opt for a green one. Green-colored lasers are generally associated with the more precise boresighters, they can also be visible in broad daylight and at night.
  • Versatility: For those who own several guns, it’s important you choose laser boresighters that can fit most of them. Presently, most manufacturers design boresighters to fit a specific kind of firearm.
  • Ease of use: Some boresighters come with screws for attachment to different weapons while some brands offer a magnetic platform for attachment. I find the magnetic ones to be generally easier to use.

Our top 5 Laser Boresighters

So lets get to it. Here are the five best laster boresighters in the market today.

Bushnell Banner Boresighter Kit

The first one on this list is the Bushnell Banner Bore Sighter. This is one of the best laser boresighters available in the market. It comes in a black vinyl case that includes three steel adjustable arbors. These can also fit .22 to .177 handgun calibers. Moreover, the Bushnell Professional Bore Sighter features premium aluminum metal with a black anodized finish, giving it a sleek look.

The Bushnell kit features a graduated grid system, where every graduation has an equivalent of 4 inches per 100 yards. Many professionals use this boresighter, but newbies might have a hard time using it. The Bushnell is meant for indoor use, but stay away from bright sunlight, and you will be able to use it outside too. This boresighter has a quality feel and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, it’s on the expensive side compared to some of our other choices.

  • Comes in a vinyl black case
  • Can fit caliber sizes .22 to .177
  • Utilizes a graduated grid system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Graduated system may be complicated to use

LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight 22-50

Like the Bushnell, LaserLyte’s boresighter also comes in a kit. LaserLyte equipped this device with a strong and bright class III laser, having a power output of 630-670nm. This can be seen up to 100 yards. It’s a versatile device with four different adapters for calibers .22 to .50. It’s also battery-operated, using 3 BAT-393 batteries. LaseLyte’s simple design makes it easy to use. You just find the adapter for your firearm, attach it to the barrel and turn on the laser.

Although it’s universal, one thing to take note of is that your firearms should have at least a barrel length of 3 inches. Additionally, it might be difficult to support this boresighter using guns with shorter barrels. It might slip out if it can’t be fully inserted into the bore. With that in mind, the LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight 22-50 is one of the most affordable and best laser boresighters with great efficiency.

  • Powerful red laser light
  • Can multiple firearms
  • Can be used to sight in scopes
  • Can only be efficient for close-range sighting in
  • Only works on weapons with barrel lengths of at least 3 inches

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

This boresighter has a strong magnetic platform. This allows for a more precise alignment. The Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter is a lightweight boresighter featuring an aluminum body with rubber molded housing. This adds both style and security to the sighter. It also features a high-powered Class IIIR laser light, which can be seen up to a 100-yard distance. Furthermore, it also comes in both red and green laser variants. In addition, the Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter uses a single Lithium 123A battery included in the package. It’s precalibrated and ready to use straight out of the box. Its universal design can make it fit into different kinds of firearms.

  • Highly accurate and powerful laser
  • Has red and green laser light options
  • Precalibrated and easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Can fit multiple types of firearms
  • Expensive

GGD Laser Boresight Cartridge

Of all the best laser boresighters in this list, Sightmark is the most affordable option. Especially as it is now temporarily reduced from $54 to $24.99. Its body is durable, made entirely of brass, and shaped like a cartridge. Additionally, this boresighter is available for multiple calibers. It features a red laser that you can spot from up to 100 yards on a reflective target. You can spot the laser from about 40 to 50 yards when using regular targets. In other words, avoid using it in very bright sunlight. Batteries are included and last from 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • Can fit older pistol models
  • Can be seen up to 100 yards
  • Available for multiple calibers
  • Becomes slightly inaccurate at longer ranges
  • Only 1 hour of battery life

SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

If you have a couple of bucks to spare, then we recommend you get the SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter. It features precision engineering that allows effortless alignment to every bore because of its powerful magnetic cone centering option. This SiteLite can fit .22 to .50 caliber handguns and rifles.

One of its best features is its Class IIIA green laser light that’s highly visible in daylight. It’s also easy to use. You just have to fit the right adapter in, slide the sighter into the barrel, then let it realign. You can achieve accurate results by using the target adjustment system. Moreover, it runs in a single lithium 123A battery that lasts up to 15 hours. It’s one of the best laser boresighters that utilizes a green laser. Overall, considering its high-end features, the SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter is an excellent choice at this price point.

  • Highly powerful and accurate laser
  • Green color makes it visible day and night
  • Can fit most types of firearms
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Expensive

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Laser boresights make zeroing your guns easy. But the question is, do you really need one? Well, I would say so. If you’re lucky or good enough, you can zero in your sights fast using more traditional methods, but you’ll still waste a lot of ammo. If you are new to this I’d start with the GGD Red Dot Laser Brass Boresighter. It’s a good quality sighter for a very affordable price.

As always, when you tinker with your firearm it is best done with a clean gun. Our Best Gun Cleaning Kits article is here to help you with making your gun sparkle inside and out.

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