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Best Concealed Carry Insurance [Comparison Chart]

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Our Favorite CCW Insurance:

We looked at the most popular Concealed Carry Insurances and our favorite is the USCCA. Here is what convinced us:

  • They offer up to $2,000,000 Civil Defense & Damages Protection
  • They will cover you in almost all states
  • Even their cheapest plan covers all legal weapons
  • They let you pick your own attorney (if you want that)
  • They compensate you with $750 for every day spent in court
  • They offer a 365-day money-back guarantee

And the list goes on! If you want to see what else they offer and if they cover your state go here (click).

If you are looking for an insurance with great coverage even on their cheapest plan, the USCCA is the way to go. You can learn more here.

Did you watch the news lately? I think we can all agree, that there was never a better time to carry.

Not only should you be armed, you should be able to defend your family without having to worry about the consequences and what happens in the aftermath.

But what actually happens after you shot someone in self-defense?

  • Do you call the police or 911?
  • Do you holster your gun?
  • When the police arrive, what do you tell them?
  • Should you even talk to them?
  • What if they put you in a cell? Who do you call?

And those are the easy questions.

What about the potential lawsuits and the legal aftermath? There are countless cases where even obvious self-defense led to criminal charges and civil suits. You might very well need $100,000 or more up-front in order to defend yourself in court (this is not rare!!). Not many people have that kind of money lying around.

Think about it: Even professional law enforcement officers are put on trial after they use their weapon in the line of duty. It will happen to you.

Being prepared goes beyond defending yourself with a firearm. You need to arm yourself for the days and weeks after you pull the trigger. Your freedom, life savings and future are on the line.

This is where having self-defense insurance pays off. After you were forced to defend yourself, those guys are your first call (after 911). Their critical response team is available, ALWAYS. They will tell you exactly what to do and how to behave. They will immediately provide you with an attorney who takes over the communication with the police, so you can avoid the dangers of the questioning process.

And most importantly, they will cover most of the financials. That goes for criminal defense and potential bail bonds (if you picked the right insurance). Those guys won’t leave your side until this thing is over.

Don’t have time? Here is our pick!

Now there are quite a few self-defense insurance providers on the market. They all offer very different perks and reading through their contracts can be quite daunting. What will they actually cover? Will they compensate you while in court/jail? Will they provide ongoing attorney access? Can you choose your own attorney?

Those are only a few of the questions we were asking when we compared the most popular self-defense insurances.

After over 30 hours of research our verdict is clear and our authors choose the USCCA. Their plans offer up to $2,000,000 in civil defense and damage protection, they compensate you with $750 for days spent in court, cover all legal weapons, allow you to choose your own attorney (if you want to) and much more. They tick all the boxes and starting at $25 per month, they are very reasonably priced.

In short, you can’t really go wrong with them (if they cover your state) and on top of that, they offer a 365-day, money-back guarantee. One call and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Go over here (click) and check if they cover your state.

If you want to see our detailed comparison, keep on reading.

You Will Need Help With…

After a justified shooting, here are some areas that will probably crop up that you must be prepared to deal with.

The advantage of being a member of one of these organizations is that you would know the answers to these questions and have resources coming to aid as soon as you call them for help…

Before The Police Arrive – what do you do in the immediate aftermath, right after a shooting? Do you call the police and/or 911? What about your gun? Holster it or not?

When The Police Arrive – How will they know that you’re the “good guy”? Do you tell them everything that happened? What if they arrest you?

At The Police Station – What if they book you and put you in a cell? What information do you divulge? Suppose they arrest you and the next step is court…what about bail? How do you get your gun back that they’ve taken as evidence?

At The Preliminary Hearing – Should your lawyer be present for this formality? How do you plead?

At The Hearing (If It Goes That Far) – Hopefully by now things have been straightened out but what happens if that’s not the case? Is your lawyer “up” on self-defense laws and tactics?

There is a lot more to a self-defense shooting than you might imagine. The legal waters that you must navigate are murky and sometimes dangerous, if you are not prepared. That’s where these organizations come in – they are there to help you.

Want a real world story? Here is David’s, a guy from South Carolina who protected himself, his family and complete strangers when two armed thugs tried to rob a barbershop. Good thing he was prepared and a USCCA member.

Concealed Carry Insurance Comparison

For the following graphic we chose the top tier plans (most expensive) from each organization and compared them. If you are okay with lower coverage there are plans available for as low as $9 per month.

Concealed Carry Insurance Comparison Chart 2020 Update
Click the image for the full-size version

Now should you get their most expensive plans? That’s a question we can’t answer for you, however all those organizations also offer lower tier plans, which still offer quite a lot. So let’s look at a more basic comparison of their low tier plans:

 USCCAU.S. Law ShieldCCW SafeACLDNSecond Call Defense
Monthly cost$25/mo$10.95/mo$16/mo$ 12/mo$14.95/mo
Civil defense limit$2,000,000unlimitedunlimitedunlimited$500,000
Criminal defense limit$250,000unlimitedunlimitedunlimited$50,000
Bail amount$50,000 (shared with criminal defense budget)noneUp to $500,000Up to $25,000Up to $5,000
Compensation while in court$750/daynone$250/daynone$250/day

Second Defense Call actually offers a plan even cheaper than the above, but for the sake of comparison we choose their mid tier plan for this review.

In the second part of this comparison we will take a closer look at the positive and negative aspects of each plan. We will look at the following companies:

Keep in mind none of these are “insurance”, they are actually pre-paid legal coverage. Also, while we will do our best to help you decide on a plan, ultimately we can’t tell you which one to choose and can only give general recommendations. We don’t know your exact situation and needs, therefore please do your own due diligence before you make a decision!


The USCCA is one of the largest of its type in the US with about 420,000 paying members. They are well-known due to extensive advertising campaigns and endorsements by some pretty famous people. I rank them first because they offer great coverage for a very reasonable price and a solid all-around package.


Who is this for?

The USCCA Gold membership will be the best concealed carry insurance for most people that carry for self-defense.

For $25 you get a $2,000,000 civil defense limit and a $250,000 limit shared between criminal defense and bond amount. Those are solid numbers. With $750 per day, they also offer the highest compensation for days spent in court, which is great if you might lose out on income during a lengthy and time consuming trial. They will cover you in every state (except New Jersey, New York and Washington), which not every company does. They cover all legal weapons, not just guns. And last but not least, they let you choose your own attorney, in case you want that, or you can simply pick one from their network.

Sealing the deal they offer a 365-day, money-back guarantee. Meaning it takes one call and you’ll receive a refund.

Additionally to the financial coverage, all plans offer expert witness coordination, firearm theft liability coverage, members-only deals and discounts and much more. Seriously, go over here (click) and check out what else they offer, it’s a huge package.

As mentioned earlier, the USCCA is not an actual insurance company. Instead a policy has been issued to the USCCA by Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company. This policy provides the association as well as its members with self-defense liability insurance and is subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

When we were looking at different companies this was simply the most solid, all-round and straight-forward plan, that ticked all our boxes. For $25 you pretty much get everything you could ask for, including the option to pick your own attorney which makes them stand out. If they cover your state, you can’t really go wrong with them.


There is not much to say here. If I could change one thing I would probably prefer individual coverage for bail bond and criminal defense, but the sum is reasonably high so that shouldn’t really be an issue. Their Platinum plan is the way to go if you want to be on the safe side, as it offers higher limits.


So after the comparison chart in the entry section looked at the most expensive plans, we are now going to look at the cheapest plan for each organization. These are the numbers for the USCCA Gold membership which we looked at for this comparison.

Monthly cost$25/mo
Civil defense limit$2,000,000
Criminal defense limit$250,000
Bail amount$50,000 (shared with criminal defense budget)
Compensation while in court$750/day

Additional Discussions

Testimonials abound, with several on their website but I like to bypass what is obviously going to be good news and try to dig a little deeper into forums, unsolicited reviews, etc. Try as I might, I found very few negative comments about the USCCA – most of the folks who are members are seemingly happy with their situation (and this is definitely not the norm for all CCW insurances). I only found 2 remotely-negative comments on the BBB site, and those had to do with not receiving emails after a move and a membership issue.

USCCA Sign Up Materials
Part of the USSCA welcome package you will receive

All in all we think the USCCA Gold membership is the best all-around plan for most gun owners and offers amazing value for just $25. After looking at all available options and speaking to experts, it’s also the plan I decided to sign up for in order to protect myself.

You can learn more about their membership here (click).

#2 U.S. Law Shield

USLawShield Logo

Our second choice, the U.S. Law Shield organization was founded in 2009 and covers 575,000 members. Fees for a single member are $10.95 per month or $131.40 per year for their basic plan, with a a one-time $19.95 fee for each adult covered. So this is about half the price of the USCCA and you will see why.

Fully Customizable Membership

I have to start with saying:

The US Law Shield membership is an absolute bargain and offers outstanding value.

For $10.95 you get unlimited civil and criminal defense litigation coverage. It really doesn’t get any better than this. So what’s missing you might ask. The $10.95 membership will only protect you in your home state, will not cover your bail and you will not be compensated for days spent in court.

To be honest, for me the missing bail coverage would be a deal breaker, after all that’s exactly what you want from your self-defense insurance, to cover the astronomic fees you might face in a worst case scenario. So why is the US Law Shield ranked second? Here comes the interesting part:

The US Law Shield offers a membership you can tailor to your own needs, meaning you will only pay for what you really want. This can save you money and I really like the concept. Want them to cover your bail up to $50,000? No problem. Just add the “Bail Bond & Expert Witness” package to your membership for $35.40 per year or $2.95 per month. Want to be covered in more than one state? Easy, the multi-state protection add-on will do so. Want your minor children to be covered? There is an add-on. You get the idea. Basically you can build your membership, like Lego.


One thing you should be aware of is that they will choose your attorney.

Now the reason for that is probably quite simple, they want you to win and they don’t want to burn money. In order to ensure that they have to make sure you have a good attorney and you don’t choose “Rob”, the guy you know from high school who barely passed the bar exam. This might be a deal breaker to some, but keep in mind it’s in their interest to pick the best possible attorney for you.

Additionally you can contact them upfront and request information about the attorneys that are likely going to take on your case, depending on where you live. We recommend looking them up, maybe even have a chat with them. There is high chance you will be more than satisfied with their choice.

Like with all of these plans there is fine print. The conditions vary by state; in my state, you may be refused coverage if:

  • You are not in “legal possession” of the weapon. This definition varies by state;
  • You are not in an area where guns may be legally carried (movie theater gun-free zone?)
  • You are using your gun in your job, if being armed is part of your job. (Security guard, police, etc.)
  • You use a gun in a shooting of a current or former family member (or dating relationship).

And probably most importantly, their “Bail Bond & Expert Witness” package is only available in TX, OK, and PA. Unfortunately that makes them a lot less attractive if you aren’t living in one of these three states.

Which is better US law shield or USCCA?

I will make this as easy as possible for you. Do you want to be able to pick your own attorney? The USCCA is likely the better option. Do you need compensation for days spent in court? Again, the USCCA offers the highest.

If you can answer both of these questions with “No”, the US Law Shield is probably the better choice for you (if they cover your state). They will be cheaper overall, even with the bail and multi-state add-on and offer incredible value for the money.


Again, we are looking at their basic plan without add-ons.

Monthly cost$10.95/mo
Civil defense limitunlimited
Criminal defense limitunlimited
Bail amountnone
Compensation while in courtnone

Additional Discussions

Forum and Reddit Discussions

#3 CCW Safe

CCWSafe Logo

Another outstanding option for CCW insurance is CCW Safe. Their cheapest plan starts at $16 per month or $179 per year. It’s not as popular as the USCCA but still a well established self-defense insurance with a couple big names on their board of advisors.


Let’s start with the really outstanding thing first, they offer unlimited coverage for criminal and civil defense, including private investigators and expert witnesses. Another aspect where they take the first place is their bail bond coverage where they offer an impressive $500,000. Keep in mind all this is still part of their cheapest plan.


While they do offer compensation for days in court, it’s rather low with about $250 per day, in comparison, the USCCA offers $750 per day. What some people might also criticize is their limitations in terms of which attorney you can pick. While they kind of let you pick your own, they have the option to decline your choice. The reason they do that is so they can make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side and they are able to clear your name as quickly as possible. After all, the longer trial, the more it will cost them.


Monthly cost$16/mo
Civil defense limitunlimited
Criminal defense limitunlimited
Bail amountUp to $500,000
Compensation while in court$250/day

Additional Discussions

Forum Thread
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#4 Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

The ACLDN is similar in some ways to the USCCA while doing some things differently. In terms of cost/benefits, there is only one level. Members pay $135 for their first year’s membership and $95 per year after the first year. What do you get for your premium fee? First, you get $25,000 for bail expenses. Immediately after that, another $25,000 is forwarded to the members’ attorney to get the ball rolling legally.

What else do you get?

When you sign up with the ACLDN, you will receive access to an online monthly publication, a 235-page book that covers various aspects of self-defense and an 8-DVD educational set from legal professionals and instructors. The book and DVD cover, among other things

  1. What the legal parameters are in relationship to a defensive shooting;
  2. How to deal with your personal trauma after having to use lethal force;
  3. Legal concerns that most probably will arise as you navigate the legal waters


Getting unlimited civil and criminal defense coverage for $12 a month is a good deal. Additionally they let you choose your own attorney.


Of course their coverage is not really unlimited. Even an insurance can go bankrupt and so can the ACLDN. This is why their plan only covers up to half of their defense fund. While this might be more than enough today, there simply is no guarantee that this will be the case in a year from now and with larger organizations like USCCA this risk is definitely smaller.


Monthly cost$ 12/mo
Civil defense limitunlimited
Criminal defense limitunlimited
Bail amountUp to $25,000
Compensation while in courtnone

#5 Second Call Defense

Second Call Defense

Another contender is Second Call Defense, their entry level plan comes in at $9.95 per month and is the cheapest option we found, however for this comparison, we will look at their “Full Coverage” plan for $14.95 per month.


They offer $250 compensation for days spent in court, they let you pick your own attorney and pay the money up front (as does every organization on this list). Looking just at this, they do check all the major boxes.


Their limits are just not very competitive. With their “Full Coverage” plan, you get up to $500,000 in civil defense and up to $50,000 in criminal defense coverage, in terms of cash for bond they offer $5000 and as mentioned earlier, you get $250 per diem. Not horrible, but not great either, as for a similar monthly fee other plans on this list offer more.


Here we are not looking at their cheapest but at their mid tier plan:

Monthly cost$14.95/mo
Civil defense limit$500,000
Criminal defense limit$50,000
Bail amountUp to $5,000
Compensation while in court$250/day

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “CCW” stand for?

CCW stands for “Carry a Concealed Weapon”

Is concealed carry insurance worth it?

Yes, if you carry for self-defense, concealed carry insurance is worth it. Knowing that using your firearm for self-defense won’t financially ruin you is definitely worth the small monthly fee those plans cost.

Do you really need CCW insurance?

The short answer is: Probably yes. There are no reasons not to have one if you carry a firearm for self-defense. Legal costs after a self-defense shooting can easily reach $500,000 and not many people can pay this sum out of pocket.

Is Concealed Carry insurance required by law?

No, concealed carry insurance is not required by law. It is an optional coverage you should consider, if you want to protect yourself against the often financially devastating lawsuit following any kind of self-defense with a firearm.

How Much Does Concealed Carry Insurance cost?

Concealed Carry Insurance costs between $11 and $47 per month, depending on the coverage and company you choose.

How much does it cost to defend yourself after a shooting?

The legal aftermath after a shooting in self defense can easily cost you $300,000 to $600,000, depending on the case. Sometimes even more.

What is the best concealed carry insurance?

The best concealed carry insurance for most gun owners is the USCCA.

Does the NRA offer concealed carry insurance?

The NRA used to offer concealed carry insurance called “Carry Guard”. They discontinued this program in 2019 and so far there is no replacement.


So you see, there are several organizations out there who want to protect you in the event of a self-defense shooting…it’s just that they vary in their philosophies and coverages. I would want to know that, in the event of a shooting, I would have every available resource at my side that my organization offers and that they would basically “drop everything” and get there to help me as soon as I call them. If you have any questions about any of these groups, look at their website and call them – they will be happy to help you. With our society in the state that it’s in today, maybe signing up with one of these groups may not be a bad idea!

Advice, graphics, images, videos, and information contained on Sniper Country is presented for general educational and information purposes only. It is not intended to be legal, medical or other expert advice or services, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate professionals such as gunsmiths or lawyers. The information contained in this site is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgement. You assume full responsibility and liability for your own actions. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Written by Mike

Mike has been a shooter, bullet caster and reloader for over 40 years. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he is often found at his reloading bench concocting yet another load. With a target range in his backyard and after 40 years of shooting, his knowledge of firearms and reloading is fairly extensive. He is married, with four sons and daughters-law and 9-and-counting grandkids.

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