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The 4 Best Ruger Mini 14 Stocks

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The Ruger Mini 14 rifle is another firearm that we think gets vastly underrated. These sporty rifles are perfect for modifications, so we made a review of the best Ruger Mini 14 stocks on the market. We’ll pick our favorite one at the end.
Ruger offers both a tactical and a ranch style of their Mini 14s. They’re often used for self defense or hunting on ranches and in wooded areas, thanks to their shorter barrels. A light weight makes them usable by just about anyone, and the recoil isn’t too bad either. These rifles are so simplistic, so replacing original parts can be a really creative process. You may even consider having a Mini 14 SCAR stock, which offers more opportunities for optics, lights, and lasers. For the sake of this review, we stuck to more traditional styles of stocks that will enhance tactical needs you would frequently find on ranches, farms, etc. You can let your creative side run wild, otherwise, as long as your wallet will let you!

Hogue Ruger Mini 14 Stock Sporter

#1 Hogue Ruger Mini 14 Stock Sporter

Materials – The Hogue Ruger Mini 14 Stock Sporter is a fairly basic stock mod made of fiberglass with a rubber covering. It’s just under 30 inches in length, and it’s just under 2 pounds in weight by a couple ounces. It can be purchased in either black or ghillie green, which is a little darker and closer to gray than your standard olive drab. The length of pull is extended past your original Mini 14, to enhance your shooting ability. The forend has a fuller shaper for a better grip, as well. Of course, the rubber covering also enhances the butt, which provides a cushion against recoil.

Performance – The Hogue Ruger Mini 14 Stock Sporter is a pretty recognizable style of stock modification, since Hogue offers a rubberized stock for most rifles and shotguns. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the basics. The great parts about this stock are the extended length of pull and the allover graspable rubber material. You can feel secure and confident while shooting your Ruger rifle. The issue that some may find is that there’s really no adaptability to this type of stock; either it works well with your body, or it doesn’t. However, it’s affordability and easy access makes it a pretty common choice amongst gunowners.

What we say – The Hogue Ruger Mini 14 Stock Sporter makes out to be one of the best Mini 14 tactical stocks on the market because it enhances the grip and the overall comfort for the average sized man. The low profile look is sleek and appealing too.

  • Affordable
  • Rubberized grip
  • Extended LOP
  • No adjustability

Choate Mini 14Mini 30 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock

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#2 Choate Mini 14 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock

Materials – The Choate Mini 14/Mini 30 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock is constructed of high grade aluminum in an all black color. This is actually the Mini 14 pistol grip that has been adapted and fitted with Choate’s M4 telescoping stock, so it’s like getting two in one! This makes the length of pull more versatile for the shooter, letting them have the best pull for their body. The length of pull will range anywhere from 12 inches to just under 16 inches. The pistol grip itself has a textured exterior, so there’s no chance of slippage during target acquisition or shooting. The Choate Mini 14/Mini 30 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock fits the 181 Ruger series only.

Performance – The Choate Mini 14/Mini 30 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock brings a new level of, well, grip to the game! We actually really like Choate’s style of pistol grip because they added the texture covering to it. Funny enough, you won’t find that often on Mini 14 stock mods. The telescoping aspect is equally wonderful. While it only offers a few inches of adjustments, that will make a huge difference in your comfort level and your ability to shoot accurately. You’re limited on Ruger rifle series, but it’s a great fit for those who can buy it. The only other downside is that the butt of this stock isn’t exactly fantastic, but it will do.

What we say – The option is one of the best Mini 14 stocks for those who need to play with their length of pull. For our gunowners out there who are still growing, this is a modification that can grow with you.

  • Adjustable LOP
  • Textured pistol grip
  • Durable aluminum
  • Limited to 181 series
  • Butt is not best

MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup

#3 MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup

Materials – The MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup is an all black, pistol grip style stock that is it about 23 inches long and 2 pounds in weight. The composite material is less likely to overheat than aluminum, is more comfortable to hold, and it doesn’t sacrifice its weight in the process. This drop-on model offers easy installation without requiring and modifications or professional gunsmithing. The sights are completely open, allowing you to use your Mini 14’s factory sights, and there’s plenty of space for attaching optics, lasers, and other accessories. The allover material provides a graspable surface, and the butt pad will resist a strong recoil.

Performance – The MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup not only has a fantastic name, but it also has a very unique look and functionality than many other stock mods. The composite material is not exactly popular, but it aids in making this a stock that can pop on and off your Mini 14 quickly – part of what makes interchangeable stocks so fun. The other nice part about the material is that there’s plenty of padding against recoil. The sacrifice you have to make with this option is that it doesn’t exactly allow for you to add to it, unlike other stocks, which offer the ability to attach your accessories to it. It leaves room on your rifle to do that, but adding the weight of this stock on to your setup does just that.

What we say – The MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup makes for a great tactical stock, and it’s best for gunowners who want a quick detach option. Plus, you won’t have to modify a thing when you install it.

  • Drop-in style
  • Composite material comfortable and durable
  • Could recoil resistance
  • Dead weight

Pro-Mag Ruger Mini-14 Archangel Sparta Stock

#4 Pro-Mag Ruger Mini-14 Archangel Sparta Stock

Materials – The Pro-Mag Ruger Mini-14 Archangel Sparta Stock is an adjustable tactical stock made of polymer. It comes in all black, and it’s made in the United States. Both the length of pull and cheek riser are adjustable, so even younger shooters can safely and properly maneuver a Ruger Mini 14. The top rail is made of aluminum, so it can bare optics and sight systems made of all types of materials – even iron. The polymer construction is filled with carbon fiber, so it can withstand regular lubes and cleaning solvents you would use with your rifle. Every aspect of this stock can be utilized to its fullest, including the pistol grip, which has a storage compartment.

Performance – The Pro-Mag Ruger Mini-14 Archangel Sparta Stock is another choice that gets a point for the delightful name. Cool names aside, Pro-Mag has thought of just about everything with this one, but you’re going to pay for it (literally). Of course, the two-fold adjustability is the only option within this review that offers that, as well as the extra storage. The polymer is great for keeping your setup lightweight, and aluminum was only used where it was needed: on the rail. We are personally big fans of the look of this one, but that usually isn’t a deciding factor in our reviews. Really the only downside is the cost of this option, which is almost twice what many other options are.

What we say – The Pro-Mag Ruger Mini-14 Archangel Sparta Stock can be the perfect stock for anyone who can afford it. You have multiple levels of adjustment available, and you get the best of everything.

  • Adjustable LOP and cheek raiser
  • Extra storage in pistol grip
  • Aluminum top rail
  • Very expensive

Our Favorite Ruger Mini 14 Stock

We decided our favorite Ruger Mini 14 stock was the MWG Ruger Mini-14 Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup. It has a handy load of features, but we think it continues the most interesting purpose of even owning a Ruger Mini 14: fun, comfort, and easy use. Mini 14s are a great, sporty rifle to have for the avid hunter or hobbyist. The MWG Muzzlelite Stock Bullpup was the only drop in option, and it won’t disturb the optic set up you may already have. At the very least, it won’t require you to modify your original rifle in any way. The composite material is comfortable to hold, and it offers similar recoil resistance to what Hogue offers in their rubberized stocks. Affordable and usable for all, this is a great stock for you Ruger Mini 14.

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