Best Glock Trigger [Expert choice 2022]

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Glock is one of the most popular firearm brands in the world and for good reason. But something they’ve never been known for is their triggers. So who makes the best Glock trigger if it isn’t Glock?

We’ve done the testing and tried a huge range of triggers and have some awesome recommendations for you.

We’ll also cover some legalities and common questions people have before upgrading. So scroll on down for the best Glock triggers!

EDC CCW Glock 19
My EDC Glock with an Apex trigger kit and a Tyrant CNC ITTS trigger shoe

Why A New Trigger?

Because you can is the first reason, but there are a number of practical and helpful benefits of a new trigger.

While the standard Glock trigger is reliable, durable, and very safe — it kind of sucks from a shooter’s perspective.

Safe, durable, reliable, kind of mushy, and ew.

If you’ve never used a great trigger, you won’t know what I mean. But if you have… ya, you know.

A smoother, lighter, more predictable trigger gives you a more accurate platform, faster follow-up shots, and lets you get good faster.

Now you don’t need a new trigger. But if you’re looking to get the most out of yourself as a shooter and your weapon, a new trigger will push the limit a lot further.

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Legality Of A New Trigger

To my knowledge, changing the trigger (as long as it’s a legal trigger and all of the ones on this list are) is 100% legal in every jurisdiction in the USA.

USCCA has a great map with legal info, take a look for a better idea of your local laws!

But many of you reading this likely use your Glock for EDC or home defense and that’s when it can get a little bit murkier…

Go into any gun store or post on any firearm forum and you’ll get a LOT of opinions about keeping your trigger stock or getting an upgrade.

Most of the people telling you to keep it stock will have some sort of argument that sounds like “Don’t give a district attorney something to hang on you!”

That argument is, frankly, total fudd lore.

I’ve spent a few years asking every lawyer specializing in firearm law I can find and every ADA I’ve run into and every CCW insurance company about the truth behind this and to date — none of them can show me a case where this has happened.

A legal modification to your firearm is legal. Period. It does not show intent to harm or aggressive behavior. 

In fact, if a DA were to try to claim that it did — I fully believe that it would prove otherwise.

You are taking time and consideration to improve your firearm to make it safer and more accurate so that you can defend yourself more effectively while reducing the risk to other people.

That’s my rant, thanks for listening.

Should You Upgrade?

That is a totally personal choice. If this is a range or competition gun, I say hell ya. A new trigger will make your Glock feel like a new gun.

But for EDC and home defense, that’s up to you.

Personally, none of my EDC or HD weapons have a stock trigger. Not my Glocks, my Beretta, my shotguns, or my AR-15s. 

Best Glock Trigger

Apex Tactical

Apex makes a lot of trigger kits for a lot of guns, I own at least 3 — each in a different model of gun.

Don’t let the price fool you, while these are downright cheap compared to some of the competition — these kits are rock stars.

When it comes to bang for your buck, you simply can’t beat Apex.

You’ll get a smoother trigger, a firmer wall, and a lighter pull weight. Plus, the red trigger shoe is pretty snazzy looking.

My Glock trigger pulls at about 6lbs with an Apex trigger.

Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger

Think of this as an Apex+ or Apex Improved trigger. A little bit more expensive, but with an even smoother pull and cleaner wall with a touch less pre- and over-travel.

For my fingers, I really didn’t feel much difference between this and the Apex — but others have reported a much more notable difference.

Personally, if I saw this on a great sale I’d go for it. Otherwise, I think Apex would still be my top pick for a bang-for-your-buck upgrade.

Zev Technologies

If you want smooth, and I mean really smooth trigger pulls with almost zero mush and a great reset, Zev Ultimate Trigger is the one you need.

This puppy isn’t cheap, but it’s hands-down one of the best on the market and a standard by that others are judged.

It also has adjustable pre- and over-travel so you can really dial in that perfect feel.

Combo this with a spring kit and you’re looking at about a 3lb pull weight.

Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger

Lone Wolf is a huge name in the Glock world and their trigger is a big reason why.

Super smooth, amazing break, awesome wall, this is a high-quality trigger in every way.

What really sets it apart is the ability to adjust pre- and over-travel while the trigger is still in the gun. 

Not only does this make tuning it in just so much easier than other models, but it’s also nice that you can play with it to really perfect it and what works best for you.

On top of that, the trigger shoe itself is made out of billet aluminum and feels wonderful on your finger.

I know that sounds like there is no way it makes a difference but trust me, it does. It feels better, like a lot.

Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger

If you want one of the lightest, but still safe, triggers on the market — here it is. With a good spring kit, these drop down as low as 2-pound pull weight and that is just super soft.

Downside: They can get a spongy feeling. That’s a tradeoff you have to contend with but for a lot of people, it works.

I wouldn’t recommend Overwatch Precision TAC for EDC or defensive use, but for a competition gun or a range gun, these can be very nice.

Honorable Mention

Tyrant CNC ITTS Trigger

This isn’t a trigger, just a trigger shoe. It feels really nice on your finger and gives a much better feel of how your trigger really works.

The direct connection helps you feel the wall, feel the break, and feel the reset. It’s not a huge change that will move your life — but it is nice once you’ve gotten used to a quality trigger.

It can also make a “meh” trigger feel a lot nicer.

David’s PHLster and Glock 19

I run one in my EDC Glock with an Apex trigger kit.

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Ghost 3.5 Pound Trigger Connector

If you don’t want to replace your whole trigger, this is a super cheap way of upgrading it.

This simply drops the pull weight to about 3.5 pounds. It won’t solve any travel or wall issues you have, but it will lighten the pull.

And it’s super cheap.

Zev Competiton Spring Kit

If you want to lighten things up, even more, this is another super cheap method. It’s also great for combining with a new trigger to get even more performance out of them.

These are competition springs but are fully durable enough for EDC use.

And again… they’re super cheap. If you’re spending for a new trigger, do an extra couple of tenners for a spring kit.

Wrapping Up

A great trigger is a gateway to all kinds of awesome upgrades, and thankfully the Glock is the best platform for such a thing.

Easy to work with, fun to change, and lots of options.

While the Apex kit is my biggest recommendation for something that is great and delivers a ton of value if you want to really go big the Zev Technologies trigger is a chief’s kiss.

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