Best Glock Triggers [2021]

Best Glock Trigger [Expert choice 2021]

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Everyone loves a Glock, but not everybody loves the original trigger that it comes with. For some, your particular shooting style may call for some modifications in one of the most popular and universally recognized firearms and require a good aftermarket trigger.

We’ve put together this review of the four best Glock triggers we could find, and we’ll let you know which option we think is the best for the average gunowner. For many Glock owners, simply enhancing the overall experience of pulling the trigger may be the goal. However, some may need a smoother pull for competitions, while others may need a trigger that quickly snaps back in place for intense tactical situations. There are even some Glock owners that need assistance in guiding their finger and are searching for a more ergonomic design.

If any of these requirements sound like they pertain to you, then read on for the best Glock triggers on the market.

Trigger Bar


This option by Trigger Bar is a basic but essential replacement that fits many Glock models. It fits Glock model 17, model 22, model 31, model 34, and model 35. It also happens to fit .40 Smith and Wessons and .357 Sig Sauers. The trigger style is curved, and it has a smooth face, as opposed to Gen 4 models of this trigger, which has a bump on it. However, for left handed models, it does come with a bump to avoid rare instances of trigger bar binding/flexing in case the Left Handed Operator was exerting a lot of lateral force on the Trigger while firing. The body has a stainless steel finish, and it comes only in matte black.


Pretty much one of the most basic but one of the best Glock triggers you can buy online. For one, sticking with the Glock brand is obviously a wise choice to avoid having to make any DIY modifications. Modifying your new trigger or part of your Glock does not always end well for the everyday gunowner! This product fits most common Glock models, and we know the smooth trigger face is a high preference amongst most shooters. This trigger is a good fit for all types of pistol shooting: tactical, self defense, competition, you name it. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily enhance any particular type of shooting, since it covers the board. This OEM Glock Trigger is an awesome bargain buy for anyone who wants a smooth shooting experience that nicely compliments the overall look of your Glock.

Sniper Country’s say

Our first option is quite inexpensive and an excellent, budget friendly purchase. It’s also the only one that we’ll be seeing for a price this low. For anyone looking to keep things simplistic and minimal, this would be a great trigger to buy.

  • Very low cost
  • Smooth trigger face
  • Glock OEM
  • Good for all types of shooting
  • Won’t necessarily enhance any specific shooting style

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Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. Action Enhancement Kit for Glock


The Action Enhancement Kit by Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. is a special drop-in replacement. It fits a wide range of Glocks, including model 17, model 19, model 22, model 23, model 24, model 26, model 27, and models 31-35. It also happens to fit both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks. The trigger’s surface is smooth, and it was designed to reduce pre-travel and provide a clean trigger reset. The Action Enhancement Kit for Glock features the Ultimate Safety Plunger, which gives a smoother trigger take-up than the original factory component. However, the design doesn’t sacrifice any of Glock’s safety values. The Performance Connector also reduces the original trigger pull weight by an entire pound. This option can be purchased in the standard black drop-in model or the competition enhancing purple model.


We’ve left the house of standard replacements, and we’ve entered new territory that is made specifically to enhance certain functions and performances. For starters, the Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. Action Enhancement Kit for Glock fits significantly more models than the basic Glock trigger option, not to mention that it fits both Gen 3 and 4 models. While we prefer the stronger materials used in the previous option, improvements have been made in three places – the trigger, the Ultimate Safety Plunger, and Apex Performance Connector – creating an allover performance enhancement on your Glock. Our favorite of these three improvements is the connector, which eliminates one pound of pull weight. Particularly for competitions, this can make a huge difference.

Sniper Country’s say

This Glock trigger kit is quite a bite more expensive than our first option. However, unlike the OEM version above, this trigger actually provides real advantages over the standard Glock trigger. If competitions are your thing, you probably want to spend a little more and go for this one.

  • Best for enhancing competition performance
  • Pull weight reduced by one pound
  • Smoother uptake and traveling
  • Lighter trigger materials

Overwatch Precision Tactical Glock Trigger


This tactical trigger is a great choice for anyone with a Glock 42 or 43, as many trigger replacements often do not fit these models. It does also fit 9mm and 10mm handguns. However, this also happens to have a flat trigger face that assists shooters with smaller hands by reducing the trigger reach. It is a direct drop in trigger that is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, and the trigger shoe and safety tab are both finished in an anodized Type III hard coating. The trigger is attached to the trigger bar by stainless steel coiled spring pins. Overwatch Precision has reduced the pre-travel on their tactical trigger as much as possible without crossing any lines for safety. The resulting break on the trigger is crisp and clean. The pull weight does not change, but the overall pull action does.


Overwatch very obviously tried to come up with something more suited for, well, tactical purposes! Instead of focusing on “smooth” features, this trigger places more value on the fastest pull possible with power behind it. The tough aluminum material, combined with special hard coatings, means you will be prepared for any situation with your Glock. We like that this option happens to accommodate shooters with smaller hands, but that also makes us wish the pull weight was reduced, even if only slightly. We would think that those two features would go hand in hand (no pun intended).

Sniper Country’s say

– This trigger is priced in a similar range than the Apex one. So yes, some might consider it expensive, however the price brings you highly durable materials and the ability to enhance your Glock 42 or 43.

  • Fits many Glocks, including 42 and 43
  • Reduced pre-travel
  • Good option for Glock owners of smaller stature
  • No reduction in pull weight

Agency Arms LLC Drop-In Flat Glock Trigger


The Drop-In Flat Trigger by Agency Arms claims to be in “a league of its own” compared to many other aftermarket Glock triggers. The name itself describes the best features of this trigger. The trigger face is especially smooth and has special dimensions intended to guide the finger in a smooth pull. There is also a curved bottom edge to eliminate the chances of slipping or misplaced fingers. The trigger body is made of aluminum in your choice of a black or gray finish. It fits 9mm pistols, as well as both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock models. While it may look simplistic, the crisp reset and snapback, and ergonomically designed face provide one of the smoothest functioning triggers on the market.


This option is regarded as the best Glock trigger amongst many tactical shooters, according to several online forums. We also have found it quite difficult to find anything wrong with this trigger. It fits many styles and Gens, and, while not ultimately very important, we like that you can choose between a black or gray option. Although it may not look like much, the style and shape of the trigger face is actually fairly innovative, and it has been expertly designed to guide the finger in a fast trigger pull. This one is all about making sure you can be ready for the next trigger pull without hesitation after the first.

Sniper Country’s say

The last trigger on our list comes in the higher price range, making it the most expensive option within this review. Despite the high cost, we regard this as one of the best Glock triggers available due to its ability to vastly improve how quickly and smoothly you can fire your handgun.

  • Fits Gen 3 and 4
  • One of the fastest resets offered
  • Ergonomically designed trigger to guide finger
  • Most expensive option

Editor’s pick of the best Glock triggers

Our top pick for the best Glock trigger, we’ve decided, goes to the Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. Action Enhancement Kit.

The main reason is because this trigger focuses on an allover smoother experience instead of focusing on reduced pre-travel or reset. While those are also nice attributes, we believe the average gunowner is replacing their factory Glock trigger because they’re in search of eliminating hesitations or questioning the precise moment their gun will fire. This is especially important in competitions or target practice, but it can be highly useful in tactical situations as well.

It also happens to be the cheapest option (aside from our budget-friendly, $15 option, of course). Besides these attributes, the Apex Enhancement Kit fits a wide range of models, and the pull weight is significantly reduced. You can’t go wrong with this buy.

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