Best Laser Light Combos [2021]

Best Laser Light Combos [2021]

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If you’re looking to upgrade your pistol or AR rifle, one of the best accessories you should consider is a laser and light combo. Instead of choosing just one or the other, you can have the best of both worlds without really increasing your costs. We scoured the internet for the best laser light combos we could find, and we put together this handy review for our readers. We’ll let you know which selection was our favorite at the end.

You’ll be quick to notice that there aren’t too many differences between most laser light combos that are available on the market. Most are made, more or less, of the same materials, and most flashlights offer about 200-300 lumens of light. One of the main features you’ll want to consider is if you want a red laser or a green laser. So, what difference does it make?
While both red and green lasers can be visible during any time of day, a red laser is typically used at night and a green laser is typically used during the day. Green light happens to draw the eye more naturally, so many may want to go that route. However, red lasers are far more common on the market, so that is what you’ll typically find on the weapons of your peers.

Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Compact Red Laser Sight

Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Compact Red Laser Sight
Materials – Ade Advanced Optics’ Red Laser Sight is small and lightweight enough to function on handguns as well as rifles. It easily attaches to a top Picatinny / Weaver rail, and it tightens into place with a flathead screwdriver. The housing is made with aircraft grade aluminum with rugged steel components. This flashlight emits a 200 lumen beam, and there are three modes available: flashlight only, laser only, or the laser and flashlight combo. The red laser produces 5mw of power. This option requires two CR123 batteries to operate, which are included with the purchase. Windage and elevation are also easily adjustable on this accessory.

Performance – This option could be the best laser flashlight combos for pistols. The rear of the piece includes what is essentially a bumper to rest against the trigger guard of your handgun. The steel components are a nice touch to the aluminum construction. This means your screws and smaller pieces are less likely to come loose during shooting, which is known to happen with many cheaper-made accessories. While there is no quick detach lever, it’s easy to screw the laser light combo into place. The 200 lumen beam is a little weaker than the previous option, but you’re still receiving a powerful light.

What we say – The laser light combo from Ade Advanced Optics is the best option for those who need to upgrade their pistol. It will work very well for both tactical and defensive purposes.

  • Special bumper against trigger guard
  • Can switch between laser or flashlight
  • Steel components
  • Weaker flashlight power

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NcStar Tactical Green Laser Sight

NcStar Tactical Green Laser Sight
Materials – NcStar’s tactical green laser flashlight combo is constructed from a unique combination of lightweight aluminum and durable nylon materials. This option attaches to the bottom rail of your tactical firearm or to the accessory rail of a pistol. There is also a quick detach lever available. The CREE LED flashlight produces 200 lumens of light. The bright green laser can be turned on to function by itself or in tandem with the flashlight, using the rear selector mode switch. The flashlight can also be selected to function by itself. An ambidextrous switch is available for constant on mode or as a momentary on mode, which you can utilize as a strobing effect.

Performance – NcStar always sells some great quality products. While they can be a little more expensive than most, you really get a great value. Due to the construction including a combination of aluminum and nylon, this might be the best laser light combo for AR 15 rifles as well as your smaller weapons. The 200 lumens of light aren’t as strong as the DefendTak’s 300 lumens, but you could easily illuminate a dark hallways or blind and intruder with the flashlight. This option also includes a green laser, instead of a red. This light will be a little softer to the eye and might make it easier for others to find their target.

What we say – This tactical laser light combo is the best choice for those who want a green laser over the red and are in search of a quality product over a cheap deal.

  • Aluminum and nylon housing
  • Rear switch for selecting modes
  • Tough enough for tactical purposes
  • Expensive

Streamlight TLR-2

Streamlight TLR-2
Materials – The Streamlight TLR-2 is one of the most top of the line and possibly most popularly purchased flashlight and laser light combo accessories on the market. The aluminum construction houses a class 3R laser, with a <5mw output (this means it’s within legal limits of a civilian laser). The power switch is ambidextrous, and you can select between constant on or momentary beams between both the laser and the flashlight. The housing is sealed to keep out moisture, dirt, or dust during use. This is another option that attaches to your rifle’s or pistol’s Picatinny accessory rail, and you have the choice between a red laser or a green laser.

Performance – Streamlight is another very popular brand that is known for its long lasting and durable products. The ability to choose between a red or green laser is a nice option too. Part of the higher cost is that this strength of the flashlight and laser is about as high as you can go for civilian use. You’re really getting the best of the best here. We also like the design of the screw for installing on a rail – it’s really easy to manipulate, doesn’t require tools, but it still holds everything well in place. You can’t go wrong with the TLR-2 light and laser combo, but it will cost you.

What we say – The Streamlight TLR-2 light is the best option for those willing to make an investment and require a product that will resist a strong recoil. Otherwise, it might not be worth the money.

  • Choice between green or red laser
  • Maximum light and laser level allowed
  • Best at standing against recoil
  • Very expensive

DefendTak Red Laser Sight Combo

DefendTak Red Laser Sight Combo
Materials – The laser light combo built by DefendTak is an affordable flashlight that doesn’t break your budget with unnecessary features. The housing is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, and it’s resistant towards water and dust in the air. The flashlight portion has an LED light, which emits 300 lumens of power. It can be in a constant on mode or a strobing mode. The laser is 5mw and 650nm of a bright, red beam. This laser light combo will attach to the bottom Picatinny rail, but it also features a quick release mechanism for easy installment or detachment for tactical purposes.

Performance – Despite being the cheapest option within this review, it actually has one of the more powerful flashlights of all the products we chose. While the housing is not that much different from the other choices, as well, it is only made of aluminum and doesn’t have the highest level of protection from moisture. Unless you’re diving with your tactical weapon, this shouldn’t pose as much of a problem. However, there’s a reason it’s not as expensive as the others. Both the flashlight and laser are very powerful, and this is a great choice for self or home defense.

What we say – This is one of the best laser light combos for those who are on a tight budget or for those who don’t have a lot of tactical purposes in mind, despite the name.

  • Cost efficient
  • 300 lumen flashlight
  • QD lever
  • Materials used are cheaper

Our Favorite Laser Light Combo

Out of the four top laser light combos that we chose, our favorite had to be the NcStar Tactical Green Laser Sight. A green laser is a little more uncommon, and most shooters are likely to go with the red laser simply because that’s what everyone is used to seeing. The green laser still emits a bright and crisp beam, but the color makes it a little softer to your eye while allowing you to acquire your target just the same. We also chose the NcStar option because the brand is known for creating highly protective products, but it wasn’t nearly as expensive as the Streamlight option. There’s no harm in trying to save some money where you can. The 200 lumen flashlight is all anyone should need for lighting up a dark area or using the strobe feature to confuse their enemies. All of the mechanisms are easy to use without having to look down or fumble around with your fingers. With the quick detach lever included, you can have the ultimate accessory for your tactical needs as well as any self or home defense purposes. We think everyone should choose the green laser light combo from NcStar over many other red laser choices on the market.

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