The 4 Best Shot Timers

The 4 Best Shot Timers

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If you’re interested in competing in IDPA or other shooting competitions, you’ll need to invest in a shot timer to collect data on your shooting skills. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite shooting timers, and we’ll let you know which we think is the best option for most gunowners.
Don’t get too worried about picking the best shooting timers; unlike many other accessories we review, there aren’t a plethora of shooting timers to choose from. In fact, there’s really only a handful to compare, but picking the best one for yourself will still save you some money in your pocket. We’ve also included a shot timer app in this review for those who are more interested in honing their skills instead of competing against others.

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer
Materials – The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer is nothing flashy or out-of-the-box, but it is a classic that has clipped to the pockets of professional competitors for a long time. This old school shot counter is just under six inches long, and it weighs just over eight ounces. It has a wide plastic clip for securing to your shirt or pocket, and a small screen to keep an eye on your shot count with a quick glance down. There are five buttons conveniently placed just above the screen, so you can push them without taking too much time from your shooting practice. The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer gives a second par beep, has a ninety nine shot counter, and it has a decently long battery life.

Performance – The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer is one of our favorite, little, blue buddies, and it’s quite possibly the most popular shooting timer amongst competitors and gun enthusiasts. This model has been around for a while, now, and nothing has really changed about the classic design and no-frills function. This tells us one very important thing: nothing has needed to be changed about it because it never fails. If you want to take out the guess work for a good shot timer, then we suggest you purchase this oldie but goodie. That being said, a lack of advancement can pose a problem for someone who needs detailed data of their shooting for the sake of competitions or personal growth. Don’t expect this device to compile and compare information for you – you’ll have to do that work yourself.

What we say – The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer costs about $120 online, making it the cheapest device within this review. If you plan to compete, but you’re only in need of basic counting and timing monitoring, then this is a great option for you.

  • Cheapest option
  • Classic and no-fail
  • 99 shot counter
  • No-frills, only performs basic functions

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PACT Club Shot Timer 3

PACT Club Shot Timer 3
Materials – The PACT Club Shot Timer 3 is made with basic plastic housing, but it’s only four and three quarter inches long and weighs about eight ounces. It is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and it has a simple clip for attaching to your shirt. A screen faces the user to display shooting information, and there are four buttons for various modes. A large, green “GO” button is hard to miss. The “GO” button can be delayed from 0.1 seconds to 99.99 seconds before a loud buzzer sounds from the gun shot timer. There are three modes that display on the screen: timer mode (displays the amount of shots and time between them), review mode (displays increments of time from first to last shot), and set mode (switches between instant and delayed “GO” or enters a PAR time). The battery is included with the PACT Club Shot Timer 3, and the device automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes without use.

Performance – The PACT Club Shot Timer 3 is a little more advanced than the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer and has a more modern look and feel to it. While the functions this device offers are still fairly standard, you can play around a little more with how the shot timer works for you. With the ability to adjust the “GO” feature, you can give yourself however much time you need before you’re ready to shoot. The shape and style of this gun shot timer is also a little better because of the ergonomic shape, and the buttons are different sizes and colors to make it easier for navigation. To be honest, our one complaint is that the screen isn’t backlit, so make sure you’re using it in good daylight or in a well-lit shooting range.

What we say – The PACT Club Shot Timer 3 starts at around $140, but it can be a little more expensive, depending on where you purchase it from. This is great for someone who is more experienced with shot timing and needs the ability to modify how their device works.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Ability to delay “GO” buzzer
  • Screen isn’t backlit

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II
Materials – Wait a minute, didn’t we already review this one? Nope! The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II has the same quality of the brand and original Pocket Pro, but it comes with more features and abilities to modify it to your liking. For one, the screen is backlit. Second, this device allows the owner to format the display screen to show only the information they want to see. Up to four shots can be viewed and compared at once through shot counts, times, and splits. The shot sensitivity can also be adjusted, so the timer isn’t picking up other shots or missing your shot completely. The internal memory can store up to 100 shots at a time. The shape of the Pocket Pro II is even modified from the manufacturers rounding the edges to avoid snags on your shirt.

Performance – Everyone loves a classic, but the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II is one of the most advanced and accurate shot timers in the industry. Although it’s not “ergonomically designed”, it is lighter and more conveniently shaped than its predecessor. The mode buttons have also been moved around slightly to make it even easier to adjust your display screen without having to lose all of your focus. In fact, the display screen on the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II is, by far, our favorite for showcasing shot times and numbers. Instead of writing down individual counts for comparison, you can do it right there on your screen, saving you priceless time at the range. Despite being newer, we feel this shot timer could still be designed a little better – it could still be lighter and smaller. This isn’t, by no means, a huge deal, but we want Pocket Pro to stick with the times. Smaller is better, in this case.

What we say – The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II also costs about $130 online. For just $10 more than the original, you’re getting a better display, better memory, and a better design. For the experienced or the newcomer, this is a great shot timer.

  • Compares up to four shots at once
  • Remembers 100 shots
  • Redesigned body and housing
  • Still a bit large and heavy

Free Shot Timer App

Materials – Yes, we are reviewing a shot timing app! The Free Shot Timer is (we think, at least) the best shot timer app for multiple reasons. The best part is that it’s free. Who doesn’t want free stuff? The Free Shot Timer App is easy to install on your iPhone, making it one less gadget you have to remember to bring to the shooting range. The display is very easy to read and utilize, and it uses different colors and sizes of numbers to quickly portray data and comparisons for the user. The start can be delayed from zero to four seconds, and there’s even a random start that buzzes two to five seconds after you press the start button. All of your shooting data can be saved, and you can even email results to yourself or other. If you have AirPrint, then you can also print your data right from your phone!

Performance – The Free Shot Timer is a fantastic app that’s perfect for anybody who is new to collecting data on their shooting. If you’re simply someone who wants to enhance their skills and know more about their abilities, then a free app may be a much better choice than shelling out over $100 for a manual shot timer. Obviously, if you’re a serious competitor, then a shooting app probably is not the best buy you could make. However, we think the Free Shooting Timer app is the timer with the easiest display to read and the most memory storage.

What we say – The Free Shot Timer App is free! Hooray! If you’re new to competing, or you just want to review your growth, then this is the best choice for you.

  • Free to install
  • Easy to read display
  • Random start
  • Not suitable for serious competitors

Our Favorite Shot Timer

Our top pick for the best shot timer available is the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II. It may be a little bulkier or heavier than other shot timers we reviewed, but it’s one of the most advanced timers available, and it works for all shooters, whether you’re a professional competitor or a newbie. We love the ability to adjust the display, and the memory storage is just the right amount needed. Plus, the price isn’t particularly more expensive than any of the other options.

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