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Best Mosin Nagant Stocks [2021]

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The Mosin Nagant is a rifle that should need no introduction. It is without question one of the most popular and well known military surplus rifles on the market today and is well known for its inherent durability and affordability.

As a result of the Mosin Nagant’s immense popularity with American shooters, there are a wide variety of aftermarket accessories available for the rifle today. One such accessory that is probably more important above all else is an upgraded ergonomic stock. That’s because there are few if any other accessories that will directly impact the ergonomics and feel of the rifle, and therefore also directly impact your inherent shootability with the weapon.

In this article, we’ll cover the history and merits of the Mosin Nagant to explain what makes it such a popular rifle even today in the 21st Century, and then we’ll dive into a buyer’s guide of what you need to look for in a stock for your Mosin Nagant rifle. After that, we’ll present you with our list of the top three best Mosin Nagant stocks and why we think you should consider them.

Best Overall Pick: ProMag Archangel Stock
ProMag Archangel Stock right

The ProMag Archangel stock will really transform the look and feel of your Mosin Nagant into a more tactical looking sniper rifle, although it definitely comes at the heftiest price.

Best Budget Pick: ATI Monte Carlo Stock
ATI Monte Carlo Stock

The ATI Monte Carlo stock is the least expensive Mosin Nagant stock on our list, and despite that still offers a lot of value for the money due to the fact that it is fully weather resistant and does a good job of absorbing felt recoil.

Best Value Pick: ProMag Archangel Mosin Nagant Opfor Precision Rifle Stock
ProMag Archangel Mosin Nagant Opfor Precision Rifle Stock right

Available for slightly less money than the normal Archangel stock, the Archangel Opfor Precision stock from ProMag comes with neat features such as a fully adjustable cheek riser and length of pull, detachable magazines to enable faster reloading, and a hidden compartment for extra items in the grip.

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Brief Summary of the Mosin Nagant Rifle

The Mosin Nagant, chambered for the 7.62x54r round (which is ballistically very similar to the .30-06 Springfield), was adopted as the main service rifle by Russia back in 1891; back then, the official model name of the Mosin Nagant was the M91. The M91 served in Russia’s conflicts against Japan around the turn of the century and also as their main infantry rifle in World War I and the Russian Revolution when Russia transformed into the Soviet Union. Later, the M91 was slightly shortened and updated to the M91/30 in the year 1930, and this is the most popular Mosin Nagant variant that you will find online or at pawn shops or gun sores today.

In 1938, the M91/30 was shortened into the M38 carbine, which was much shorter and designed for close quarters combat and cavalry use. The M38 was later updated to the M44 in 1944. Generally speaking, the stocks that fit on the M91/30 Mosin Nagants will also work on the M38 and M44 carbines as well; however, it’s worth noting that carbine variants of the Mosin Nagant are also usually harder to find and more expensive.

The Mosin Nagant was also the main infantry rifle for the Soviet Union throughout World War II. It was produced in huge quantities so it could be quickly shipped out to the battlefield to arm Soviet soldiers against the Axis forces on the Eastern Front, and it performed well in the mud and snow that helped stop the invaders.

A couple of years after World War II, the Soviet Union replaced the Mosin Nagant with the more modern SKS and AK-47 rifles. However, they distributed large quantities of the Mosin Nagant to their allies in the Cold War and it was commonly used in the Korean, Vietnam, and Afghanistan wars, among many other conflicts throughout the 20th Century as well. Mosin Nagants are even being used in combat today by the Syrian rebels in the ongoing Syrian Civil War, although they are definitely utilized less often than they were before due to the AK-47 and SKS carbines being more modern.

In the 1980s, millions of Mosin Nagant rifles and carbines were imported into the United States as surplus weapons to be sold to American civilians. The Mosin Nagant quickly gained a following among American civilians due to the fact that it was dirt cheap (at the time, a Mosin Nagant could be bought for between $50 to $100), very rugged and durable in its operation (typical of Russian made firearms in general), and powerful enough to drop any North American big game.

Today, prices of the Mosin Nagant have increased a bit (a price range of anywhere from $200 to $400 is common depending on condition) due to decreasing supply and ever ongoing demand, but it remains an excellent budget military surplus firearm with a cool history.

Next, let’s talk about what exactly makes the Mosin Nagant worth owning today in the 21st Century.

What Makes The Mosin Nagant Such A Great Rifle For The 21st Century?

Other than the AK series of rifles and carbines, the Mosin Nagant is without question the most prolific Russian made rifle ever made. Tens of millions of these rifles were produced and they can be found literally anywhere in the world.

But the question still remains: what makes the Mosin Nagant a good rifle to own for the 21st Century? Why should you spend your money on one or invest your money into one you already own?

Well, there quite a few reasons why the Mosin Nagant is still a perfectly relevant rifle in today’s world:

It’s Rugged

The Mosin Nagant is well known for being a very rugged and durable firearm. Just search up torture test videos of the rifle on YouTube to see for yourself. The rifle was also noted for its durability in both World Wars I. In essence, this is a rifle that you can abuse, and it will still continue to function.

It’s Accurate

For a military surplus rifle, the Mosin Nagant is surprisingly accurate, and even when using regular open sights.

It’s Great For Hunting

Thanks to the 7.62x54R round it fires, the Mosin Nagant can bring down anything in North America. Deer, pronghorn, wild boar, elk, moose, black bear, and brown bear will all not stand a chance against a Mosin Nagant in the right hands.

It’s Affordable

It may not be quite as cheap as it used to be a few decades ago, but Mosin Nagants are still very affordable rifles, and you can find ones in good condition for the $200 to $300 range.

It Has Cool History

If for no other reason, the Mosin Nagant has an undeniably cool history that is a central part of its appeal. It’s very likely that the Mosin Nagant you buy from a pawn shop or gun store saw service in the Second World War, or at least in some other conflict.

The Value Will Only Increase Later On

Back in the 1980s, you could buy Mosin Nagants for $50 to $100 each. Now, they are usually a couple hundred dollars beyond that. In another ten or twenty years, as supply dries up and demand doesn’t diminish due to its value as a historical firearm, you can bet that the average value for a Mosin Nagant rifle will go up by several hundred more dollars, making it a potentially worthy investment.
Upgrading the stock could potentially cause the value of your Mosin to go up as well.

Why Upgrade Your Mosin Nagant Stock?

Why should you spend the money to get a new Mosin Nagant stock? As it turns out, there are many reasons why you should at least consider it:

It Makes Your Mosin More Weather Resistant

The standard wooden stock on the Mosin Nagant requires care and attention to be kept in good shape and is vulnerable to swelling or weakening from rain and moisture. A synthetic upgraded stock would remove this problem.

It Makes Your Mosin Lighter Weight

Furthermore, the standard wooden stock on a Mosin Nagant is also quite heavy. The synthetic upgraded stocks like the ones we will take a look at later are much lighter and will decrease the overall weight of your Mosin Nagant when they are installed.

It Makes Your Mosin More Accurate

Even though the Mosin Nagant is already accurate and has been used as a sniper rifle throughout its history (and to great effect), you can make it even more accurate by installing an upgraded stock. That’s because an upgraded stock like the ones we will look at later can be more comfortable and ergonomic for you to make it easier for you to place precise shots down range, and if the stock comes with a free floating barrel channel feature, then the intrinsic accuracy potential of your Mosin will for sure be increased.

Buyer’s Guide To Finding The Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

These are the most important factors to consider when looking for a new stock for your Mosin Nagant rifle:


First and foremost, you’re going to need to pay attention to the material of the stock. Originally, Mosin Nagants were in a wooden stock, which is vulnerable to moisture and is also very heavy. It simply requires a good degree of attention to keep in good condition.

One of the main reasons to upgrade your stock in the first place is to make it more weather resistant; this is why the overwhelming majority of upgraded Mosin Nagant stocks on the market are made out of synthetic materials.


Beyond making sure your upgraded stock is more resistant to the weather, you’re also going to want to ensure that the upgraded stock you buy is more comfortable for you to shoot. It should have naturally good ergonomics and also offer plenty of adjustability, especially when it comes to length of pull. A rubber recoil butt pad on the rear of the stock can also help to absorb the harsh recoil of the 7.62x54R and make your Mosin Nagant far easier to shoot.

Ease of Adding Accessories

Since the Mosin Nagant is an old rifle, it’s not the best weapon for adding accessories. Fortunately, upgrading to a newer stock can make it much easier for you to add things such as a scope, bipod, slings, lights or lasers, and so on.

The 3 Best Mosin Nagant Stocks For 2020

Now that we’ve covered what you need in a Mosin Nagant stock, here are our picks for our three favorite models:

ATI Monte Carlo Stock

ATI Monte Carlo Stock front

The Advanced Technology International, or ATI, Mosin Nagant stock is a high quality synthetic stock that utilizes glass strengthened polymer so it will not be as affected by chemicals. This also enables the stock to remain flexible even in more extreme conditions. Considering the fact that wooden stocks can well up under rain and moisture, this represents a major upgrade from the existing Mosin Nagant stocks that come standard on the rifle. This would be a great stock to use in virtually any sort of weather conditions.

Another great benefit for getting the ATI stock is the fact that it comes with a non-slip, one inch rubber but pad on the rear of the stock that is great for handling the kick of the powerful 7.62x54R round that the Mosin Nagant fires. Mosin Nagant rifles are known for delivering a fairly sharp kick, so getting a stock with a rubber butt pad on it such as this one can really make the rifle more enjoyable to shoot.

There’s also a cheek rest pad over this stock as well that will make it easier for you to line up the target with a scope; however, it won’t be as pleasant to use for if you’re going to stick with old iron sights.

Overall, this synthetic stock from ATI represents a solid upgrade from the existing wooden Mosin Nagant stocks for the fact that it’s a lot more weather resistant and can help to absorb the recoil of the 7.62x54r round. As an added bonus, this stock is a few ounces lighter than the standard wooden Mosin Nagant stock, so it will decrease the overall weight of your rifle when it is installed.

ATI Monte Carlo Stock

Overall, the ATI Monte Carlo stock is an excellent standard synthetic stock choice for the Mosin Nagant. It’s weather resistant and will make your Mosin Nagant rifle more enjoyable to carry and shoot.

  • Built out of glass strengthened polymer
  • More affordable than other Mosin Nagant stock upgrade options
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber butt pad
  • Comes with cheek rest pad for easier target alignment
  • Designed to remain flexible even in extreme temperatures
  • Best used with a scope
  • Weighs less than a wooden stock, so it will decrease the overall weight of your rifle
  • Not the best for use with iron sights

ProMag Archangel Stock

ProMag Archangel Stock right

If you really want to take your Mosin Nagant into the 21st century, you’ll need to install it with the ProMag Archangel Stock. This stock will literally transform the look of the old warhorse Mosin from a traditional old school bolt action rifle with a wooden stock to a gun that looks like an advanced sniper rifle.

The Pro Mag Archangel is built out of fiberglass and resembles a higher end sniper rifle. It’s essentially a target grade synthetic stock that comes with a number of impressive features, including a click adjustable cheek riser (which makes this stock equally great to use with either open sights or with a scope), and a fully adjustable length of pull with a pistol grip for superior ergonomics and a rubber butt pad to help absorb the harsh recoil of the 7.62x54R round.

But the real standout feature of the Archangel is the fact that it comes with a detachable box magazine that enables faster reloads (normally, you have to load the Mosin Nagant with a stripper clip or by feeding the rounds individually). The only issue is that on the magazine the retaining clip is a little bit weak, so that’s something to be aware of.

The biggest negative to the Archangel stock is the price; it’s possible that you can buy just as much for this stock alone as you would for the Mosin Nagant rifle itself. But then again, that may be perfectly worth it to you if you really want to make your Mosin Nagant rifle or carbine to the next level.

ProMag Archangel Stock left

The ProMag Archangel Stock will really make your Mosin Nagant look and feel like a rifle built for the 21st century.

  • Looks like a high end sniper’s stock
  • Comes with click adjustable cheek riser
  • Has a fully adjustable length of pull
  • Very ergonomic thanks to pistol grip
  • Rubber butt pad helps to absorb recoil
  • Detachable five round magazine enables faster reloads
  • Will fit both M91/30 and the M38 and M44 carbines
  • Expensive
  • Retaining clip on magazine is a bit weak

ProMag Archangel Mosin Nagant Opfor Precision Rifle Stock

ProMag Archangel Mosin Nagant Opfor Precision Rifle Stock right

The ProMag Archangel Opfor Precision Rifle stock is another Mosin Nagant stock upgrade option from ProMag. This stock will also fit the M91/30 very well in addition to the M38 and M44 carbines. Also, as with the regular Archangel, the Archangel Opfor also comes with a detachable box magazine in order to facilitate faster reloads and make your Mosin more tactical.

Both the cheek rises and the length of pull of the Archangel Opfor stock are fully adjustable, in order to make it as ergonomic as possible for each individual shooter. The barrel channel is also a free floating design in order to maximize accuracy out of the Mosin (as free floating barrels are almost always more accurate). The soft rubber recoil pad helps to mitigate, and there’s even a storage compartment in the grip as well where you can store extra items such as spare bullets, a first aid kit, knife, money, a small cleaning kit, and so on.

As with the normal Archangel stock, the retaining clip on the Opfor’s detachable box magazine is a bit weak, and you’ll definitely pay a high price if you want to own it (nearly as much as the Mosin Nagant itself). But then again, if you want to really upgrade your Mosin to turn it into a rifle for the 21st century, this stock will do just that for you.

ProMag Archangel Mosin Nagant Opfor Precision Rifle Stock left

As with the standard Archangel stock, the ProMag Archangel Opfor will really transform your standard old Mosin Nagant into the look and feel of a 21st century rifle.

  • Looks like a high end sniper’s stock
  • A lower accessory Picatinny rail is available separately
  • Comes with a grip storage compartment
  • Barrel channel is free floating to promote better accuracy
  • Cheek riser and length of pull are both fully adjustable
  • Comes with detachable box magazines for faster reloading
  • Recoil pad mitigates recoil
  • Expensive
  • Retaining clip on magazine is weak

Wrapping It All Up

Assuming that you buy your Mosin Nagant in good condition, wooden stock it comes with should already be perfectly serviceable. However, you can greatly improve the feel, ergonomics, and natural shootability of the rifle by upgrading the stock alone and then keeping the rest of the rifle intact as it was.

With that in mind, upgrading your Mosin Nagant stock may not be a 100% necessity to enjoy the rifle, but it will most likely allow you to enjoy your rifle far more than you had before.

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