The 4 Best Mossberg 88 Accessories

mossberg 88 accessories
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We love the Mossberg 88 pump action shotgun. Better known as the Mossberg Maverick, this shotgun is excellent for taking targets down in the woods or fields, and it makes quite a weapon for home defense. It’s highly affordable as well! This is an every-man style shotgun that can be fun to upgrade, so we made this review of the best Mossberg 88 accessories on the market. We’ll tell you which is our favorite at the end!
The Maverick can actually be a little fun to shop for. The more popular Mossberg 500 has tons of accessories that are compatible with it, and nearly all of them are just as compatible with the 88. Obviously, do your homework before you purchase something made for the 500. Everything listed here has been thoroughly reviewed with the 88 or designed for it specifically. You can feel confident while browsing online for your Maverick upgrades!

AR-GEAR Glowing Green Plain Barrel Front Fiber Optic Sight

AR-GEAR Glowing Green Plain Barrel Front Fiber Optic Sight

Materials – This first accessory for your Mossberg Maverick is about as simple as it gets! This fiber optic front sight has a 2 millimeter diameter, and it glows a bright green color in daylight. The snap on mounting piece is specially designed to accommodate Mossberg 500 and 88 shotguns. It has a unique notch to line up with the front bead sight, so your fiber optic is perfectly centered. The material is durable to not crack from shock, and it won’t overheat on the barrel. No tooling needed for installation, it will snap on in literally a second. The fiber optic is highly visible, and it’s held in place at two points. You can easily replace the fiber optic with a new one without removing the mounting piece.

Performance – By all means, this is one of the cheapest upgrades you can make to your Mossberg 88 Maverick. However, it can make quite a difference! Sometimes the simplest things are the best. We find that many aren’t the happiest with original bead sights. This fiber optic sight is not only easy to see because it glows bright green, but it’s longer and offers more opportunity to align with your target. Whether you’re hunting or defending property, you target acquisition should greatly improve with this sight. Plus, no tools or batteries are required! If you decide you’re not a fan, you can simply take it off. If you own multiple Mossberg shotguns, you can switch the optic from one to the other.

What we say – This is one of the best Mossberg 88 accessories for shooters who need to enhance their bead sight but don’t want to necessarily replace it. For the low-budget upgrader, this is a great first purchase.

  • Lowest cost
  • Installs or uninstalls in seconds
  • Great target acquisition
  • Fiber optic not very visible at night
AR-GEAR Glowing Green Plain Barrel Front Fiber Optic Sight
60 Reviews
AR-GEAR Glowing Green Plain Barrel Front Fiber Optic Sight
  • Bright high visibility glowing fiber optic green sight (fiber diameter 2mm or .078") - no batteries required
  • Quickly & easily snaps in place behind factory front bead on plain barrel 12 & 20 gauge shotguns
  • Notch in base uses the factory bead to locate the fiber optic sight correctly along bore axis

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

Materials – The tubeless design of this shotgun sight from Ultimate Arms Gear attaches to a standard Picatinny/Weaver rail mount. The body is constructed of a durable housing material that has been finish in matte black. You can adjust the sight for windage and elevation with an easy knob. The objective lens is a 24mm glass pane with a fixed 1x magnification power. It’s been multi-coated for a clear picture that resists shock. This option offers four different reticle designs with red illumination. There are also seven brightness levels, so you can utilize the sight during any time of day. The special design for your Mossberg Maverick offers unlimited eye relief.

Performance – We sifted through a handful of 1x shotgun sights. We chose the Ultimate Arms Gear option here because it was one of the few that seemed it would actually stand up to the recoil of your Mossberg Maverick. While there are many others that seem to offer a little more as far as features go, we noticed a lot of complaints about objective lenses cracking after firing a few shots. This one seems to hold its own in that regard. We also really like the amount of brightness levels available, and getting to choose your favorite style of reticle is pretty cool too. Again, whether you’re defending property or hunting, your target acquisition will be greatly improved.

What we say – This is one of the best Mossberg 88 accessories for those who are more interested in hunting with their shotgun, although it will serve other purposes as well. The sight is inexpensive, but you shouldn’t have to replace it any time soon.

  • 4 reticle options
  • 7 levels of brightness
  • Won’t crack or break after firing
  • No green reticle
Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight
1,523 Reviews
Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight
  • 4 different reticle designs for every tactical solution
  • 7 brightness settings, tubeless design
  • 1x magnification, objective (mm)-24x34

Trinity 300 Lumen Weapon Light

Materials – Trinity offers a highly durable flashlight that will resist shock and weather elements. The 300 lumen flashlight is powered simply by AAA batteries. The first round of batteries are included with the purchase. The 3.5 watt LED lightbulb is also easy to find replacements for. Switch between a continuous on mode or a strobing mode. The activation button is conveniently located at the tail end of the flashlight. Also included with your purchase is the Weaver mounting system. You can attach it to the magazine or barrel for an off-centered light source. All components are housed in aluminum alloy with reflective parts.

Performance – Looking for something to pair with that fiber optic sight or 1x sight? A flashlight will make an excellent partner in crime. We particularly liked this flashlight over others because it has a decent wattage and illumination power, but the parts are inexpensive to replace. With AAA batteries and a simple LED lightbulb, this option won’t turn into a money pit. Plus, it comes with the mount! It’s fairly adjustable, but you can offset it from your shotgun while utilizing whatever sight you have on there. The reflective materials on the exterior of the flashlight will also be helpful. While it’s nice there’s no cord switch for activating the light, you will have to reach to turn it on or off. This isn’t a huge deal, but you’ll need to consider timing in your situations.

What we say – This is one of the best Mossberg 88 accessories for anyone who needs to use their shotgun at night, in heavily wooded areas, or very early morning. Basically, this means any time that isn’t the middle of the afternoon! Anyone could benefit from this accessory.

  • Includes mount
  • Constant on or strobing
  • Cheap batteries to replace
  • Have to reach to activate

HFD2 Pumpkin Puncher

Materials – The Pumpkin Puncher from HFD2 is a breach barrel attachment for taking down doorways. The body is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum with a matte black anodized finish. To install, simply attach it to the take down screw on your barrel. All hardware is included, and all you need at home is a Philip head screwdriver to attach. On the Pumpkin Puncher are six rounded off teeth. There are also ventilation holes to improve the aerodynamics of your shotgun while moving as well as to keep the metal from overheating. The attachment will only add a few ounces of additional weight to your Maverick.

Performance – This is certainly one of the more unique accessories you can purchase for your Mossberg Maverick. Mossberg does offer a breach barrel style attachment, as well as a slew of other upgrades, on their website. Nearly anything you can install on the Mossberg 500 you can use on the 88. That being said, this offering from HFD2 is very affordable and it’s a little bit different in design. The teeth, or spokes, on this attachment are very unique but effective. The ventilation design is also innovative and helpful here. We also really like how easy the piece is to install, and it includes almost everything you need minus the screwdriver.

What we say – This is one of the best Mossberg 88 accessories for anyone who needs the breach barrel attachment for its sole purpose alone. No need to buy it if you don’t need it!

  • Includes all hardware needed
  • Inexpensive compared to Mossberg
  • Ventilation system
  • Cheaper material construction

Our Favorite Mossberg 88 Accessory

Out of the four we picked here, the Ultimate Arms Gear Open Reflex Sight was easily our favorite accessory for the Mossberg 88 Maverick. For one, this is something we think just about anyone can get good use out of. As cool and effective as accessories like the breach barrel attachment are, a 1x sight can be really taken advantage of on a shotgun. Plus, the illuminated reticles can be visible during any type of lighting situation, unlike the fiber optic sight. If you wanted to, you could still pair the sight with a flashlight attachment, and keeping an eye on your property or home during night will be any easy feat. With unlimited eye relief and a body construction that will genuinely stand up against your shotgun’s recoil, you can’t go wrong with this sight from Ultimate Arms Gear.

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