The 4 Best Double Rifle Cases

Double Rifle Case
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Ah, so you need to carry your rifle and some gear to the range? What’s that? You have two rifles? Well, then you’ll have to buy yourself a double rifle case! We’ve selected some of the best double rifle cases on the market (and what’s best for the money), and we’ll tell you what our favorite was at the end of the review.

The biggest factor you’ll need to decide on is if you would like a soft case or a hard case for your rifles. If you’re only requiring a carrying case to take a few things to the firing range on the weekend, then you’ll want to stick to the soft cases. At the end of the day, taking up less space will be key here, and you don’t necessarily need the toughest, roughest case if it’s just going to be stored in your car. If you have reasons to travel with your rifles, whether to the other side of the country or overseas, then you’ll want to heavily consider a hard carrying case. Hard carrying cases should always have a special coating to protect both the case itself and your firearms from the weather elements they may endure. If your things are being stored on a plane, then a hard case will ensure that no damage comes to your rifles when it inevitably bumps up against other luggage.
VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case

VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case

Materials – This is a soft case that accommodates two mid sized carbines within the center compartment. The tough nylon materials used create a resistant barrier between your firearms and natural weather elements. It is also easy to clean or wipe away any dirt. On the front of this case are three large pockets, which feature heavy duty zippers and plastic buckle clips. You can store gear, accessories, or personal items in the lined pockets. MOLLE webbing is also available on the exterior of the case, to add extra storage. You can carry this case using the wrap around carry handles or an attachable shoulder strap. NcStar’s Double Carbine Case is available in black, blue, digital camo, green, tan, urban gray, or woodland camo.

Performance – We frequently mention it, but we love throwing in one of these VISM by NcStar cases when we can. Between the MOLLE webbing, durable materials, and all the extra storage space, we are impressed again and again by the brand. For the sake of this review, and for once, this option was not our top choice. However, as far as double rifle soft cases go, this is easily one of the best you can buy. We’ve mentioned before that the downside to this option is that it can get expensive buying the additional pieces to modify or change the case, but that’s not necessarily a requirement if you buy it.

What we say – The VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case is the best choice for those who find a hard case to be too heavy but still want a brand they can rely on.

  • Tough nylon construction
  • MOLLE webbing
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Expensive to add on to or modify
VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case
2,288 Reviews
VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case
  • Will accommodate 2 rifles
  • All pockets feature heavy duty zippers
  • Wrap around harry handle straps and top and bottom compression straps

Condor Double Rifle Case

Condor Double Rifle Case

Materials – This is the second double rifle soft case in this review, produced by Condor. The main compartment in the case is large enough to hold two rifles, and it also includes padded sleeves and hook and loop straps to keep the weapons securely in place during travel. Heavy duty zippers on all compartments of the case can be padlocked. The front of the case, similar to the previous option, features three pockets for additional storage, which also close with zippers and buckle clips. The carrying handle can be closed together with Velcro, and there’s a backpack strap that is detachable. This option is available to purchase in black, olive drab, or tan.

Performance – Condor is another very trustworthy brand. This option happens to be lacking the MOLLE webbing, and doesn’t have quite the pocket space the NcStar selection does, but you’re still buying a sturdy case. Plus, the backpack straps can really come in handy. With just buckle clips and zippers, this isn’t exactly a secure option for long distance travel. However, it will make a great double rifle case for carrying your gear to the range or for shorter distances.

What we say – This is the best choice for those not doing long distance travel and don’t need TSA level baggage for their firearms.

  • Three large extra pockets
  • Heavy duty zippers for padlocking
  • Backpack straps
  • Not good for long distance travel
Condor Double Rifle Case
696 Reviews
Condor Double Rifle Case
  • Padded primary compartment: - accommodates two rifle up to 42 inches long
  • 2 hook and loop straps to secure rifle with padded sleeves for addition barrel protection (one on each end)
  • Secondary Compartment: - 26 inch long with 2 internal padded pockets

Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case

Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case

Materials – On to the hard cases! Plano’s Double Scoped Rifle Case is made of a hard coated exterior, which has a constant Dri-Loc seal to protect your firearms from water, extreme temperatures, and dust. Wheels at the base and a swivel handle at the top make this heavy duty case easy to carry, specifically for airport travel. Inside the case is the Plano pluck foam. One side has flat, dense foam, for laying and arranging your weapons as well as magazines. The other side has specially texture foam for padding your weapons without allowing them to move around during transport. There are four heavy duty locks on the case, which click quickly to close but won’t open or break easily.

Performance – Now that we are on to hard cases for your multiple rifles, Plano’s option here is perfect for long distance travel or travel where you have to stow your items away. The Plano brand offers quite a wide selection of hard cases, and we chose this one for its heavy duty auto lock latches. They really do keep the case secure. This is a convenient case to carry – or not carry, for that matter; the wheels counteract the heavier weight of the case in general. There are no straps to tighten over your items. The padding makes the need for straps a little unnecessary, but it would still be nice to have the extra confidence that your rifles won’t budge.

What we say – The Plano Double Scope Rifle Case is the best choice for long distance travelers and for those that want more than just zippers with padlocks to keep their rifles safe from theft.

  • Hard, protective case
  • Special locking latches
  • Wheels for convenient travel
  • No straps within the case
Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case
1,109 Reviews
Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case
  • ‘Pluck to fit’ customisable foam inner
  • Lockable Dual stage latches
  • Pressure release valve

SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Case

SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Case

Materials – This double rifle hard case from SKB is constructed of a HDBE shell, which has been O-ring sealed to resist water or dust from entering the case. The case also has molded bumper protection. The trigger release locks on the front are accepted by airport TSA, and they’re made of nylon reinforced with fiberglass. The heavy duty wheels glide quietly, and the towing handle is spring loaded. Inside the case is a “bunk-bed” style setup with foam padding. A third foam insert separates your two firearms, so they may be stacked one on top of the other.

Performance – The special, molded bumpers on the exterior of this case is what really make this stand out from other hard cases you’ll see online. SKB focused on a couple areas to make sure their case was genuinely “heavy duty.” The bumpers and the thick wheels certainly make traveling with the case easy, smooth, and totally protected from bumps and scrapes. However, the case is also, well, heavy. Add on the weight of your firearms and gear, and you’ll be getting quite a workout on your way to the security line in the airport. If you’ve got the muscle for it, it may be worth it.

What we say – The SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Hard Case is the best choice for those who want the maximum amount of security for their weapons and expect to have their case naturally bump or grind against other luggage.

  • Molded bumpers on exterior
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • TSA approved
  • Heavy to pull or carry
SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Case
93 Reviews
SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Case
  • Capable of accommodating two rifles up to 50-Inch in length
  • Internal dimensions 50 x 9.5 x 6-Inch, weight 22-Pounds
  • Features TSA recognized and accepted trigger release latches

Our Favorite Double Rifle Case

Our favorite double rifle case went to Plano’s hard case. For this review, between soft cases or hard cases, we’re definitely going to select a hard case. When you’re going from transporting one rifle to two, a soft case can occasionally allow for parts to hit against each other, even with padding and straps in place. A hard case is really the way to go to stay on the safe side. It may seem like rolling Plano’s hard case around even to a range might seem like a little much at first, but that’s why we chose this option over the SKB choice. A hard case is a little bulkier than a soft one, but Plano’s is slim enough to be able to transport your arsenal to most places without an issue. The convenience of wheels will take strain off your back or shoulders as well. We also much preferred Plano’s style of storing rifles in their foam padding than SKB’s “bunk bed” style. Everything is spaced out a little bit better and less likely to get scraped or damaged in any way.

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Written by Sniper Country Team

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