The 4 Best Glock 42 Lasers

The 4 Best Glock 42 Lasers

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The Glock 42 is a very popular and widely recognized subcompact .380 pistol. Designed with self defense in mind, it’s actually the smallest handgun manufactured by Glock. It was also created to be ideal for shooters with smaller hands while still standing up against common training. We’ve put together a review of the best Glock 42 lasers on the market because no good self defense weapon is complete without a laser! As always, we’ll give a mention to our favorite laser we tested out at the end of this article.
The Glock 42 handgun is a weapon we really like, since it can be ideal for both men and women; or, we should say for wider hands and petite hands. Glocks are easy to customize and modify. Thankfully, most lasers are incredibly easy to install or detach from your weapon. The lasers we chose for this review fit a variety of budgets, but they also focus on a variety of interests like the additional need for a flashlight, a no-frills and straight to the point style, one of the most innovative models on the market, and a green laser. Especially when it comes to self defense, we think it’s important that your concealed carry handgun is strictly unique to you. It’s in those last-minute situations that you need your weapon’s setup to provide you with the most accurate and spot on shooting. The right laser will give you that opportunity, so you come out on top every time.

Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight

Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight
Materials – The Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight, for the sake of this review, is much more than a flashlight. The rugged housing holds a 100 lumen flashlight as well as a 640-660nm red laser. The modes include a laser only function, flashlight only function, and a laser/flashlight combo function. The on and off switch is ambidextrous, so there’s no fumbling when it’s time to take action. The product is just over an ounce in weight, so this isn’t weighing down the front end of your Glock by any means. The pistol mount flashlight easily attaches under your trigger guard and is shock proof.

Performance – While just a simple laser can be efficient on your Glock 42, a combination with a flashlight can make the difference between life or death during the night. Since you won’t really have space for a tactical light to install on top of your subcompact pistol, this is also a very convenient choice. However, the ability to select only the laser setting is great on its own, as well. We will mention that the Streamlight laser is not as solid and clear as some of the other lasers you’ll be seeing in this review, so there’ certainly some give and take with this combo.

What we say – The Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol mount Flashlight is the best option for those who have self defense needs during the night or low light times of day. You’re also saving a little money by combining a flashlight and laser into one!

  • Money saving option
  • Includes 100 lumen flashlight
  • Ambidextrous switch with multiple modes
  • Lower quality laser than others

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ArmaLaser Glock 42/43 TR5 Red Laser Sight

ArmaLaser Glock 42 43 TR5 Red Laser Sight
Materials – The TR5 Red Laser Sight is designed specifically for your Glock 42, and it’s constructed of DuPont Zytel polymer pistol material. The USA made laser installs directly to where your trigger guard is, and it has an easy to reach battery compartment, so no dismantling your weapon to change the battery out. The bright red laser is 635 nm, and is boasted to be brighter than many other 650nm lasers. Best of all, the TR5 Red Laser Sight features a grip activation – all you have to do is grip your Glock as you normally would to turn the laser on.

Performance – The TR5 Red Laser Sight takes us to the more traditional style of pistol lasers you’ll find on the market. Although the brand name isn’t as popular as some others, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality we found in it. Just like any other laser, it installed plenty easy over the trigger guard. The red laser was crisp, and the simple pressure activation is a real time saver during moments that require fast action. Actually it was hard to find any complaints about this one!

What we say – The TR5 Red Laser Sight is the best Glock 42 laser for those who need a no-frills option. You won’t be overpaying for a bigger brand name while still receiving a good quality product.

  • Crisp laser
  • Pressure activation
  • Easy installation
  • Less popular brand may leave some skeptical

Viridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5

Viridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5
Materials – The Viridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5 is possibly a more recognizable brand and style than other pistol lasers. It’s advertised as “the [industry’s] most advanced red laser sight, in the world’s smallest frame.” Also featuring a 635nm laser, this option includes the famous ECR Instant-On Hybrid Holster. This allows the laser to automatically turn on, when it is drawn, and automatically turn off, when it is holstered. This means no buttons are required to turn the laser on or off, and you don’t have to switch amongst settings while using it. The laser easily install over the trigger guard and will hardly add any additional weight to your Glock 42.

Performance – The Veridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5, as we mentioned, is a much more popular and widely demanded option. While the Instant-On activation requires you to use a specific holster, it is included in the price. Obviously, you have to like the holster to like the laser, in the long run. Viridian provides a very clear and bright red laser. Quite honestly, the instant activation saves even more time than a pressure activation switch. We can see why law enforcement would be enticed by this, but it’s really prime for civilian use as well. There’s some give and take when selecting this laser, but it could be really worth it.

What we say – The Veridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5 Glock 42 laser is the best choice for those who, for one, don’t mind being required to use a specific holster and also are looking for the best of the best. Nobody and no thing will escape your red laser!

  • ECR Instant-On laser with holster
  • Brightest and crispest laser on the market
  • Very durable construction
  • Restricted to ECR Instant-On Hybrid Holster

Crimson Trace Green Laserguard

Crimson Trace Green Laserguard
Materials – The Crimson Trace Green Laserguard is another popular brand name amongst pistol lasers for self defense. This option features a bright green laser that views as about half an inch at fifty feet. Similar to the other options, it installs easily and firmly over your Glock’s existing trigger guard. This laser is activated by pressure; simple grip your Glock 42 as you normally would, and the pressure from your finger over the trigger guard will turn the laser both on and off. This also makes the power switch ambidextrous. This style is slightly bulkier than others, but you are also receiving a more durable construction.

Performance – The Crimson Trace Green Laserguard is our one offering within this review for a Glock 42 green laser. We selected only one because it comes at a price, a very expensive price. At least, compared to the more commonly purchased red laser, it’s very expensive. However, Crimson Trace is another high quality brand name that offers some very durable and rugged accessories. This laser has a little more bulk to it than other lasers you’ll see online, but you can expect it to be able to take a little heat without falling apart on you. Your laser and battery powered parts won’t take damage after some heavy firing.

What we say – The Crimson Trace Green Laserguard is the best option for those who are looking for, well, a green laser! For some, the contrasting green is easier to follow than a red dot, and it will be just as effective.

  • Crisp, green laser option
  • Pressure activation
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Very expensive option

Our Favorite Glock 42 Laser

Our favorite Glock 42 laser, surprisingly, turned out to be the ArmaLaser Glock 42/43 TR5 Red Laser Sight. Despite being a less popular brand, it had nothing but positive reviews, and that goes for us as well. It’s a little less expensive than your Viridian or Crimson Trace brands, but you’re not sacrificing on quality or the effectiveness of the laser itself. The laser is just as bright and clear as some of the best on the market, and the pressure activation switch is plenty convenient for self defense. There’s nothing bulky about the design, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a concealed carry holster that will accommodate both a Glock 42 and a laser attachment. We really suggest all our readers look into the ArmaLaser brand.

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