Springfield XD Mod 2

The 4 Best XD Mod 2 Accessories

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The Springfield XD Mod 2 is all about ergonomics. It has some other updated features as well, but the shape and feel of this pistol tell you right away what its purpose is: smooth self-defense operations and a comfortable hold during any shooting.

We got four great pics for you for the best Springfield XD Mod 2 accessories.

  • Pearce Grips Grip Extension
  • DefendTek Rechargeable Tactical LED Gun Flashlight
  • Truglo TFO Handgun Sight Set
  • ArmaLaser Springfield XD Mod 2 Green Laser

Since the Mod 2 comes in a number of styles and sizes, the most important thing to look for while searching for Mod 2 accessories is to check the seller’s page. You’ll quickly discover that not every accessory is designed to fit every model. With that in mind, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you and will tell you which accessory we recommend for this handgun.

Pearce Grips Grip Extension

Pearce Grips Grip Extension

Materials – Pearce Grips’ grip extensions are made of high-impact rubber, which can withstand intense temperatures and avoid cracking or fracturing when dropped. The grip can accommodate the 9mm and .40 models of the XD Mod 2, but it will not fit the .45 ACP models, unfortunately. You’ll have more control and comfort in your hand when shooting if you expand the short grip on your Mod 2. Being designed specifically for the Springfield XD series gives it an overall streamlined appearance. This is ideal for concealed carry while also maintaining a discrete overall profile.

Performance – A sub-compact handgun’s lightweight and small size is appealing, but that doesn’t mean the grip will fit comfortably in your hand. With a grip extender, you can quickly remove your XD Mod 2 from its holster without having to fumble around. Obviously, the shooting precision will improve as well. The original grip has a good ergonomic design and this extension only enhances this. Despite the fact that Pearce Grips has a near-monopoly on grip extensions, they won’t match every variant of the XD Mod 2, so read the description carefully. You’ll have the most luck with the 9mm and.40 models.

What we say – The Pearce Grip extensions are the best XD Mod 2 accessory for those who have the sub-compact model, but they still need the grip to fit in their larger hands. This is also the cheapest accessory to choose from within this review.

  • Low cost accessory
  • Streamlines look and shape of handgun
  • Makes it easier to draw weapon from holster
  • Doesn’t accommodate .45 ACP models

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DefendTek Rechargeable Tactical LED Gun Flashlight

DefendTek Rechargeable Tactical LED Gun Flashlight

Materials –The tactical flashlight from DefendTek is a 300 lumen beam of light installed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body. It has been sealed to keep dust and moisture out. The flashlight is simple to mount on your XD Mod 2’s accessory rail, and it’s also simple to remove using the fast detach levers. A recoil resist bolt will keep this accessory well in place. You can switch between two flashlight modes: constant on or strobing. A rechargeable battery and a battery charger are included in the kit, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of power or carrying spare batteries. This option will not work with subcompact handguns, but it will work with service and full-size pistols.

Performance – An LED flashlight is the perfect accessory for you if you use your Springfield XD Mod 2 for more tactical purposes. The flashlight can, of course, be used for self-defense, but it will not work in the sub-compact models. More power to you if you use the full-sized model for concealed carry. The quick-detach levers on this flashlight are fantastic, and 300 lumens is a good amount of light for a small tactical flashlight. We believe that no tactical light is complete without a strobing mode, which gets a “thumbs up” from us. Since this little guy is shock-resistant, you should expect it to last a long time.

What we say – The tactical flashlight from DefendTek is one of the best XD Mod 2 accessories for anyone with the four inch or five inch handguns. Tactical or self defense, you’re in good hands with this light.

  • Quick detach
  • 300 lumens
  • Strobing and constant on modes
  • Not compatible with sub-compact models

Truglo TFO Handgun Sight Set

Truglo TFO Handgun Sight Set

Materials – This pair of Truglo night sights are a perfect XD Mod 2 update to replace the pistol’s original red fiber optic sight. A front and rear sight are included in the package. Three Swiss tritium inserts are housed inside the sights: two in the back and one in the front. For easy target acquisition, the front tritium insert glows a bright green color. Two yellow tritium inserts are housed in the rear sight, which contrasts with the front insert for fast targeting. The yellow is also meant to be better on the eyes so that the shooter’s vision isn’t hampered at night. The rear sight is in a classic U-notch shape, and both sights are low profile to accommodate XD Mod 2 holsters.

Performance – The Springfield XD Mod 2 pistol does come equipped with a fiber optic scope. We’re not saying that it isn’t good enough, but tritium night sights will take your gun to the next level. Although these fiber optics aren’t very visible at night, the contrasting yellow and green dots can help you easily lock on to your target in any lighting situation. The use of yellow inserts in the rear sight is particularly thoughtful. This way, you won’t have brightly glowing dots right in front of your eyes, causing you to squint, especially at night. Unfortunately, the inserts do not have painted circles around them, but you can still buy a cheap bottle of picture luminescent paint and paint them on yourself.

What we say – The Truglo night sights are one of the best XD Mod 2 upgrades for those who think the original fiber optic sight just doesn’t cut it. Acquire your target with no problem during both day and night.

  • Yellow inserts easy on eyes
  • Tritium lasts for many years
  • Sight are angled to accommodate holsters
  • No painted rings around dots

ArmaLaser Springfield XD Mod 2 Green Laser

ArmaLaser Springfield XD Mod 2 Green Laser

Materials – This green laser from ArmaLaser is compatible with all Springfield XD Mod 2 versions. You can attach it to the accessory rail with ease! The laser is housed in DuPont Zytel polymer, which is used in the manufacture of pistols. Making this housing shock, soil, and moisture resistant. To use, simply grip your pistol as you normally would – no switches, buttons, or holster activation are needed. The green laser has a wavelength of 520nm and will be most visible throughout the day. Although it is not the most effective laser on the market, it is extremely bright and falls just short of the maximum output permitted for civilian use.

Performance – With a laser, you can take your tactical shooting or home defense to the next level. We agree that the ArmaLaser brand is underappreciated because they produce some high-quality accessories. Despite the fact that this green laser is triggered by touch, there are no switches or pads to press. This is the closest you can get to instant-on lasers without spending more money. It’s not a Class III laser, but it’s about as near as you can get without shelling out that extra cash. This is probably one of the best deals on a gun accessory you’ll find.

What we say – The ArmaLaser Mod 2 Green Laser is the best accessory for anyone who needs the additional targeting power during daylight. It is visible at night, but green lasers are best for using in lit areas.

  • Made with pistol polymer
  • Touch activated without buttons or switches
  • Designed exactly for the XD Mod 2
  • Not Class III laser

Our Favorite Springfield XD Mod 2 Accessory

Our favorite accessory in this review was the DefendTek Rechargeable Tactical LED Gun Flashlight. For one, this is one of the most useful accessories you can attach to your Springfield XD Mod 2.It’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost a fortune. And if it doesn’t suit your conceal carry sub-compact, it will fit full-size versions that can still be used for home defense. Although it’s ideal for the XD Mod 2, the flashlight can be detachable and used on any other handgun with an adapter rail. With a light output of 300 lumens and two light modes, you can feel safe and in control with this DefendTek flashlight.

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