The 4 Best 9mm Speed Loaders

Best 9mm Speed Loader
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Speed loaders are a very handy tool that we truly think everyone should own. All speed loaders are a cheap accessory to be bought, and they’ll make a world of difference with your loading time. Since 9mm magazines are one of the most popular sizes, we put together this review of the best 9mm speed loaders on the market.
There are actually quite a few options to look at online, and there are definitely a select few that seem to be purchased far, far more than others. However, don’t let numbers be the only factor you consider when searching for the best pistol speed loader. While our review consists partially of popular items, our research was solely focused on the durability of the construction and the variety of pistols each speed loader was compatible with. Surprisingly, some options made for 9mm weapons don’t actually work with all 9mm weapons. Even if you don’t choose our favorite option within this review, all the speed loaders listed here work very well. They all do the job they need to do and decrease your loading time, as well as eliminate finger soreness. We only selected the best of the best, so any speed loader you choose here will be the best option for you. Happy shopping, and happy loading!

Glock Magazine Speed Loader

Glock Magazine Speed Loader

Materials – The Glock Magazine Speed Loader is made of the same polymer Glock uses in their other polymer products, and it comes in black. Although it can be used with other brand 9mm pistols, it has been designed specifically by Glock for Glock, so there’s no comprehensive list of other pistols this speed loader is compatible with. This is a factory made, bulk packed speed loader, so it works with a wide range of Glocks. There is a comprehensive list available of which Glocks this speed loader is designed for, but it is compatible with all .40 and 9mm caliber pistols.

Performance – The Glock Magazine Speed Loader is a great choice for Glock owners. While this option is obviously limited on its compatibility, it works with nearly any type of Glock you probably own. The quality is perfectly good: it’s durable and constructed very well. It’s a highly manufactured, bulk item, so don’t expect a uniquely designed speed loader. We did mention that it could be used with other pistols; if you have a double stacked 9mm, you should definitely see if this speed loader will work with it. However, nothing is guaranteed.

What we say – Obviously, the Glock Magazine Speed Loader is only worth the money if you own a Glock, but there’s a good chance you can use it on your other 9mm pistols as well. Thankfully, this option stays on a low budget, as well.

  • Fit nearly all 9mm Glocks
  • May be compatible with other 9mm pistols
  • Low cost
  • Designed specifically for only Glocks
Glock Magazine Speed Loader
  • Glock Factory OEM (Bulk Packaged)
  • Made of Durable Glock Polymer
  • Compatible Glock Magazine Calibers: 9mm (9 x 19) / .40 / .357 / .380 Auto & .45 GAP

ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader

ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader

Materials – The ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader is another choice made entirely of polymer in black. A comprehensive list of the pistols this speedloader is compatible with is available online, but it fits a wide range of 9mm and .40 caliber weapons. If you own a Smith and Wesson M&P, a Sig, a Springfield a Ruger SR9, or a Walther P99, you’re in luck. There are plenty of less common handguns this double stack speed loader is compatible with, as well. The ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader is entirely made in the United States, and will make loading a much faster and smoother process.

Performance – The ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader has its limitations in compatibility as well, but, if you have a popular brand pistol, you probably don’t have to worry. The only popular pistol that isn’t listed to work with this option is Glock (go figure)! This pistol speed loader is a fairly popular purchase online, and there’s very little to complain about. The one fault we found was that it seems to be a little flimsier than the other speed loaders we tested. No, it didn’t break, but we won’t make any promises that it will last a lifetime. It’s a very affordable choice, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

What we say – The ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader is the best pistol speed loader for anyone who doesn’t own a Glock and still wants a lower cost purchase. Of course, no speed loader is going to break the bank, but this is a cheaper option than other comparable selections.

  • Low cost
  • Compatible with variety of 9mm and .40 pistols
  • U.S.A. made
  • Does not work with Glock
ADCO Super Thumb Double Stack Speedloader
  • Fits Many Double Stack .40 and 9mm Magazines (see full list below)
  • Makes Loading Magazines Quick and Easy
  • Black Polymer Construction

MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader

MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader

Materials – The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader is a U.S.A. made accessory that is designed with polymer. Although it fits many calibers, it is not a universal loader. Over two dozen dimensions of the construction are fine tuned so it has a unique fit to your pistol. This option is compatible with a variety of Berettas, Glocks, Rugers, Sig Sauers, Smith and Wessons, Taurus, and Walthers. While not pertinent to this review, it also happens to work with some .45, .22, and .380 weapons, as well. Each uniquely manufactured speedloader is advertised to have lifetime durability and ease sore fingers in loading your weapon.

Performance – The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader has a really impressive design. Although it’s not universal, the construction of this option is much more detailed and unique to each handgun than the construction of many other speed loaders we considered for this review. It has a low cost price tag, so if you have other caliber weapons, you could certainly purchase more than one of these. Other than that, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. We could agree with MakerShot and say that this speed loader could last a lifetime. Other than not being a universal option, we have no other complaints.

What we say – The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader is the best choice for gunowners who are looking for quality over price point. Again, a pistol speed loader is never going to cost an outrageous amount of money, but this option is more expensive than others.

  • Fits a variety of 9mm weapons and then some
  • Uniquely designed for each pistol
  • Durable and lasting quality
  • Not universal
MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader
  • This is NOT a universal loader. Please select CALIBER and MAGAZINE compatibility above
  • Perfect fit on selected magazine for ideal loading of every round.
  • High-quality polymer speed loader from an American company.

Maglula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

Materials – The Maglula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is an imported design made of plastic, and it’s touted as a universal speed loader. It comes in six colors: black, purple, brown, dark green, lime green, and pink. While it is compatible with all 9mm pistols, it also works with 10mm, .375, .40, and .45 handguns. It also can be used as both a single and double speed loader. No spacers or adjustments are required to operate, and it’s suggested to reduce the time of manually loading a weapon by 2/3. The construction is light and compact, and it can fit in a pocket.

Performance – The Maglula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is the only universal option within this review. Apparently, that is a great selling point because there are tens of thousands of reviews for this product online. That fact definitely ensures some confidence that this option is worth the money. That is also good – this pistol speed loader is significantly more expensive than all other speed loaders, so it’s almost like buying two for two different caliber weapons. Our experience with testing this product out was mostly positive. We had no problems with any of the magazines we used it with, and the construction felt durable enough to withstand years of use. Although it’s not a very important factor, if you like bright colors, you have some option too!

What we say – The Maglula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is the best choice for gunowners with two or more 9mm pistols. That’s really the only way the price would be worthwhile to the buyer. However, don’t let that discourage you! This is a quality speed loader that won’t leave you disappointed.

  • Only universal option
  • Durable construction
  • Bargain price for buyers with multiple 9mm pistols
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite 9mm Speed Loader

After reviewing and testing all the options, we decided out favorite 9mm speed loader was the MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader. Although it’s not the cheapest product on the market, it is still very cost friendly. You could buy more than one, if you have other caliber pistols, and still keep your wallet happy. As far as the universal aspect goes, we prefer a high quality product over one that will be a bargain deal, and that’s why the Maglula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader fell short for us. We’re assuming most of our readers won’t be upset that black is the only color choice for our favorite speed loader! The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader’s durability is very sound, and you won’t have to worry about receiving a faulty product in the mail. This is a great option that everyone with a 9mm pistol should look into buying.

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Written by Sniper Country Team

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