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Best Range Bags with Pros and Cons

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“Home, Home on the Range” may not have been referencing the shooting range, but it’s home to us! Everyone who likes a little target practice needs a good quality range bag to store all of their pistols. You would never bring just one to the range, right? We’ve put together this review of the best range bags for the money, and we’ll let you know which we think is the best option for most buyers.

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While most shooters are practicing with pistols, you may occasionally want to bring a rifle, so we made sure to throw in an option that will accommodate that. However, most range bags are designed for handguns and their ammo. Besides firearms, remember to consider the other things you’ll want to bring with you. This could include water bottles, safety glasses, gloves, extra targets, and anything else you may need. Be sure to purchase a range bag that will allow you to carry all of your items at once.

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

Materials – The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is an eighteen inch long bag made of 600-denier polyester for a durable construction. There is an adjustable shoulder strap, which is padded, and a set of carrying straps, which connect together with a Velcro closure. There are eleven magazine pouches total; seven in front and four in the rear, and they’re also made of polyester. These front and rear compartments also have padded, zippered pockets for storing additional items. There are two side pockets, which zipper shut, to hold variously sized pistols. The main compartment, opening at the top of the bag, is a large space to fit targets, blankets, water bottles, etc. The Explorer Tactical Ready Range Bag comes in black, brown, camo, ACU, OD green, and navy digital.

Performance – The Explorer Tactical Ready Range Bag is one of the best range bags for newcomers or shooters who have just begun to expand on their pistol collection. The polyester construction is very durable and padded enough throughout to protect all of your items. There are numerous pockets that hold all different sizes of handguns, accessories, and anything you can store in that large, main compartment. This range bag is lacking a couple of things, such as MOLLE webbing and any elastic whatsoever. We wish the magazine pockets were more flexible, or else your magazines may slide around a little. There is plenty of space and function that comes with this bag.

What we say – The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag costs anywhere from just under $50 to about $70, depending on which color you purchase it in. The plain black is at the lower end of the scale, so it’s a good price for first time buyers.

  • A lot of pockets for magazines and pistols
  • Large top compartment for holding gear
  • Plenty of padding
  • Low cost
  • No MOLLE webbing
  • No elastic pockets for magazines or handguns

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VooDoo Tactical 2-in-1 Large Range Bag

Materials – The VooDoo Tactical 2-in-1 Large Range Bag is another great bag that was designed specifically for pistols. It has a durable construction, and it comes in all black. The most noticeable feature of this pistol range bag is the center compartment, which is removable. There is space inside to hold two or more handguns with additional ammo. There are also adjustable dividers, which are padded, and they can be moved in any way to your liking to divide up the internal space. On the front of the bag is a large, double zippered pocket for extra storage of gear or accessories. The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a shoulder grip. The center compartment also has a pair of handles for carrying.

Performance – The VooDoo Tactical 2-in1 Large Range Bag is the best pistol range bag for those who have 2-4 pistols and a handful of ammo. The removable center compartment is a really great feature that makes it easy to create a space that is most functional for you. The ability to move around the space dividers is very convenient, and it’s nice to be able to pull out only what you need instead of the entire bag. We think VooDoo could have added some more pockets on the exterior, so don’t expect to be able to bring your entire gun cabinet with you to the range. However, the design is simplistic and innovative.

What we say – The VooDoo Tactical 2-in-1 Large Range Bag costs around $60 online. This is another great price for a basic pistol range bag.

  • Removable center compartment
  • Padded dividers for creating unique storage space
  • Holds 2 or more pistols plus ammo
  • Missing shoulder padding
  • Could use more exterior pockets

Condor Single Rifle Case

Materials – What if you want to bring a rifle to the range? The Condor Single Rifle Case is a durable carrying bag that holds a single rifle and additional pistols and ammo. It can be purchased in either a thirty six inch length or forty two inch length, and it comes in black, olive drab, or tan. The main compartment holds the rifle with a Velcro strap and is padded. There are three front pockets on the exterior, which have MOLLE Mil-Spec webbing. The second, medium sized compartment has two padded areas for storing pistols, optics, or other delicate accessories. The main compartments have zippered closures, and the exterior pockets close with a plastic buckle clip. The entire bag can be carried by the pair of handles, which connect with Velcro.

Performance – The Condor Single Rifle Case is the best of both worlds by combining a pistol range and rifle range bag. While previous bags hold two or more pistols, this bag will do the same with the additional of a rifle. While there are some small extra pockets, you’ll need a separate bag for transporting a water bottle, targets, ear muffs, etc. You also won’t be able to wear this range bag over your shoulder or across your back. However, there is more than enough space for all of your firearms, ammo, optics, and any other smaller gear.

What we say – The Condor Single Rifle Bag costs just under $60 for the thirty six inch size and a little over $65 for the forty two inch size. Again, these are great deals on quality designed range bags.

  • Carries a rifle and pistols
  • Combination of Velcro, zipper, and buckle closures
  • Very well padded
  • MOLLE webbing
  • No space for larger gear
  • Can’t carry over shoulder or back

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Materials – The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack is a nineteen inch tall range bag that comes in black or digital camo. The main compartment at the base of the backpack holds up to four pistols in a vertical position for easy grabbing. They are divided by a very thick, foam insert, which can be removed for cleaning or simply slid in and out of the bag for grabbing handguns. There are two side pockets, which hold a total of twelve additional magazines. There is even a pull-out rain cover to protect your gear in the case of sudden rain. There are padded shoulder straps for carrying, and there are additional pockets at the top of the bag for holding small accessories. The inside of the bag can hold water bottles, targets, etc.

Performance – The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack is the best pistol range bag for even the most experienced range-goers. G.P.S. has gone above and beyond in considering what you’ll need most while standing out in a field. While it doesn’t hold any firearm larger than a pistol, you can store everything you’ll need to bring with you. We love that they added the pull-out rain cover because no other brand offers that. G.P.S. also offers the highest level of protection for your pistols with their thick foam insert. The insert is easy to clean, and you can slide it in and out of the backpack like a drawer to retrieve whichever pistol you want to fire next.

What we say – The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack costs around $100-$120 online, depending on where you purchase it from. This is a significantly higher cost than most other range bags, but you are getting so much more for your money.

  • Holds 4 pistols and 12 magazines
  • Thick foam insert that is easy to remove
  • Enough space to hold additional gear and accessories
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Range Bag

While we would love everyone to own the G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack, $100 is pretty pricey for a bag. We think the best range bag for the average gun owner would actually be the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag. While the concept is rather simplistic, it is actually highly rated amongst nearly all of its previous buyers. We like a bag that stores everything you would need in one place. Not only is there a large, center pocket for your water bottle and the like, but there are individual pockets designed specifically for both pistols and ammo. Plus, we think the straps on the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag are some of the most well padded straps available. The last thing you want to think about in a range bag is if the strap will dig into your shoulder, right? Hey, a $50 price tag isn’t bad either.

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