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Where to Buy Ammo Online [Complete 2021 Guide]

Buying ammo can be almost as fun as buying the gun you’re feeding, but in a time when shelves are bare and prices are high — where can you get a decent deal these days? Shopping online can save you time, money, and give you access to the best deals! From .22 LR to .50 BMG and every deer dropper, paper puncher, and soda can destroyer in between, we’ll share the best places to buy ammo online!

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Why Is There No Ammo?

Local Ammo Restrictions
Image source: Al Jazeera

In case you haven’t had to buy ammo in a while, you may not know that there is a shortage of ammo because of Covid-19. 

Firearms sales went through the roof during the pandemic because of panic and hoarding. Therefore, increasing ammo demand. 

Manufacturers are now struggling to keep up with the demand as social distancing and lack of labor has impacted production.

Due to the limited supply of ammo, many retailers are putting limits on how many boxes or cases you can buy at a time.

Requirements to Buy Ammo Online

full load mag and ammunition
Image source: Unsplash

Generally speaking, if you can legally buy or own the firearm you want to get ammo for — you can legally buy ammo for it.

Bottom line:

  • Not a prohibited person
  • Over 18 years old for rifle ammo
  • Over 21 years old for handgun ammo

That is all you need to worry about federally. State and local laws can add restrictions, double-check your local laws before ordering. Most retailers have warnings or a FAQ that explain the current legal landscape to help you out.

Local Ammo Restrictions

This list won’t be 100% complete since things change faster than we update articles, but we’ll do our best to keep it updated. Let us know if something changed in your state so we can add it!

As of publishing though, this is a good idea of local ammo restrictions.

Buy ammo online - boxes of 9mm Luger
9mm Luger boxes of ammo; Image source: Maxon
Alaska• No shipments of ammunition and primers
California• Ammunition shipments will only go to licensed ammunition vendors with a copy of a license file
• Ammunition shipments will only go to a federally licensed dealer with a copy of the license file
• Requires type 03 FFL (C&R) with a certificate of eligibility (COE) and a copy of the license file
• No ammunition devices of over 10 rounds
• No tracer or incendiary ammunition, and threaded pistol barrels
—Marin County• CCW must be faxed or emailed for ammunition purchase along with the requirements above
—San Francisco• No prohibited ammunition such as Black Talon or similar brands
Colorado• No ammunition feeding devices of over 15 rounds
ConnecticutFor valid ammunition and magazine purchases, you need to present one of the following requirements:
• Valid permit to carry a pistol or a revolver
• Valid permit to sell firearms for pistol or revolver
• A valid eligibility certificate for pistol or revolver
• Valid long-gun eligibility certificate
• A valid ammunition certificate and a valid ID showing your photograph and date of birth
• No ammunition feeding devices for over 10 rounds
• No .50 caliber armor-piercing ammunition or incendiary ammunition
Florida• For any firearm: no exploding ammunition allowed
• No armor-piercing ammunition for handguns
Hawaii• No shipping of ammunition or primers
• Magazines of over 10 rounds are not allowed for pistols
Illinois• Buyers must provide the seller with a copy of their valid Firearms Owner Identification Card (FOIC) or their valid Concealed Carry License
• Present either an Illinois Driver’s License or an Illinois State Identification Card before shipment of the ammunition
• Sellers can only ship the ammunition to an address listed on any of the two documents above
—Aurora• No ammunition feeding devices of over 15 rounds (for rifles only)
—Chicago• No ammunition feeding devices of over 15 rounds (for rifles and shotguns only)
—Franklin Park• No ammunition feeding devices of over 16 rounds (for rifles only)
—Oak Park• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds (for rifles only)
—Riverdale• No ammunition feeding devices of over 35 rounds (for rifles only)
Maryland• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds
Massachusetts• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds
New Jersey• Firearms Owners Identification Card or NJ Permit to purchase a handgun (Faxed or e-mailed)
• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds
New York• Ammunition shipments must go to an FFL dealer or registered seller of ammunition
• Requires a copy of the FFL or SoA on file
• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds
—New York City• Prohibits magazines and feeding devices
—Buffalo/ Rochester• No ammunition feeding devices of over 5 rounds (for rifles only)
Vermont• No ammunition feeding devices of over 10 rounds (for long guns) and over 15 rounds (for handguns)
Washington D.C.• Buyer must present a valid Firearms Registration Certificate
• No ammunition feeding of over 10 rounds
• No .50 BMG caliber ammunition and armor-piercing ammunition
• Buyer must present a license for purchases that include ammunition components such as cases, powders, primers, and bullets

Tips For Buying Ammo Online

Always Read Product Descriptions

Just like if you were in the store, make sure to read all of the information on the page. Nothing worse than needing a case of 7.62×51 for your new C308 and accidentally ordering a case of 7.62×39… twice.

Not that we’ve ever done that… twice.

Contact Customer Support

Most of the big retailers have outstanding customer support, and if they don’t then they aren’t on our list!

Live chat can be a huge help if you need a real person to talk with about something!

Check Bulk Purchases

The advantage of buying online is that it allows you to buy bulk ammunition at great deals. Buying ammunition in bulk provides substantial savings compared to buying fewer quantities. 

Bulk orders may also result in reduced or even free shipping charges when you reach the minimum amount required.

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Something we’ve seen a lot of in the past 12-18 months is a huge rise of websites that are purely scams.

I’ve run across at least 4 really clever and well-built web stores that offer great prices on ammo right now, but when you dig deeper — these are clearly scams. 

To ensure a secured purchase of ammunition online, here are the following things you should look out for:

Payment Methods: The biggest single sign that a site is NOT legitimate is when they ONLY take Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or other cash apps or strictly only accepting cryptocurrency. 

If they don’t take major brand credit cards, that’s a HUGE sign they are not a real business you can trust.

Payment methods when buying ammo online
“Never trust a store that won’t take plastic!”

Check reviews: It sounds simple, but Googling “[website] reviews” should bring you something. Even if it’s just old forum posts of people talking about a site, there should be some history out there for you to read.

Contact information: The contact information must be available. Contact forms, live chat, a phone number and address even — something. The more the better.

Shop policies: Check the shop’s delivery options, if they can ship the products to your address. In addition, you might also want to check the shop’s return and refund policies, in case you receive poor ammunition.

The Best Places to Buy Ammo Online

1. Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner Site buying ammo online
The Lucky Gunner website

The prices and selection at Lucky Gunner are outstanding and for those reasons alone you should love them, but they go so much further than just great deals and great service!

LuckyGunner has a huge blog section on their site with a ton of testing information that they have conducted independently for us to look at. Gel tests, ballistics, even some AR-15 steel Vs. brass testing, all of it open to anyone to read and learn from.

If you haven’t read LuckyGunner’s Lab Tests, check it out!

Aside from its wide selection of ammo, Lucky Gunner also offers fast shipping, discount prices, and its distinct feature — a real-time inventory system. 

They also have some of the most helpful customer support options, live chat, email, product testimonials, and reviews. 

As a special bonus, you can get compensation if there is a mistake in your order or if the ammunition is out of stock after you order. LuckyGunner offers not just a refund, but a refund with $100 extra!

  • One of the largest ammunition stock in the U.S.
  • Provides labs and ammunition tests to inform customers
  • Offers fast order preparation shipping
  • Features a live inventory system
  • Offers sales, discounts, and e-cards
  • Excellent return and exchange policies
  • Has great customer support
  • Has no option to purchase less than bulky ammo
  • Website has strict cancellation rules and does not allow customers to cancel their orders
  • Has a complex return policy

2. Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory website buy ammo online
Palmetto State Armory website

From great budget-friendly AR-15s to a huge selection of magazines, optics, ammo, and more — Palmetto State Armory is one of my standard first-stop websites for anything firearms-related.

I’ve had issues with their search function in the past being a little wonky, but everything else is top-notch. I’ve never had PSA lose an order or had something go out of stock after I ordered.

Plus, they commonly have great Daily Deals that can save a ton of money off of the standard price. Check those out while you’re getting your next shipment of ammo!

  • Offers a wide selection of ammunition and top-quality firearms
  • Offers clearance sale that is a great deal for those on a budget
  • A trusted online firearms shop for most gun owners worldwide
  • Slow shipping time; may take up to 5 to 10 days or more to ship that is slower than other ammo retailers
  • You cannot edit your orders after checking out if you change your mind

3. Brownells

Brownells website buy ammo online
Brownells website

A century-old family-run company, Brownells boasts as one of the more prominent online firearm retailers on this list. 

Known for their amazing service and a huge selection, Brownells contains an assortment of parts and ammunition that you can’t find anywhere else — from gun blueprints, ammo cans, optics, and other accessories.

Their live chat is one of the best in the world with experts on standby ready to help you with any question. They even have trained gunsmiths available by phone, email, and live chat in case your question requires a true expert.

No other shops can compete with Brownells when it comes to the selection of products and their experience in the firearms world.

  • Wide selection of products; They have almost every ammo available and offers accessories and other tools
  • Easy online search tool to navigate through their products
  • Excellent return policy; Offers limited lifetime warranty on all parts and accessories
  • All items are subject to a lifetime return policy (best offer compared to other gun retailers)
  • A well-established business trusted for many years
  • Have long-standing connections with major brands
  • Amazing customer service
  • Backorders are sometimes weeks out of stock

4. Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman’s Guide website buy ammo
Sportsman’s Guide website

Guide has the essentials you need. 

Like most gun retailers, the shop offers a wide selection of firearms accessories and ammunition. 

In addition, the company boasts a membership that provides 10% off on gear and 5% off on guns and ammunition. It’s a sweet deal for gun owners who purchase ammunition more often.

While their membership won’t be great for everyone, it’s a great deal for many of us. It also allows you to break paying for orders into 4 payments with no interest or weird fees.

  • Has a variety of firearms products
  • Offers returns within 30 days
  • Backorder option for out of stock items
  • Offers sales and discounts
  • Slow shipping time; Takes up to two weeks for orders to be processed
  • Difficult return process

5. Gritr Sports

Gritr Sports website buy ammo online
Gritr Sports website

The company prides itself with the best gear for your firearms. Launched in 2014, it promises its customers the experience of customized online shopping. It offers various hunting outfits and gear, and different ammunition brands like Hornady, Bellot, Winchester, and many more.

Aside from its products, Gritr Sports also offers excellent customer service. They have their contact numbers and email so you can forward them your concerns. 

They offer 30-day refunds and returns. 

However, you can only cancel orders within 24 hours. You need to contact customer care for changes or cancelation concerns during that time.

  • Has excellent customer support
  • 30-day returns and refunds
  • Excellent option for those looking for hunting ammunition
  • Offers customized online shopping experience
  • You can cancel orders within 24 hours only
  • Returns and refunds are not valid for purchased ammunition

6. Cabela’s

Cabela’s website
Cabela’s website

One of America’s foremost conservation leaders, Cabela’s offers the best hunting ammo in any caliber and equipment. This is a one-stop-shop also as you can get your other gear, accessories, jackets, and other hunting and fishing equipment.

Cabela’s also offers exceptional customer service where you can reach them using chat support, or contact them through mobile or email. 

Plus, get free shipping with a minimum of $50 purchase. 

On top of that, purchasing ammo from this shop makes it worthwhile because of its founder’s contributions to natural habitats and wildlife. 

It’s nice when you can feel good about spending so much on ammo.

  • High quality ammo at affordable prices
  • Offer the best hunting ammo and gear
  • Offers free shipping on orders $50 and above
  • Inventory system is not updated
  • Slow shipping time

Wrap Up

My number one stop is Lucky Gunner for buying ammo online.

Although any option mentioned above can be an excellent place to shop, Lucky Gunner offers better deals and services. 

With Lucky Gunner, you’re sure that once you place your order, it’s definitely in stock — no unexpected cancelations because of untracked inventories.

What’s your favorite place to buy ammo online? Let us know in the comments section below!

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