We at Sniper Country have one simple goal:

Be the one-stop resource for everything about and around guns.

Our team includes several gun enthusiasts, focused on different firearm variations. We got everything, from competitive shooters to passionate hunters. That way you can trust our advice on holsters for your Sig P938, as well as our guides covering rifle cartridges.
Our recommendations for equipment are unbiased. Our research includes the profound knowledge of our authors, as well as the opinions stated by respected individuals in the scene. Another resource that’s always considered are reviews from popular online shops. In today’s day and age it would be ignorant to not use that information. Even if you buy every product and test it thoroughly, you might never know that every 10th scope comes with a cracked lens.
All that being said, all our recommendations are exactly what we call them: only recommendations. Our goal is to give our readers an idea of what to expect from a certain product. After reading one of our articles, you should be able to point out what you are looking for and might find one of the choices we picked to be a good option.

In order to make navigating on our site as easy as possible, we structured our articles into three main categories.


The first and probably most comprehensive category. Here we offer everything, from buying guides for bolt-action rifles or shooting rests, up to safety guidelines on a shooting range or ammo comparisons. Although all of our content should be beneficial for gun enthusiast, this one is dedicated to informational articles only. You will rarely see us talking about specific products here. Buying guides in this category should provide enough information, so you can choose the most suitable product yourself, we won’t guide you any further than that. If you want to read reviews of specific products, have a look at one of the following sections.


So you read our buying guide on rifle scopes. You know what to look for and you know what you need. Great start! The next step is obviously picking one of countless scopes available. This process can be overwhelming to some and sorting through all those different features can be quite time consuming, even if you know what you are looking for. Don’t worry, there is a good chance we already had a look into the kind of product you have in mind. Our writers know what really matters when it comes to night scopes, red dot sights or whatever you plan on purchasing. All you have to do is pick the article that covers the topic and read the reviews of what our authors consider the best options available. Everything is covered in detail and phrased so that even beginners know what they are looking at.

Gun Accessories

If you would want to, you could probably spend as much money on accessories than you spent on the actual gun. A huge industry developed around replacement parts and aftermarket upgrades. Stocks, triggers, flashlights, you name it. In our opinion worth a category by itself, we give you in depth reviews of products we consider worth spending money on. The structure is similar as the one used in the optics section. If you are looking at a more complex product, our authors usually include small individual buying guides, so you can decide for yourself what you really need and what is just some well marketed but useless feature.

How we choose our Authors

In such a broad field, like the one this website is dedicated to, it’s almost impossible to know everything that’s relevant. Instead of having several authors with a broad knowledge, we chose to equip our team with writers specified on certain topics. As stated in the beginning, this includes hunters, competitive shooters and instructors. While a hunter probably couldn’t care less about handgun grips, his knowledge about long range scopes might be comprehensive. This could be the other way around for a competitive shooter and 1911 enthusiast. In general and in our experience, topics are covered way more engaging if they get written by someone passionate about them and that’s why our team is so diverse.

Maintenance of Standards and Controls

Never has it been harder to keep track of all the research and new information, which gets published on a daily basis. Information that was up to date yesterday could be outdated the next morning. New standards are being developed and new products get released constantly. While a buying guide for rifles might be relevant for years a list of the best long range scopes might very well include a product not available anymore, a few months after it has been published. To avoid that from happening we fulfill periodical checks, to make sure the information we provide is always and stays applicable. Once an author is done with an article he is responsible for its content and is asked to make sure, that the information gets updated, if necessary.
Although we take the maintenance of the information we provide extremely seriously, there is always a chance that we missed out on something. If you as a reader notice outdated information, we highly encourage you to get in touch with us, by using our contact page. We appreciate every contribution and reply as fast as possible.