A close up shot of the Remington 700 trigger

The Best Remington 700 Replacement Triggers

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After a recall on the Remington 700 trigger for unintentional discharging, finding a replacement trigger is the best option. Finding a high quality replacement trigger for the Remington 700 will help with control, accuracy, and overall performance. Finding the right trigger can be tricky, but this short guide should provide some pertinent information that will help point you in the right direction. After doing some hefty research online, and in gun stores locally I have found some of the best triggers for the Remington 700.

The Remington 700 is a reliable, accurate bolt-action rifle that has been the model upon which many other long range rifles have been built. It is excellent for hunting, target practice, and overall tactical use. Once the trigger is replaced with a Remington 700 aftermarket trigger, the dangerous problem of unintentional discharging will be solved. There has been some debate as to whether this is a problem of the owner not maintaining the trigger, or an actual problem with the trigger.

Finding the best trigger replacement for a Remington 700 is a difficult task due to the popularity of this rifle. Generally, the more popular, the more aftermarket products are available. The market for accessories for this rifle is huge and you have countless of options, from barrels to stocks. I went with names that I trust in the gun market to find of what I determine to be the best Remington 700 triggers available today. To find the right trigger to replace the old one a few things should be considered.

  • Corrosion Resistant: A good Remington 700 replacement trigger should resist corrosion and rust. The parts exposed to the elements are extremely important in this factor. Take the time to see if it is nickel-coated, or made out of aluminum. These extra additions will ensure the trigger will last. Your trigger on any gun is very important to maintain, because an unclean, gummed up trigger can cause fatal accidents.
  • Weight: Any Remington 700 trigger that is after-market will have different weights, and are adjustable. The weight of the trigger refers to how hard you have to pull the trigger to shoot the gun. Different types of guns require different weights, and the use of the gun will also determine which is best. 2.5-3lb pull weight is a good standard for hunting rifles, but it is determined by the shooter’s preferences, and what type of rifle they are using. Generally, the lighter the weight (to a certain degree), the better the accuracy. Some Remington 700 owners claim that the malfunctioning trigger is due to owners tinkering with the weight without having the proper knowledge of how to do it. If you are unsure of this, than bringing it to a gunsmith is a good idea.
  • Style: This is not as big of issue, but if you are not familiar with taking guns apart, and putting them back together than a drop-in style trigger will work best. If you are capable of doing that, and setting the weight of your Remington 700 trigger upgrade, then it may be cheaper to use another style. Drop-ins are a convenient, quick way to fix the trigger. Again, if you are not versed in this kind of work of changing a trigger, than finding a qualified gunsmith is a good course of action.

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The Best Triggers For Remington 700

Although there are many styles and brands, there are some that out do others. Finding the best trigger for a Remington 700 should follow the guide I have outlined above. The guide is small, but includes all the basics you have to know. Among other things, the best style for you might be linked to your use of the gun. Below you will find the four triggers I found to stand out among the rest. These can be purchased from any gun store, online or locally.

Remington 700 Calvin Elite Trigger review

Remington 700 Calvin Elite Trigger

This easy to install drop-in trigger is made by Timney. More specifically, a man by the name of Mr. Calvin, who has been designing triggers for Timney for quite some time, made this Remington 700 replacement trigger to his own liking. It is a single piece drop in model making it easy to replace. It’s weight starts at a incredibly light eight ounces, and tops out at only two and a half pounds. Its price is reflective of its ingenuity. The parts more prone to corrosion are nickel plated to give them resistance to it.

For hunting specifically, this trigger’s weight is a bit light. At two pounds there is noticeable creep. There have been reports of the let off being inconsistent due to changes in pull weight with each fire. Overall, the Calvin Elite is a great trigger, but it seems there are a few minor changes that could make it even better. Overall, it is possibly the best trigger for Remington 700 if you are using it for tactical purposes, or target practice. For hunting I would not recommend it because the pull weight is just too light.

  • Drop-in style
  • Adjustable from 8oz to 2lbs
  • Easy to install
  • Nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Great for tactical use
  • Adjustable over travel and sear engagement
  • Designed by a top person, Mr. Calvin, in the trigger industry
  • Inconsistent let off
  • Not great for hunting
  • Creeps at higher weights

Shilen Remington 700 aftermarket Trigger review

Shilen Trigger

This is another one of the best trigger replacements for the Remington 700. For hunting and competitive shooting this trigger provides consistent pull pressure. The stainless steel sears have been polished and grounded, and all the moving internal parts are heat treated, making it much more durable than the stock trigger that comes with the Remington 700. This trigger comes in two different types; standard and competition. The biggest difference between the two is the pull weight. Standard will work for most types of situations and adjusts between 1.5 lbs to 3 lbs. One thing to note is that this trigger comes with no safety, so this you will have to keep from your original factory trigger.
Over travel, sear engagement, and weight of pull can all be adjusted on this trigger. It is wise to have a gunsmith do this unless you are familiar with these adjustments as it can lead to a safety issue. Another issue with some of these triggers is that the firing pin can drop when cycled too quickly. Other issues reported have been that the pull weight adjustments just don’t hold up, only getting to 8 oz. of pull weight.

  • Consistent pull pressure
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Heat treated for durability and reliability
  • Two trigger options; standard and competition
  • Adjustable from 1.5lbs to 3 lbs
  • Over travel, sear engagement, and pull weight are all adjustable
  • No safety
  • Firing pin drops when cycled quickly
  • Pull weight adjustment issues

Jewell HVR Remington 700 aftermarket trigger review

Jewell HVR

Almost anytime a conversation comes up about Remington 700 aftermarket triggers, this name gets mentioned. This trigger is another drop-in system that is somewhat easy to install, has pull force adjustment and over travel adjustment. It is designed to keep friction to a minimum. The thing that really makes this one of, if not the best Remington 700 triggers is its versatility. Most triggers for this rifle are either good at tactical use, target practice, or hunting. This trigger, with its three springs, can fill any role.

It can adjust from just 8 oz to 4 lbs in pull weight with the three different springs that come with it. With this adjustable versatility, switching from tactical to hunting is as easy as changing a spring. Said system makes this Remington 700 trigger one-of-a kind. All internal parts are made with stainless steel, which is the best choice for resisting corrosion with proper maintenance. One of the best features for many shooters is the ability to adjust weight, over travel, and sear engagement without having to remove the stock or anything else. The price really is the only hard thing to swallow with this trigger, but considering the quality, it is well worth it.

  • Drop-in system
  • Force and over travel adjustments
  • Minimal friction
  • Three trigger springs to fill any role
  • Adjustable from 8oz to 4lbs
  • Used for hunting, tactical, and target
  • Adjust weight, over travel and sear engagement without removing anything
  • Price

Timney Remington 700 Trigger review

Timney Remington 700 Trigger

This Timney classic is another great choice for a Remington 700 replacement trigger. It is a drop-in design, and is one of the easiest triggers to install. If you are not skilled at taking their rifle apart, this is probably one of the best choices for you. The trigger itself is a wider design, giving you more surface area to connect your finger to, and making it great for hunting if you are wearing gloves. The safety is has a whole new design that actually blocks the trigger and not the sear. The internal components are all heat treated steel, while the outer components are nickel plated.

The pull weight is adjustable with an adjustment from 1.5lbs to 4lbs, which is more suitable for a hunting rifle, or target practice, but is not bad for tactical use either. This is by far the most economical out of all the Remington 700 Aftermarket triggers I have reviewed so far. Most are two hundred dollars or above, while this one can be bought for around one hundred and fifty dollars. It is aesthetically pleasing, which is of little importance for most, but a nice addition to an already great trigger. The bolt release mechanism sometimes has issues of sticking. The installation, while stated that it is very easy, can be challenging. On some models, modification of the stock was necessary to fit it properly.

  • Drop-in design
  • Easy to install
  • Wider trigger for more contact
  • New safety design
  • Adjustable from 1.5 to 4 lbs
  • Price
  • Bolt release sticks sometimes
  • Installation deceivingly harder than presented

The Best Remington 700 Trigger

These are four of the best Remington 700 triggers that are on the market today. They all have aspects that make them desirable for different reasons. At the end of the day, the Jewell HVR trigger is the most versatile with the least amount of issues. If you have the money I recommend spending on this high quality, unmatched trigger. It is also the top choice by professional shooters, and hunters alike. All of these Remington 700 triggers are excellent choices, but there can only be one on top.

  1. I had a mod 700 sniper 308 with A remington after market trigger, I believe it was called a 40X not adjustable and no safety but stone reliable let off at 2 oz not a typo. I could slam ( within reason) the butt on the ground and it would never fire. The gun had no recoil pad just a rubber butt plate.
    I worried about accidental discharges myself but it was rock solid.
    Anyone else ever heard of it. I had two. In the 80s early 90s they only costs $200.

    1. Those early Remington 2oz triggers were great.. I cant believe so many yanks would pull them off to put aftermarket ones on.. I used to buy every one i could find and import them into Australia.. Most i bought for less than $50 from Shooters Corner

  2. Have you even tried the TriggerTech?? I had a Jewell HVR and now have a TriggerTech Rem 700 Diamond trigger.. I like the Trigger Tech much better and you will too.

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