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[Review] MTM Case-Gard: Ammo Boxes, Rest & Table

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“OK…now where did I put those last 10 loads I made to try in my Savage .243? The ones I just had on the bench…”

I say this to myself quite frequently, along with other phrases that I won’t expound on here. I lose a lot of stuff. Or, rather, I misplace it. I learned a long time ago to at least try to organize my handloads – I’ve got a collection of handloads some of which dates back 30 years. The best way to be able to find a certain load, I finally learned, was to store them in boxes made for that purpose. The best ammo boxes, I’ve found, come from MTM. Their Case-Gard line of shooting accessories have helped me keep my sanity many times as I look for specific load recipes I’d put together.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, MTM has been making shooting accessories since 1968. It is a family-owned business, and says (on their website) that their products have stemmed from needs that they have discovered on their own or by suggestions from users. Their products are really well thought-out…I can see them being produced because of a need. Shooters do have some pretty specific needs, and it’s nice that there’s a company out there addressing those needs.

What Do They Make?

Here is a (tiny) screen shot of what they make…

MTM products

Grand total, 221 items. Now, I know that some are listed more than once in the different categories, but even if we take about 10% away, that’s still around 200 products that MTM makes. That’s a whole lot of items to help out shooters!

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Now, For Some Specifics…

I had them send me five items to test so I could write about them. Of course, I’d used their products for at least three decades so I knew what quality I was going to find…I just wanted to try some things I’d not had much experience with. So, I had them send me:

  • A 20-round rifle ammo box;
  • A 100-round rifle ammo box;
  • A 4-gun pistol case;
  • A Shoulder-Gard rifle rest;
  • A portable shooting table.

Let’s look at them in some detail.

Rifle Ammo Boxes

I got one each, 20-round and 100-round box. I wanted to see how securely they held the rounds, and to look at the hinge. The hinge is the key, I’ve found. It doesn’t matter how well-built the rest of the box is…if the hinge breaks, it’s over. Here they are…

20 round rifle ammo box

20 round rifle ammo box top

The 20-round box uses a molded hinge and is caliber-specific. If you shoot anything from a .17 to a .45-70 or larger, they have a box for you. Here’s the hundred-rounder:

100 round rifle ammo box

100 round rifle ammo box inside

Again, a molded hinge but this time we have individual cartridge-holding slots with “fingers” at the bottom in case you want to insert the rounds bullet-down. I’ve appreciated the labels since I first started buying Case-Gard items. They also include a cartridge fitting chart:

100 round rifle ammo fit chart

The R-100 is just one of several different type of boxes they make…

Here’s the handgun version of the above box:

100 round handgun case

Here are their best selling handgun boxes:

I also wanted to try a multi-gun pistol box. I got the four-gun tactical pistol case…

pistol ammo case

pistol ammo case

I like the simplicity of this box. It has two sturdy latches and the foam is cut for four guns with four extra cuts for magazines. (They make other sizes). This would be a great way to store your guns in your safe…the foam would not attract moisture and would protect the guns. This pistol case would be a great way to transport your guns to and from the range. The protection they would be given should cause you to relax a bit…the guns are well-padded and secured from being jostled around.

It might be well to mention the MTM warranty at this point…the molded-hinge products and everything else has a 5-year warranty, with the living-hinge items receiving a 10-year warranty. We are directed to send faulty items back to MTM for replacement. (I assume “living hinge” means the hinges with rods in slots, not the molded variety. The two ammo cases above use molded hinges, with the 4-gun box using a living hinge).

Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest

Let’s take a look at the Shoulder-Gard rifle rest – this is one of several types of rest they make – and see how it helps with recoil…

rifle rest parts

rifle rest rear

rifle rest side

Notice the strap at the rear of the rest. You place the stock of the rifle in this “sling” and it holds the rifle fairly securely as you shoot. The strap is anchored on the underside of the rest, so it can’t move. The compartment in the center has a removable lid – my son has one of these and he put lead ingots inside to help with recoil. Whatever you can get in there that will help weigh it down is good…that will help mitigate recoil.

Note the adjustment up front. You have a screw with a large head that you can loosen with your fingers to move the threaded column up or down for rough adjustment, then tighten a bit when the column is where you want it. Then you use the collar with the long fingers on it to allow fine-tuning of the threaded column before you finally tighten the screw down, in case you need to raise or lower the scope’s crosshairs just a mite. We’ve used my son’s Shoulder Gard over the years. I had one sent to me to see how they’d changed it over the years…they really haven’t. You’ve heard the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ — that applies here. This is one pretty useful gadget. Add in the recoil-lowering strap and it’s well worth its price. Just put some weight in it to get the maximum recoil reducing effect.

Notice: Here is another shop where you can buy the rest

Portable Shooting Table

Now, for the item I most wanted to try – the portable shooting table.

rifle rest box

Here’s what it comes in…you have their address and a photo of the assembled table all in one.
The table is made from the same material their other goods are made from and is very decently engineered. The legs fold down like those popular white tables that we know and love (because they weigh about half of what those old-fashioned wooden tables we used to use weighed), and it is sturdy. Here are a couple of photos…

bench top

bench underside

Notice the easy-drop legs and the handles/slots on each side that make it easy to grab the table to move it. It is very light weight, but it sits very well and is sturdy. Here it is with the legs down:

bench legs out

rifle on rest

As you can see, this would be a nice table to toss in the back of the truck and take to the field for some long-distance practice…or a groundhog hunt. It is light yet it holds the rifle securely. Here’s a close-up of the rear rest…

rifle on rest rear

To Sum Up

No matter what area of shooting you’re interested in … rifle, handgun or shotgun … MTM Case-Gard has at least one product that will make your life a bit easier. From a box to hold your loaded ammo, to a loading scale to help you load that ammo, to a table to shoot it off of, they seem to have a product that will do most anything you need done where your shooting hobby is concerned.

If you’ve not tried an MTM-Case-Gard product, you owe it to yourself to pick something up today. Their stuff is not expensive, but…it works. That’s all that counts. Sure, you could spend more on say, a portable shooting table, but it really won’t do anything that this one will. (I know how important a portable table can be…I remember when Shooting Times’ Rick Jamison published plans to make a table out of one piece of 4×8’ plywood. It was not very portable, but it was a start. This one is a whole lot lighter and easier to move).

Talk to MTM if you have any questions about their products or to request a catalog…I don’t think you’ll be sorry if you do. As always, leave a comment below and get out for some shooting. Stay safe!

  1. Got you beat Mike. I have beem using these boxes from just about the first day they hit the shelves of the gun shop I started working in back in 1970. Been using them ever since. I don’t know how many I have today , Excellent products . (I use 10 MTM reloading blocks at the bench; but don’t tell anybody).

  2. I clicked on the “Buy on Amazon” button for some of the ammo boxes just to see what they cost & was pleasantly surprised to see they cost less than I expected!

    I have several inexpensive military-style ammo boxes, smaller plastic ones & a couple 50-cal. steel ones, but they don’t have liners or dividers. I labeled ’em so I can quickly see which type of ammo is inside, but the shotgun shells are loose & the other types of ammo are in the boxes they came in. The ammo boxes seal tightly so they keep moisture out, but are certainly not as handy as the MTM boxes.

    But I will mention an Apache 1000 case I got for a pistol, on sale @ Harbor Freight. Amazon shows it here.

    The foam block in the bottom side is sliced into cubes 5/8″ x 5/8″ x 3/4″ so you can pick some out to make a shape your pistol, camera, whatever, will fit down into. At 1st glace you don’t notice the slice marks & you can leave the foam block as-is, but it’s easy to customize for whatever you want to protect. I believe you could throw the case against a concrete wall as hard as you can & what’s inside would not be damaged.

    And since I was the manufacturing engineer in two factories that make products from different kinds of foam, I’ll comment on the foam in the 4-pistol case you like. Appears to be Ethafoam, a closed-cell foam that’s tough & durable:

    Open-cell foam will hold moisture, but closed-cell foam cannot. And Ethafoam is easy to trim with a sharp knife, so if a pistol or magazine doesn’t fit quite right in the existing slots, you could trim them for a better fit. Over time, Ethafoam will conform to what you store in it, but it tends to “spring back” to its original shape.

    1. Art, thanks for the engineer’s viewpoint. One of our sons is a manufacturing engineer, and he notices things like this, too. I’m always glad to hear from someone who knows., and glad the MTM products work for you. Thanks for writing!

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