7 Best Shooting Glasses You Should Know About and Expert Reviews [2021]

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Whether you are a regular at the shooting range or you have a passion for hunting, you will know that protecting your eyes and ears is vital. Good quality shooting glasses protect you from unburned gunpowder, ricochets and oils that can fly backwards.  Every gun range in the US requires them, and for good reason.

Understanding Ballistic Eyewear Standards

Before going ahead and investing in a new pair of shooting glasses, you need to be aware of ballistic eyewear standards. These standards are in place to make sure your shooting glasses offer the sufficient quality of protection. After all, what’s the point in having shooting glasses that fail at protecting your eyesight?

There are three main ballistic eyewear standards you need to be aware of; US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1, US Military: MIL-PRF-31013 and European: EN166. You should aim for shooting glasses that meet US Civilian standards at least, but stick to US Military standards if you are at risk of flying fragments.

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Given the wide range of available shooting glasses on the market, it’s not always easy to figure out which pair is best for you. Fear not, Sniper Country has reviewed the most popular shooting glasses and there’s something for every budget. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know which pair is best for you. Let’s take a look at the options for the best shooting glasses on the market in 2021.

Best Shooting Glasses: Our Honest, Expert Review

Radians Revelation

If you don’t want to spend too much money and are looking for a basic pair of shooting glasses, consider a pair of Radians Revelation. At just $8, they won’t break the bank and will give you a fair amount of protection when shooting. Of course, the low price does mean that they are not as durable as other options but they are absolutely fine for standard shooting use. You also have the benefit of not breaking the bank if they need replacing; less than $10 and you’ll have another pair. In fact, you might go as far as buying a second pair as a spare.

Radians Revelations are available in a range of colors so you won’t struggle to find a pair that you like the look of, and they do look good. There’s even an amber yellow lens for those who want to stand out, and a clear lens for a simple, subtle look. Thanks to the thin frames and being able to bend them into multiple angles, Radians Revelation shooting glasses will fit the majority of faces.

These glasses meet the US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 standard for high velocity impact, meaning your eyes will be as protected as they need to be. If you get a pair with the light smoke lens, you will be able to use them during the day, when it starts to get dark and when you are indoors.

The Radians Revelation shooting glasses provide 99.9% UV protection, something that is beneficial to anyone who spends a lot of time outside. If you are heading out on the range for a long period of time, these glasses will protect your eyes from debris and sun damage.

Features and Specs

  • Rubber nose pad with self adjusting fingers and a non-slip finish.
  • Fully-polarized lens option available.
  • Provides 99.9% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Meets US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 ballistic eyewear safety standards.
  • Additional fog control provided by a clever ventilation channel, located between the safety lens and frame.
  • Ratcheting temples helps for a comfortable fit, with 5 positions available.
  • Temple length adjustment with 4 varying positions to ensure a perfect fit.
  • A simple, straightforward design.
  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly.
  • The fit and comfort could be better.
  • No interchangeable features, the glasses come as they are.

Allen Over Shooting Glasses

Now, if you have prescription glasses and need them for shooting, you will have to find shooting glasses that will go over the top of them. Luckily, the Allen Over Shooting Glasses do just that.

They may not be the best looking of our best shooting glasses, but they certainly do the job and match a lot of prescription shooting glasses on the market. Plus, Allen Over Shooting Glasses meet US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 standards and tick the box in terms of eye protection. They are a little heavier than some of the other prescription shooting glasses, but nothing you won’t get used to after a while and they are light enough to wear for hours at a time.

These prescription shooting glasses have wrap-around frames, which gives you extra protection and coverage, and ensures your eyes are protected from all angles. It’s also important to keep your eyes protected from UV rays when you are out and the Allen Over Shooting Glasses do just that. They provide 100% UV protection, which is more than a lot of similar glasses.

We recommend wearing earplugs when using the Allen Over Shooting Glasses as the frames tend to get in the way of some other hearing protection accessories. By choosing the smoke color, shooting indoors under bright lights and outdoors is doable.

Features and Specs

  • Large size to fit over prescription glasses.
  • Mirror Smoke lenses for bright lighting conditions.
  • Wrap around frames for extra protection & coverage.
  • Ansi Z87 impact resistant.
  • Metallic coating on lenses with 100% UV protection.
  • Low cost makes them an affordable option.
  • Can be worn comfortably with over ear hearing protection, such as ear muffs.
  • Fogging is a possibility due to a lack of anti-fog sealant on the lenses.
  • Not ideal for harsh, rainy or wet weather.

Wiley X Saber

We, of course, are going to share our favourite pair of the best shooting glasses and we’re not shy about saying it’s the Wiley X Saber. They tick every box in terms of protection, coverage and appearance. The Wiley X Saber shooting glasses are stylish, practical and they appeal to everyone, from amateurs on the range to skilled pros.

This pair of shooting glasses goes beyond the US Military: MIL-RF-31013 standard for impact resistance, optical clarity and UV protection, making them outdo many others in this list of the best ones. The T-Shell™ lens coating resists scratching, so you won’t have to worry about scratching them or picking them out of your bag only to find them damaged. Unlike many of the best shooting glasses, a pair of Wiley X Saber shooting glasses offers 100% UVA/UVB protection and keeps things clear.

Overall, the Wiley X Saber glasses are comfortable. The nosepiece is comfortable and adjustable, and the frame is a standard thickness. You shouldn’t find these to be a hindrance when wearing electronic earmuffs. Despite boasting everything you would want from shooting glasses, they are lightweight without feeling cheap.

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The Wiley X Saber shooting glasses are also a possibility for those who need prescription shooting glasses as they are compatible with the PTX Prescription Insert.

Features and Specs

  • Impact-resistant shooting glasses.
  • Certified US Military: ANSI Z87.1 since 2003.
  • Comes with thick 3mm lenses.
  • Includes ultra-foam brow bars for a better, more comfortable fit.
  • Includes convertible temple strap for added comfort.
  • Available colors include gray, gray/rust/vermillion, yellow, clear, gray/rust and gray/clear.
  • Comes with a sleek matte black frame.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Adjustable tipped temples so you can customize the fit.
  • Easily fog up when used in cold and wet weather conditions.
  • Hard to change lenses.

Smith Aegis Echo II

For many on the shooting range, the Smith Aegis Echo II has everything you could want in a pair of shooting glasses.

The Smith Aegis Echo II meets all three standards, something that very few shooting glasses do, and has a nosepiece that will fit everyone – even those with very small noses. It also boasts a thin frame, so thin that it avoids running into problems with tight earmuffs. You can choose a pair of Smith Aegis Echo II shooting glasses knowing your eyes will be well-protected from ballistics and debris.

You won’t have to use the Smith Aegis Echo II shooting glasses for too long before you notice the quality; there really is no getting away from the fact that this pair has been designed with high quality in mind. However, that does mean they are a little heavier than some other options, but not enough to have a notable impact.

This pair of shooting glasses has been designed to be used with and without over-the-ear protection, so you can wear your standard earmuffs comfortably without the Smith Aegis Echo II getting in the way. If you have ever used over-the-ear protection with other shooting glasses, you will know just how annoying and inconvenient it can be.

Thanks to the two lens options, you can shoot in daylight and low light wearing the Smith Aegis Echo II. Regardless of where you are and the type of shooting you are doing, you are all set in terms of eye protection.

Features and Specs

  • Meets US Military: MIL-PRF-31013 and US Citizen: ANSI Z87.1 ballistic eyewear standards.
  • Alloy temples are thin enough to fit under ear protection, without breaking the seal or creating noise.
  • Provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Moldable temples to create a flawless fit.
  • Lenses have been finished with an anti-fog and scratch resistant coating, to prevent fogging and damage.
  • By eliminating pressure points, the design allows for extended wear.
  • All Aegis lenses are compatible with these shooting glasses.
  • Distortion is eliminated, thanks to tapered lens technology.
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant coating on all lenses.
  • Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Adjustable nosepiece for a perfect glasses fit.
  • Lens can be changed easily.
  • Missing frame at the top might not be to everyone’s liking.

Oakley Radar

Let’s face it, you really can’t go wrong with anything from Oakley. As a brand, Oakley is all about high quality and durability. There’s a reason it has quickly become the ‘go to’ outdoor company for a lot of us. So, it will come as no surprise that Oakley shooting glasses are glasses that you can rely on. Whether you are heading out on the range with friends or hunting alone, the Oakley Radar shooting glasses are up there with the best of them.

The Oakley Radar is one of our favourite pairs of shooting glasses and a lot of people will agree. Not only does this pair meet the necessary standards, it has a range of different-sized nose pieces to choose from. You won’t struggle to find the perfect fit; there is no need to settle for shooting glasses that are too tight or shooting glasses that fall off, not when the Oakley Radar offers a variety of sizes.

The Oakley Radar really impresses when you are shooting with fiber optic sights as the colors really pop and are as visible as you need them to be. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for Oakley shooting glasses over other brands.

Features and Specs

  • Unobtanium technology has been used on the ear and nose pads, creating a good grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Finished with a high quality anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision at all times.
  • The glasses use PRIZM TR22 and TR45, meaning light and dark conditions are catered for. The lenses can be fine tuned accordingly.
  • Durability is boosted via O-Matter technology, without increasing the weight.
  • Meets the US Military: MIL-PRF3243 standard for ballistic resistance.
  • Clear field of view, with minimal restrictions and clear vision.
  • Provide a great grip that withstands even the wettest conditions.
  • Extremely lightweight but still strong, thanks to O-Matter technology.
  • One of the more expensive shooting glasses options.

STNGR Alpine & Ridge

STNGR is well known for making AR-15 handguards that are affordable and high quality, but they also venture into ballistic sunglasses. Unsurprisingly, these quickly became two of our favourites. Whether you are on the range or hanging out beforehand, the STNGR Alpine and STNGR Ridge glasses are ideal.

There are two sizes of STNGR Alpine and STNGR Ridge glasses, and a range of colors, all of which boast a US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 shatterproof lens. These glasses are hard to beat in terms of durability.

The STNGR Alpine is best suited to those with a medium-size face and they offer a good fit. They provide clear vision and reduce glare significantly, without impacting on your success on the range. Using the adjustable nosepiece – which is rubber and very comfortable – you can achieve a custom fit. The STNGR Ridge offers the same but is slightly larger and has a fixed nosepiece. All you need to do is choose between the Alpine and Ridge to get a comfortably-fitting pair of glasses. You can relax knowing that, either way, you are getting a high quality, durable piece of equipment.

Both of these shooting glasses are available in smoke, which is great news as smoke is arguably the most popular color. They also come equipped with a case and retaining strap, a helpful added bonus.

Features and Specs

  • Two STNGR models available: Alpine and Ridge.
  • 4 lens colors to choose from: blue, red, green and smoke.
  • Highly-durable Memory Nylon frame.
  • Meets the US Civilian: ANSI Z87+ ballistic eyewear standard.
  • Lifetime warranty – no need to worry about damage or breaks.
  • Lenses are fully polarized, shatterproof, scratch resistant and made using polycarbonate materials.
  • 110° hinge technology provides flexibility and movement.
  • Two models to choose from and a variety of lens options.
  • Lens is virtually indestructible, even when put under pressure.
  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing, ideal for wearing when you’re off the range, too.
  • Lifetime warranty gives peace of mind.
  • From a US-based, family-owned business.
  • Does not have a standard, classic shooting glasses frame.

Radians Clay Shooting Glasses

If it’s clay shooting that you’re into, the Radians Clay Shooting Glasses are likely to be the ideal pair of shooting glasses for you. Plus, they meet US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 standards and offer a lot of eye protection..

As there is no frame on the top, your view won’t be obstructed when looking up; something that is obviously a huge benefit in the world of clay shooting and hunting. You won’t have to contend with an obstructed view. The glasses are made in a unique color, one that has been specifically-designed to make the clays stand out and is extremely noticeable.

As the nosepiece is not adjustable, some people may find the Radians Clay Shooting Glasses to be a less-than-desirable fit, but this is balanced somewhat by the thin wire frame and the space for earmuffs. For most people, the fit of the Radians Clay Shooting Glasses is consistent with the affordable price.

Overall, the Radians Clay Shooting Glasses are light, though some keen shooters may find them fragile.

Features and Specs

  • Wrap-around coverage achieved via 7 base curved lens.
  • Temples are metallic and silver, durable and stylish.
  • Soft rubber nosepiece for comfortable, long time use.
  • Provides 99.9% UVA and UVB protection against harmful rays.
  • Meets US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1 ballistic eyewear standards.
  • Clear and unobstructed view due to the lack of frame.
  • The lenses have been ANSI-certificated and are very durable.
  • The soft, rubber nosepiece ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Has limited adjustable options.
  • Some people have reported lens distortion.

Which Shooting Glasses Are Best?

As you can see, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to the best shooting glasses. The market is full of fantastic options, which is why finding the perfect pair for you may seem daunting.

If you want our view, the Wiley X Saber is the right choice if you want to keep things affordable. If you are someone who wants the best shooting glasses without spending too much money, the Wiley X Saber will likely do the job. However, if you have more cash to splash, the Smith Aegis Echo II cannot be beaten. They are durable, comfortable and adjustable.

We were impressed by the durability, fit and style of STNGR’s glasses. If you are looking for shooting glasses that offer a little bit of everything, consider the STNGR Alpine and Ridge. Though they are slightly more expensive than some other glasses, they can be viewed as an investment piece of equipment. It’s unlikely that you will need to replace them anytime soon.

We hope you found this article useful and would love to hear your comments below!

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