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The 3 Best Remington 700 Stocks for the Money

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Being one of the most popular bolt-action rifles of all time, the Remington 700 surely comes with a certain reputation. While being extremely popular among hunters, the same weapon can also be found in the arsenal of our nation’s police and military units. One of the reason this firearm remains popular, even after over 50 years of production is its customizability and available aftermarket parts. And no matter if you want to switch out the stock or the trigger, everything pretty straight forward. In this article we will review the 3 best Remington 700 stocks for the money.

When it comes to long range shots the user should feel comfortable with the rifle and caliber of his choice. While the out-of-the-box stock probably provides said comfort for most people, some might need just a little adaption to achieve the stability needed for hitting the target at the desired area. Next to a decent scope, an aftermarket stock might bring the desired change. Especially while hunting you often only have a short time frame to land that perfect shot and choosing the best stock for your Remington 700 might make the difference.

Durability, Comfort and Weight

While your grandfather would probably not even touch a rifle stock made out of synthetic material they are extremely popular today. Back in the day wood stocks were considered the best, no matter what purpose you used your rifle for. It wasn’t only the beautiful looks wood stocks come with, it also beat synthetic material in terms of sturdiness. With the technology for producing such materials getting more and more advanced today synthetic stocks often beat their wooden counterparts. As a general rule you can go with the following in terms of weight and durability:

  • Wood Stock: Strong with medium weight.
  • Laminate Stock: Equally strong but a lot heavier.
  • Synthetic: Strongest while being fairly lightweight

Considering that, it should be obvious why synthetic stocks can be found on most rifles today, especially during hunting, where conditions can be a little tougher than on a shooting range. Synthetics are a lot more resistant to moisture as well and as a somewhat added bonus are more suitable for camo paint jobs.

Lightweight is also an essential factor for hunters, since on longer hunts, where you cover miles of ground, every pound you leave at home will be worth gold.

That’s why we consider the best remington 700 stocks to be synthetic, especially if you try to keep costs low. You see where this is going, while wood is definitely nicer to look at, a modern hunter will always go for the synthetic version.

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The 3 Best Remington 700 Stocks for the Money

After pointing out the basic differences being weight and durability, we present you our top 3 of the best remington 700 stocks. We specifically chose products with great price/ performance ratios, so you get the best bank for the buck.
Magpul Hunter Remington 700 stock review

Magpul Hunter 700

If this isn’t the first gun accessory you buy Magpul shouldn’t unknown to you. Similar to the Remington family itself Magpul enjoys a certain reputation in the scene. They are said produce quality products while at the same time maintain a price range that might be a little more pricey than the other options in our ranking but all in all the Hunter 700 stock offers an amazing price performance ratio.

Magpul decided to use a reinforced polymer for this stock combined with an aluminum bedding block. The results are a surprisingly low weight and long lasting durability. The buttpad is fairly soft and absorbs the bigger part of the recoil. For further customizability Magpul gives you the chance to stack up the buttpad with half inch spacers until the stock reaches the desired length, which ranges from 13 to up to 15 inches. Also adjustable is the cheek raiser from a quarter inch up to a 3 quarter inch.

It comes with an SGA grip which is a hybrid of a pistol grip and the traditional one. Therefore it offers the advantages of a steep angled pistol grip but joins the top of the receiver as you would find it the traditional stocks. The Hunter 700 allows you to attach a rear sling by default and Magpul a separate screw in attachment for a front sling. It’s definitely the most versatile Remington stock on this list.

Sure, this replacement stock certainly comes with a price tag, but there is a reason Magpul Hunter 7 is considered to be one of the best Remington 700 stocks in the competitive scene. It is perfectly adjustable, available for both: Short- and Long Action – and to be honest, it’s also our favorite on this list. If this fits in your budget, go for it, we promise you won’t regret it. As a bonus, if you never installed an aftermarket stock before, this one is the perfect one to start with, it’s surprisingly easy.

  • Extremely adjustable in almost every way
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Super easy to install
  • A little pricey

Hogue Overmolded Stock

Hogue Rubber Over Molded Remington 700 Stock review
As discussed earlier the three main features of a Remington 700 replacement stock should be lightweight, durability and comfort. The Hogue Overmolded is mainly made from synthetic materials in a special process. It basically starts with fiberglass skeleton as base which get perfectly adapted to the rifle action. The next step is rubber coating which binds with fibreglass to remarkably sturdy but lightweight construction. This process of “over-molding” is fairly unique and responsible for the name of this replacement stock. The sticky non-slip rubber surface provides comfort and is perfectly suitable for some heavy duty hunting. There is no way you would see scratches on the cobblestone pattern and if you somehow manage to break this thing, you definitely earned it. If you happen to hunting in colder areas you will also love the fact that the rubber doesn’t get as cold as other stock materials tend to do. The recoil pad is made from rubber as well but is slightly softer than the rest of the stock.

In terms of installing your new Remington 700 replacement stock it’s even easier than the Magpull. It’s what you would call drop-in, meaning that you literally unscrew the original drop the rifle in the Hogue one and put the screws back in, that’s it!

Worth mentioning: Occasionally the barrel channel appears to be no perfectly straight the moment you unbox that stock. Don’t worry, due to its material it will straighten out soon after installing it on your Remington 700.

  • Lightweight but durable structure
  • Cobblestone pattern made for rugged use
  • Easy installment
  • Not adjustable

Remington 700 Original stock review

Remington Original

Remington 700 replacement stocks became pretty popular so it’s only natural that Remington decided that they want a slice of that cake. They chose a synthetic material for this one to offer an “inhouse” option for hunters or anyone that needs something to replace the classic wooden stock. Similar constructed to the version made by Hogue it is fiberglass-reinforced and completely black. The surface allows paint jobs so for hunters that are disappointed we don’t have a camo version on this list, we recommend just go for a self-made one. Cheap, easy and since you can adapt the colors to the environments you hunt in, it’s often even more effective.

Unlike the Magpul one this is something more basic, feature wise you only get swivel studs and a rubber recoil pad. Considering that this one is a 100 bucks cheaper it’s still a pretty good price/performance and in our opinion deserves to be on the list of the best Remington 700 stocks.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Surface allows paint jobs, such as camo for hunters
  • Again, not adjustable

Our Favorite Aftermarket Stock

Choosing the best stock for your Remington 700 out of those three options comes down to how much money you want to spend. The Magpul Hunter 700 stock is definitely worth the money and if it fits in your budget you will get yourself an aftermarket stock that beats those other two by far, at least on the shooting range. When it comes to hunting, where you need something a little more sturdy, that takes up some beating it’s totally reasonable to go for one of the cheaper options. We would choose the Hogue Overmolded simply because it’s concept of a skeleton with a separate coating convinced us. Either way you can’t really go wrong with any of those three and for real use, all of them beat wooden stocks!

Quick Introduction On An DIY Camo Paint Job

No we didn’t pick a Remington 700 camo stock for this list, there simply wasn’t one that convinced us. Besides that, even a first grader could do a decent camo paint job for your stock with the right instructions. It’s cheap and easy and you need nothing but spray paint in colors fitting the environment you hunt in and some grass, plants or whatever your local flora offers. To break it down:

  1. Start with a base layer in a dominant color
  2. Hold chosen plants onto your stock and spray and cover them with a different colored layer.
  3. Repeat step two with different colors on different areas of your gun until you are happy with the results.

Trust us on this one, it will take half an hours of your time and works on all the basic stocks. We wouldn’t try it on the Magpul but the other should work perfectly. Give it a try and send us a picture once you are done, we would love to see the results!

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