Marlin 336 accessories

The 4 Best Marlin 336 Accessories

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The Marlin 336 rifle is a beautifully and simply designed firearm that has been made specifically for some of the best hunting you’ll ever experience. If you’re checking out this review for the best Marlin 336 accessories, it’s likely because you already own this stunning weapon. However, if you recently obtained your new Marlin, then this is a great article to check out for some of our favorite accessories you can purchase.
We covered everything, from your sensible purchases, to improve your hunting skills, to options that would even make some of the best Marlin 336 tactical accessories. There are eight models of this rifle to choose from, but they all maintain the same main features that make the weapon special: an ergonomic lever, a large front sight, and a gorgeous wood finish.

Weaver Quad Lock 1-Inch Detachable Rings

Weaver Quad Lock 1-Inch Detachable Rings
Materials – These 1-inch scope rings, made by Weaver, are constructed of lightweight aluminum. They’re available in three finishes: matte black, glossy black, and silver. The quad lock detachable mounting system is easy to install and have a single screw on each ring. There is a total of eight points of retention over both rings (four on each). These scope rings are designed as two straps, instead of smooth, single pieces. This provides a better surface area distribution of pressure over your rifle scope. This feature also provides a higher gripping power than your standard scope ring. They are low profile and rugged enough to handle any hunting scenario.

Performance – The unique design of Weaver’s scope mount rings is an excellent choice for hunting rifles, especially your Marlin 336. The aluminum construction is light weight (perfect for a rifle without too much recoil), and the metal is durable enough to keep a good grip on your scopes. A basic, lightweight 1-inch tube scope will do very well with these. Plus, it’s an added bonus that the buyer can choose between multiple finishes. Since there isn’t as much retention as you may find with other mounts, we wish there was an adhesive or something within the rings to increase the grip on your scope. However, some fine tuning and adjusting should remedy this.

What we say – These Weaver scope rings are one of the best Marlin 336 accessories you can buy. They’re the perfect design and weight for hunting rifles, and they keep a low profile.

  • Inexpensive accessory
  • Strap design distributes pressure better
  • Lightweight but durable
  • More internal grip would be nice

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Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod
Materials – The Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod is made with an aluminum construction to be lightweight but resistant to weather and cold temperatures. This product is available in four different heights: six to nine inches, nine to thirteen inches, thirteen to twenty inches, and thirteen and a half to twenty seven inches. It’s also available in either all black or a camouflage pattern. The legs are spring activated, and the tension of the springs can be adjustable. Attachment to your Marlin 336’s swivel stud is easy and fast. You can pivot on this bipod to compensate for up to twenty degrees of uneven terrain. The pivoting tension can be adjusted as well. The legs are capped in rubber feet, which have a rounded bottom for more uneven ground compensation.

Performance – What we love most about this option is the ability to choose your height range without searching all over the internet for the correct one. The Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod is easily one of the best bipods for hunting, and it will accommodate your Marlin 336 perfectly. An ability to adjust the tension springs, as well as the pivot tension, makes this a versatile and desirable product to enhance your time spent out in the woods. The bipod is all about compensating for pebbles, twigs or bumps in the ground, so you won’t have to think about it too much. We’d suggest making sure the exterior springs are always clean of grime or any moisture. Those delicate parts will eventually rust or get damages. A little TLC is all this accessory needs every now and then.

What we say – This bipod from Caldwell is not only one of the best bipods on the market for the money, but it’s one of the best accessories you can buy for your Marlin 336. Make your hunting trips all the easier with this purchase.

  • Multiple heights to choose from
  • Swivels and pivots
  • Adjustable tension
  • Exterior springs need to be protected

Williams Gun Sight Firesights

Williams Gun Sight Firesights
Materials – This rifle gun sight by the Williams brand is designed specifically for your Marlin 336, so you know the fit and installation will be perfect. No drilling or tapping is required for this one. The front sight features a bright red fiber optic, which is easy to replace after wear and tear. The rear peep sight is fully adjustable for focus while aiming. The rear features a U-notched, three dot pattern. The dots are made of bright green fiber optics, which contrast against the front red optic. This enhances the shooter’s target acquisition during any type of outdoor lighting situation.

Performance – Not only can you enhance your hunting, but the Williams Gun Sight Firesights is one of the best Marlin 336 upgrades you can buy in general. The traditional iron sights on your Marlin 336 are certainly a classic and don’t take anything away from the rifle, but upgrading to a peep sight with a fiber optic not only increases your accuracy but also the amount of time you can spend out hunting. You’ll shave crucial seconds off acquiring your target for those fast kills. Plus, it’s more economical to be more accurate with your shots when it comes to hunting as well. While you should not have to modify your Marlin 336 to install these sights, we may suggest still seeking out professional assistance in the installation process anyways. It will be well worth it, however.

What we say – This is the best option for anyone who wants to increase their accuracy while hunting or wants to be able to hunt in more low light situations.

  • Fiber optic is visible during low light
  • No modifications needed to install
  • Multiple contrasting dots increase accuracy
  • May need professional assistance with installing

Nikon Buck Master II Scope

Nikon Buck Master II Scope
Materials – A rifle priding itself in deer hunting requires an equally proud scope that is trusted for targeting your kills. Nikon’s Buck Master II riflescope for your Marlin 336 is constructed with the Nikon fully multicoated objective lens, known for providing one of the clearest and brightest pictures needed for hunting. This option has a magnification power of 4x-12x. The popular BDC reticle can be adjusted for windage and elevation. The click values are a one quarter inch at one hundred yards. This scope has been treated to be entirely water proof, fog proof, and shock proof. The shooter will have an eye relief of just over three and a half inches.

Performance – Of course, we had to include a scope for this review, and Nikon manufactures some beautiful scopes that deliver the brightest and clearest pictures you’ll find on the market! The design is sleek and discreet, and it’s been made with deer and buck hunting in mind. The magnification range is exactly what a hunter needs without going overboard or becoming unnecessary. The scope weighs just over a pound. While this isn’t heavy on its own, this is a little heavier than many other 1-inch tube scopes. Just make sure to get a pair of rugged scope rings to go with it.

What we say – This Nikon optic is one of the best Marlin 336 accessories for anyone looking for a high quality scope for deer hunting in mind specifically.

  • Provides one of the clearest pictures on the market
  • 4x-12x range
  • Designed specifically for hunting
  • A little heavier than other similar scopes

Our Favorite Marlin 336 Accessory

Our favorite Marlin 336 accessory ended up being the set of Firesights by Williams. The other options within this review (the scope rings, bipod, and scope), while all very crucial to enhancing your hunting performance, don’t increase your abilities quite like a peep sight does. After installing this set, your target acquisition will certainly become much faster, and this can be useful for both hunting, tactical purposes, and your home defense, if ever needed. With a fiber optic that’s visible at night, you don’t have to wrap your day up in the woods as soon as the sun begins to set. If you already own a reliable scope for your Marlin 336, this is also an inexpensive way to increase your overall performance. There are very few upgrades for any firearm on the market that don’t require you to do permanent modifications to the weapon, so not having to do any tapping or drilling to upgrade your rifle is a huge benefit as well. We hope everyone looks into purchasing the William Firesights for their Marlin.

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