The 4 Best Soft Pistol Cases

The 4 Best Soft Pistol Cases

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Wait! Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a heavy duty, hard pistol case, you should consider purchasing a soft pistol case! There are many benefits that come with a soft case. Whether you’re transporting a single weapon, or multiple handguns with magazines, you can find a great option in this review of the best soft pistol cases on the market. As always, we’ll tell you which was our favorite case at the end of the review.
There are a couple reasons why many gunowners choose a soft pistol case over a hard one. The first reason is that they are significantly easier to stow away. You can slide a pistol rug into a backpack, or you can carry a lightweight case that holds multiple pistols without straining your shoulder. The other reason is that soft cases are way, way cheaper than hard ones. Unless you’re checking your pistol case onto an airline flight, you should feel safe looking into a trusty soft pistol case!

Bulldog Cases Pistol Rug with Handles

Bulldog Cases Pistol Rug with Handles
Materials – The Bulldog pistol rug is made entirely of ballistic nylon. The heavy duty material is water resistant on the outside to deflect moisture from weather or for easy cleaning. Two nylon strap handles are attached on both sides of the rug. A full length zipper runs across the entire exterior edge, so you can fully open the case. Inside the pistol rug is soft padding for your pistol that is 1.75 inches thick. Choose between size small, medium, or large for any size pistol or handgun you own. Depending on which size you select, this option is available in black, muddy girl camo, and pink.

Performance – As far as pistols rugs go, we definitely prefer this one over the second option within this review. Why did we include the second choice then? Our answer is the carrying handles. Pistol rugs are perfect for just that one pistol, especially if you’re toting a subcompact or compact. While carrying handles are convenient, they can get in the way if you can just easily grab the pistol rug in your hand or tuck it away in its storage area. However, we prefer the handles, and the exterior nylon on this selection is one of the more durable. Nearly two inches of padding is also a really nice touch. That’s a little thicker than the padding you’ll see in a lot of other soft carrying cases. Other than that, Bulldog’s choice here is pretty standard. It’s also the cheapest within the review!

What we say – This is the best pistol rug for those who want to use the carrying handles, even with a single pistol. You could also hang the case on a nail or hook when not in use, leaving more storage space in drawers for other things.

  • Cheapest option
  • Water resistant nylon
  • Multiple color options
  • Carrying handles may be unnecessary

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Uncle Mike’s Medium Pistol Rug

Uncle Mike’s Medium Pistol Rug
Materials – This pistol rug from Uncle Mike’s is also made of a heavy duty nylon exterior that repels water. It does not include carrying straps, but it does include a very small nylon loop for hooking onto other gear, if possible. A zipper runs the full length of the exterior edge. Inside the pistol rug is a softly lined interior over a thick padding to keep your pistol protected. This option here is in a size medium. It accommodates revolvers with barrel lengths up to four inches and large autos with barrel lengths up to five inches. Uncle Mike’s sells size small and size large pistol rugs as well on different selling pages. All options are available in black only.

Performance – Like we said, we included this second pistol rug since it lacks the carrying handles, which can be unnecessary for some. Even without the handles, this choice isn’t “worse” than Bulldog’s case by any capacity. It’s just a different option. We love how dark matte black the exterior is, making it very discreet and easy to conceal in your car or in a backpack – wherever you’re storing it, essentially. The outside nylon is perfectly water resistant (at least as resistant as any nylon case can be), and the inside is padded perfectly. The seller page suggests also storing compact weapons within this size case, but we would suggest purchasing the small sized offering from Uncle Mike’s for your compacts or subcompacts.

What we say – This is the best pistol rug on the market for those who don’t want the carrying handles and want the most low profile option available.

  • No handles getting in the way
  • Dark black exterior is to conceal
  • Water repelling nylon
  • No way to hang or secure for storage

Drago Gear Double Pistol Case

Drago Gear Double Pistol Case
Materials – The double soft pistol case from Drago Gear is just under thirteen inches long, just under ten inches tall, and just under five inches in depth. It’s made entirely in a nylon material to protect your gear from the weather elements and moisture. A nylon carrying handle is convenient and makes the case easy to transport. You can purchase this option in either all black or olive drab green. There is a main compartment that is padded and secure shut with heavy duty, non-rust zippers. A second compartment is available to hold multiple magazines or other gear you may need. This compartment also secures shut with the same heavy duty zippers.

Performance – If you need to transport more than one pistol, handgun, or revolver, you’ll need a double pistol case or larger! Drago Gear is a great and reliable brand that offers very affordable products. There’s just enough space for two weapons and some additional magazines. However, that’s it. Don’t try to cram more in there or fear damaging something. The interior in the main compartment is only divided by two pockets. They’re padded, but it’s not plush or thick by any means. Plus, you don’t want an overstuffed and bulky bag banging up against anything while you carry it. As long as you fill the bag appropriately, you shouldn’t foresee any problems with this case!

What we say – This is the best soft pistol case for those who only have their two pistols and perhaps a few magazines to tote along. With black and green color options, you’ll keep your weapons fairly discrete!

  • Holds multiple pistols and magazines
  • Carrying handles
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Main compartment only divided by pocket linings

VISM by NcStar Discreet Pistol Case

VISM by NcStar Discreet Pistol Case
Materials – This unassuming pistol case is the final option, also made from nylon. Inside the case are two padded compartments with soft lining which can each accommodate up to a full sized handgun. Also included are six elastic loops, which can transport six double stack magazines or twelve single stack magazines. All compartments are secured with heavy duty, non-rust zippers. Two nylon wrap-around carry handles make NcStar’s soft pistol case easy to lift and move. They close together with a Velcro wrap. You can purchase this case in black, black with pink trim, blue, camo, green, or tan.

Performance – Did you expect anything less from us? Of course, we included a NcStar VISM product in our line up! We can’t deny the near-cult following of the brand, and they seem to knock most other brands out of the park every time. What we like most about this option is that it’s easily one of the most discreet-looking cases on the market, so it does its name justice. At the same time, it’s nice to have so many color selections to choose from, although not the most important factor. We also appreciate that NcStar included a Velcro strap to secure the nylon straps together. It’s just makes carrying the case a little more convenient.

What we say – This is the best soft pistol case for those with multiple weapons and want the best of the best. You can carry up to twelve magazines, and nobody would be any the wiser!

  • Low profile appearance
  • Holds up to twelve magazines
  • Available in many color options
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Soft Pistol Case

After a little deliberation, we chose the Drago Gear Double Pistol Case as our favorite soft pistol case in this review. The simple reason is because it’s a happy medium between everything we shared here. In all honesty, all of the selections we picked were great options for any gun owner, depending on their needs. The Drago Gear soft pistol case can conveniently carry more than one handgun, but it doesn’t go overboard as some might feel the NcStar bag does. The exterior of the case is still pretty low profile and unassuming, if that’s any concern of yours. It may not have the thickest padding on the inside, but we can tell you your pistols and magazines will be very well protected. Load up your Drago Gear bag and bring it to the range, on hunting trips, camping excursions, or wherever your heart takes you!

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