The 3 Best Gun Vises

The 3 Best Gun Vises

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The best gun vise for your rifle is an indispensable item, when it comes to cleaning your gun or generally working on it. No matter if you do your regular gun cleaning or want to adjust a scope a vise certainly makes this process a LOT easier. Sure you could do it without, but if you are planning on working on the weapon of your choice on a regular basis, a good gun vise is definitely worth it’s money. We at Sniper Country created this quick buying guide combined with our choice of the 3 top rated gun vises and their reviews. We hope to save you some time that you might as well spend on the shooting range.

Essential part of every gun cleaning kit, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you are looking for the best gun vise. Sure you could just go with the first recognizable brand, but does a Tipton gun vise really live up to its hype? Well, let’s find out by creating a quick rundown on what really matters.

  • Flexibility – Admittedly that’s not really an important factor if you happen to only own one gun, but let’s be honest here, do these people actually exist? In our opinion a gun vise will be purchased by someone that wants to take their gun game to the next level and those people generally own several firearms. Since there is no way you will buy a separate vise for every rifle you own, it’s key factor that your vise offers a wide range of use for quite a few different types of guns. We made sure to chose options that provide this. Two gun vises reviewed below offer an adjustment to handguns and one even transforms into a shooting rest.
  • Usability – One thing should be clear: You are not looking for a mount to display your gun over your fireplace. A gun cleaning vise is a tool and therefore should provide features such as certain range of movement. Cleaning a gun can be tricky and the best gun vise should improve that process not harden it. Therefore it’s essential that you can adjust angles, elevation and maybe even rotation, while your vise still holds your firearm in place with a firm grip. This gives you the chance to reach all those tricky spots while cleaning or adjusting the perfect position for scope and barrel. It’s also handy if getting strapping guns in and taking them out again doesn’t take too long, you want to spend time working on the gun and not on the vise, if that makes sense.
  • A Firm Stand – Not only should the best gun vise provide a firm and tight grip, without damaging the gun. It should come with a certain balance. What do we mean by that? Well, even a perfectly safe grip is useless if the vise itself doesn’t come with a safe stand. Nothing should shake while you clean chamber, barrel, or whatever you plan on doing while the gun is strapped it. To achieve that a good vise should work with combination of a weighted ground and a spread out bottom half or the possibility to attach said vise to the table you are working on.
  • Price – A good gun cleaning vise doesn’t have to break the bank, certainly not! During our research we came across countless options and realized, there are definitely option below $100 that fulfil all your needs. Looking for a good product also meant looking for the best gun vise for the money, since it isn’t exactly hard to find good choices if you have unlimited budget to spend. Since that’s the case we made sure mostly include gun vises below that magical line of 100 bucks. In our opinion, that’s the sweet spot for a great price/performance ratio.

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The 3 Best Gun Vises And Their Reviews

After pointing out what we took into consideration while choosing the 3 best gun vises for the money, we are proud to present our choices coupled with quick reviews. Keep in mind, we only provide recommendations and not every gun vise works for every firearm. Choose accordingly to your arsenal, but going with one of those 3 listed below is definitely a good idea.

Lyman Revolution Gun Vise

Lyman Revolution Gun Vise review
Definitely the most flexible gun vise on this list the Lyman Revolution offers a wide range of features. Besides all the basic stuff like like tilting and changing angles it comes with that one special feature that might seal the deal for you: rotation. Certainly its main selling point, being able to rotate your gun while working on it is game changer, seriously. No more kneeling, no more dislocating your head while trying to check if all sections are clean, a quick and simple rotation will reveal everything that was once hidden and makes cleaning a breeze. In addition to that sliding tray can be found right underneath your gun(if strapped in), great to store smaller parts, like screws or tools that you need ready to hand.

Most of this vise is made from hard plastic which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, really. Although we usually prefer heavier vises, some a littler lighter might be perfect for you depending on your situation. However, even though it’s fairly light one this fact shouldn’t really bother you if you just plan on using this vise for cleaning. Although it definitely deserves a place on this list, it’s not the sturdiest of the four options we reviewed here. Go ahead if you plan on using it for cleaning or some lighter “gunsmithing” activities, where the rotation certainly is a big plus.

  • Rotation
  • Sliding tray for smaller parts
  • Lightweight
  • Less sturdy than other vises

Tipton Best Gun Vise

Best Gun Vise review
Yeah that’s actually it’s name. Tipton’s marketing chose not to be humble on this very product and just plan out named it what they believe it is: The best gun vise.

One of the most purchased gun vises on Amazon, there must be more to it than just those Tipton guys bragging, right? And yes, it’s actually a pretty decent choice. A big part of why that specific vise so popular is it’s flexibility. It works for a huge range of firearms. The three points of padded support are fully adjustable, provide a wide range of possible positions. Theoretically it should fit any stock configuration making it the number one all around vise on this list. From working with an AR15 up to commonly used revolvers and pistols, this vise holds them all.<
Tipton Best Gun Vise reviewAdjusting angle and height is obviously no problem either, so a barrel down position for cleaning and oiling is something easily achieved. All that being said, our favourite feature on the Best Gun Vise is its sturdiness. Once your gun is locked in it’s locked in. Wow, you might say, it actually does what it’s supposed to do. Why did we bother mention this? Well, after the Lyman Revolution this vise is the exact opposite. Not necessarily through its weight, but its design limits any wiggling to a bare minimum. A great choice in our opinion and an awesome addition to every workshop.

  • Very versatile, fits almost every firearm
  • Very sturdy, great for “heavier” work on your gun
  • For that price? Nothing we could come up with.

CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise review
The most expensive gun vise on this list. The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise comes with a steel construction which definitely beats plastic. Keep in mind we are working on guns, so I will never trade lightweight for sturdiness. You want to rely on your vise holding your gun exactly how you need it and the P3 Ultimate certainly succeeds here.

The bonus of having a full steel vise is that in most cases it can easily be transformed into a shooting rest. While you would never think about doing this with a plastic vise, the P3 Ultimate actually is such a 2 in 1 package. Attach the optional rest and you got yourself handy friend on the shooting range. Get yourself a few additional bags of sand and you won’t feel a difference to a traditional rest. If you had any doubt about this vise being sturdy enough for your workshop, it should be gone by now. No matter if you are going to use it for pistols or rifles, this vise is a decent investment.

  • Really sturdy!
  • Can be used as a shooting rest
  • Pricey

Which Gun Vise Is The Best?

Considering all the requirements reviewed above, we choose the Tipton Best Gun Vise as our favorite. Its sturdy construction, easy handling and its flexibility sealed the deal for us. Sure, having a rotating vise is nice to have, but we would never trade that in for well made sturdy build, like the one seen in the Tipton. You will easily get years of hard work out of it and with half the price of the P3 Ultimate there is no doubt that Tipton actually offers the best gun vise here.

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