The 4 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings

The 4 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings

Depending on the situation you’re in, a sling is a great addition to almost any shotgun, but what is the best tactical shotgun sling for you?

Tactical shotguns can start to weigh the shooter down after some time, and it’s a good idea to keep one at your side at all times during a situation when you may need to fire. As far as self-defense goes, you’ll want your tactical shotgun attached to your body, so nobody can grab it or take it away from you. Getting yourself a sling is a wise idea for anyone who owns this kind of firearm or is looking to purchase one. With all the different types of accessories like flashlights, scabbards and red dot sights that can now be purchased for your shotgun, a sling is one of the most basic and useful accessories available.

There are three main types of slings that can be purchased for a tactical shotgun:

  • One-point sling
  • Two-point sling
  • Three-point sling

Easy enough, right? The three types of slings are fairly explanatory.

A one-point sling attaches at a single point on your gun, at a spot behind the trigger, and it loops behind the shooter’s neck and under one shoulder. This type of sling is commonly used in the U.S. army and marines because it’s easy to manipulate without interfering with the gun itself. Single point shotgun slings can quickly be removed or put on, and there isn’t really any room for the sling to hang and get in the way of grabbing the gun. The downside to a one-point sling, however, is that the singly point of attachment allows the gun to swing or slide when it’s at a resting position next to the shooter. For obvious reasons, this seems a little dangerous or unreliable. Using a one-point sling on your tactical shotgun, especially for self-defense, is one of the more convenient choices.

A two-point sling attaches to your gun at, you guessed it, two points: usually at the barrel cap and under the stock. This sling type also allows the shooter to wear their gun either across their back or their torso. Two-point slings are becoming more popular as the sling of choice, according to most gun owners, and this is for a few reasons. For one, having a sling that attaches at two points eliminates the ability for the gun to swing or move around while it’s in a slung position. This also means that the sling won’t get in the way when you want to quickly fire or reload your shotgun. Lastly, a 2 point shotgun sling is more versatile for the shooter, in that it can be adjusted for size. Adjusting a two-point sling is incredibly important because this will determine how close the gun will hang next to your body and how easy it will be to maneuver the gun. A two-point sling is a happy-middle ground for tactical shotgun owners, and is considered the best tactical shotgun sling.

A three-point sling is slightly different, and it should probably only be purchased if you have a specific use for a three-point sling. A three-point sling still attaches in two places on the shotgun, but the third point is what loops around your body. In most cases, the sling will still loop around your back and torso, so the gun is in Rear Sweep or Port Arms position. This sling also allows the shooter to carry their gun in the Climber’s Carry position: the gun is slung straight down the back, allowing the shooter to freely move as they need to while the gun is in a stationary position. A three-point sling offers greater retention for the shooter, since the sling runs along the side of the gun from one attachment point to the other; but, it’s not considered the best tactical shotgun sling. While this type of sling offers many great features, it might be too complicated or require too many adjustments for it to be a practical choice for a tactical shotgun.

Here is our review of the four best tactical shotgun slings on the market. We’ll let you know at the end which we think is best option for the average gunowner.

Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling

Blackhawk Shotgun Sling
Materials – The Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling is comprised of versatile nylon webbing, which is fully adjustable by a plastic slide component. The entire sling is backed by a non slipping surface, so it will stay in place throughout the day of wear. There are fifteen elastic slots for additional rounds of ammo. This is a two point sling, which attaches to your shotgun with a pair of steel spring clips. As long as you have standard sling swivels on your shotgun, you shouldn’t have to make any modifications for installation. Black is the only color the Blackhawk shotgun sling comes in.

Performance – The Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling is a pretty basic but convenient style of sling that should make a lot of people happy. This is mainly due to the elastic slots for additional ammo. Why wouldn’t you want to bring along a handful of extra rounds? This can be particularly advantageous for hunters, but it definitely doesn’t hurt during tactical offenses as well. The only complaint on this option is that the steel clips aren’t the best or most secure. As long as you aren’t swinging your shotgun around (not that this should have to be mentioned), the clips shouldn’t break on you. While the style isn’t necessarily for everybody, Blackhawk has always provided us with some great and reliable accessories.

What we say – The Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling costs just under $18 online, making it the cheapest option within this review. This is the best shotgun sling for those on a budget or those who would like to keep their ammo and firearm all in one place.

  • Lowest cost
  • Additional elastic slots for ammo
  • Not the best clip attachments

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

Condor Speedy Two-Point Slings
Materials – The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling is an all nylon strap, and it is available in black, olive drab, or tan. Instead of using steel clips, this sling has two loops to harness your shotgun, and the user adjusts the fit by using two pull tabs. The length of the shotgun sling can also be adjusted by a similar pull tab with a plastic slide tool. There are two plastic buckle clips, which can be used for a quick detach in strenuous situations or simply for easy storage. The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling will enhance your speed and convenience when slinging your shotgun over your shoulder for tactical or defensive purposes.

Performance – The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling is a little different from the rest of the options within this review, due to the style of attachment. Instead of relying on flimsy clips, which can easily open or snap, your shotgun will be held in place by the nylon webbing itself. This has its upsides and downsides. For one, we find this to be more reliable than clips, simply because clips can be exposed and can be damaged while you wear your shotgun. On the other side, a nylon loop can potentially slip or slide on your shotgun. This will also depend a bit on how well you tighten the sling on your weapon. This is the best sling for hunters or for anyone who intends to keep their sling on their weapon most or all of the time.

What we say – The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling costs about $24 online. This is still a really decent price, plus you have a few color options you can select from. This isn’t a really important feature, but it’s nice to have choices, right?

  • Attaches with nylon loops
  • Quick detach buckles
  • Adjusts with multiple pull tabs
  • Nylon may slip or slide against shotgun

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling
Materials – The Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling is a unique option made of 550 paracord (the same type of nylon material used in parachute cords). It is fully adjustable from 33 inches to 44 inches in length by using the plastic sliding tool. The special webbing in the paracord material makes this sling slightly elastic while incredibly durable and indestructible. The two points attach with a simple screw and lock mechanism, which is also great for quick detachment. The Ace Two Tactical Gun sling comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, army green, green camo, pink, tan camo, white camo, orange, and blue.

Performance – The Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling is really unique and highly durable. The paracord strap isn’t usually seen for this type of purpose, and it can serve for multiple uses. The seller suggests using it in emergency situations as a rope, tourniquet, or even a fishing line. Since it doesn’t have many other components on it, such as a bunch of pull tabs or ammo slots, it really is very versatile in the other things it could be used for. Let your imagination soar! The special webbing will even make it more comfortable to wear over the shoulder, as opposed to just a plain nylon strap. The one thing we’re not fans of is the locking mechanism on the swivel clips. While they’re still considered “quick detach”, they’re certainly not as easy to use like basic clips would be. We’re talking a few additional seconds here, but sometimes a few seconds make all the difference.

What we say – The Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling costs about $25. This is a great price for an innovative material that can ultimately serve more purposes than just a shotgun sling. You can expect to get a long life out of this option.

  • Made of 550 paracord
  • Can be used for emergency situations
  • Comes in many colors
  • Clips make installation and detaching longer

Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling

Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling
Materials – The Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling is made entirely of nylon, which comes in black. The sling is adjustable from 30 inches to 56 inches by the same style of plastic slide featured on all the other options. The unique attachment hooks are HK style, and they open wide to fit all sling swivels on shotguns and rifles. This option also provides two elastic clip covers, so they can’t be accidentally opened during use. Also unique to this sling is the shoulder pad, which is thick enough to reduce strain and has a special gripping material to keep your sling in place.

Performance – The Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling is, by far, the best shotgun sling for those who get a lot of strain on their shoulder. The extra shoulder padding is absolutely the best part about this sling. That’s not to say there’s anything really wrong with the rest of the sling, but the other features are fairly basic. The HK style clips are a thoughtful feature, but we expect all quick detach clips to fit all sling swivels on your shotguns and rifles. The other thoughtful feature is the elastic covers for the clips, which can definitely put this option a step above the first two slings in this review. Comfort and security are the top priorities on the Tactical Hero sling.

What we say – The Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling costs about $30 online, making it the most expensive option within this review. You may be able to catch it on sale, however.

  • Shoulder pad
  • Attachment clips covers
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Tactical Shotgun Sling

Our top pick for the best tactical shotgun sling goes to the Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling. The paracord strap makes this choice the most ideal for tactical purposes, thanks to its versatile uses and functions. While color isn’t a very important factor, it’s also nice that you can purchase this sling in basically any color you could think of. Although we mentioned the attachment clips take a little more time to secure in place, they are far more durable than the average clips you’ll find on the market. By having a little more elasticity from the paracord and the security of rugged swivel clips, the Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling definitely makes for the best tactical shotgun sling.

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