The 4 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings

Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings [2021 Update]

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Shotguns are sleek yet powerful baddies and it’s no wonder why most gun hobbyists have one. But did you know that the US Armed forces use shotgun slings to avoid gun stealing in combat? This prevents soldiers from getting shot by enemies using their stolen weapons!

Of the 150 firearms that I own, over 17 of them are shotguns. New and experienced gun owners know that shotguns have accessories — and a sling is one of them. So, you haven’t decided what to get yet? Worry not as I show you a list of this review’s top tactical shotgun slings:

  • Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling: Designed for basic and tactical shotguns.
  • Allen Company Hypa-Lite Punisher Sling: Has swivels which could hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling: Includes fifteen elastic slots of ammo with a sale price of $15.45.
  • Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Padded Sling: Fit for any weapon system.
  • Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling: Can carry heavy shotguns like the Mossberg 500.
  • Tactical 2 Hero Rifle Sling: Has HK style clips made to fit all sling swivels on rifles and shotguns.

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Why You should Get a Sling for Your Shotgun

Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings An American soldier holding his gun with a shotgun sling wrapped around his waist
Image by Pawel Janak from Unsplash

Many people often see gun slings as fancy accessories attached to shotguns. But you and I know that they are more than display trinkets. The following illustrates why gun slings are perfect pairs for our heavy-shelled beasts:

  • Smooth weapon transitions. Shifting between firearms is a norm for an average gun owner. With a sling attached to your shotgun, you can switch weapons with ease in quick battles or hunts. For instance, my S&W 442 ran out of ammo while I was out hunting one day. Additionally, I still got my deer bounty thanks to the Remington 870 draped across my chest. In short, a shotgun sling allows weapon switches that are smoother than any pick-up line.
  • Quick reaction-time to home dangers. Trained military soldiers always have their firearms ready for unexpected situations. Of course, this is no exception to ordinary gun owners. In addition, you can use your shoulder slung shotgun to take down home burglars in swift motions. There’s no harm with being cautious, right?
  • Shoulder strain prevention. Shotguns are huge bad boys that could weigh between six to nine pounds. Thus, there are several setbacks with holding a shotgun for prolonged periods. This includes slow body movements and shoulder strains. Moreover, slings make it easier to carry shotguns and prevent hurting your shoulder.

The Different Gun Sling Types

There are three kinds of tactical shotgun slings. These are:

One-Point Sling

Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings A photo of an American officer posing with his M4 Commando strapped on a Vector one-point sling
Image by Christian Sheperd from Flickr

A sling that attaches at a single point in your gun’s trigger, hence the name. It loops behind the shooter’s neck and under one shoulder, carrying your gun by your side. Additionally, the US Army and Marine forces use the one-point as their guns’ main sling. This is because you can remove or attach your rifle/shotgun on it with ease. Furthermore, one-point slings pair best with pump-action shotguns.

Two-Point Sling

Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings A VTAC 2 Point Sling attached to the LAR15 photographed up close on the left side
Image by D West from Flickr

As the name suggests, this sling attaches to your gun at two points. You can also latch this sling under your gun’s stock and at the barrel cap. Additionally, this setup allows you to wear your gun either on your back or torso. Also, a two-point sling allows you to adjust its length using its sliders and tensioners. Most shooters dubbed this as the best tactical shotgun sling, myself included. I use my Hypa-Lite Punisher sling on my Blaser F3 and I’m loving it!

Three-Point Sling

Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings The M4A1 attached with a three-point sling photographed on the left side
Image by Robert Jauss on Flickr

Like the two-point sling, a three-point sling attaches its two points to the shotgun. The third point loops around a shooters’ body, securing the gun to the user. Despite this advantage, most shooters don’t use this sling for several reasons. First, it limits body movement which makes it not suitable for transition shooting. Second, you need to adjust it a lot to find comfort. In battle simulations where agility is vital, the three-point sling is a no-go.

Due to popular demand, we will put our focus on two-point shotgun slings in this article.

How Do You Pick A Good Sling? 

We all can agree that a sling is an essential accessory for our shotguns. But the question remains: How do you know if you bought a good sling or not? Before you hit your local gun store, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Material. Manufacturers use either leather or nylon as their gun slings’ main material. Let’s do a quick briefer for each. First, leather slings are fashionable add-ons but need cleaning every six months. Next, nylon slings are cheap alternatives that provide more durability to users. Whichever you choose depends on your preferences (and budget).
  • Adjustability. Another thing that we need to check when buying a sling is its adjustability. With this, I recommend getting an adjustable sling. Additionally, this lets you lengthen or shorten your sling’s carry straps depending on the situation. Pretty versatile, isn’t it?
  • Purpose of use. Of course, a good sling should provide beneficial uses to its wearer. Every shotgun sling’s design serves specific purposes in various situations. Either you do regular patrols or practice your shooting, pick a sling that suits your needs. I use two-point slings for hunting so I can move without holding my shotgun all the time.

Other Shotgun Accessories

A sling is an essential add-on but is it enough to gear our shotguns? I have listed other accessories needed to help unlock your shotgun’s full potential.

Need help hitting more of those targets? A red dot sight is what you need! Current markets sell affordable, high-quality red dot sights. You can read our red dot sights for shotguns article to help you decide what to get.

Many hunters and gun owners view their shotguns as prized possessions. Of course, we would always want to keep our shotguns in perfect condition. As such, a holster is an important accessory to protect our guns from external elements. For instance, it keeps our shotguns from extreme weather exposure. Moreover, it allows you to strap your shotgun on your back while on the move. You can check our holsters and scabbards article to see what’s hot in the market right now.

For night hunts and patrols, a handy flashlight is your best buddy! Attaching one on your gun helps you lock on to moving targets in dark places. I even have one attached to my Winchester SXP Defender. In case of home burglaries, I am also prepared to defend myself and my family at any time.

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6 Best Two-Point Tactical Shotgun Slings

In this review, we’ll discuss my top six two-point tactical shotgun slings. Hence, here’s a summarized table of the following slings that we’re focusing on:

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling• 33 to 43 inches in length
• Made of 550 paracord material
• Has a weight of 4 oz
• Detachable 2-point sling
Allen Company Hypa-Lite Punisher Sling• Waterfowl shotgun sling
• Durable and lightweight Hypalon construction
• Low density foam
• Realtree® MAX-5™ camo pattern
• Three storage pockets for your waterfowl calls
• Heavy-duty buckle and swivels-tested over 500 pounds
Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling• Made of nylon material
• 2 inches wide
• 39 inches long
• 15 elastic loops for extra shotshell storage
• Steel spring-loaded clips
Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Padded Sling• 2 inches in-line pad
• Quick adjuster
• Nylon or metal hardware
• Closed cell foam
Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling• Universal strap adapters
• Duraflex buckles for easy on and off
• 1.25 inches webbing
• NTOA member tested and recommended (2014)
• Side-release buckle for releasing adapter
• Transition-loc with pull-tab for fast adjustments
Tactical 2 Hero Rifle Sling• Easy length adjuster
• Includes 2 HK style clips and 2 straps
• Adjustable from 30 to 56 inches
• Super strong nylon material
• Shoulder pad
• 2 elastic covers for the HK clips

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling

Simple yet versatile, the Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling is a perfect companion for any shotgun. In addition, its durability lies in its 550 paracord material, the same nylon used in parachute cords. Also, you can adjust the sling from 33 to 44 inches in length. This feature allows the Ace Two several functions. For instance, you can use it as a fishing line, rope, or tourniquet. I saw a friend use his Ace Two as his fishing line on one of our fishing trips. A bit crazy but amazing at the same time.

Another highlight of the Ace Two is its weight. As advertised on the manufacturer’s website, the sling only weighs 4 ounces. This feature makes it comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict your movements. Also, the simple screw and lock mechanism lets you attach or detach your sling with ease.

Like any other product, the Ace Two also has its setbacks. Since it is lightweight, you can only strap light guns with it. Thus, using this for heavy shotguns like the KS-23 is a huge no-no. The paracord also poses an issue. Every time you open the paracord, it takes a lot of time to close it again.

Still, the Ace Two serves its purpose to carry shotguns. What’s more, is that you can have the option to pick your desired color when buying one. For instance, black, brown, army green, and pink are some of the many colors you can choose from.

  • Adjustable length
  • Made of durable 550 paracord
  • Quick attach and detach system
  • Has many functions for different emergencies
  • Lightweight
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Can only carry light guns
  • Closing the paracord takes a lot of time and effort

Allen Company Hypa-Lite Punisher Sling

Looking for a decent-priced yet reliable shotgun sling? The Hypa-Lite Punisher might meet your expectations. First, let’s begin with its design. Allen Company picked the waterfowl as the main inspiration behind the sling’s style. The front of the sling features a Realtree® MAX-5™ camo pattern that gives it a handsome look. Second, the Hypa-Lite uses Hypalon material which makes it resistant to external elements. Additionally, the padded patch’s interior has rubber knobs that offer a non-slip grip. You can find a short review of the Hypa-Lite in the video below:

The Hypa-Lite’s shoulder pad is 14 inches long and 3.25 inches wide. Moreover, its low-density foam feature makes it comfortable to wear over your shoulder. In addition, the Hypa-Lite’s main trademark is its durability. With swivels tested to over 500 pounds, this guy could carry heavy shotguns. I tried wearing the Hypa-Lite with my Winchester attached and sure enough, the sling didn’t break. The sling also provides two extra shell loops and a spare call storage pocket. This is one attribute that many customers said they liked with this sling.

Although it has superb features, the Hypa-Lite also has its weakness. For instance, the screw makes the sling feel flimsy when worn. Besides that, I see no other issue with the Hypa-Lite. Overall, it delivers the style and capacity required to carry your shotgun wherever you go.

  • Affordable price of $34.99
  • Strong resistance to external elements like extreme temperatures
  • Swivels allow heavy gun carry
  • Extra storage capacity for ammo loops
  • Made of Hypalon material
  • Screw feels loose

Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling

The most simplistic sling in this list, isn’t it? Don’t let its appearance fool you though! This little guy offers many useful features to your shotgun. The Blackhawk is one of the most wanted slings in the market today. Having one myself, I can understand all the fuss surrounding it. Also, its cheap price contributes to its widespread popularity. But is that all it has to offer?

Despite its superficial design, the Blackhawk offers a wide variety of features. First, let’s focus on its material. The Blackhawk uses nylon webbing which makes it adjustable. This also prevents back and shoulder pains from wearing it for long periods. Also, its soft elastic webbing gives the sling extra shell storage. Thus, the Blackhawk can carry at least fifteen 12 gauge shotgun shells!

Next, the Blackhawk comes with two steel spring hooks that are durable and safe. This attribute allows you to attach the sling to any shotgun of your choice. It could even hold a home defense shotgun well! Its sale price of $15.45 could already provide you a high-quality sling for your tactical shotgun.

From my personal experiences, I saw a few drawbacks to the Blackhawk. Weight is one example. The sling itself is not heavy per se. However, the shotgun shells you can store with it cause its heftiness. Also, the steel clips are breakable. So, as long as you don’t swing your shotgun around, your clips would hold fine. Despite its flaws, the Blackhawk is one of the best slings out there. With its low price but high dependability, the Blackhawk is a worthy buy.

  • Cheapest sling available
  • Can hold fifteen 12 gauge shotgun shells
  • Simple and durable steel spring hooks
  • Can carry any shotgun
  • Best sling for home defense shotguns
  • Nylon webbing makes it elastic and adjustable
  • Becomes heavy once you store shotgun shells in it
  • Steel clips are breakable

Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Padded Sling

Blue Force Gear makes sure that they produce quality gun accessories. One of them is the Vickers Combat. Like the Blackhawk, the Vickers Combat is also a famous tactical shotgun sling. In fact, this is the US Marine Corps’ top pick for their soldiers’ tactical shotguns! You’ll understand why after you read this section. You can also watch an unboxing and application video of the Vickers Combat below:

First up is its main design. The sling gives off a military finish due to its multi-cam color scheme. If you’re looking for other colors, then you are in luck! You can find more available colors on the producer’s website. Since it is a tactical combat sling, it offers more features besides holding your gun. One such feature is waterproof central padding. The padding’s closed-cell foam prevents water absorption, keeping the sling light and dry.

Next is the material used for production. The Vickers Combat applies In Vista solution webbing for comfortable wear. This also lets the sling withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, the metal hardware uses low IR military-grade plastic material. This grants comfort to the wearer. The low IR also gives the sling its weight and noise-reducing qualities.

The only drawback I have with the Vickers Combat is its price. Even so, its cost equals the high-quality materials used to craft such a monster sling. However, if you have more bucks to spare, then the Vickers Combat is your perfect shot.

  • Comes with various colors and variants
  • Central padding is waterproof
  • Has weight and noise reduction qualities
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • IR material makes it soft and comfortable to wear
  • Expensive

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

The Condor Speedy 2 takes pride in its trademark attributes. The sling’s ends have two buckles that make for easy detaching on your gun. Like many slings, the Condor Speedy also consists of 1.25 inches of nylon material. Additionally, this webbing lets your sling hold heavy tactical shotguns. You can also find transition-lock pull tabs helpful for swift carry position switches. From carry-to-fire positions and vice versa, this baddie allows all that. Pretty rad sling if I say so myself.

Moreover, the sling’s design makes it a perfect option for on-the-go shooters and hunters. The nylon webbing itself wraps around the sling. Because of this, you can care less about flimsy clips or difficult paracords. In addition, the Condor Speedy 2’s reattach and detach method suits tactical or defensive purposes. It also comes in different colors like black, OD green, and tan. If you want to know more about how to use it, you can click on the video below:

The only comments I have for this sling are its absence of pads and user limits. Since this sling has no padding, you could get shoulder or back pains from long-time wear. In addition, it’s only designed for on-the-go shooters. Thus, bench shooters can’t use this sling to the fullest. Nonetheless, the Condor Speedy 2 is a great choice for hunting or transition shooting.

  • Easy reattach and detach method
  • 1.25” Nylon webbing material allows for heavy shotgun carry
  • Allows swift carry position switches
  • Comes in three various colors
  • Great for hunting and transition shooting
  • Lack of padding
  • Not recommended for bench or idle shooters

Tactical 2 Hero Rifle Sling

Compared to the Ace Two Tactical, the Hero Rifle provides a longer adjustable length. You can stretch the sling from 30 up to 56 inches depending on how you use it. Furthermore, it also has nylon material like the other slings. But what difference does the Hero Rifle have from the others?

To answer the previous question, the Hero Rifle has HK-styled attachment hooks. These hooks open wide and can fit all swivels on shotguns and rifles. What’s even sweeter about this sling is its two elastic cover clips. The clips are sturdy, keeping the sling intact. Another hallmark of the Hero Rifle is its extra shoulder padding. This prevents you from getting shoulder or back pains due to long-time use. For a pain-free experience, the Hero Rifle is your trusty companion.

The Hero Rifle’s only setback is its lack of color variety. Unlike most of the slings we reviewed, you can only get this sling in black color. Still, that doesn’t degrade its worth in the market. With the Hero Rifle, you’re guaranteed a smooth hunting or shooting adventure. Refer to the video below for the Hero Rifle’s review and installation:

  • Can adjust from 30 up to 56 inches in length
  • Has unique HK-style attachment hooks
  • Shoulder padding prevents shoulder or back pains
  • Can fit all swivels on shotguns and rifles
  • Only available in black

Our Ultimate Shotgun Sling Pick

In terms of budget, I recommend the Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling. Its low price equates to its high durability and extra shotgun shell storage. Meanwhile, the Vickers Combat is your strongest candidate for an all-rounder sling. Its waterproof and extra storage capacities make it a wonderful sling in the field. Which tactical shotgun sling do you think is the best? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Very nice write up on this topic. Really enjoyed the knowledge and research that was put into it. After my son and I outfitted our Mossberg 500 with tactical gear, and going overboard I might add, it became well…..very frontend heavy. The Vickers would be exactly what we would look for but the Condor is so close it seems and the price is more affordable for the features.

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