Eagle Industries Padded Scope Cover

10 January 1999
By Scott Powers
Eagle Padded Scope Cover on scope and spotting scope

Sometimes a piece of gear comes along that is the essence of simplicity, yet worth its weight in gold. The Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Padded Scope Cover is one such item. Designed to cover the rifle telescope prior to placing the rifle in a drag bag, vehicle, or travel case, this inexpensive $22 cover can save you a thousand dollars in broken optics. If you are using an unpadded drag bag, a cover of this type should be considered mandatory equipment. Even with a top quality padded case, the PSC can provide an extra measure of protection against vibration and hard knocks. As we all know, the scope is the lifeblood of the weapon system, for without it, all you have is an expensive lightning rod. With the PSC in place over the scope and the three retaining straps snapped together around the rifle stock, your scope and its turrets will be completely nestled in padding. The PSC extends down the side of the rifle, affording extra protection to the receiver area and bolt. When used as a protective cover over a spotting scope and left in place, the PSC will provide a measure of water resistance also, shedding water like a duck.

The PSC measures 18" long, and 10" wide. The padding made of 3/8" closed cell foam. The PSC's outer cover is made of 11 oz. Cordura nylon and comes in Olive Drab, Black, or Woodland Camo. The cover can be used to protect a rifle telescope or a spotting scope. In a pinch the PSC can also be used as an elbow pad by pulling the velcro flaps at each end and laying the pad out flat. Another use that comes to mind is a dust pad. Placed under the muzzle when laying prone, the pad could be used to mask your muzzle blast signature when firing from a hide. This highlights how a simple and seemingly single purpose piece of equipment can share several useful roles.

The PSC is held in place via three adjustable nylon straps that are sewn in place across the width of the cover. These 3/4" straps are long enough to accommodate most rifle/scope combinations and they are clipped together via Fastex buckles. The Fastex buckles are very quick to release. The only downside is the noise they can make when fastening or unfastening. Careful attention will limit this audible sound but inattention will result in a loud unnatural click that is sure to warrant unwelcome notice. On each end of the pad is a velcro enclosure. Unfastening these will open the ends up and allow you to use the cover while installed on a spotting scope. Eagle thoughtfully added a second fuzzy pad on the inside ends of the PSC to allow you to fold the velcro flap out of the way. Again, the PSC is the ultimate in simplicity, but that does not preclude the design from being well contrived.

Eagle has recently released a new version of the PSC. The PSC-W/CC. This cover comes with an additional Fastex clip that attaches to a muzzle protector, or in Eagles terms, a Crown Cover. The connecting strap is fully adjustable and can be removed when unneeded. The cover is long enough to keep most foreign objects out of the crown and is designed to slip into the slot provided in Eagle's proprietary drag bag. Sniper Country heartily recommends the PSC. This is a great product for the price.

The PSC can be purchased direct from Eagle Industries for $21.95 plus shipping. The PSC-W/CC retails for $29.95. Eagle has a lifetime guarantee against defects on all its products. Eagle offers an exhaustive line of tactical gear and has a 70 page catalog.

Eagle Industries Unlimited Inc.
400 Baltimore Drive,
Suite 530,
Fenton, MO 63026

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