Eagle Industries DB-BS
Rifle Cover and Shooting Mat

30 May 1999
By peteR

This is a near mandatory range item that I have desired for years, but for whatever reasons never was ever able to obtain one. I hate using a hard case for simple range travel due to the bulk in the trunk of my vehicle, and lack of multi-functional ability.

My last soft assault style case had the zipper tear out after three years of constant use. No, it wasn't an Eagle Industries product, all of which have lifetime warranties against defective workmanship. Incidentally, rigid/hard-sided cases really aren't too comfortable for "pronating" on while in the field. The Eagle Industries DB-BS shooting mat fits my somewhat casual rifle shooting needs to a tee.

I received a rather large box from Eagle that had just a few too many goodies in it. They had sent me one of Scott Powers's small personal orders in the same box as mine! Naturally, about the same time as I got my order set up, the U.S. Govt. decided to purchase a couple large lots of these cases and there was about an additional three week delay.

Yes, Christmas had truly arrived in May at peteR's house! After looting my order, the rest was promptly sent on its way to Scott. Well most of it anyway, an Eagle PSC WC/C (padded scope cover with the muzzle crown cover option) also stayed! I had a bad experience in 1987 with a competition rifle, air transported to a major shooting match in Florida that had the muzzle dinged and pistol grip cracked by the baggage handlers. By the time I discovered the damage it was too late and many points were lost in a very expensive lesson. Protect the muzzle and crown of your shooting iron.

The DB-BS is a trifold 1000 denier cordura nylon shooting mat that also serves very well as a rifle transportation case. For those so inclined one side has a buncha nylon 550 cord sewn on in a rectangular two inch grid pattern that leaves plenty of room for "garnishes" with burlap, or individually hand selected flora du jour.

Four fastex buckles on one inch webstraps are sewn completely around the exterior of the case to secure the rifle in place and a two-inch wide carry strap handle replete with Cordura/Hook'n' Pile handle is sewn on as well. All of the fastening points are quadruple stitched to ensure a lifetime of durable service.

The ground pounding side of the case offers up a two inch wide pull/drag strap and two small 1" D rings for attaching shoulder straps. The entire length is covered by three parallel running one inch web straps to minimize wear and tear for the ground crawlers among us.

Opening the case reveals a sewn-in muzzle guard with additional slots for cleaning rods. A three inch long section of web strap for ALICE/ LBE clips, a nifty plastic clip assembly to secure the pistol grip of the rifle, a ten round elastic ammo band (similar to that found on the Shooters' Stock Pack), and 9" wide by 7 3/4" deep pocket for data book, Mil-Dot Master, Slope Doper, and all those other vital little trinkets.

A foldout flap at the end keeps the butt of the rifle secured during transport and doubles as a knee pad. 3/8" closed cell padding is sewn between the layers of Cordura to give the user a wee bit of comfort if an extended FFP happens to be on a rooftop or a Blue Chip gravel-covered parking lot in the middle of the summer.

Mine was selected in Olive Drab coloration, both to match my limpid pearls, and reflect more of the sun's radiant heat than SWAT black does. Another plus it is far easier to hide OD in the bush than black. Woodland camo is the other color option for those so inclined.

I was able to secure my Remington 700 Police replete with Harris BR-1 bipod and fully loaded shooters' stock pack and the PSC w/cc by simply loosening the fastex web straps a little, closing the case and then tugging on them to cinch them down.

The one thing that confused me was interior layout. If I was crawling about and had to remove the rifle at a FFP, the ammo and data book seem to be located at the wrong end. That is unless the case is slid forward and used as a blast mat. The attachment of an Eagle FAP-308 twenty round ammo pouch could quickly solve that dilemma.

Lastly in a pinch the DB-BS can be placed inside a hard sided gun case for transport, or rolled up into a 12" bundle and it can be strapped down as required.

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