Yugoslavian Crvena Zastava M-76

Details and Photos provided by Tomaz


7,92 x 57 Mauser (also other options)  
semi-auto, gas operated
1135 mm
550 mm
4200 g
Magazine capacity:  
10 rounds

    Yugoslavian made M-76 is a 7,92 x 57 semi-auto sniper rifle. It is basically an accurized Kalashnikov, sporting a heavier and longer barrel with flash hider.  Its pistol grip is more ergonomical than the plain AK-47 style and has a straight buttstock.  Iron sights are permanently attached to the barrel and receiver.  The magazine accepts ten rounds.  On the left side of the weapon there's a rail for mounting the optical sight, also called M-76, which has all basic characteristics of the Soviet-made PSO-1 (4 x 24).

    It has a BDC, calibrated well from 100 up to 1200 meters, but aiming at anything more than about 800 m becomes very difficult due to small magnification and average quality optics.  Windage is adjustable from -10 to +10 mils, in 1 mil increments.  The scope has an IR detection capability and illuminated reticle.  With the rifle also comes a 5 x 80 passive night vision device, which is claimed to have up to 500 m range.  However, I have no experience with it.

    While the weapon data shows nothing spectacular, the rifle is really a pleasure to shoot. The recoil is incredibly mild, the whole system is very rugged and will survive rough handling and still shoot well.  The powerful 7,92 Mauser cartridge, known for its accuracy, has a good wind resistance and hits of a man size target up to 800 m are routine with a trained sniper.

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