.300 Blackout rifle

Best .300 Blackout Magazines

Are you currently looking for the very best magazines for your .300 Blackout rifle? If so, you’ve come to the right place and your search is about to come to an end.

Best Budget Pick: D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine

D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine

The D&H Industries .300 Blackout magazine is built out of a high quality 6061-T6 aluminum material with a Teflon coated finish for excellent rust and corrosion finish. It has a solid stainless steel spring with a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower to ensure reliable feeding and is designed specifically for the .300 Blackout round.

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Best Value Pick: Brownells AR-15 Magazine

Brownells AR-15 Magazine back

The Brownells AR-15 magazine is designed to be a war ready magazine thanks to its aluminum construction, durable stainless steel spring, and nice hard coat anodized finish. Even though this magazine is officially marked for the 5.56 round, it will work for .300 Blackout as well.

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Best Overall Pick: Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine

Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine back

The Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine is our choice for the best overall .300 Blackout magazine. This magazine is extremely durable with a mix of high quality polymer and steel and is designed specifically to enhance reliability for the .300 Blackout cartridge.

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The magazine of your rifle is ultimately what has the biggest impact on the reliability of the weapon, assuming that you are using high quality ammunition and also assuming that the rifle you are using is well made.

Therefore, if you own an AR-15 chambered for the .300 Blackout, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that you have the highest quality magazines possible to go along with it.

In this article, we’ll dive into the merits of the .300 Blackout round, the top considerations to remember when choosing a .300 Blackout magazine, and then our choices for the top three best .300 Blackout magazines for 2020.

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Why Go With The .300 Blackout?

Before we talk about magazines, why should you even go with the .300 Blackout in the first place?

The .300 Blackout is also sometimes referred to as the .300 AAC. It’s one of a nearly countless number of rounds that are made for the AR-15. It’s also one of many rounds that was designed specifically to optimize the performance of the AR-15 platform as well over the standard 5.56 or .223 Remington ammunition.

The main point for the .300 Blackout was to allow a US soldier to have subsonic capabilities out of an M4 carbine, but without having to resort to a 9mm submachine gun such as the HK MP5 that were in service. This way, soldiers could use their existing M4 style rifles and would only need to switch out a few components instead of switching over to an entirely new weapon platform.

But why should you go with an AR-15 chambered in .300 AAC? Simple: if you plan on using a suppressor on your AR-15, then the .300 Blackout is easily one of the best cartridges that you can use for it. A .300 Blackout creates substantially less noise than a 5.56 or .223 round, and also creates much less recoil as well. When it comes to limiting recoil you also have number of other options, the most popular one being putting a muzzle brake on your .300 Blackout barrel. This will reduce felt recoil noticeably.

.300 Blackout Magazines vs. 5.56 Magazines

There is a lot of confusion regarding .300 Blackout magazines and 5.56 magazines. First and foremost, the .300 Blackout is designed to function in most standard 5.56 or .223 magazines, and at their full capacity.

The keyword here is ‘most.’ There are many 5.56 magazines that will affect the .300 Blackout due to the front guide ribs and internal design of the 5.56 magazine. In other words, while the .300 Blackout will technically work in a 5.56 magazine, it may or may not work reliably depending on the magazine that you are using. The only way to know for sure is to actually test .300 Blackout ammunition in your existing 5.56 magazines and to see for yourself.

This is why AR-15 magazines marked as .300 Blackout exist. These are standard 5.56 magazines that have modifications done to them, so they are optimized for the .300 Blackout cartridge. These magazines have slightly different modifications to their internal design and they also have a different rib design.

Additionally, the feed lips are usually spaced just a little bit further apart to ensure proper feeding for the individual .300 Blackout rounds, and the follower may be designed a little bit differently too. Ideally, the follower will be of a self-lubricating design as well in order to reduce friction and therefore boost reliability.

A .300 Blackout magazine will also usually be able to feed 5.56 ammunition, and the risk of using a 5.56 round in a .300 BLK magazine is less so than using a .300 BLK round in a 5.56 magazine.

So, should you use 5.56 magazines or .300 BLK magazines for your .300 BLK AR-15? Ideally, you should use magazines that are labeled for the .300 BLK because you know for a fact that the magazines have been optimized to feed the round reliably. If you are going to use 5.56 labeled magazines, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the .300 AAC rounds will actually work in the magazine.

Take note that as a general rule. .300 BLK magazines are more likely to work well in a metal USGI-style 5.56 magazine, and less likely to work in a polymer 5.56 magazine.

If you are on the hunt for more parts for your build and want to read more recommendations, make sure to add our guide on .300 Blackout BCGs to your list.

Next, let’s answer this question:

How Many Magazines Should You Stockpile For Your .300 Blackout AR-15?

How many magazines should you stockpile for your AR-15 in .300 Blackout? Well, the answer to this question is simple: you can never have enough magazines, but you can have too few.

In other words, there’s no definitive number where you would be wise to stop collecting magazines for your .300 Blackout. Magazines are a commodity, and especially in the ongoing gun, magazine, and ammo shortage that we are experiencing now, you would be apt to stock up on as many magazines as you can.

As far as a minimum number is concerned, plan on owning at least six magazines for your .300 Blackout at the absolute least (but remember that you can never have too many, so don’t think that you should stop stockpiling when you get to this number).

You may wonder why it’s truly necessary to have so many magazines. After all, are you really going to use and have six or more magazines on you at a time?

No, chances are you won’t and that you will just use one or two magazines at a time. But why stockpile so many?

The answer is simple: magazines are a commodity, and any number of things can happen to them. Your magazines can become lost, the follower could become, damaged, the bodies could be dented, or the springs could become worn out. Any one of these things will cause your magazines to be borderline if not entirely unusable.

And while you may think that you can just stockpile more magazines whenever you want to, well, what if the shortage gets worse and you aren’t able to locate anymore, either online or at a nearby local store?

In this case, you would really be out of luck until the magazines are resupplied. But all of these issues can be avoided if you stockpile several magazines right now. Even though you may only use one, two, or three magazines at a time, it can still be smart to have many more magazines set aside in storage that you can access and use at any time.

This is why, as a general rule, it’s a good idea to have at least six magazines per magazine fed weapon in your possession. If you use two or three magazines at once, if anything were to happen to any of those magazines, you can go into storage and grab two or three fresh ones to replace them.

But of course, remember the golden rule that you can never truly have enough. You could seriously have one hundred .300 Blackout magazines in your possession, and there would be no harm in continuing to accumulate more. Just as you can never truly have enough ammo, you can also never truly have enough magazines.

Recommended Read: If you are building your .300 Blackout AR and are still on the hunt for a decent upper receiver, read our guide on the best .300 Blackout uppers on the market.

Next, we’ll talk about the top features to look for in a .300 Blackout magazine.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best .300 Blackout Magazines

These are the most important factors to consider when looking for a new magazine for your .300 Blackout AR-15:

High Quality Finish

One of the single most important factors to ensure the longevity of your magazine is to make sure it has a high quality rust and corrosion resistant finish so you can use it in inclement weather conditions. A nitride finish or Teflon coated finish are two of your very best choices.

Build Materials

Almost all AR-15 magazines are built out of either metal (such as 6061-T6 aluminum) or polymer. Some magazines even utilize both materials. An example is the Lancer magazine that uses polymer bodied magazines with a steel follower and lips.

High Quality Spring and Follower

Ideally, your magazine will come with a high quality metal spring and follower in order to ensure that the rounds will feed reliably from the magazine into the firing chamber. A stainless steel spring with a polymer or aluminum anti-tilt follower represents the best combination to ensure this happens.

Easy Ejection

Your magazine should always eject very smoothly out of your AR-15 when you hit the magazine release button. You shouldn’t have to grab onto the magazine in order to get it to come free.

Non-Slip Texturing

Finally, your magazine should have a non-slip texture on the body so it’s easy to grab onto in slipper conditions. This means that the magazine may have lines or indentions that make it easy for you to grab onto it, or it could come with a certain type of finish that certainly offers superior friction. Another option is for it to have a flared base that will make it easy for you to grab a well.

More on the .300 Blackout: Picking the right parts for your build is easily the most crucial step in order to end up with a rifle that is fun to shoot as we all as reliable. One of the most important parts is a lower receiver and you should definitely read through our buying guide for .300 BLK lowers.

The 3 Best Magazines For The .300 Blackout For 2020

Now that we have covered how many magazines you need and what to look for in a magazine, here are our top three choices for the best .300 Blackout magazines for 2020:

D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine

D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine

The D&H Industries .300 Blackout magazine is available in 30, 20, and 10 round configurations. It comes with standard USGI dimensions and is built out of 6061-T6 aluminum with a Teflon finish for excellent rust and corrosion resistant.

This magazine is built specifically for the .300 Blackout cartridge. It has a red colored anti-tilt follower that is also self-lubricating. Since the follower is placed on the left side of the magazine, this means that the 30th round in the magazine is located on the left as well.

D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine back

D&H built these magazines with the 5.56 USGI mag as the basis, so they will still chamber and shoot 5.56 as well. They can also handle subsonic .300 BLK ammunition or even hand loads with a longer length due to the geometry on the inside of the magazine.

Finally, the spring is built out of a durable and high quality stainless steel to ensure reliable feeding ad a long shelf life.

D&H Industries .300 Blackout Magazine side

All in all, the D&H Industries .300 Blackout magazine is an excellent choice if you have a .300 Blackout AR-15. This magazine is designed specifically for the .300 Blackout round but can also chamber and shoot 5.56 ammunition as well. The standout features include the self-lubricating anti-tilt red follower, durable aluminum design, and rust resistant Teflon finish.

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  • Very affordable
  • Built out of 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Has a durable Teflon finish
  • 100% American made
  • Ribs and feed lip design are optimized for the .300 BLK
  • Has a very durable stainless steel spring to ensure proper feeding
  • Has an anti-tilt red colored follower
  • Not the best choice for heavy cast bullets

Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine

Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine back

The Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine has a 30 round capacity and is designed for a long shelf life. This magazine is optimized for the .300 Blackout as it is built specifically for the round. Subsequently, it has a geometry designed specifically for the .300 BLK and also has a non-tilting follower. The interior structure of this magazine is different than the 5.56 version, designed to allow bullet weights of up to 200 grains. That being said, you can still use 5.56 ammunition in this magazine as well.

Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine

Each Lancer Systems magazine is a mixture of steel and polymer, having a polymer body with hardened steel lips and magazine catches. The exterior has an aggressive texture so that it is easy to grab onto and ensures easy extraction from a pouch. Lancer also designed this magazine to be able to withstand temperatures as low 50 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to the 30 round magazine, 10 and 20 round variants are also available. The translucent design makes it easy to see the rounds stacked in the magazine, even though you cannot see all of the rounds.

Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine flat

The Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Translucent Smoke Magazine is simply one of the very best .300 Blackout magazines on the market. This magazine is designed specifically for the .300 Blackout round and the internal design of the magazine is designed to accommodate the cartridges to optimize reliability. This is a war ready magazine built for all sorts of temperature changes and weather conditions.

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  • Feed lips are built out of hardened steel
  • Internal rib design accommodates larger bullets like the .300 BLK
  • Built out of very durable polymer
  • Drop free design
  • Built to mil-spec standards
  • You still can’t see all of the rounds in the translucent magazine

Brownells AR-15 Magazine

Brownells AR-15 Magazine back

The Brownells AR-15 magazine is one of the best AR-15 magazines thanks to its high quality aluminum construction and durable stainless steel spring that ensures reliability and proper feeding. Remember that this magazine is technically chambered for 5.56, but it will still work for .300 Blackout even though it is technically not optimized for the round.

Brownells AR-15 Magazine

When Brownells built this magazine, they wanted to create a battle ready magazine that would be able to withstand a lot of abuse. As a result, this magazine comes with a hard coat anodized finish for superior rust and corrosion resistance and is built to ISO standards. It’s also available in numerous different finishes, including gray and desert tan.

Brownells AR-15 Magazine flat

The Brownells AR-15 5.56 magazine is an excellent quality magazine thanks to its aluminum construction, robust stainless spring, and hard coat anodized finish. It is officially designed for the 5.56 round, but it will work for .300 Blackout as well.

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  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Built to ISO quality control standards
  • Features a durable stainless steel spring to ensure reliable feeding
  • Hard coat anodized finish ensures solid rust and corrosion resistance
  • Designed for 5.56, which means that it’s not optimized for .300 BLK (but it should still work)

Wrap Up

Remember that the magazine has a massive impact on the reliability of your rifle. In the case of the .300 Blackout, you can either get magazines that are optimized for the round, or you can get standard 5.56 magazines that are compatible with .300 BLK as well. The best .300 Blackout magazines are tough, durable, war ready, and come with a robust spring to ensure reliable and proper feeding.

If anything, you should purchase multiple different types of magazines for your .300 Blackout and then see which ones work the best or which ones you prefer, and then stock up on that particular kind of magazine.

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