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Best Mossberg 500 Barrels [2022]

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If you’re a proud owner of one of America’s favorite shotguns, then you’ve experienced the Mossberg 500’s flexibility and reliability firsthand. It was favored by both civilians and the US military. So, how could you say no to making an already good shotgun, better?

The best way to improve the performance of your Mossberg 500 is by upgrading one of its most important components — the barrel. With the right barrel, you can drastically improve performance factors like velocity and accuracy.

Of course, you’ll also want something that can withstand the test of time and has the to handle all that power. So, take a look at the Best Mossberg 500 barrels below and find out which one is the perfect upgrade for you.

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Buyer’s Guide in Buying a Mossberg 500 Barrel

There are a few different factors you want to keep in mind while looking for the best Mossberg 500 barrel for your build or upgrade.


Best Mossberg 500 Barrels
Image source: Reddit

Knowing the purpose of your Mossberg 500 is the first step in configuring what type of barrel you should buy. The three most common reasons why people upgrade a Mossberg in a custom build are for hunting, competition shooting, or home defense.

If you’re a competitive shooter, you’re going to want to prioritize a longer barrel for superior accuracy and velocity. On the other hand, if you’re a hunter, you might want a barrel that’s not only accurate but can stand up to corrosion and other outdoor weather conditions. Lastly, if you’re using your Mossberg for home defense, you might want a shorter barrel with a large spun spread for maneuverability and man-stopping power.


The materials quality is important for any gun barrel as it can affect the overall build quality and performance of your shotgun. This also means prioritizing finding high-quality steel that can handle many rounds.

Just keep in mind that even the highest quality barrels still need meticulous care and cleaning to perform and function efficiently. So if you’re going to spend money on your new barrel, then it’s best to also invest in the time and tools to maintain it properly.

Barrel Length

Best Mossberg 500 Barrels
Image source: Reddit

The barrel length on your Mossberg upgrade is going to depend on many factors centered on the right purpose appropriate for you. The longer the barrel, the faster the velocity and the more accurate your shots will be.

If you plan to go target shooting, a 20″-24″ barrel is usually the sweet spot. For home defense, consider a shorter barrel for better maneuverability in close quarters. But for tactical use, go for the shorter barrel and have a look at our article on Mossberg 500 tactical conversion kits.

Sight Preference

The type of sight you want will also influence the type of barrel you’re going to get. For home defense, you might not prioritize a sight at all. However, for hunting and competitive shooting, an adjustable sight for a 24″ or longer barrel is somehow necessary.

Want to add a heat shield to match your barrel? We got you covered with our Mossberg 500 heat shield guide.


If you’re a big game hunter or competitive shooter, you might want to look into rifled barrels. Rifled barrels provide increased range with better accuracy and will shoot slugs more like a bullet. For self-defense or versatility, I suggest opting for smooth-bored barrels which tend to be cheaper and offer a variety of different uses.

The Best Mossberg 500 Barrel 

The barrels I’ve suggested below are great multipurpose barrels that fit into two or more categories such as a home defense or hunting gun. This is often a better route to go through than a single-purpose upgrade that might limit your shotgun’s overall usefulness.

Mossberg 20″ High Capacity Shotgun Kit with Rifle Sights

Mossberg 20” High Capacity Shotgun Kit with Rifle Sights

The Mossberg 500 High-Capacity Shotgun kit is made of high-quality OEM components that increase your Mossberg 500 shotgun’s accuracy. It’s ideal for self-defense use with its 20″ long barrel that chamber both 2 3/4″ and 3″ 12-gauge ammo.

This kit also features a visible white bead front and a U-notch rear sight for accuracy in shooting at longer distances. It’s durable and comes in a blued steel finish. Also, you won’t need a separate barrel clamp as it comes with a takedown screw that retained the magazine support tube. Since it’s designed for the Mossberg 500, it only fits this model.

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Durable blued steel finish
  • Improves shooting accuracy
  • Comes with visible front and rear sights
  • Excellent barrel for self-defense use
  • Expensive

Mossberg 20″ 8-Shot Barrel in Blue

Mossberg 20″ 8-Shot Barrel in Blue is a low-profile, lightweight Mossberg 500 barrel with a classic satin blue finish for that superior visual appeal. Weighing it only 2.6lbs, this 20″ barrel is both easy to maneuver and extremely accurate even for a shorter barreled shotgun. This makes the Mossberg 20″ 8-Shot barrel great for doubling as a bird hunting shotgun or home self-defense shotgun. It can also handle both large and mini slugs perfect for hunting medium to large-sized game.

Designed as a drop-in barrel, the Mossberg 20″ 8-Shot barrel is beginner-friendly when it comes to installation. However, Mossberg strongly recommends that you pair this barrel with one of their Mossberg 8-shot 12-gauge shotguns. So, if you already own one and are looking to upgrade, you might want to consider this barrel.

  • Great for hunting and self-defense
  • Beginner-friendly installation
  • Light weight and extremely accurate
  • Works almost exclusively on Mossberg 8-shot shotgun platforms

Mossberg 12 Gauge 18.5″ Plain Bead Sight Security Barrel

Mossberg 12 Gauge 18.5"  Plain Bead Sight Security Barrel

Looking for a self-defense barrel upgrade? Then check this barrel out. The Mossberg 12 Gauge 18.5″ Plain Bead Sight Security Barrel is the perfect home self-defense shotgun barrel upgrade. Made specifically for the Mossberg Maverick and Mossberg 500 6-shot 12-gauge shotguns, this barrel comes in a corrosion-resistant satin blue finish.

The barrel’s cylinder bore choke maximizes slug spread making it perfect for home self-defense or hunting birds and other small prey. Bead sights are also available with better shooting accuracy. If that’s not enough to convince you, this barrel also comes in a budget-friendly price tag.

  • Comes with a bead sight
  • Great for security and small game hunting
  • Cylinder bore choke for maximum spread
  • Only compatible for the Mossberg 500 and Mossberg Maverick 6 shot 12-guage shotguns

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Mossberg 20 Gauge 24″ Adjustable Rifle Sight Slug Barrel

Mossberg 20 Gauge 24"  Adjustable Rifle Sight Slug Barrel

The Mossberg 20 Gauge 24″ Adjustable Rifle Sight Slug Barrel is the ideal hunting barrel. This 24″ long, 20-gauge Mossberg shotgun barrel is engineered for maximum accuracy and performance. It’s also a great option for competitive shooters and big game hunters. Built specifically for the Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg Maverick 66, it comes in a blued corrosive resistant finish with adjustable barrel sights.

The design of the adjustable sights gives this shotgun barrel an almost rifle-like profile. Unfortunately, some people find the sights a little too difficult to see so you might want to opt for a separate optic sight. The barrel is also ported and rifled, drastically reducing recoil and improving setup and accuracy when taking shots at longer range.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable sights
  • Ported for recoil reduction
  • Rifled for increased accuracy
  • Not great for home self defense
  • Sights are difficult to see

Mossberg Slugster 20-Gauge Barrel with 3-9X32 Scope

Mossberg Slugster 20-gauge barrel with 3-9X32 Scope

This barrel is a more complete package for your build. Made for both the Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg Maverick shotguns, this scope and barrel combo is a great option for small to large game hunting. It comes with a 24″ rifled barrel and a 3″ chamber that enables you to fire 2 3/4″ – 3″ shells.

The laser bore sighted 3-9×32 mm scope that comes with this set is unbranded. But still, it serves well as a beginner’s optic with an effective range of up to 900 yards. However, the sight itself is difficult to install if you’re not familiar with mounting scopes. For competitive shooting, you might want to swap out the sight for better quality.

  • Great value barrel and scope combo
  • Rifled barrel for increased accuracy at longer ranges
  • Made for hunting
  • Not built for home and self-defense

Mossberg 500 28″ Matte Blued 12-Gauge Barrel

Mossberg 500 28” Matte Blued 12-Gauge Barrel

This 28-inch barrel is an ideal upgrade for hunters who want to improve their Mossberg 500’s accuracy. It includes an Accu-set style choke, a vent rib, dual bead sights and comes in a durable blued matte finish.

In addition to the Mossberg 500, it’s also compatible with 12-gauge Maverick 88 shotguns. Although it’s best for hunting use, thanks to its long barrel length, it can also serve as a multi-purpose barrel for home-defense use.

  • Ideal for hunting use
  • Can serve as a multi-purpose barrel
  • Improves shooting accuracy
  • Also compatible with Maverick 88 shotguns
  • 6-shot capacity only

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Mossberg 500 Barrels

Can I install A Mossberg 500 Barrel?

If you don’t have experience in gunsmithing or if you don’t have any quality tools at your disposal, then you should seek help from a professional. But if you have the skills and the tools, it’s not really difficult to install the barrel yourself. Just make sure that the barrel is compatible with the shotgun.

Can You Pair Mossberg 500 Barrel With A 500A?

Pairing a Mossberg 500 Barrel with a 500A is technically possible. However, you need to make sure to match the gauge and the capacity of the magazine. Mossberg generally produces compatible receivers throughout their lineup but this is not always the case. Just make sure that the magazine tube fits perfectly on your shotgun and double-check its compatibility.

Will A Mossberg 500 Barrel Fit Compatible On A 590?

A Mossberg 500 barrel does not have a compatible fit with a 590. Both are variations of the same shotgun. However, the thicker barrel of the 590, and the way it is engineered to meet the receiver don’t make it compatible with the 500. Some experienced professional gunsmiths might be able to make the necessary modifications to make a 590 fit with a Mossberg 500 barrel, but Mossberg doesn’t recommend it.

Is Cylinder Bore Good For A Home Defense Mossberg 500?

A cylinder bore doesn’t always upgrade the shotgun. While a cylinder bore barrel enables maximum spread, it isn’t an ideal choice for hunting anything other than grouse, quail, or other birds that you typically shoot at relatively short range.

Is 12-Gauge or 20-Gauge Better For Deer Hunting?

A 12-gauge shotgun will perform better for deer hunting as it has superior muzzle velocity. A rifled barrel will also help improve accuracy. However, you may want to keep the chokes installed.

Our Pick

The Mossberg 12 Gauge 18.5″ Plain Bead Sight Security Barrel is pretty tough to beat when it comes to barrel upgrades. It’s a great multipurpose barrel that’s built to last, thanks to its corrosion-resistant blue finish. It’s also straightforward to install and won’t break the bank, making this an appealing barrel upgrade for beginners. The bore choke is also a nice upgrade perk making your shotgun perfect for both hunting and self-defense.

Wrapping Up

As one of the most popular shotguns in North America, there’s a good chance you end up owning Mossberg 500 at some point in your life. They’re great platforms to build off and any barrel on our list would make a great upgrade for your shotgun.

If you do decide to go a different route, just try to find a barrel that meets your vision for your shotgun. You can also use our buying guide above to help you choose the one that works best for you. Just remember to find one made from high-quality steel since barrels are one of the most important parts of your firearm.

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