.300 Blackout rifle

Best .300 Blackout Lowers

Best Overall Receiver: PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower

This lower receiver is a classic for a reason. It has solid material selection and build quality that you want in a lower receiver. Yet for all this heavy-duty build quality and superior material selection, you still see a relatively comfortable price tag.

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Best Value Lower Receiver: PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe/Fire – 1728

PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe Fire

Designed with an intuitive safety and comfort this safe/fire lower receiver. When you consider the incredibly friendly price tag, this lower receiver certainly deserves to be on your radar. Especially if you have a somewhat limited budget.

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Best High-End Lower Receiver: PSA Complete Rifle Lower Receiver A2- 504399

PSA Complete Rifle Lower Receiver A2- 504399

With a traditional buttstock and great material build quality, this lower receiver certainly appeals to purists who like the classic look and feel of a classic rifle buttstock. If you are a purist when it comes to buttstocks, then this is the perfect place to start planning your next custom build.

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The customization offered by the AR-15 is one of the major factors driving its continued popularity. Many AR-15 owners will invest in a .300 Blackout Lower Receiver to customize the fire control group. It includes key components like the trigger, disconnector, fire selector, and the magazine catch, as well as the hammer. The buttstock can also vary from a traditional stock or a collapsible one, with different padding or synthetic coating.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of .300 blackout lower receivers have a similar casting and magazine that makes them compatible with a lot of.223 and 5.56 rounds, however we also have a guide of the best .300 Blackout magazines. A few are even compatible with 9 mm rounds. This makes them a great option for full custom builds, or perhaps repurposing a lower receiver a few years down the road when you upgrade or take on a new build with different caliber ammunition.

To find the best .300 Blackout Lower Receiver for you, it helps to take a closer look at a few important factors, to help you weed out low-quality models that are sure to disappoint, and high-end options that are a true value.

This includes making sure that it properly fits your barrel as well as the 300. Blackout upper receiver you picked. Your best bet for making this happen seamlessly is to choose an upper and lower receiver from the same brand. Getting a working knowledge of the components that go into a lower receiver and the common materials will also help you filter through your options. We also have a guide on reliable .300 blackout barrels.

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Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best .300 Blackout Lowers

It’s plan truth that not all lower receivers are created equal. Weeding through this often crowded field can feel a little bit daunting. Taking the time to answer a few key questions and consider a few important factors will go a long way toward helping you find the best lower receiver for your build.

Key Components Of A Blackout Lower Receiver

A lower receiver has a few important components in the fire control group. This includes things like:

The Trigger – While it might seem basic, not all triggers are the same. If you are going to be spending a lot of time at the range, you might want to prioritize a lower receiver with a trigger known to be comfortable, or perhaps plan to upgrade the trigger yourself with another ergonomic unit.

Triggers can further be broken down into single, double, binary, or drop-in triggers. Many AR-15 custom builds will use a drop-in trigger as they are easy to install. They’re also self-contained with a comfortable trigger, sear, hammer, and springs all in one.

The Sear – Is a piece of heavy-duty flat steel at the front of the trigger. It serves to keep the hammer in the cocked position until you pull the trigger. The hammer then engages it while at rest. When you pull the trigger, the sear is angled down toward the cut-out of the hammer which releases it to strike the firing pin. pulled.

The Disconnector – Plays an important role in the firing and recoil system. When you fire a round, the bolt carrier group moves back to the buffer tube via the gas system. As this happens it pushes the hammer down to the trigger assembly again which essentially re-cocks the hammer to be ready for the next round. The spring-loaded disconnector then catches the hammer to prepare it for the next round.

Make Sure It Fits Your Planned Or Existing Barrel

Barrel length can vary with a lot of builds from as short as 9 or 10 inches to as long as 20-inches or more. So, you need to keep the barrel length of your build in mind when choosing a lower receiver.

Make Sure The Lower Receiver Fits Your Upper

You also need to make sure that any lower receiver you choose is also compatible with your upper. The easiest way to ensure this in your build is to go with the same brand as the lower receiver. Manufacturers do their best to encourage brand loyalty this way. If you do with an alternative brand for your upper, you might find the lower receiver doesn’t fit as firmly

Consider Upgrading The Trigger

For something so seemingly simple a lot of custom-built AR-15s also choose to upgrade the trigger. If this sounds like you, there are a few options to consider.

A Single-Stage Trigger – This is the standard trigger you get with most lower receiver parts kits. They tend to have a minimal amount of creep, with no take-up, and you rarely end up with stacking problems. Though a lot of AR-15 enthusiasts will complain that low-end single-stage triggers are simplistic and the 7 to 8.5-pound pull weight sometimes feels a little heavy.

A Two-Stage Trigger – This type of trigger often feels a little slack in the build, due to a double disconnector having two points of contact before releasing the hammer. What you get is a light initial take-up of only 1.5 to 2-pounds, which essentially disconnects the first hook. Then there is a modestly heavier “Wall” of the second disconnector hook, which breaks and gives way around 2 to 3 pounds. This type of set up reduces the amount of force you apply to discharge the round, without having it affect your accuracy as much as the heavy pull weight of a single-stage trigger.

A Binary Trigger – There is more than a fair amount of debate about the performance of a binary trigger. In fact, some states have banned them. So, be sure to double-check the regulations where you live! Binary triggers produce a higher rate of fire as the hammer releases a second round as it moves back into the resting position. A lot of binary trigger upgrades require an upgrade to an M16/full-auto .300 BLK bolt carrier group.

A Drop-in Trigger – This is one of the most popular trigger upgrade options in a lot of AR-15 custom builds. Everything is self-contained including a custom, comfort trigger, the sear, and hammer as well as the springs. Since everything is self-contained and preassembled installation is a snap.

Compatibility With Multiple Calibers

Some of the best blackout lower receivers are also compatible with other caliber rounds. Not only does this make them more versatile for your current build, but you might be able to repurpose them later if you choose to upgrade or take on a different exciting build. If you have your eye on a .223 or 9 mm build in the future, or you are planning on a .223 build for this project, you should double-check compatibility with different caliber rounds.

The Butt Stock

The buttstock of the lower receiver also plays into the overall comfort, as well as the accuracy as it pertains to recoil. When more recoil is transferred from the butt of the rifle to the shoulder and ultimate the body it can also affect your overall accuracy.

Experienced shooters will typically be able to adjust to this quickly. A long session or two at the gun range can help you dial it in. Still, selecting a lower receiver with a padded or some type of ergonomic considerations will further help you become more consistently accurate.

Some lower receivers are designed to collapse easily. This is a great way to pack them out with you into the bush where space might be at a premium. Though the trade-off here is that a lot of people feel like a collapsible stock doesn’t feel as firm on the shoulder.

Can I Install My Own Lower Receiver?

If you are handy, have the right tools and a fair amount of gunsmith experience, installing your own lower receiver might be within your skillset. Though a lot of people still prefer to bring a custom build to a professional gunsmith. Not only do they have the tools, training, and experience, but some will warranty their workmanship.

The Best Blackout Lower Receiver Reviews For 2020

In the following section we will take a close look at a selection of outstanding .300 blackout lowers that offer great value for the money.

The PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower right profile

The PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower offered by Palmetto State Armory comes fully assembled and ready for installation with your preferred upper. It is machined from Aluminum Forgings 7075-T6 with an anodized Type III Class 2 hard coat and an M4 stock with an M4 lock nut. This grade of aluminum is known for being heavy-duty and instills a certain level of confidence when you seat the buttstock to your shoulder.

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower

This high-quality lower receiver has a Milspec diameter Receiver Extension and the unnotched hammer is 9 mm compatible. It’s also worth noting that it has a standard carbine buffer.

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower top

Beyond the technical specs, the PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower has a reputation for being comfortable in the hand. It has a tight, firm fit and smooth mechanics. All told it’s a great value for the price, and unlikely to leave you with a case of buyer’s remorse.

See on Palmetto State Armory

  • Heavy-duty construction and superior build quality
  • It’s also 9 mm compatible
  • Firm & comfortable buttstock
  • Classic look and feel
  • The original trigger has a slightly heavy pull
  • The relationship between the trigger and the hook is a little gritty at first

PSA Complete Rifle Lower Receiver A2- 504399

PSA Complete Rifle Lower Receiver A2- 504399

This lower receiver was engineered to be easy to install. The buttstock was designed to look very much like a traditional, standard rifle stock. Which appeals to traditionalists who like that classic look, and the feel of a traditional buttstock on the shoulder.

This lower receiver was engineered to also be very versatile. Not only will it fit .300 Blackout rifles, but it will also work with other caliber AR rifles such as a 5.56 or a .223. It’s machined from 7075-T6 aluminum forging for superior durability, as well as an anodized MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard coat.

In the original purchase, you get the usual trigger assembly as well as a pistol grip paired with the buttstock for superior control. Though with a traditional buttstock like this you will feel a modest amount of recoil, which might affect your accuracy at first. So, be prepared to spend a little extra time at the gun range after you complete the install to get a good feel for how the pull weight of the trigger and the recoil will affect your accuracy. If you want to lower the recoil of your gun, consider getting a .300 BLK muzzle brake to fit your build.

If you’re not completely comfortable with the heavy pull weight of the PSA Complete Rifle Lower Receiver A2- 504399’s trigger, you might want to consider upgrading to a two-stage or a drop-in trigger.

See on Palmetto State Armory

  • Classic comfortable stock
  • Compatible with multiple caliber rifles
  • Very easy to install
  • The pull weight of the original trigger is a little heavy
  • Fit can feel a little loose if not properly installed

PSA AR15 Complete MOE SBA3 Lower Receiver 5165448150

PSA AR-15 Complete MOE SBA3 Lower Receiver

This is a great value pick for a lower receiver. It’s machined from7075-T6 aluminum forgings with a MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 anodized hard coat as well as a 7075 Receiver Extension. This type of aluminum is incredibly durable as well as lightweight.

The buttstock is also nicely padded to minimize the impact of recoil. It’s also worth noting that it’s collapsible which makes it highly portable and a great space saver for times when you might need to hike into the bush to make a base camp.

The black Magpul grip and Magpul trigger guard are comfortable in your hand. It also had an EPT (Enhanced Polished Trigger Group) that just feels natural when you’re handling it.

Beyond the technical specs, the brace of the PSA AR15 Complete MOE SAB3 Lower Receiver feels comfortable, which is handy if you are going to be taking it for long sessions at the shooting range. It’s also worth noting that it feels firm from the moment you install it. Which isn’t always true of bargain lower receivers that often have a little slop to them.

See on Palmetto State Armory

  • Easily adjustable and comfortable
  • Comfortable Magpul grip
  • Magpul trigger with Enhanced Polished Trigger Group
  • Doesn’t always fit firmly with alternative brand uppers
  • The safety selector isn’t very intuitive

PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe/Fire – 1728

PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe Fire

If you are looking for a lower receiver with a natural feeling and easy to use safety, then the Palmetto State Armory Safe/Fire – 1728 needs to be near the top of your list. They use cutting edge manufacturing techniques to produce forged Mil-Spec lowers.

This type of automated manufacturing system allows for consistency in performance, while also helping to keep the overall price to you to a minimum. It makes the PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe/Fire – 1728 another great value option if you are on a budget.

PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe Fire

This lower receiver is produced using 7075-T6 and is designed to be multi-caliber compatible with most platforms and custom builds. As you’d expect it has a black Type 3 class 2 anodized hard coat.

The fires selector is one of the places where the Palmetto State Armory Safe/Fire – 1728 shines. It’s engineered to be a high shelf lower with a clearly marked safe and fire that you’ll appreciate.

PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe Fire top

If there’s a complaint with this unit, it’s that the stock can sometimes feel a little loose. The Magpul grip also has a lot of hard plastic components. If you’re going to be using it for long sessions at the shooting range, you might want to replace it with an ergonomic grip to prevent long-term hand fatigue. This is one of those foibles that pops up in a lot of value-priced lower receivers.

The trigger on the PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe/Fire – 1728 sometimes feels a little gritty when it’s first installed. Considering the friendly price point, you might want to spend a little bit more money to upgrade it to a two-stage trigger.

See on Palmetto State Armory

  • Consistent machining
  • A Very friendly price point
  • Intuitive safety selector
  • The lower receiver doesn’t fit tightly with some off-brand uppers
  • Trigger sometimes feels a little gritty


Enthusiasts who want to modify or tackle their own custom build certainly can feel spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a lower receiver. Keeping some basic material cues in mind and making sure that the lower receiver you are interested in is compatible with your upper and your barrel is a great starting point.

From there you might want to look at some of the other features of the lower receiver, or possible additional custom upgrades you might want to put into it. Many AR-15 enthusiasts who embrace a full custom build will often replace the standard trigger that comes with the lower receiver with a drop-in trigger. Though there are certainly those who are fully satisfied with the trigger that comes with it. Especially if you want a smooth, heavy pull.

With the key details dialed in, you can then filter the options by your available budget. If you are looking for a good value lower receiver and your budget is a little tight, you might want to put the PSA AR-15 Lower Receiver Safe/Fire – 1728 on your radar. Though if you have the money to spend and you want something with a long-standing reputation for quality, then the PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower receiver will likely rise to the top of your list.

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