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Concealed Carry CCW
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Best Concealed Carry Insurance [2021 Update]

Our CCW Insurance Top Pick We looked at the most popular concealed carry coverages and our favorite is the USCCA. They are a bit more expensive than the other providers but offer a lot more bang for your money! Some of our team members have been personal clients of USCCA for years! Visit USCCA All ... Read more
Sniper Rifle
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MRAD Vs. MOA Rifle Sighting: The Only Article You’ll Need

Sighting in or “zeroing” a rifle is the art of aligning iron or telescopic sights with the barrel, thus allowing the shooter to place bullets predictably at a given distance. In this article, we will focus on telescopic sights or “scopes” because they offer significant advantages over open sights, especially at longer distances. Scopes have ... Read more
Selection of handgun powders
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A Brief Guide To Handgun Powders

I am a reloader. I take the brass cases that others often toss in the trash can (or just leave on the ground), clean them, and re-use them. I admit it. I’m a pack rat of the highest water when it comes to brass. (Don’t even ask about the lead-colored items I hoard from my ... Read more
Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt and S&W 629 together and holster
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Single Action vs. Double Action Revolvers

Two does were standing, right at last light, in the stubble of a cut bean field across from our house around 80 yards away – or so I thought. I selected the nearer of the two and raised my revolver. Without a laser range finder, I made a “best-educated-guess” as to the range. I pulled ... Read more
cast bullets on board
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How To: Cast Bullets [Complete Guide]

The sun was just beginning to peek over the tree line as one of my sons and I sat at the edge of a thicket, facing a large, unmowed meadow. It was November and deer firearms season. We watched a couple of nice does meander towards us across the meadow. We decided I would attempt ... Read more

About Proposition 63

Since we live in a constitutional republic divided into fifty separate sovereign states, the laws by state can vary significantly, especially when it comes to firearms and ammunition. While all states have laws regulating firearms and ammunition, some state laws are very lax, while others are more restrictive. Even before Proposition 63 went into effect ... Read more
Used guns on shelf
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Guide To Used Gun Values [What is it worth?]

We’ve all been there. Somehow, we acquire a handgun, rifle or shotgun that eventually just becomes a safe queen. It could have been (as in my experience) a pistol that I thought would be just the ticket for concealed carry/hunting/steel targets/etc. Yet somehow, after owning the gun a while, I decided that maybe I acted ... Read more
.308 Winchester Ammo
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7.62×39 vs .308 Win – Cartridge Comparison

In this cartridge comparison, we are going to look at two cartridges that many people probably have never thought about comparing; The 7.62×39 vs the .308. This is an interesting comparison for several reasons. The 7.62×39 round is most known for its use in the AK 47, but it is becoming more commonplace in the ... Read more
Lee Primer Dispenser on Reloading Press
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Best Reloading Press [Beginner & Advanced]

Reloading your own ammo is a relaxing, rewarding hobby. Not only can you save money when you make your own ammo as opposed to buying factory stuff, it’s a lot of fun as well. To be totally honest, you may not save a lot of money shooting your ammo but you will get more shots ... Read more
Rifle Caliber Comparison
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Rifle Calibers [Ultimate Guide]

It’s just about time for firearms deer season here at home. This year, as in years past, one of my sons and I will head to the deer blind armed with (him) a .308 and (me) a .243. This is saying something, because it’s only been a couple of years that rifle calibers were legal ... Read more
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.243 Win vs .270 Win – Cartridge Comparison

When comparing the .243 vs the .270, we are looking at two well-known and popular rounds that overlap in their shooting applications. While there is overlap, there are areas where one cartridge is going to be better suited than the other. That’s what we have set out to look at in this article rather than ... Read more
.30-06 Sprg Ammo
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.30-30 Win vs .30-06 Sprg – Cartridge Comparison

There are a plethora of cartridges available for civilians on today’s market. Deciding on which cartridge fits the hunting or shooting competitions you have in mind can be daunting, and this article is meant to provide you with an in-depth comparison of two of the more historical hunting cartridges in the US; the .30-30 vs ... Read more
Handgun Caliber Comparison
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Handgun Calibers [Ultimate Guide]

If you’re a brand-new handgunner or if you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at some data on the cartridges we shoot. Maybe we’re thinking of expanding our gun collection but are not sure which way to go in terms of caliber, or maybe we’re just curious as ... Read more
All rails (two weaver two Picatinny)
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Weaver Vs. Picatinny [Mounting Systems Explained]

Slotted rail mounting systems, like Weaver and Picatinny, come standard on nearly all modern rifles. These rails play a big role in the modularity of AR-15s, and like many great firearm advancements, are a blend of military need and civilian ingenuity. Based on appearance alone, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. This ... Read more
Two fluted rifle barrels
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The Real Benefits of Barrel Fluting

Depending on who you ask, a fluted barrel is either the solution to all your woes, or a complete waste of money. Few would deny its aesthetic appeal, but a purely aesthetic improvement can be hard to justify. Having your barrel fluted comes with certain risks too, which is why many buy an aftermarket barrel ... Read more
300 WM and 308 Win Ammo
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.300 Win Mag vs .308 Win – Cartridge Comparison

In this article, we are going to look at two cartridges of the same bullet diameter that have very distinct differences in their performance. Though they are different, when looking at the .300 Win Mag vs the .308 Winchester, we see two effective cartridges that when used in the right scenario, will be successful hunt ... Read more
.50 BMG Ammo
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.338 Lapua Mag vs .50 BMG – Cartridge Comparison

In this cartridge comparison, we are going to take a look at two cartridges, the .338 Lapua and the .50 BMG, two rounds that separate the men from the boys. Seriously, these are heavy duty rounds that fill a very specific niche in the shooting world. These include heavy stopping power that can be carried ... Read more
.243 Winchester Ammo
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6mm Creedmoor vs .243 – Cartridge Comparison

The 6mm Creedmoor vs .243 is a very interesting comparison. It’s a look at an old but trusted and proven cartridge in the .243 Win and a look at a new 6mm Creedmoor cartridge where the results have yet to come in on if it is here to stay or will eventually fall back into ... Read more
Shooting Range
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Rimfire vs Centerfire – All YOU have to know!

For many hunters like myself, rimfire ammunition is used nearly as often as centerfire ammunition. I do a great deal of hunting with my .22 long rifle, and rely on it for most small game. However, you really have to look at the design and operation of rimfire vs centerfire ammunition to determine which one ... Read more
.357 Magnum Ammo
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.357 Mag vs 9mm – Cartridge Comparison

Any conversation about cartridge comparisons, especially when talking about handgun cartridges, comes up there is a good chance that at least one of the two cartridges we are discussing in this article come up. The .357 vs 9mm is a comparison that features two of the more popular and well known cartridges. Both are entrenched ... Read more
9mm Luger Ammo
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9mm vs 10mm – Cartridge Comparison

When it comes to self-defense, there are several valid arguments for the 9mm vs 10mm handgun. Both are very popular and have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the 9mm is widely regarded as the ‘ideal’ handgun for self-defense and is one of the most highly used handguns in military and police forces. This goes for ... Read more
.458 SOCOM Ammo
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.458 SOCOM vs .50 Beowulf – Cartridge Comparison

In this cartridge comparison of the .458 SOCOM vs .50 Beowulf, we are going to take a look at how these two cartridges, which often compete in the same shooting niches, compare to each other in a variety of ballistic and other performance categories. Because these two cartridges share a lot of similarities, it can ... Read more
10mm Auto Ammo
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10mm vs .45 ACP – Cartridge Comparison

When looking at the 10mm vs .45 ACP, we are looking at a cartridge that has been proven over and over for over a century, and we are looking at a cartridge that came out hot in the 1980’s, tapered off, and has been surging back into the shooting world. Both of these cartridges offer ... Read more
.357 Magnum Ammo
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.357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum – Cartridge Comparison

The two cartridges we are going to look at in this article, the .357 vs .44 Magnum, are steeped in American culture and tradition. They both also serve some of the same shooting niches including hunting and self-defense. In this article, we will take a look at these high velocity and hard-hitting handgun cartridges by ... Read more
.300 Win Mag Rifle on the range
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.300 Win Mag vs .300 WSM – Cartridge Comparison

In this article, we are going to look at two rifle cartridges, the .300 Winchester Magnum and the .300 Winchester Short Magnum. And while their names are similar, we are going to dive deeper into their performance specs in this comparison. The similarities in the name alone are enough to throw off those who might ... Read more
.270 Winchester Rifle
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7mm-08 Rem vs .270 Win – Cartridge Comparison

In this cartridge comparison, we are going to take a look two cartridges, the 7mm-08 Rem and the .270 Win. Both of these cartridges became popular in the shooting world because of their ballistic characteristics, especially the trajectory, and the low recoil while still can bring down medium and even larger sized game. Given the ... Read more