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Beau has collected guns since he was 21. His father taught him hunting, bullet casting and reloading, which lead him to develop a strong passion for guns and gun gear. After serving in the military, Beau got himself even more guns. Today, he loves to shoot and write about his weapons. He shares most of his passion with other gun enthusiasts here on Sniper Country. Beau has also trained with the USCCA and is a current member.
A close up shot of the Beretta M92 being held
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Beretta M9 vs 92FS – Comparison

Beretta is a renowned Italian firearms manufacturer that produces some of the finest weapons ever designed. Italy has a long-standing tradition of crafting high-quality guns. In fact, two of the best weapons in my gun safe are Italian. The US Army and Navy also recognize this quality, having used the Beretta M9 as their standard-issue ... Read more
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The Best Glock Speed Loaders for Fast Reloading

Do you like your Glock but hate having to reload it? Well, we have good news for you. There are some great speed loaders out there that can help you reload your handgun quickly and easily. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best Glock speed loaders currently available on the ... Read more
Rock River Arms LAR-15 outdoors
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Best AR-15 Hard Cases to Keep Your Firearms Safe

If you’re an active member of the gun community, chances are you participate in competitions, group hunting, or regular target practice. For many of us, that means traveling. Whether by land, air, or sea, transporting an AR-15 requires proper planning and protective travel equipment. And for that, you’ll need the best AR-15 hard cases to ... Read more
Troy Defense M5 9mm Carbine right side
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Best 9mm AR Buffers

A buffer is a metal piece located inside the buffer tube in the stock. It’s designed to absorb a lot of the recoil from an AR. If you want to make your AR easier to shoot with less recoil, getting one of the best 9mm AR buffers is ideal. Luckily, we have here a list ... Read more
The 4 Best Foregrip Bipods
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The Best Foregrip Bipods

For anyone who needs stealth on their side, they’ll need a bipod to aid them. Foregrip bipods are excellent for rifles and tactical shotguns, so we put together this review of the best foregrip bipods we could find on the market. Foregrip bipods, depending on their design, can improve shooting in a number of ways. ... Read more
Ruger 10/22 Rifle with wooden stock
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Best Ruger 10/22 Stocks

So you’re looking for a new stock to upgrade your favorite Ruger 10/22? Ruger 10/22’s have been proven firearms for decades and while making changes can produce an even better rifle, sometimes tampering with an already great thing can lead to a worse one. Whether you’re looking for a particular aesthetic to show off at ... Read more
The 4 Best Marlin 336 Scopes
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The Best Marlin 336 Scopes

While rifles serve many uses, sometimes the classics are best for the classic function: good, old fashioned hunting. The Marlin 336 is an astounding rifle that has been taking down deer for the last 65 years. Here, we covered some of the best Marlin 336 scopes, finding the right one for an oldie but goodie ... Read more
The 4 Best 3X Magnifiers
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The Best 3x Magnifiers: Ultimate Guide

Many shooters don’t like to mess too much with their scope during shooting since this can screw up your zero and all-over accuracy. And investing in a good 1-3x magnifier is a solid solution to enhance the ability of your scope. Luckily, we’ve put together this review of the best 3x magnifiers on the market. ... Read more
springfield m14 m1a scope
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The 7 Best Scopes For M1A and M14

The M14 and the semi-automatic variant currently sold by Springfield Armory under the name M1A have long had a popular following in the United States. Because of the long-range, hard-hitting potential of this rifle, there has also been a fifty-plus-year quest to find the best scope for the M1A rifle. Famous Marine sniper Carlos Hathcockcarried ... Read more
Best CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Accessories
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Best CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Accessories

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 is a sub-gun, and it’s certainly a looker. You can have a lot of fun with this weapon on an outdoor range, and it grays the area between tactical and hunting capabilities as well. Even these less common weapons can use a couple of enhancements, so we put together ... Read more
Best Long Range Scopes
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Best Long Range Scopes: Ultimate Guide

Long-range rifle scopes have come a long way in history. From brass tubes as long as the rifle with low magnification and little adjustments, even the best budget long-range scope now comes with updated sighting technology and high-quality materials for durability and resistance to weather conditions. Picking the best long-range scope for the money requires consideration of your ... Read more
Best Scopes with Red Dot on Top
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Best Scopes with Red Dot on Top

There are a plethora of scopes out on the market, and each one has a particular feature stronger than the others. The problem with scopes is that long-range scopes aren’t very good in short-range shooting, and vice versa. As a result, gun owners need to buy multiple scopes. A scope red dot combo is the ... Read more
The 4 Best AR-15 Carry Handles
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The 4 Best AR-15 Carry Handles

One of the main purposes for adding a carry handle to your AR-15 is to elevate the rear sight. A carry handle is not just for carrying. They come in handy for many AR-15 owners, and most are designed to not interfere with the original sights on your rifle. In this article, we’ve compiled a ... Read more
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The 4 Best Glock Speed Loaders

We love finding tools and gadgets that really streamline the process of using a gun. This applies to every aspect, from loading to shooting, to cleaning. We’ve compiled this review of the best Glock speed loaders. There are actually quite a lot of Glock speed loaders that you can choose from online. While price can ... Read more
mosin nagant rifle
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Best Mosin Nagant Stocks for A Modern-Looking Rifle

The Mosin Nagant is one of the most popular and well-known military surplus rifles on the market today and is well known for its inherent durability and affordability. There are a wide variety of aftermarket accessories available for the Mosin Nagant today, thanks to its immense popularity with American shooters. One such accessory that is ... Read more
ar 15 scopes EOTech G43 micro magnifier behind an EOTech XPS2
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The 4 Best Scope Mounting Kits

You’ve read our best scope and mounting ring reviews and bought your preferred gear. It’s time to install them on your handgun, but you’re missed to get one of the best scope mounting kits. The mounting kit business is dominated by two major brands: Weaver and Wheeler. Despite having essentially similar names, each brand has ... Read more
Ruger 9e Accessories
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Best Ruger 9e Accessories

You may have never heard of the Ruger 9e. It’s a very conventional pistol. However, it’s often overshadowed by its SR series counterparts. Finding the correct accessories for this model might be complicated. Therefore, we’ve collected a list of the top Ruger 9e accessories on the market. The Ruger 9e has a few wonderful attributes ... Read more
Ruger SR9 with a magazine
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The Best Ruger SR9 Accessories

The Ruger SR9 is a pistol that would technically be considered a compact handgun by many. However, it’s barely under the technical specifications for a full-sized weapon and handles more like a full-sized weapon as well. If you shoot your Ruger SR9 often, you might want to add accessories to boost your shooting performance. We’ve ... Read more
The 4 Best Case Trimmers
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The 4 Best Case Trimmers

Reloading cases is a terrific method to save money, and with effort and patience, any gun owner can become an expert at this pastime. However, with each bullet you fire, the casings distort over time. To prevent making them “unloadable,” there is one fantastic tool that is well worth the money: a Case Trimmer. Choosing ... Read more
Ruger 10/22 Rifle
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Best Ruger 10/22 Chassis: Complete Buying Guide

No gun collection is truly complete without a Ruger 10/22. The 10/22 is not just one of the most customizable firearms ever made, it’s also very reliable, well-built, and incredibly versatile. But what if you want to take your 10/22 to the next level? That’s where a chassis comes in. A chassis is a fancy ... Read more
A group of soldiers marching with army assault packs on their backs
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The 4 Best Army Assault Packs

When it comes to getting an army assault pack, you have a lot of alternatives. Whether you need a backpack for hunting, camping, hiking, all three, or something else, you have many possibilities. They will all have comparable qualities, but the assault pack you choose will be based mostly on how much carrying capacity you ... Read more
Best Shotgun Lights [2018]
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Best Shotgun Lights

For tactical or self-defense reasons, having a shotgun light on hand may be necessary for circumstances when the lighting is not good. An enemy invading your home is probably doing so at night, and a shotgun tactical light attached to your firearm can be a lifesaver. A good light attachment should not only illuminate whichever ... Read more
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The 4 Best Digital Powder Scales

Many of our readers do more than just hunting on the weekends or spending a day at the range. A lot of us like to be much more involved in the lifestyle and culture of firearms, and having a set of quality tools at hand to reload your ammo is crucial for an accurate shooter. ... Read more

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