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Remington 700
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Best Remington 700s – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Over the past 50 years, the Remington 700 series of rifles have built a strong reputation as being one of, if not the, best bolt-action rifle on the market.  What makes this rifle so popular?  There are many reasons that the Remington 700 series is chosen again and again. For one, it comes in a ... Read more
Remington 870 shotgun
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Best Remington 870 Barrels [2020]

Are you looking to upgrade your Remington 870 with a new barrel? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Best Budget Pick: Remington 18.5 inch Parkerized Barrel with IC Bead Sight For the money, the factory Remington 18.5 inch parkerized barrel with an IC bead sight is a solid choice. It’s very rust and ... Read more

The Remington 40-X Rifle

On 6 March 2013, Merle “Mike” Walker passed away at the age of 101 years old. A renowned engineer at Remington Arms for 37 years, Mike is credited for several designs of Remington’s bolt action rifles including the Rem m700, Rem m721, and Rem m722. Additionally, he held numerous patents for trigger designs, and he ... Read more
Remington 870
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Best Remington 870 Upgrades and Accessories

The Remington 870 is one of the big 2 American pump action shotguns. Its only real competitor is the Mossberg 500 platform. The Remington 870 is used by both police and military forces in the United States and around the world. The Remington 870 is an extremely modular platform with options upon options for upgrading ... Read more

Remington 700 Buyers Guide

Generally, the rifles available today are mostly adequate for what’s required of them, whether it’s for hunting or tactical shooting. However, this article specifically looks at the Remington rifles delivered to the market in recent decades and how they evolved. Remington Model 700SS 5-R Milspec In the nineties, the Remington 700P in .308 was a ... Read more
The 4 Best Remington 770 Accessories
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The 4 Best Remington 770 Accessories

The Remington 770 was a smart and awesome replacement for the 710. Perhaps you go on the occasional hunting trip, or perhaps you only shoot leisurely in your spare time. Whatever the reason, the Remington 770 is a fun and less expensive rifle to keep in your arsenal. If you want to improve on this ... Read more
A close up shot of the Remington 700 trigger
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The Best Remington 700 Replacement Triggers

After a recall on the Remington 700 trigger for unintentional discharging, finding a replacement trigger is the best option. Finding a high quality replacement trigger for the Remington 700 will help with control, accuracy, and overall performance. Finding the right trigger can be tricky, but this short guide should provide some pertinent information that will ... Read more
Remington Leupold 700 police tactical sniper
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The 3 Best Remington 700 Stocks for the Money

Being one of the most popular bolt-action rifles of all time, the Remington 700 surely comes with a certain reputation. While being extremely popular among hunters, the same weapon can also be found in the arsenal of our nation’s police and military units. One of the reason this firearm remains popular, even after over 50 ... Read more