USCCA vs. CCW Safe: The Ultimate CCW Insurance Guide

There are a lot of CCW insurance companies out there, but two really stand out as leaders in the industry — USCCA and CCW Safe. But which one is the best?

The answer might surprise you, but it’s important to look closely at both to really determine what works best for you and your family.

What Is Concealed Carry “Insurance”?

Legal disclaimer first — neither of these companies are selling insurance. Technically, they are self-defense legal funds. 

USCCA has an insurance policy from a real insurance company, but CCW Safe basically just has a big bank account that they give you access to when you need it.

If it walks like insurance, talks like insurance, and smells like insurance — is it insurance? For the layperson, sure.

CCW “insurance” helps when the worse happens.

But legally… no. 

No matter what you call it — they do the same thing. If in the event you use force to defend yourself for a loved one, these companies will help you pay for the legal nightmare that will come.

From criminal charges to a defense to a per diem when you’re busy in court and even if you get sued civilly, they will help pay for it.

How much and what they cover depends on the company and the policy.

Coverage Head-To-Head

If you want the complete breakdown, take a look at the table below. For now, let’s hit the important highlights.

Also, if you want a LOT more information about USCCA, check out our article about them. Or you can also take a look at the Best CCW Insurance Companies.

Both CCW Safe and USCCA have unlimited criminal and civil defense funds.

Both let you choose an attorney.

Both have great per diem amounts (if you’re a very high earner, USCCA offers a higher max).

Both give you the money for your defense up front.

Both have respectable bail bonds.

CCW Safe Comparison

USCCA vs. CCW Safe: What are the differences?

Really, it comes down to the extras.

USCCA offers a HUGE amount of training benefits. The lowest tier doesn’t come with a ton, but the highest tier comes with a long list of videos and web seminars that cover an incredible amount of information related to self-defense.

CCW Safe offers a tiny amount of training material, but they also offer a lot of extra coverage like crime scene clean-up, counseling sessions, and red flag protection.

 USCCA All TiersCCW Safe Defender/ ProtectorCCW Safe Ultimate
Criminal Defense MaxUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Civil Defense MaxUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Civil Liability Coverage$2 MillionNone (can upgrade)$1 Million
Choose Your Attorney?YesYesYes
Money Upfront?YesYesYes
Bail Bond Coverage$1 Million$500k (can upgrade to $1 Million)$1 Million
Per Diem$750$250$350
Spousal Legal CoverageNone (can be added)In Home Only (can be upgraded)Equal Coverage
Spousal Civil CoverageNone (can be added)None (can be added)None (can be added)
After Action CounselorNone10 Sessions40 Sessions
Crime Scene Clean-UpNone$3,000 (home only)$4,000 (home + car covered)
Red Flag CoverageNone$5,000$10,000

Trainings Offered

Something that requires more discussion is the training offered by USCCA. These are videos and articles that are filled with really useful information about self-defense. 

Everything from your mindset to what precautions you need to take to how to defend your home is covered.

Trainings offered

Honestly, the list is really, really long.

I can’t say if it will be worth it to you though. Personally, I work in an industry that deals with these topics every day. I’ve done a lot of training classes and a lot of research on my own, so I never really got much new out of the USCCA videos.

However, if you’re not that kind of person already — their videos will go a long, long way to help teach you some important defense topics.

Final Recommendation and Cost Analysis

USCCA offers the same coverage for all of their tiers, it’s just how much training perks you get that change with the tiers.

If you want the cheapest coverage possible — Gold USCCA is $300 per year or $450 per year with a spouse added.

If you want the best coverage with hard tangibles like crime scene clean-up and red flag protection — the CCW Safe Ultimate tier is by far the best. The base cost is $520 per year, but adding a spouse brings the total to $740 per year.

If you want all of the training that USCCA offers, getting the Elite membership for $500 per year is a great deal.

Personally, I would choose CCW Safe Ultimate. It offers the best coverage and coverage is what I want. For training, I would much rather go to real classes on topics I need.

CCW Safe Membership card

Wrapping Up

Only you can know if CCW insurance is right for you. The costs aren’t too bad and the potential protection is massive.

I hope with this USCCA vs. CCW Safe article, I’ve been able to help you figure out what works best for you and your family!

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