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Beretta 3032 Tomcat and ammo
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Beretta 3032 Tomcat [Review]: A Worthy Self-Defense Pistol?

If you’re looking for an ultra-compact pistol chambered in .32 ACP, the Beretta Tomcat 3032 is worth checking out. This little handgun is extremely concealable — perfect for daily carry — and packs a decent amount of firepower. This tiny pistol is simple to operate and features a tip-up barrel that makes loading and unloading ... Read more
Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight
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Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Review: The Humpback Whale

The Model 638 takes the tried-and-true components of the original Model 38 Bodyguard Airweight and combines them with state-of-the-art improvements. It’s a full-power revolver that’s as straightforward to operate as it is dependable. Learn more about the Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight and decide if it’s the correct handgun for you by reading our in-depth ... Read more
Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact
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Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Compact Review

You could really do worse than choosing a slightly-smaller rimfire version of your main gun to practice with. That’s where the Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Compact gun comes in — a stand-in for your centerfire boomer. This Compact is 15% smaller than a full-size M&P 22. Speaking of M&P. The M&P line of semi-auto ... Read more
Ruger Security-9
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Ruger Security-9 Review: Great Value 9mm Pistol

With its compact size and high capacity, the Ruger Security-9 is an excellent choice for everyday concealed carry. Its hammer-fired mechanism makes its slide more manageable when racking than that of a striker-fired pistol. And there is more. It also has some additional qualities that may make it appealing to many shooters. Today, we’re going ... Read more
Kimber Custom II
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Kimber Custom II 1911 Review

If you’re a gun owner, you know there’s nothing like owning a 1911. They’re revered for their precision and craftsmanship, and the Kimber Custom II is no exception. It’s been around for years and has built a reputation for being reliable, accurate, and well-made. In this review, we’ll look at why the Custom II is ... Read more
Ruger SR1911 Commander
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Ruger SR1911 Commander Hands-On Review

Ruger is the largest firearms manufacturer in the United States. Bill Ruger and Alexander Sturm established the corporation in 1949. From 2009 to 2012, the corporation dominated the market for handguns, and they were second only to Remington in the rifle industry. However, with Remington out of the picture, that will likely change. Still, looking ... Read more
Taurus 905
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Taurus 905 [Hands-On Review]: A Great 9mm Snubby

Considering the question, “Why would one desire a 9mm revolver?”, it’s noteworthy that 9mm is currently the most prominent caliber for concealed carry. Hence, it stands to reason why it’s an attractive option. This is where our Taurus 905 review comes into play. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who carries a concealed firearm opts ... Read more
Glock 23
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Glock 23: The Compact .40 S&W

Deer-legal in my state. Huh? The Glock 23 is deer-legal in my state. The .40 S&W shot through a minimum-4-inch barrel is considered deer medicine where I live. Add in the ability to shoot the .40 from a carbine, and the joy increases with each additional foot-pound of energy you gain with that longer barrel. ... Read more

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