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The Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazine

At the range, every shooter understands how aggravating it is to reload magazines. It can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and impractical at times. Plus, it’s life-threatening to run out of ammunition when chasing down armed intruders. Now a quick and easy solution is using extended magazines. Today, I’ll go over the Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazines ... Read more
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Sig Sauer P365 SAS [Hands-on Review]

The SIG P365 series changed the world of concealed carry. These microcompact guns packed a double-stack capacity into a single stack-sized firearm. In 2019, SIG Sauer introduced the SIG Anti-Snag (SAS), a variation of the SIG P365 with antisnag treatment. It is touted to be the perfect snag-free concealed carry weapon. In this hands-on review, ... Read more
Concealed Carry Gun Draw
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Best Concealed Carry Guns [2021]

Are you looking for a new concealed carry gun? In this article, we’ll talk about the best concealed carry guns available in the market today. Choosing to carry a concealed weapon is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. On the one hand, it’s exercising a fundamental American and I would ... Read more
9mm pistols and ammo
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Best 9mm Pistols | A Complete Guide

The 9mm pistol has long held a reputation as a great round for target shooting and competition. Its greatest surge in popularity has occurred over the past 30 years or so as more concealed carriers have adopted it as their favorite. What is it and why is the 9mm pistol so popular? The 9mm caliber ... Read more
Chiappa Rhino 60DS
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Chiappa Rhino 60DS [Hands-On Review]

When it comes to power and accuracy, revolvers are my go-to weapon. Despite what haters say, these wheelguns have more than meets the eye. Besides its popularity in movies, revolvers make reliable weapons for self-defense. Plus, they also perform great at the ranch. Today we are taking a look at one of my personal favorites, ... Read more
Pelican handgun case
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The 4 Best Handgun Cases

How are you transporting your handguns to the range or in your car? Owning a good quality handgun case is important for any responsible gunowner, especially if you don’t live in an open-carry state. We’ve put together this review of the best handgun cases on the market. Handgun cases can serve a couple of purposes, ... Read more
The Best Tactical Fanny Packs
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The 5 Best Tactical Fanny Packs

If inside the waistband and outside the waistband holsters just won’t cut it for you, you may want to consider a tactical fanny pack. No, we’re not suggesting you go full “90’s Dad” (you can leave the long socks and open-toed sandals at home). However, a pack worn around the waist has a lot of ... Read more
A close up shot of the Walther PPQ
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The 4 Best Walther PPQ Holsters

The Walther PPQ is often overlooked, and it’s a seriously underrated gun. Walther’s handguns fit a very standard model for concealed carry weapons, and the company offers a variety of options and upgrades. The PPQ is slightly over the 3” barrel size of many compact handguns, so not all mini holsters will fit this pistol. ... Read more
Review: Rock River Arms 1911-A1 | UNBOXING VIDEO
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Review: Rock River Arms 1911-A1

Let’s start this Rock River Arms 1911 review off with this statement: I like 1911s. I don’t know how many I’ve owned over the years. I tend to live for a good while in the no-1911-zone, but it is always followed by an urgent desire to own another one. I’ve owned 1911s made by Colt, ... Read more
The detail stripped CMP M1911A1. There was no evidence of damaged or significantly worn parts. Other than a refresh of the springs with a kit from Wolff Gun Springs, the gun remains true to its arsenal rework from 1986.
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Best 1911 Builder Kits [2021]

Owning a custom pistol is almost every gun hobbyist’s dream, but there’s always a catch. Did you know that the United State’s top gunsmiths charge clients $8,000 per custom build on average? This led to the creation of builder kits to prevent us from overpaying for customized weapons. As a custom build fan myself, one ... Read more
Sig P365 Review [Hands-On with Video]
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Sig P365 Review [Hands-On with Video]

The world of concealed carry pistols has been changed entirely by the SIG P365. Before the P365, the single stack 9mm ruled as king. Guns like the Glock 43, the Walther PPS, the XDs series, and beyond ruled. Out of nowhere, SIG came swinging in with what they called the micro-compact. This new genre of ... Read more
Smith & Wesson Model 60 Barrel
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12 Best .357 Magnum Revolvers

The .357 Magnum cartridge is the most popular all-around revolver cartridge out there. The .357 seems to be the go-to round for wheel gunners. You can also use it whether you carry a snubby for protection or a larger gun for target shooting, hunting and hiking. In addition, the cartridge is viable for most uses ... Read more
Smith and Wesson revolver
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4 Best .45 ACP Revolvers

Some of you might be wondering: is there still a place for revolvers in this age of modern, semi-automatic handguns? Obviously, the answer is yes. Otherwise, gun brands should have already ceased manufacturing them. Although revolvers existed for nearly two centuries, it still has its own charm. I personally love using revolvers because they’re more ... Read more
Smith and Wesson SD40VE accessory - streamlight monochrome
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The 4 Best Smith and Wesson SD40VE Accessories

Almost everything about the Smith and Wesson SD40VE handgun has been designed with self-defense in mind. From the slide serrations to the trigger pull, to the ergonomic grip, the ultimate goal is fast target acquisition and a confident shot (or two). We’ve compiled a review of the best Smith and Wesson SD40VE accessories and upgrades, ... Read more
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The 10 Best .45 Pistols

I bet you’re considering a .45 pistol because you’ve heard of its impressive characteristics. The .45 caliber has served the military and law enforcement for years. The FBI also used the same caliber, which led to the development of the .40 S&W round. Indeed, the .45 ACP is one of the most trusted calibers for ... Read more

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