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The right side of the Smith & Wesson Model 617. Note the windage adjustment screw for the fully adjustable rear sight.
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[Review] Smith and Wesson 617: The Perfect Revolver?

Smith and Wesson 617 summary Introduction A descendent of the 1899 K-frame Smith & Wesson’s Model 617 shares the company’s K frame heritage that stretches back to 1899. K frame guns were worn by American soldiers in both World Wars, served as duty weapons to virtually every police agency in the country, and provided millions ... Read more
Close up shot of the Ruger GP100
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Ruger GP100 Revolver – expert hands on review [2021]

Ruger and the revolver First, before we get to the Ruger GP100, let’s take a quick look at history. Ruger has had a long relationship with revolvers. Although the company was founded to produce a semi-automatic .22 pistol, Ruger’s second product was actually a single action revolver in .357 Magnum. This was to capitalize on ... Read more