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night vision scope
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The 7 Best Night Vision Scopes For The Money

Night vision scopes used to be only available to select groups of people ― namely military personnel, law enforcement, and people with money. This has changed drastically in the last 15 years or so, with companies making inexpensive night vision scopes for the average person. Many hunters have begun to utilize this technology for hunting ... Read more
Aimpoint Pro Red Dot mounted on Scorpion EVO
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The 5 Best Budget Red Dot Sights

There are certainly many appealing characteristics of one-inch tube scopes, but their price tags can usually turn buyers away pretty quickly. A more affordable option is to look into red dot sights. This is a sight category with a few inexpensive options. The big question, of course, is how do you know which ones are ... Read more
The 4 Best DMR Scopes
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The 4 Best DMR Scopes

Designated Marksman Rifles (or DMR, for short) are a unique type of gun with the qualities of both a rifle and a sniper. It plays a particularly influential role in both police enforcement and the military. A DMR needs a good DMR scope, which has a few unique capabilities. This is a review of what ... Read more
Best Holographic Sights - AR-15 and More!
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Best 4 Holographic Sights [2021]

Holographic and other reflex sights are continuing to be used as replacements for the standard iron sights, and if you’re looking to join the party or searching for a replacement, this article will cover four of the best holo sights available. Our contenders are: A holographic sight is a form of red dot sight that ... Read more
Sniper Rifle
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MRAD Vs. MOA Rifle Sighting: The Only Article You’ll Need

Sighting in or “zeroing” a rifle is the art of aligning iron or telescopic sights with the barrel, thus allowing the shooter to place bullets predictably at a given distance. In this article, we will focus on telescopic sights or “scopes” because they offer significant advantages over open sights, especially at longer distances. Scopes have ... Read more
Selection of red dot sights and 9mm carbine
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Best Red Dot Sights [Hands-on Review]

Red dot sights are a handy piece of firearm tech that greatly decreases the amount of time it takes to get a weapon on target. They have become the go-to for close to midrange shooting and with ever smaller and more efficient LEDs, are a great option for pistols too. There are two main types ... Read more
Primary Arms 2.5x with open covers
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Review: Primary Arms 2.5x Compact Scope

Primary Arms is an established brand in the world of optics, and is known for their high quality products at mid-range prices. Quick Facts Buying a new rifle is always exciting, whether it be planned or an impulse purchase. On the drive home, your mind is filled with thoughts of holes in paper and the ... Read more

Technical Evaluation: ELCAN C79 Scope

Canadian manufacturer, ELCAN (Ernst Leitz Canada) produced the C79 optical scope, which has been predominantly used by the Canadian military since 1989. The scope is still being used on Canada’s C7A1 rifle and the C9A1 light machine gun. Although we think a fixed 10-power scope would be more suitable here, this scope seems to offer ... Read more

How to Choose a Scope Mount

There isn’t one unique and perfect solution for a scope mount because it depends entirely on your shooting skill, what you use your rifle for and how you use it. But the real big question when it comes to choosing a scope mount is: Tapered or Flat? It’s a common but incorrect assumption that a ... Read more

How to Pick a Good Spotting Scope

This article looks at several spotting scopes that were tested at 50, 100, 200, and 300 yards. All the scopes have a variable power eye piece with a minimum 60mm objective and are priced below $500, apart from the Panther being more expensive. Three types of targets used for the scope testing included a Hoppes ... Read more

How To Zero A Scope

Telescopic sights have specifications based on internal adjustments and will vary between models, like having a 60 MOA, 85 MOA, 100 MOA or a 120 MOA. At 100 yards, a 60 MOA scope can elevate 60 inches, a 120 MOA scope can elevate 120 inches, an 85 MOA at 85 inches, and so forth. Changing ... Read more
Best .30-30 Scopes For Lever Action Rifles [And Mounts]
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Choosing a Proper Sniper Scope

Whether you’re building a rifle for law enforcement, military, civilian or tactical competition, the scope magnification requirements will vary. Law enforcement wouldn’t need anything more than a 6X scope as riflemen aren’t allowed to take a shot further than 100 yards. Most are taken under 70 yards so a scope with 4 to 6 power ... Read more
AR15 title image
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AR15/M16 Sightlink

The AR-15/M16 series rifle has matured into a remarkable system that has more accessories than any other weapon in the world. It has the right barrel twist and bullet making it very reliable and effective but unfortunately, the military spurned this with its’ 1:7 twist. The owner of Mounting Solutions Plus, Ned Scheer, patented a ... Read more

The 4 Best Scope Mounting Kits

You’ve read our reviews for the best scopes and reviews for the best mounting rings, and you’ve purchased your favorite products. Now, it’s time to install them to your firearm, but you’re lacking all the tools you need. You’ve come to the right place to find the best scope mounting kits on the market. There ... Read more

The 4 Best AR-15 Front Sights

AR-15 rifles are loads of fun to upgrade and add accessories to. There are countless articles on what are the best optics and modifications you can choose, and just about everyone has an opinion. The AR-15 is a timeless rifle style with many traditional features that are interesting to get creative with. The original iron ... Read more
Smith and Wesson SD9VE with a night sight
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The 4 Best Smith and Wesson SD9VE Sights

The Smith and Wesson SD9VE handgun is an excellent weapon for self defense and concealed carry. However, it can get a little tricky to find accessories for it, especially when it comes to sights or holsters that fit your SD9VE. The white dots on the original sights are perfectly useful, but upgrading to night sights ... Read more
Best Red Dot Sights for Shotguns [2019]
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Best Red Dot Sights for Shotguns

The vast majority of casual firearm users might not ever consider using any anything other than the traditional iron sights on their shotguns. I mean, most people don’t think of shotguns as firearms that are meant to be aimed and are more of a point in the general vicinity and pull the trigger type weapon. ... Read more
Best Rangefinder [2019]
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Best Rangefinder

It’s almost plain silly to not use a rangefinder while hunting these days. There are plenty of benefits that come with using them. However, a quick search online can reveal that rangefinders can get really, really expensive. We’re talking up to $400 or more for a little gadget. Not everyone is made of money, so ... Read more
The 4 Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights
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The 4 Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights

Ghost ring sights have been used mainly on shotguns and submachine guns, thanks to their rapid target acquisition and capability to make a huge increase on accuracy. Lately, however, ghost ring pistol sights have been making the rounds (no pun intended) and have become increasingly more popular. If you have a Glock, you may want ... Read more
G23 with a suppressor sight
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The Best Glock Suppressor Sights

Whatever your reason is for needing a Glock suppressor, you’ll need a different style of sights to clear that extra bit of height added onto your handgun. In most cases, this means night sights, but there are options available for raised sights without tritium inserts. We’ve put together a review of the best Glock suppressor ... Read more
Best .300 Win Mag Scopes [2019]
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Best .300 Win Mag Scopes

The .300 Winchester Magnum (or .300 win mag if you like the informal, short hand designation) is a high powered thirty caliber cartridge based off the .375 H&H Magnum. Winchester took the parent case, shortened, blown out and then necked down to take a thirty caliber bullet. Since it’s introduction in 1963, the .300 win ... Read more
Marlin Model 60 with a scope
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Best Marlin Model 60 Scopes

While it can be loads of fun to tinker with the newest and most innovative hunting rifles, sticking to simple pieces for a fun afternoon can be just as satisfying. The Marlin Model 60 rifle is one of our go-to choices for no-hassle hunting. When looking for the best scope for Marlin 60 rifles, one ... Read more
Best Red Dot Magnifiers [2018]
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Best Red Dot Magnifiers

Most tactical shooters employ various red dot technology on their tactical firearms. For the most part, these sights simply function as iron sights and do not provide any form of magnification. The red dot magnifier allows the shooter to add magnification to his red dot sights and gives the versatility of more accurate long range ... Read more
AR10 Rifle with a scope
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Best Scopes For AR10

The AR-10 is the bigger, more powerful brother of the well known AR-15. Commonly chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, it is becoming increasingly popular, and by extension more affordable. Because these powerhouse rifles shoot well known long range rounds, and are useful for hunting, benchrest shooting, and tactical purposes, it is important to select the ... Read more
M&P Shield with a night sight
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The 4 Best M&P Shield Night Sights

If you own a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, you probably have it for some tactical and defensive purposes, right? If so, you should definitely look into buying a set of M&P Shield sights for nighttime use. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the best Shield night sights, and we’ll let ... Read more

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