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night vision scope
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5 Best Night Vision Scopes in 2022

Night vision scopes used to be only available to select groups of people. Namely the military personnel, law enforcement, and people with money. This has changed drastically in the last 15 years or so, with companies making inexpensive night vision scopes for the average person. Many hunters have begun to utilize this technology for hunting ... Read more
Best ACOG Scopes For The AR 15
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Best ACOG Scopes for Your AR-15

The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) is one of the best optics ever made for an AR-15 or any other rifle. It features clear optics, fiber optic, tritium lighting, and durable military-grade construction. They represent the pinnacle of low-powered optics design and are revered everywhere. The Trijicon ACOG scope is one of the most costly ... Read more
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The 4 Best Lasers for the Ruger LCP

For self-defense, the Ruger LCP makes an excellent weapon of choice. Its compact size is suitable for many different ways of concealment. For instance, you can stow it under your waistband or at your ankle. It’s also easy enough to keep in a glove compartment or purse. Should you face any danger, you can whip ... Read more
A close up shot of the Burris reflex sight
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The 5 Best Mini Reflex Sights

The purpose and uses of handguns have come quite a long way, especially in recent history. The appearance of mini reflex sights is becoming increasingly popular. Mostly thanks to the competitive industry, more and more scope and sight brands are coming out with their best technology in mini form. We did some scrounging around online, ... Read more
Laser rangefinder
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Best Rangefinder

One of the most important and fundamental tools you can get as a shooter is a rangefinder, period. From hunting to plinking to competition, a rangefinder is critical for making accurate shots from long distances. From budget-friendly options to professional-grade equipment, there is a huge range of quality, style, and features on the market these ... Read more
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Best AR 15 Scopes

With the most popular rifle in the United States, pushing over 50 years old, optics are the future of firearms. While what we shoot might have plateaued, how we aim is in a golden age of advancement. From red dots to scopes, magnifiers to holographic, we’ve got the best of the best AR 15 scopes, ... Read more
AR10 Rifle with a scope
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Best Scopes For AR-10

The AR-10 is the bigger, more powerful brother of the well-known AR-15. Commonly chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, it is becoming increasingly popular, and by extension more affordable. Because these powerhouse rifles shoot well-known long-range rounds and are useful for hunting, bench rest shooting, and tactical purposes, it is important to select the best AR-10 ... Read more
4 Best 3Gun Scopes [2018]
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Best 3 Gun Scopes

Three gun matches are gaining more and more popularity, and for good reason: they’re a lot of fun, and it’s exciting to compete with different handguns, shotguns, and rifles. A common question is, ”what 3 gun scope should I use?” There are a lot of options to choose from, especially since each type of gun ... Read more
The 4 Best DMR Scopes
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The 4 Best DMR Scopes

Designated Marksman Rifles or DMR are unique types of guns with the qualities of both a rifle and a sniper. It plays a particularly influential role in both police enforcement and the military. A DMR needs a good DMR scope, which has a few unique capabilities. This is a review of what I see as ... Read more
Reflex sight with laser designator
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The 5 Best Reflex Sights For The Money

The best budget reflex sight is a sight that will perform without putting a strain on your wallet. Regular scopes are great for most of the hunting I do, but for fast-moving targets, I turn to my reflex sight, and the best reflex sight will cut down on aiming time significantly. It allows you to ... Read more
Aimpoint Pro Red Dot mounted on Scorpion EVO
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The 4 Best Budget Red Dot Sights

There are a lot of red dots in the world right now and many of them are pretty awesome, but some are really bad. We’ve shot them all and narrowed it down to these few as our top recommendations as the best budget red dot sights! Best Budget Red Dot Sights Bushnell TRS-26 An unsung ... Read more
ar 15 scopes EOTech G43 micro magnifier behind an EOTech XPS2
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Best Holographic Sights [2022]

Holographic and other electronic sights are continuing to be used as replacements for the standard iron sights, and if you’re looking to join the party or searching for a replacement, we’ll cover the best holographic sights on the market! Holographic, Red Dot, & Reflex Sights If you’ve been looking into this topic at all you ... Read more
Best ACOG Clones Scope
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Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives [2022]

If you have ever seen a soldier’s tactical weapon, chances are you saw an ACOG scope. If you look around at civilian tactical weapons chances are you saw an ACOG clone. The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) was designed for distance and accuracy. An original quality one will cost you several hundred dollars or more. ... Read more
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The 4 Best EOTech Magnifiers [2022]

The most popular sights for tactical rifles, shotguns, and handguns are 1X holographic and reflex sights. These types of sights have many benefits during close-range and tactical combat. However, they don’t offer very accurate medium to long-range shooting capabilities. Now, this is where EOTech magnifiers come in making your sight even better. Magnifiers are a ... Read more
Best EOTech Clones
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Best EOTech Clones

EOTech holographic sights are bar none the best sights for low light shooting conditions as well super-fast target acquisition while keeping the rest of the field in view. The problem most people run into is the price tag of these sights. While there are plenty of EOTech clones on the market that may not match ... Read more
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Ruger Mini 14 Scope [Top 4 Reviewed]

If you happen to own a lot of property, or, better yet, a ranch, it’s quite possible that you own Ruger’s Mini 14 Rifle. It’s great for sport shooting but it’s also just an awesome standard rifle that’s easy to keep in the back of your truck as you drive around your acreage. Let’s make ... Read more
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Best Red Dot Magnifiers

Most tactical shooters employ various red dot technology on their firearms. For the most part, these sights simply function as iron sights and do not provide any form of magnification or optics enhancements. The red dot magnifier allows the shooter to add magnification to his red dot sights and gives the versatility of more accurate ... Read more
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The 5 Best Scopes for SKS Rifles

During the Cold War, the SKS rifle was a staple of the Soviet Union. Today, other nations still use it for ceremonial purposes, and some keep it as a reserve or militia issue. SKS rifles are common in war zones across the globe, and many have been brought to the United States since the 1980s. ... Read more
Looking through a thermal scope
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Best Cheap Thermal Scopes [2022]

You might think night vision scopes are the ultimate in cool optics. That is until you tried a thermal scope. Thermal detection lets you see through the darkness, fog, and even heavy brush. With this baddie, that deer will never escape your clutches again. If you’ve shopped for a thermal scope before, you’ll find that ... Read more
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Best .300 Win Mag Scopes

The .300 Winchester Magnum or .300 win mag is a high-powered thirty caliber cartridge based on the .375 H&H Magnum. Winchester took the parent case, shortened, blown out, and then necked down to take a thirty caliber bullet. Since its introduction in 1963, the .300 win mag has proven to be extremely popular with hunters, ... Read more
Viridian Laser on G2c
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Best Taurus G2c Laser Sights [2021]

So, you have a Taurus G2c pistol. You’re probably using it as an everyday carry (EDC) gun or maybe for home defense. Whatever the case is, adding a laser sight to your G2c will increase your accuracy and make it an even more useful gun.  Also, laser sights are not just for plinking and target ... Read more

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