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The Best Glock Suppressor Sights

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Whatever your reason is for needing a Glock suppressor, you’ll need a different style of sights to clear that extra bit of height added onto your handgun. In most cases, this means night sights, but there are options available for raised sights without tritium inserts. We’ve put together a review of the best Glock suppressor sights on the market, and we’ll let you know which we think is the best option for most gunowners.

The market for Glock suppressor sights is pretty limited compared to most other accessories like holsters. The styles available are all very similar, so it’s hard to really know which is the “best” one. To put it simply: some brands are much more trustworthy than others. If you skim through other online reviews, there are definitely some brands that see a lot more complaints than others. These are usually about how long it was before the tritium inserts stopped working. In our review, we have focused on the type of warranties offered by the sellers and how much bang you’re really going to get for your buck.

All of the suppressor sights listed below cover a price range from $50 to $150 online, so there’s something for every budget. Just know that the bigger investment you make up front, the more likely you’ll actually save money through the years of your purchase.

XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot

XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot

Materials – The XS Big Dot sights in general are among the most popular sights on the market. They are also among the most notable sights as well due to the big. White dot present on the front side and the single white vertical line in the middle of the rear sights. This makes the front sight very presentable and easy to spot when you draw your firearm,

Specifically, these XS Big Dot sights are larger than normal in order to be visible when using a suppressor over your handgun. The front site has a very large white ring that is easy to see, and it surrounds a tritium dot. Meanwhile, the Express rear sight consists of a vertical green tritium bar with a white outline that is also very notable.

Performance – The front, white sight of the XS Big Dot sights is designed to reflect the light, which makes it highly visible even in dark conditions. Meanwhile, the express rear sight is designed to prevent obstruction of viewing the front sight, especially when you are on the move.

These sights also utilize a snag free design, despite their larger size, by having rounded off edges on both the front and rear sights. This means that you can safely draw your handgun from your holster, whether it be from a holster made out of leather, nylon, or kydex, without risking it getting snagged to impede your draw in any way.

One negative to these sights, however, is that while the steel itself is very durable the sights are covered in a matte bluing finish, which is not very rust or corrosion resistant. This may be a problem in humid, wet, or tropical environments where rust and corrosion can be a threat to your firearm. Granted, Glock pistols are already coated in a rust resistant Tenifer finishing, which means that in those kinds of situations, you may find yourself with a Glock that’s fine but with sights that are a little rusted over (fortunately, rust shouldn’t be anything that a little gun oil and a rag can’t handle).

As an added bonus, these sights also ship with a hardware kit so you can easily install them yourself.

What We Say – If you are looking for highly visible night sights that will also be visible over a suppressor on your Glock pistol, the XS Big Dots are among the best options available to you. They are very expensive, more so than many other comparable night sights, but if you’re willing to spend the money they can end up being a valuable investment for your Glock pistol, and will certainly be a major improvement over the standard polymer sights (which are admittedly a little weak).

  • Bright White Front Dot Is Very Easy To See
  • White Dot Reflects Light For Greater Visibility
  • Very Durable Steel Construction
  • Snag Free Design
  • Very Expensive
  • Blued Finishing Is Not The Most Rust Resistant

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AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock

AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock

Materials – The AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock is essentially the same set of sights as the option above, but it includes the tritium inserts and isn’t a package deal with another brand. The set includes both the front sight and a standard, dovetail rear sight. The three dots are outlined with a reflective white color, and the tritium inserts are a highly contrasting bright green color. The front sight adds .314” in height, and the rear sight adds .310” in height. There is no mention of a warranty from AmeriGlo, but reasonable damage will be means for a replacement.

Performance – The AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock gives you the ability to use your sights during day and night. We went searching for information about a warranty, and the deal is that as long as you keep the receipt, you should be in good shape to request a replacement if something happens to your night sights. This is also a forewarning against buying AmeriGlo sights second hand to save on cost. They’re still less than $100 online, so these are definitely the cheaper option for tritium sights. We like the combination of green inserts against white painted rings; this makes for a good contrast and, in turn, faster target acquisition.

What we say – The AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock costs between $85 and $90 online, depending on where you purchase it from. If you need sights that can be used at night, but you want to stay under the $100 limit, then these will be the sights for you.

  • Affordable as
  • Contrasting green and white tritium and rings
  • Not the best warranty for tritium
  • Doesn’t include additional tools

TruGlo TFX Glock SUP High Set Handgun Sight

TruGlo TFX Glock SUP High Set Handgun Sight

Materials – The TruGlo TFX Glock SUP High Set Handgun Sight is the standard pair of front and rear sights. There are three dots: two on the rear and one on the front, which all have bright green tritium inserts. There is a white painted ring for high contrast around the front sight dot, but there is no paint around the rear sight dots. There are exposed slots above the tritium inserts on both sight pieces, but the constructed housing is completely chemical and shock proof. The TruGlo TFX Glock SUP High Set Handgun Sights are protected with a Fortress finish for rust resistant security.

Performance – These Glock suppressor sights are another cost saving option that comes with its pros and cons. Again, we had a hard time finding warranty on product pages. TruGlo guarantees 90 days of problem-free use, but all of their products range in the types of warranty offered. We personally like TruGlo over AmeriGlo, as far as the lasting ability of the tritium. What we don’t like is the exposed tops over the inserts. We get that the slots are helpful for detecting when your tritium is losing juice, but we’d rather any illumination is coming only through the three dots. We also wish there was a contrasting white ring around all three dots, instead of around the front sight dot.

What we say – The TruGlo TFX Glock SUP High Set Handgun Sight costs just over $115 online. While it breaks the $100 mark, they’re still not the most expensive option out there.

  • Better quality inserts than AmeriGlo
  • Exposed inserts better for detecting malfunctioning tritium
  • Warranty guarantee only lasts 90 days
  • Painted dot only on front sight

Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set

Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set

Materials – The Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set is one of the best of the best for these types of sights. The rear sight has the standard two dots, and the front sight has the standard one dot, which are all painted with a white, reflective ring. The front sight includes a green tritium insert, and the rear sight includes orange tritium. Trijicon offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products, meaning your tritium night sights will be replaced for any reasonable malfunction over the lifetime of the original owner. These night sights for your Glock and suppressor should be installed professionally, whether you have the proper tooling or not.

Performance – Like we said, Trijicon offers the best of the best, and this Glock Suppressor Sight Set is no exception. While they’re the most expensive option, they also are of the best quality and the brand offers the best warranty available. Unless you ripped the inserts out yourself, you should be guaranteed a replacement if something goes wrong. The different green and orange inserts seems a little odd, but the worst it does is improve your accuracy and speed. This is also a great combination for anyone who has some trouble targeting well at night.

What we say – The Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set costs about $145 online, making it the most expensive option within this review. This is a lifetime investment that shouldn’t require expensive replacements.

  • Best quality for night sights
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Highly contrasting green and orange inserts
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Glock Suppressor Sights

If you don’t have any need for night sights, then we suggest sticking with the first option, which was the AmeriGlo Tall Suppress 3 Dot Tritium for Glock. The set is going to save you significantly on expenses, and you won’t have to worry about the warranty issues that we went into detail about. However, the more practical choice for our top pick goes to the Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set. Despite being the most expensive option, we actually believe making the bigger investment now will save you money down the line. Paying the price one time gives you a lifetime warranty that will make up for it over the years. The tritium inserts and painted rings are highly contrasting and reflective, making them great for anyone.

Updated: 1/31/2019

  1. Thank you for the reviews. Respectfully, I think you missed the point on the TruGlo TFX.
    I love Tritium and I have it on my wrist watches and my gun sights. BUT, your eyes cannot see the glow of the Tritium when they are adjusted to daylight. The glow is only apparent in the dark.

    The TruGlo sights have fiber optic rods IN ADDITION to the Tritium. That’s why they are exposed on the top. The fiber optic collects ambient light and glows even in lit rooms or in sunlight. The other Tritium sites WILL NOT GLOW in daylight. If you like this, it is a distinct advantage to TruGlo.

    (I am not affiliated with the company. I just try to be affiliated with facts.)

    1. I’m glad you said this. It’s the first thing I thought of. I’ve got a set in my S&W Shield and I love them.

    2. So true. I am baffled how the author came up with the idea that the top cutouts are for checking tritium decay.

      They allow the fiber optic inserts to gather as much light as they can while still keeping them seated in the sights.

      The language used makes it seem sophomoric in addition to incorrect: “ We get that the slots are helpful for detecting when your tritium is losing juice …”

      I’m pretty sure you don’t get it, dudes.

      Thanks for the good list, though! If I didn’t care I wouldn’t critique. Maybe just fix it and delete this comment.

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