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Best Shotgun Lights [2018]
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Best Shotgun Lights

For tactical or self-defense reasons, having a shotgun light on hand may be necessary for circumstances when the lighting is not good. An enemy invading your home is probably doing so at night, and a shotgun tactical light attached to your firearm can be a lifesaver. A good light attachment should not only illuminate whichever ... Read more
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8 Best Home Defense Shotguns in 2021

The shotgun is a classic firearm. From the trenches of World War I to the duck ponds of basically everywhere that has water to defending our homes — the shotgun is a true do-all tool. Even now as we approach the year 2022 the simple shotgun is one of the best home defense weapons you ... Read more
Double-barrel shotgun that is recently fired
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Double-Barrel Shotguns – 4 of the best

If you’re like me, you probably grew up with Looney Tunes. One of the iconic characters is Elmer Fudd with his trusty double-barrel shotgun. He might not be the best hunter, but there’s arguably no better way to hunt hares and ducks than with a timeless classic. Any hunter worth their salt would agree that ... Read more
The 4 Best Slug Gun Scopes
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The 5 Best Slug Gun Scopes

If you own a shotgun, a slug gun scope will improve your shooting capabilities. So, if you want to improve your on-target hits or be able to accurately hit game at longer distances with your slug gun, then this article is for you. We’ve decided to highlight some of the best slug scopes currently available. ... Read more
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Best Red Dot Sights for Shotguns

The vast majority of casual firearm users might not even consider using anything other than the traditional iron sights on their shotguns. For the most part, the general doesn’t really consider shotguns as firearms. Some people think that shotguns are just a point-and-pull trigger type that anyone can use anywhere. The reality is, shotgun red dot sights can be ... Read more
GAMO Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 comp
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Best Linear Compensator for Bullpup, Rifle and Shotgun

If you regularly shoot guns with shorter barrels, then you’re aware of the noise and flash they produce. You might also notice that short-barreled firearms can be more difficult to handle. Luckily, adding a linear compensator can help tame your bullpup, rifle, and shotgun. It minimizes gunshot noise and reduces explosive flash. Getting one can ... Read more
Mossberg 930 SPX rail
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Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX – Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform

Whether or not you are new to shotguns, the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX is a weapon that is worth keeping in your arsenal. Robust, modular, and reliable, this semi-automatic shotgun is also fairly affordable, bringing in some good news for shotgun aficionados. If you’re looking for a pump-action shotgun, check out this article we published ... Read more
best bullpup rifles and shotguns
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The Best Bullpup Rifles and Shotguns For 2022

Are you considering buying a bullpup rifle or shotgun, or just wondering what the heck they are? If so, you’ve come to the right place.   Is Bullpup Better? Why should you consider buying a bullpup design over a more traditional rifle or shotgun? At first glance, they look distinctive. This, of course, is because the ... Read more
The 4 Best Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights
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The 4 Best Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights

Your shotgun can serve many purposes. Depending on what you own, you may want to increase your accuracy. Investing in a ghost ring sight can significantly increase your precision and target acquisition. Particularly with slug shotguns, you can shoot farther as well. We’ve put together this review of the best shotgun ghost ring sights on ... Read more
Three shotguns
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Shotguns; What is Out There?

Shotguns are pretty popular and can be used in many different applications. They are popular for sport shooting and hunting alike, as well as for self-defense. Shotguns can be relatively inexpensive to purchase, or very expensive, depending on what the buyer is looking for. There are many different sizes and types of shotguns to choose ... Read more

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