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Choose the best Shotgun Holsters & Scabbard [Top 4]

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A holster helps to protect your shotgun from the elements

Particularly for hunters, there are many gunowners who own shotguns that could be considered prized possessions. Whether you own a vintage firearm or a pricey investment, you’ll want to protect it from exterior elements, such as weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and the possibility of it knocking up against a tree or boulder. To do this you need a shotgun holster.

A ‘Shotgun Scabbard’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘Shotgun Holster’

We’ve put together this review of the best shotgun scabbards (a fancy word for shotgun holster), and we’ll let you know which option we think is the best purchase for the average gunowner to make. Carrying a shotgun usually requires you to carry a handful of other items like ammunition, a red dot sight, and perhaps an attachable flashlight. The right shotgun holster should be able to hold all of these items and more while maintaining a low profile. Your shotgun holster also has to be comfortable enough to wear and carry for hours on end. While these may seem like obvious requirements, you would be surprised how many products don’t fit this bill. Luckily, we’ve put together the top choices on the market for you!

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VISM by NcStar
Tactical Shotgun Holster

Materials – The VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Holster is made of a lightweight and padded material. It can be used ambidextrously, as it has webbing on both sides on the exterior. The soft material provides a thick but comfortable barrier between your shotgun and outside elements. There are four detachable PALS straps as well as a removable retention strap with a quick release buckle. There are four plastic D rings across the holster for attaching a padded shoulder strap in multiple positions to your preferred carrying style. Wear it over a single shoulder, across the back diagonally, or vertically behind a shoulder. Every strap on the VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Holster is adjustable for anyone of any shape and size. It can be purchased in black, green, or tan.

Performance – The VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Holster is a highly practical purchase. There is a lot of webbing and plenty of space for additional accessories, such as a shell holder, optics, lasers, etc. There are a lot of straps that come with this shotgun holster, but it’s very convenient that you can adjust the fit to whatever suits you best. Plus, there are multiple ways to wear the design. As cool as the versatility is, there is quite a lot going on with the outside of this shotgun holster. We’re concerned that all of the straps may catch or snag on something, and everything can seem a little complicated. However, it’s very affordable and is a good buy for shotgun owners who bring a lot of gear with them.

What we say – The VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Holster ranges in price from $20-$30 online, depending on what color you purchase it in. This item also seems to go on sale, so you could likely catch a good deal.

  • Low cost
  • Webbing and straps for holding additional gear
  • Fully adjustable straps and versatility in carrying position
  • A lot of exterior elements gets complicated

5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Holster

Materials – The 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Holster is made entirely of nylon, and it comes in tan, black, and olive drab. The exterior of the holster has additional webbing for holding gear and accessories, and the webbing is retained by four nylon straps with snap closures. There is a single, fully adjustable strap. This holster is intended to be worn across the back diagonally for a “quick draw” style carrying position. You can swiftly pull out your shotgun to shoot down that speedy deer and quickly reholster to continue traveling. The fully padded interior protects your shotgun while also enhancing a smooth draw.

Performance – The 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Holster is a more simplified version of the previous holster option. While there is still plenty of webbing on the front of the product, it is far less complicated. There is less chance that any straps will snag on a tree branch while navigating through a wooded area. We also really like the carrying style of this holster, as it cuts down on time being used to lock in on your target. However, this option is less versatile. While you can try wearing it in different ways, it really was designed to be worn across the back, and it will be the most functional in this way.

What we say – The 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Holster costs between $22-$25 online, depending on which color you purchase it in. That also makes it the cheapest option within this review. If you don’t need so much webbing and additional straps, this is a great buy for you.

  • Lowest cost
  • Comes in three colors
  • Webbing and retention straps
  • Quick draw carrying style
  • Less versatility

VooDoo Tactical 20-8916 Breacher’s Shotgun Holster

Materials – The VooDoo Tatical 20-8916 Breacher’s Shotgun Holster was designed specifically by VooDoo for shotguns with shorter barrels or pistol grips. The entire product is more compact but is still capable of holding ammo and additional gear. This holster is ambidextrous, and it has MOLLE webbing across an entire side with nylon straps and snap closures. The spine has six elastic loops for ammo. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that is both padded and removable, allowing the owner to wear this holster across the back or over a shoulder. The VooDoo Tactical 20-8916 Breacher’s Shotgun Holster can be purchased in either black or tan, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Performance – The VooDoo Tactical 20-8916 Breacher’s Shotgun Holster is a really innovative design that was created after much demand from VooDoo’s consumers. It is best used in military and law enforcement during breaching procedures, but anyone with a shorter barreled shotgun would be happy to own this. It is, for many obvious reason, ideal for tactical use, but it is also convenient for some hunting and use on a range. This is another option that has a lot of versatility and adjustability, but there isn’t too much going on to make it complicated. We do wish the ammo loops were placed in a different area, as opposed to the spine on the holster. We think that area is too exposed, and you could end up losing your ammo if you’re not careful.

What we say – The VooDoo Tactical 20-8916 Breacher’s Shotgun Holster costs about $30 online. If you own a shotgun with a short barrel or pistol grip, this is a must-have item for you.

  • Designed for short barrels
  • Full padded and adjustable strap
  • Plenty of webbing and elastic loops
  • Ammo loops on spine are not ideal

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Condor Shotgun Holster

Materials – The Condor Shotgun Holster is a very low profile and simplistic design. The entire holster is made of nylon, and the interior is padded to protect your shotgun and the aid in a smooth draw. There is a fully adjustable strap, which is not padded, that connect at two of four D rings. The additional D rings allow for multiple types of carrying styles and ambidextrous use. There is webbing across nearly the entire length of the holster on both sides, and there is a single retention strap at the base with a plastic buckle. The Condor Shotgun Holster comes in black, A-TACS, multicam, olive drab, and tan.

Performance – The Condor Shotgun holster is easily the most discreet and low profile holster not only within this review, but also amongst all other shotgun holsters available online. This is fantastic for camouflage purposes during both hunting and tactical operations. While there are great features to this holster, we find it also lacking in a couple of areas. For one, why is there no padding on the adjustable strap? Of course, you can always add your own padding or a new sling, which is an inexpensive fix. We also wish there was a little more protection over the webbing. However, the webbing is also very closely knit, so there is little chance of additional gear or ammo escaping.

What we say – The Condor Shotgun holster ranges widely in price, from $27 to over $50, depending on which color you purchase it in. This is one of the best shotgun holster for hunting and staying well hidden.

  • Comes in a wide variety of patterns
  • Adjustable and versatile strap
  • Low profile appearances
  • Missing padding on strap
  • Ranges greatly in price

Our Favorite Shotgun Holster

Our top pick for the best shotgun holster on the market goes to the 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S for a multitude of reasons. For one, it is incredibly affordable, costing in the low $20 range. It comes in a small selection of colors that are great for blending in. Best of all, it combines the best of both worlds: there is plenty of room to store additional gear and ammo without having an overly complicated exterior appearance. It is also, of course, great at storing your shotgun for transport. Despite not having more versatility with the carrying style, it functions very well as a crossbody holster. This style is very convenient for hunters or anyone who will be hiking or some natural terrain. We highly suggest anyone with a shotgun look into the 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Holster.

  1. Scabbards shown are all great products. But, I have a Mossberg 500 Tri – Rail with an off set mounted light that will not fit any of these because of the width. Are there any scabbards on the market that expand wider to allow for such a setup ?

    1. I’ve heard the one from US Peacekeeper might accommodate a light rail as well as the protruding charging handle on a Benelli M4. You might want to give them a call.

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