4 Great OWB Holsters For The Glock 19

4 Great OWB Holsters For The Glock 19

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Glocks are easily the most popular handguns on the market, and the Glock 19 is one of the most common ones purchased. Glock 19s aren’t particularly compact, and they can be pretty uncomfortable if you try to conceal carry them in an IWB holster.
That’s the reason we’ve put together a list of the best Glock 19 OWB holsters on the market. Later, we’ll let you know what we think is the overall best choice for the average Glock 19 owner.
Picking the right Glock OWB holster for your preferences will depend on what your needs are. Is it easier for you to draw your weapon from your hip or your backside? What type of material is most comfortable to you? Do you want your Glock 19 open carry holster to still fit comfortably under your shirt? Are you using any aftermarket accessories, like laser sights or lights? These are just a few points worth considering before making a final decision on your purchase.

Galco Small of Back Glock 19 Leather Holster

Galco Small of Back Glock 19 Leather Holster

Materials – The first of two Galco holsters on this list is made of all premium saddle leather, and it can come in black or brown. It is available for left handed or right handed shooters, and it has a single belt loop, which fits up to a 1 ¾” belt. The details of the leather holster are hand molded, and the sight rails are stitched to protect both the gun and the leather. There is also a tension screw for additional security.

Performance – We wanted to include a small of the back Glock 19 pancake holster since many people find carrying a larger handgun at the hip too uncomfortable, making a SOB holster a great alternative. As mentioned earlier, the leather on this Galco holster is decent quality, and it’s molded very well to the shape of the gun. Once holstered it holds the Glock in the perfect angle for a quick and comfortable draw. Although it’s intended to be concealable under a shirt, there is no reason not to carry it OWB style. And actually, we don’t think it conceals very well – it’s just too bulky for that.

What we say – For a leather holster, the price point isn’t too bad. We would consider the price range to be in the golden middle and for the high quality material and the molded details, it’s a pretty good deal. Your Glock 19 should stay very well protected from exterior elements, and it’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like the carrying style of a classic OWB holster.

  • Premium saddle leather
  • Angled for quick draw
  • Good price point
  • Not good for concealing under a shirt

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Blade Tech OWB Holster for Glock 19 with Tek Lok

Blade-Tech Signature Series with Tek Lok

Materials – If you’re on the hunt for a more traditional and more discrete Glock 19 open carry holster, then the Blade Tech Signature might be something you could like. It’s made of a blend of polymers in all black, and perfectly molded to the shape of your Glock. This holster has a special Tek Lok belt attachment, which fits belts from 1 ¼” up to 2 ½”. There are two tension screws allowing you to adjust retention until it fits perfectly to your needs. The Blade Tech holster is the best holster for OWB carriers who want to take up as little space as possible on their belt without sacrificing a tough and protective material.

Performance – The Blade Tech OWB Holster is easily one of our favorite holsters for Glock 19s. The rugged polymer is strong enough to hold the Glock in place, but it’s not overly bulky or heavy. The design is very simple, but it covers everything it needs to be effective. They’re cheap enough that you can buy multiple holsters to fit your other commonly carried weapons. Additionally Blade-Tech offers a wide range of accessories you can add to your system. It’s worth looking at their magazine holders and competitions belts if you are satisfied with your Signature holster

What we say – If your Glock 19 is an every day carry for you, then you should really consider the Blade Tech OWB Holster. They’re comfortable, simple, and the special Tek Lok attachment should leave you feeling confident enough to wear the holster all day. The price is very reasonable and considering what you get, you can’t really go wrong here.

  • Great value for the money
  • Sturdy polymer
  • Tek Lok belt attachment
  • Nothing is perfect, but we don’t have any complaints!

Galco International M4X Glock 19 Paddle Holster

Galco M4X Matrix Auto Locking Holster

Materials – It’s Galco again! The M4X Glock 19 Open Carry Holster has a unique feature that’s designed to provide extra security, if you’re concerned about your Glock sliding around on your belt. While the holster sits outside of the waistband, there’s a special paddle that fits inside of the waistband and against your hip. The paddle is ergonomically designed so it fits comfortably, instead of being flat. It comes in all black, is made of “injection-molded” thermoplastic, which is the standard for their Matrix series. The locking system holds your Glock in place until you trigger the thumb-release and Galco claims this system has been tested literally thousands of times. The holster is designed to fit discretely while providing better security for your firearm than their competitors.

Performance – The Galco M4X Open Carry Holster is great for anyone who thinks they’ll carry their Glock through rough elements or combat. In fact, it’s used by many law enforcement professionals because of the handy and secure locking system. While we love the paddle design, we realize not everyone is the same size, and the paddle isn’t particularly flexible. You may have to do some adjusting over your belt to get this holster to fit comfortably on your person.

What we say – The Galco M4X Glock is budget friendly priced, so it’s a great choice if you are looking for something that doesn’t break the bank. If your Glock 19 pancake holster seems to rattle around during your everyday activities, this paddle holster might be right up your alley. Galco is a well trusted brand (that’s why they’re on here twice), so you can expect high quality from your purchase.

  • Low cost
  • Ergonomically shaped paddle
  • Secure thumb release
  • Paddle may not fit everyone or needs adjusting

Blackhawk SERPA Glock 19 Open Carry Holster

Blackhawk SERPA Glock 19 Open Carry Holster

Materials – The Blackhawk SERPA is another holster made with injection-molding. Blackhawk went for a combination of polymer reinforced with tough carbon fiber. Although it’s an OWB holster, it’s designed for close quarter combat, which means it has an incredibly low profile and it’s positioned tightly against the body. There’s a drawing release button, and it automatically locks when your Glock 19 is placed back in. The paddle and belt loop features can be adjusted for forward or rear cant.

Performance – The SERPA is a fantastic Glock 19 OWB holster to purchase for law enforcement or anyone who needs their open carry tightly concealed against the body. The entire body of the holster is very durable, and you can expect your Glock to be protected from the elements as well as most objects you could bang into. However, although the holster does lock the firearm in place, the Glock might still “rattle” around slightly during movements. No deal breaker in our opinion, just something you might want to consider.

What we say – For a Glock 19 holster, the Blackhawk SERPA provides a lot of security and concealment. Even if you usually open carry, in some situations you may still feel more comfortable keeping your weapon under your shirt or jacket, and this is an excellent holster to achieve that. The price range you can get the SERPA for is what we would consider to be the low-end and if you are able to score a sale it might be the cheapest option on our list.

  • Low price range
  • Forward or rear cant
  • Reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Automatic locking system
  • Glock may rattle a bit inside

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Our Favorite Glock 19 OWB Holster

This review covered a few varying types of holsters for your Glock 19, so what is best for you really depends on your preferences and your daily needs. However, for everyday use of the common open carry gunowner, we the think the best OWB holster for your Glock 19 is the Signature Series made by Blade-Tech. First of all, it is one of the most simply designed and discrete holsters we’ve seen, even more so than the Blackhawk SERPA model. Since Glock 19s already take up a bit of space, we think it’s better to look for a holster that will counteract that. Second of all, the Blade Tech Signature comes at a very budget-friendly price point. Leather is way more expensive and the polymer is still a very durable and protective material, just flexible enough to allow you to adjust the tension screws and mold to the shape of your Glock. While a paddle holster may seem more ideal for someone who wants a secure fit, the Tek Lok belt attachment is a step above your basic metal clip, so the added security is there. Hands down our favorite product on this list and in our opinion the best holster for Glock 19 models.

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