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Top 4 Walther PK380 Holsters

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Simplicity is bliss, folks! The Walther PK380 is an excellent choice for a concealed carry pistol. It is compact, easy to hold, and it’s even more easy to point and shoot. While this weapon is heavily marketed towards women, it’s a handy weapon that is suitable for anyone. No matter who you are, you’ll need a holster to go with it. This is our review for the best Walther PK380 holster available online, and we’ll select our favorite at the end.
We chose four holsters that vary between kydex and leather materials. There are also two inside the waistband options and two outside the waistband options. Since the Walther PK380 is so discreet on it’s own, it can be accommodating with multiple styles of holsters!

Clearwater Tactical IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Clearwater Tactical IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Materials – The first option for this review is an all kydex inside the waistband holster from Clearwater Tactical. This is the slimmest option within our selections here. The Triton Series by clearwater is handmade by U.S.A. veterans, and all their holsters have minimal marks from machines. All the edges are buffed and smoothed, so it’s comfortable to wear at the waist. The kydex is hand molded to the shape of your Walther. The company accepts custom orders, so you can even get a Walther PK380 holster with laser space. The single belt clip is adjustable, and a retention screw is positioned beneath the trigger guard.

Performance – If you want to keep the low profile and discreteness of the Walther PK380, then selecting an inside the waistband holster like this kydex one would be a safe way to go. For the record, this is definitely handmade, and Clearwater Tactical seems to be one of the few that really means it when they boast that fact. You get a little versatility too, if you want something beyond black or carbon fiber. You can also choose from gray, police blue, red, marine green, etc. This is the cheapest option within this review, and it’s the most simple and standard. Since it’s all kydex, it may be a little uncomfortable to wear behind the pant line, but the edges are all buffed out and the holster provides good coverage of your pistol.

What we say – This is the best Walther PK380 holster for anyone who wants to focus on simplicity. If you don’t want to clip it inside your waistband, you could easily keep the compact holster in a backpack or purse.

  • Low cost
  • Handmade and custom orders
  • Discrete and smooth
  • Kydex can be uncomfortable inside the waistband

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FoxX Holsters Walther PK380 Inside Waistband Holster

FoxX Holsters Walther PK380 Inside Waistband Holster

Materials – This holster from FoxX Holsters is another inside the waistband option that is made from a combination of leather and kydex. The all leather back panel is vegetable tanned in black or tan. There are two belt clips attached to the panel, made of black spring steel, and there are five holes for adjusting wearing height and cant. The panel is also ergonomically shaped, so the curves accommodate the natural contours of the waist. It also acts as a sweat guard. The kydex holster is molded to your Walther PK380, and it is bolted in place by six screws. The muzzle is open ended.

Performance – While we had the issue with the previous option of the kydex being a little uncomfortable against the body, this FoxX Holsters choice solves that problem. The leather back panel is soft and pliable. It provides full protection of your Walther PK380 against your body, so you can wear it directly under a shirt if you really wanted to. There are tons of adjustability with the belt clips, and you can really play with the cant or purely your comfort level. The kydex holster portion is pretty standard. You can’t mess with the retention at all, but it does protect your handgun very well. The only other questionable part is that this is a lot of holster for a subcompact gun. That is always one of the drawbacks with hybrid holsters.

What we say – This is the best Walther PK380 holster for gunowners who think comfort is a huge priority. The leather back panel is really adjustable, and it’s great for anyone who will be wearing their concealed carry for long periods of time.

  • Comfortable leather back panel
  • Five adjustment levels with belt clips
  • Full coverage of gun and ergonomically shaped
  • A lot of holster for a subcompact gun

Tagua Thumb Break Holster

Tagua Thumb Break Holster

Materials – Tagua’s classic outside the waistband holster is made entirely of high grade, premium leather. It’s available in all black. The leather is treated and tightly molded, and it features two belt loops. The belt loops are reinforced with a single line of additional stitching, and there is also reinforced stitching along the barrel and around the trigger guard. A thumb break retains your Walther PK380 with a snap closure. Stitching also lines both sides of the thumb break. Inside the holster is gently lined space to avoid scratching from the rail.

Performance – When you cross over into full on leather holsters, Tagua is a great brand to look into. It’s affordable and still uses good quality materials. This stiffly molded outside the waistband holster is going to provide a very smooth draw. You won’t be fumbling with it either as you holster your Walther PK380 after shooting. The thumb break on this option is really nice. The sturdy leather and additional stitching make the thumb break very firm; when you pop it open with your thumb, you won’t be messing with flimsy straps in your way. That’s often a concern for shooters considering a holster with a thumb break. You are stuck with a forward cant, but that’s another given with these styles of holsters.

What we say – This is the best Walther PK380 holster for not only those who are comfortable with an outside the waistband style, but also want an affordable leather option that looks good. That thumb break is going to work out really well for you too.

  • Firmly molded leather for smooth draw
  • Thumb break sturdy with additional stitching
  • Sits high and tight on the hip
  • Stuck with FBI cant

DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster

DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster

Materials – Another leather option, the DeSantis Scabbard Holster shares many similarities with the previous choice with a few differences. This molded outside the waistband holster has a retention screw at the trigger guard. There is double stitching for reinforcement around the belt loops, which there are three of. The cant can be straight up and down or FBI forward cant. The thumb break is very wide, but it lacks stitching. Again, there is rail space inside the holster to avoid scratched to the leather.

Performance – Yes, yes, the DeSantis option shares a lot of similarities with the Tagua option. They’re both made of leather, they are almost identical in shape, and they both feature a thumb break. The DeSantis stands apart from its competition because it has the double stitching in some areas. You can also purchase it in a few different colors and styles, if that matters to you. The big plus with this choice is that is has the third belt loop, so you can wear it in either preferred cant. What we don’t like is the thumb break. It seems convenient at first that it’s wide and easy to flip open, but the material is soft and flimsy. The straps in the thumb break can get in the way a little, and you don’t want to have to look down while drawing your Walther.

What we say – This is the best Walther PK380 holster for those who like the outside the waistband option, but they prefer the straight up and down cant. This will also allow you to create a little more retention. If you can get past the thumb break, you should be very happy with this purchase.

  • Available in black or tan
  • Forward or straight cant
  • Double stitching
  • Thumb break straps can be large and flimsy

Our Favorite Walther PK380 Holster

We were really stuck between choosing the FoxX Holsters hybrid holster and the Tagua thumb break holster. While we thought it would be better to pick a kydex option (and the Clearwater Tactical is the best choice for Walther PK380 holster with laser, due to the custom orders), we ultimately ended up choosing the Tagua outside the waistband holster. The leather is very nice for the price, and the allover look is discrete and low profile. You can wear this tightly against your hip, so you can easily conceal your pistol under a shirt. Although not doubled, the stitching gets the job done. Obviously, what sold us though, was the thumb break. By not skimping on the leather, and keeping the stitching throughout, the thumb break won’t get tangled up with your fingers when you need to draw. Plus, it’s exactly what you need for the extra retention. This Tagua holster would suit very well for your Walther PK380.

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