The 4 Best 3X Magnifiers

Best 3X Magnifier
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If you frequently visit the shooting range or hunting grounds, it’s likely you have a dot reticle scope on your firearm. Many shooters don’t like to mess too much with their scope during shooting, since this can obviously screw up your zero and allover accuracy. Investing in a good 1-3X magnifier is a solid solution to enhance the ability of your scope. We’ve put together this review of the four best 3X magnifiers on the market, and we’ll let you know which we thought was our favorite.
Having a magnifier with a 1X to 3X range is, quite often, the average power most shooters need. 3X will comfortably bring you to mid-range shooting, and it’s most ideal for hunting and target practice. With the ability to toggle back and forth between the two powers, your shooting time won’t be delayed, and you won’t have to touch your scope. Since the magnifier is there to enhance your pricey optic, try to avoid looking for the least expensive magnifier out there – you’ll probably regret it and end up having to spend more money in the future. A single investment will turn out to be well worth it, and you’ll be only improving your shooting.

UTG 3X Magnifier

UTG 3X Magnifier

Materials – The UTG 3X Magnifier is composed of precision machined materials with a hard anodized finish for resisting all types of weather and regular shooting conditions. The magnifier is filled with nitrogen to stay fog and moisture proof, and it is also shock proof. The user can transition between 1x and 3x to enhance the performance of their dot reticle. Simply utilize the flip-to-side feature for transition. The objective lens is 25 mm, and the field of view is 45 feet at 100 yards. Windage and elevation are also easy to adjust with a simple key tool. This 3X magnifier has a Picatinny rail mount and a thumb lever for quick detachment.

Performance – The UTG brand offers a lot of great accessories that have been featured within our reviews, and their 3X Magnifier is a viable option for those on a tight budget or are looking for something that would be compatible with similar quality scopes. Surprisingly, this model offers one of the larger fields of view at 100 yards. What we’re not 100% on board with is that the flip-to-side feature doesn’t really lock into place, so it can be pushed around if you’re not paying attention. We’re also not gigantic fans of the tooling required to adjust the windage and elevation. It’s not uncommon, but it is a little inconvenient for an accessory that is supposed to make shooting more convenient.

What we say – The UTG 3X Magnifier is absolutely the best option for those who can’t break $100 on one. For a budget piece, this is one of the best magnifiers on the market that you’ll get the most life and quality use out of.

  • Inexpensive
  • 45 feet at 100 yards
  • Shock, fog, and water proof
  • Doesn’t lock into place for flip-to-side
  • Windage and elevation adjustment inconvenient
UTG 3X Magnifier
2,141 Reviews
UTG 3X Magnifier
  • Broadband Multi-coated Lens to Provide Crystal Clear 3X Image, Wide Field of View - 30% Bigger Than Comparable Models from Other Brands.Compatible Rail-Picatinny/Weaver.
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustability for Optimum View Centering. Refer user manual for list of compatible manuals
  • 42mm Center Height for Most Common Dot Sight Combination, Innovative Flip-to-Side Mechanism for Quick Transition between 1X and 3X Image.Objective Diameter:25mm;Field of View @ 100 yards:45'

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier

Materials – The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is constructed of machined aluminum, which had been anodized in a hard, black finish – making it resistant to rust and regular wear and tear. The internal components are purged with nitrogen for a moisture/fog proof protection, and it is intended to stay locked in place on your Picatinny rail. Use a convenient push lever to activate the flip mount. The objective lens is 30 mm and is fully multicoated for a crystal clear image. It offers a view of about 38 feet and 100 yards. There is even an eye relief of 3.25 inches.

Performance – The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is, by all means, one of the best on the market. However, it doesn’t really have anything unique to set it apart from many others. The one special feature it does have is the push lever for activating the flip mount, which we’ll admit seems to be a little more convenient that other levers. Will this really save you any time on the field? No, but it does leave less room for fumbling with your fingers. Other than that, the quality of the lens is totally fine, and it stays well put in place on your rail. Like we said, there’s nothing too eye catching – it’s just a good 3X magnifier.

What we say – The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is the best choice for those who may already own a Vortex scope or simply like the Vortex brand. If you also prefer their style of push lever, then this one is for you. The price tag won’t make your wallet cry either.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient push lever
  • Good eye relief
  • Only 38 foot field of view
Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier
1,578 Reviews
Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier
  • The VMX-3T Magnifier and Flip Mount combo adds a 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, fast, and effective, the push button design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the magnifier to lock in at your desired position.
  • The lens are fully multi-coated maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity. Eye Relief-2.2 inches. Field of View-38.2 feet/100 yards
  • The VMX-3T does not require any special sight-in. The dot centering screws can be used to help center your red dot image in the VMX-3T's field of view.

Burris AR-Tripler Gen II

Burris AR-Tripler Gen II

Materials – The Burris AR-Tripler Gen II magnifier is made of the highest quality aluminum, and it’s finished in a coating to protect it from all sorts of outdoor weather conditions. It comes with a standard Picatinny rail mount, as well as the standard quick detach thumb lever. Unique to this 3X magnifier is the special pivot ring, which allows the user to pivot their magnifier off to the side with the simple push of a button. The objective lens is multicoated, 30 mm, and offers a field of view of 44 feet and 100 yards. The eye relief value is about 2.5 inches. The best part? Burris offers a lifetime warranty on their AR-Tripler Gen II magnifier.

Performance – The Burris AR-Triple Gen II magnifier has a lot of high quality components to it that make it a solid buy for a lot of gunowners. Although it’s made from mostly aluminum, you’ll see that as the price goes up, so does the ruggedness and grade of materials used. The pivot ring allows the flip-to-side feature to run really smoothly, and it’s strategically placed to keep the magnifier sturdy and safe. As with the first product in this review, we’re big fans of the extra wide field of view. The eye relief isn’t too spectacular, but 2.5 inches will do just fine for most of us.

What we say – The Burris AR-Triple Gen II is the best 3X magnifier for anyone with a moderate budget. That lifetime warranty makes every penny spent completely worth the investment, so you’ll never feel like you wasted your money.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Special pivot ring
  • 44 feet at 100 yards FOV
  • Small eye relief
Burris AR-Tripler Gen II
141 Reviews
Burris AR-Tripler Gen II
  • Finish: matte black
  • Field of view: 44 feet at 100 yards
  • Eye relief: 2.5 inches



Materials – The EoTech G33.STSTAN 3X magnifier is by far one of the most advanced and modern magnifiers available to gunowners. The holographic objective lens is unique to the EoTech brand, and allows the shooter to have clear visibility during any time of day and some low light situations without having to rely on reticle illumination. This a third generation model, offering a shorter height (with the ability to elevate 7mm), lighter weight, and a greater eye relief than previous models. The Switch to Side feature only requires the user to push the magnifier until it locks into place – no buttons or levers to mess with. Of course, it comes with a standard Picatinny rail mount and a quick detach lever.

Performance – Almost everyone wishes they could have an EoTech on their firearm. The higher prices associated with the brand definitely turn away many buyers, but it comes with the unique holographic lens that vastly improves your ability to shoot accurately in all types of weather and lighting. We love that the Switch to Side feature doesn’t require any levers, but it still locks into place. With it being a third generation model, the EoTech G33.STSTAN magnifier has a highly improved quality that should never fail you.

What we say – The EoTech G33.STSTAN is the best 3X Magnifier for buyers who are trying to avoid those other costly EoTech products that break the $1000 mark. If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth going for. You’ll be the most popular guy at the range!

  • Holographic lens
  • Switch to Side without levers
  • Shorter and lighter than previous models
  • Very expensive
349 Reviews
  • EOTECH G33.STS 3x Magnifier in TAN
  • Magnification - Fixed 3x magnification in compact design
  • Quick Transitions - Switch-to-Side mount allows instant transitions between 1x and 3x magnification

Our Favorite 3x Magnifier

Our favorite 3X magnifier was, without a doubt, the Burris AR-Tripler Magnifier. To explain, we did not choose the EoTech magnifier for two reasons: it is significantly more expensive than anything else you’ll see on the market, and Burris actually seems to offer more for the money (minus the holographic lens, of course). Burris’s 3X magnifier provides some of the widest field of views, as well as a high quality objective lens that offers a clear picture. The pivot ring is certainly the most appealing part of the whole package, but everything that other magnifiers can do in that price range, Burris seems to do better. Finally, there is no reason to pass up a warranty that is for life. If your magnifier ever takes any damage, or you get a faulty product, you won’t be out a couple hundred dollars. We think all gunowners with a scope should look into the Burris AR-Tripler Gen II magnifier.

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