The 4 Best Scope Mounting Kits

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Best Scope Mounting Kit
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You’ve read our reviews for the best scopes and reviews for the best mounting rings, and you’ve purchased your favorite products. Now, it’s time to install them to your firearm, but you’re lacking all the tools you need. You’ve come to the right place to find the best scope mounting kits on the market.
There are two main brands that borderline “monopolize” the mounting kit industry: Weaver and Wheeler. Despite having nearly identical names, there are a handful of pros and cons to each brand, and there are certainly some crowd favorites. If you’re in need of a full mounting kit, both Weaver and Wheeler provide sets that include everything you would need for installing and modifying your scope setup. However, maybe you only need a screwdriver and bit set, or perhaps you’re in search of a lapping kit to enhance your scope rings. Our review covers all of these specifications to help you find the best scope mounting kit for your needs.

Weaver 30 mm Scope Mount Lapping Kit

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Weaver 30 mm Scope Mount Lapping Kit

Materials – The Weaver 30 mm Scope Mount Lapping Kit is a great set of tools used to improve the alignment of your scope rings as well as create more friction between the rings and your scope for rugged gripping power. Included in the kit is a professional grade steel lapping bar for creating stronger friction between your firearm’s scope rings and your scope. There are also two steel alignment pins to ensure your rings are installed correctly. A small container of grit compound and a lapping bar handle are included with the kit. Everything comes packed into a durable carrying case that can be locked and stored away easily.

Performance – The Weaver 30 mm Scope Mount Lapping Kit is an integral set of tools for customizing the perfect mounting system on your firearm. Since nearly all scope rings are machined in factories, it’s easy for there the be imperfections amongst them. Having a lapping kit handy will allow you to enhance the fit of your scope and ensure the best possible accuracy you can get out of your scope. If you already have a screwdriver and a bit set, you won’t want to waste your money on a fuller sized kit that has more than what you need. This lapping kit will complete your tooling set. Our favorite parts of the Weaver kits are the lapping bar handle, which is a great size and easy for holding and utilizing, and the carrying case, which is sturdy, thick, and protects the included pieces well.

What we say – Like we mentioned before, the Weaver 30 mm Scope Mount Lapping Kit is a great addition to an already existing set of tools. This is the best option for those who don’t want to spend the money on a larger kit or for those who want to improve their already installed scope rings.

  • Cheaper than purchasing a full kit
  • Includes grit compound
  • Larger sized handle
  • Sturdy carrying case
  • Not a complete kit

Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench

Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench

Materials – The Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench is another essential tooling system that’s great for those who don’t need a complete kit. Included in the kit is a torque wrench, which can be adjusted from 10 inch-pounds to 65 inch-pounds, as well as a set of 10 of the most common bits used for scope mounting. The bits included are a Leupold windage bit, #10 flat blade, #11 flat blade, #32 flat blade, 3/32” Allen, 7/64” Allen, 5/32” Allen, T15 Torx bit, T20 Torx bit, and a square drive adapter. The torque wrench is also designed to be compatible with the bits included in other Wheeler mounting kits. The pieces come with a plastic storage case for easy clean up.

Performance – You can’t install a scope mount without a screwdriver and bits! The Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench is another integral tool for having the most secure and accurate setup on your firearm. We also find the Wheeler wrench to be much better than the one provided by Weaver in their full kit. This torque wrench is a better size for holding, and we also found it to have more power behind it, meaning you won’t need to use as much elbow grease. The steel bits are very durable. Our only complaint (besides this also not being a full kit) is that the carrying case is really flimsy. We would suggest ditching the case that’s included, and store your new torque wrench and bits in a sturdier case or bag.

What we say – Honestly, everyone should own the Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench. If you don’t already have a driver and bit set, you should buy this one. In fact, if you own a cheaper set, you should still get this one.

  • Best size torque wrench for big hands
  • Strong steel bits
  • Essential tool for scope mounting
  • Flimsy carrying case

Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo

Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo

Materials – The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo is a full set that will aid you in installing and customizing your mount and scope setup. Included in the kit is the Wheeler Torque Wrench, ten screwdriver bits, a level set, two lapping bars, two alignment bars, a lapping bar handle, grit compound, and thread lock. All one inch and thirty millimeter scope rings should be compatible with this mounting kit. The lapping bars and screwdriver bits are all made of durable steel. All of the pieces included can be stored in the handy, compartmentalized, plastic carrying case.

Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit partsPerformance – Okay, now this option is a complete kit that includes everything you need to mount a scope, from installing to modifying. The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo had our eyes on it right away, since it includes that torque wrench we like so much, which is also compatible with other comprehensive Wheeler bit sets. This is also the only kit that includes lapping bars and alignment pins for both one inch rings and thirty millimeter rings, while most other kits only fit one or the other. That’s a really good bargain for gunowners with varying scope and rings. The one thing we don’t like from the Wheeler brand is their lapping bar handle; it’s smaller than Weaver’s, and it’s a ball shape, which really isn’t ideal for having a good grip.

What we say – The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit is the best scope mounting kit for anyone who has both one inch and thirty millimeter scopes and rings. If this is your first time buying tools for scope mounting, then a complete kit such as this is a no-brainer.

  • Works with one inch and thirty millimeter scope rings
  • Includes wheeler torque wrench
  • Lapping bar handle is small and harder to keep a grip

Weaver Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit with Lap Tools

Weaver Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit with Lap Tools

Materials – The Weaver Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit with Lap Tools is very similar to the previous option, with some slight differences. Included in the kit are a torque wrench with ten steel driver bits, a scope leveling system, a lapping bar, alignment pins, Weaver lapping grip compound, Surethread adhesive, and a lapping bar handle. Just like the others, these items are all stored in a plastic carrying case with individual compartments for the pieces.

Performance – The Weaver Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit is, by all means, another very popular and effective option for gunowners. It does include our favorite style of lapping bar handle, which is easier to hold and more suited for larger hands. We also think Weaver’s plastic carrying case is a little sturdier and built better than Wheeler’s cases. However, you don’t get quite the same bang for the buck. There is only one set of lapping bars and alignment pins for one inch scope rings. While this kit also includes a torque wrench, it’s not of the same quality as Wheeler’s torque wrench. There are many good aspects to Weaver’s scope mounting kit, but it shares both pros and cons.

What we say – The Weaver Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit is the best option for anyone who already owns Weaver products or only has one inch scopes and rings. Why buy more than what you need?

  • Best lapping bar handle
  • Best carrying case is strong and protective
  • Not as much product for the money as Wheeler’s kit

Our Favorite Scope Mounting Kit

The Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo was unanimously voted as our favorite scope mounting kit. While the two previous options, the lapping bar kit and the torque wrench kit, were both essential tools for scope mounting, the Wheeler kit is the best scope mounting kit for aiding your mount installation from start to finish. We also preferred the Wheeler brand over Weaver. The Wheeler combo kit fits both one inch and thirty millimeter mounting systems, so you’re getting the best deal for the money. Despite not having our favorite lapping bar handle, that certainly doesn’t take this kit out of the running. Whether you’re a beginner gunsmith, or this isn’t your first rodeo, the Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo should make everyone happy.

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