The 4 Best 1-8x Scopes

Best 1-8x Scope
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Some of the more common scopes your can find on the market include your 1-4x or 3-9x. There is a great niche of scopes with a 1-8x power range that basically act like two scopes in one! They are a little more difficult to find, but we did the dirty work to compile this review of the best 1-8x scopes on the market. We’ll tell you which was our favorite at the end.
In most cases, 1-8x scope will have a 24-30mm objective lens. These scopes are great for midrange hunting, but that 8x power gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons a little. The other great thing is that, because we’re not crossing over into sniper level magnifications, you still get awesome eye relief for rifle use, and the scopes never get too heavy. The selections here range from simplistic, “nothing fancy” style scopes to some of the highest quality pieces you’ll find online.

AccuShot UTG 1-8x 30mm Scope

Materials – This 30 mm tube scope is built on the UTG True Strength Platform. It has been entirely sealed to lock out moisture and fog, and it has been purged with Nitrogen. This scope is also entirely shock proof. The lenses have multi emerald coatings, which provide a superior clarity throughout the field of view, and it allows maximum light transmission. The Mil-dot reticle is etched in the glass, and there is a multi-color mode with 36 colors. For illumination settings, use the EZ Tap illumination enhancement system. The UTG 1-8x scope includes a pair of quick detach rings with your purchase.

Performance – If you’re looking for a great compromise between an economical cost and a reliable accessory, then look no further than UTG. Sure, UTG scopes aren’t using the most advanced technology out there. We could even go as far to say it probably won’t be the most 100% accurate scope. If you need a scope that is going to be truly shock proof and gets the job done, though, this is what you want to look at. While it seems a little out of the box, the 36 color reticle system is very unique and can be used to your advantage. Plus, this scope includes scope rings, so you’re saving on some cost there as well!

What we say – The AccuShot UTG scope is the best 1-8x scope for shooters focusing on a sturdy and shock proof construction. With just a little versatility with the reticle, you have little you need to mess with and can focus on pointing and shooting.

  • Least expensive
  • 36 color illumination system
  • Includes scope rings
  • Not as advanced as others

Primary Arms 1-8x 24 mm Scope

Primary Arms 1-8x 24 mm Scope

Materials – The Primary Arms scope is housed in a tube that has been treated to be fog proof, water proof, and shock proof. The 24 mm objective lens is multicoated for optimal light transmission and a clear picture. The ACSS reticle has bullet drop compensation technology. The sight system also includes wind holds and moving target leads, all in a second focal plane design. The sight system can be instinctive up to three hundred yards, and it will have precise accuracy up to eight hundred yards. The reticle has twelve brightness settings, and there are flip covers for both the lens and the eye piece. Primary Arms includes a lifetime warranty with its product.

Performance – Now we are stepping it up with some reticle technology. Especially for this price tag, Primary Arms offers an upgraded reticle with bullet drop compensation that will fine tune your hunting skills. What is also nice is that there are covers for everything. Not only for both the eye piece and the objective lens, but even the adjustment turrets have covers. Perhaps this is a little fussy when you’re outdoors, but the covers are nice to have for transportation. Twelve levels of brightness are an ideal amount for daylight and lowlight shooting scenarios. If you go to the maximum magnification, you might lose a tad of accuracy with the BDC reticle, but some adjustments can compensate for that.

What we say – This is the best 1-8×24 scope for those still looking to save on some costs but need the help from a BDC reticle. You may not have the 36 colors to choose from, but the brightness levels available are pretty standard and should get you through the day.

  • Protective covers for everything
  • 12 brightness levels
  • BDC reticle
  • Max magnification may lose some accuracy
Primary Arms 1-8x 24 mm Scope
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Primary Arms 1-8x 24 mm Scope
  • Variable 1-8x magnification second focal plane scope features the ACSS Standard reticle for 5.56\5.45\.308
  • ACSS reticle combines BDC, wind holds, moving target leads, and range estimation in an easy to use system
  • Partial red illumination with 11 brightness settings powered by a common CR2032 battery

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Materials – The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle scope has a 24 mm objective lens, which has been multicoated with anti-reflective treatments for a sharp and clear picture. The bullet drop compensation reticle is etched into the glass. It features a single dot with a surrounding halo. The reticle is illuminated and can be visible in most low light situations. Even at the maximum 8x magnification power, you can utilize the estimating range, holdover, and wind drift correction technology accurately. Included with this scope is a single piece Cantilever offset ring mount. Everything is housed in a matte black tube that has been treated to be fog proof, water proof, and shock proof.

Performance – Vortex Optics is a highly approved brand for scopes by everyday gunowners and professionals alike. While it shares a lot of similarities with the Primary Arms scope, this one is a little better at maintaining its accuracy as you increase the magnification power. This choice also comes with a scope mount, unlike Primary Arms. You have to be happy with the single piece mount, however. This may be the best choice then for AR rifles, and you can expect the resistance to shock to be high. Truly, the brand name alone guarantees its claims of having a clear picture and an uninhibited field of view.

What we say – This is the best 1-8×24 scope for shooters with AR rifles, thanks to the single piece mount that is included with the purchase. You’ll get some truly accurate shooting with the BDC reticle, even at its maximum magnification.

  • Includes scope mount
  • Accurate even at 8x power
  • BDC reticle
  • Limited to single piece mount

Trijicon AccuPower Riflescope

Materials – This 1-8x scope is slightly larger than the others with a 28 mm objective lens. As always, this option is water proof, fog proof, and shock proof. The objective lens has been treated with multiple coatings for a crystal clear view. The segmented circle crosshair reticle is positioned on the first focal plane, and it’s illuminated with green LED technology. Elevation and windage is adjustable. Long range precision and rapid target engagement is possible at even the maximum magnification power. This scope allows an eye relief of up to four inches.

Performance – Finally, we come to one of the most high end brands for scopes but also the most expensive. We make quite the leap in price from Vortex to Trijicon. However, you can expect one of the most clear pictures and accurate targeting from this scope. If you plan to utilize that 8x magnification as much as possible, you’ll want to make an investment in a quality brand scope. Most notable is the larger objective lens. The scope may be a little bit heavier than the others, but you get a wider field of view and even more light transmission. The green LED reticle will give you the best view possible during daylight, but it is still usable at night. Other than those few points, there isn’t too much to boast. This scope has its special features, but the overall performance really speaks for itself.

What we say – The Trijicon AccuPower Riflescope is the best 1-8x scope for those who plan to do a lot of long range hunting or shooting. If most of your time with this scope will be used during strong daylight, this will also be the best option for you.

  • Wider objective lens
  • Green LED illuminated reticle
  • One of the best brands for clear views
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite 1-8x Scope

We unanimously chose the as our favorite 1-8x scope out of the bunch. With this style of scope, you can expect it to be installed on a lot of AR rifles or rifles doing a lot of mid range shooting. Hunting or otherwise, these rifles will likely pack a punch when fired. This Vortex scope will do an efficient job of resisting shock and requiring little adjustments or re-zeroing. Plus, Vortex offers a decent quality piece of equipment at an affordable cost. While Trijicon is a fantastic brand, it is pretty pricey. With Vortex, you still get a BDC reticle and a clear and crisp picture. This is also one of the better choices for using at the highest magnification. You won’t need to be concerned with losing the clarity of your reticle as you zoom in to 8x. With the Cantilever mount, you can snap this baby on and go!

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Written by Sniper Country Team

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