The 4 Best AK-47 Scopes

The 4 Best AK-47 Scopes

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In this article, we are going to take a crack at providing you four of the best scopes for AK 47 rifles.
If you look around the web, you will find a lot of contradicting opinions of the Kalashnikov rifle regarding its accuracy. Some believe they can be tack drivers and used for long range, precision shooting, while the next article over relegates it to a point and spray type tactical weapon.
So, which one should you believe? If there is no accuracy, what is the point of spending the money for a scope? The easy answer and the one we are going to go with is that it all depends on the quality of the weapon. There are quality AK-47 models, and there are junk models. With a quality built firearm and one of the AK47 scopes we will discuss, and you now have a firearm that can extend your working range.
In our list of the top scopes for AK47 firearms, they are not necessarily specifically designed for this particular firearm, but they exhibit design and performance qualities that pair well with this particular rifle.
We will quickly go over a few key specifications needed in an AK scope, and then we will take a detailed look at four scopes that we feel belong in the category of the best scopes for AK 47 rifles.

Scopes for AK 47 Buyer’s Guide

  • Rails and Mounts: When the AK47 was designed and put into the field, the use of optics was not a luxury we have today. These rifles were designed for close to mid-range combat with an iron sight, and adding rifle optics was never a realistic option.
    Because of this, to add optics to your Kalashnikov, you are going to have to invest in a rail system, with the most common being a left side mounting rail. There are a lot of other vendors that offer rail systems along different sections of the rifles length.
    The type of rail and its placement is also going to be heavily dependent on the type of optics or sights you want to mount on your AK. Red dots, holos, and reflex sights usually offer unlimited eye relief and can be placed further up along the receiver while true magnification scopes with more limited eye relief will need a side rail to provide the necessary placement to use the eyebox efficiently.
  • Type of Optics: For the most part, we are going to focus on actual magnification scopes, but we will throw in a red dot to mix things up a little. What’s important is that you understand you shooting tactics and go with a scope or sight that fits your needs. In our opinion, magnification scopes that have a 1 or 1.5X magnification are some of the most versatile optics available for tactical weaponry.
    If you never plan on taking shots over 100 yards, there is no reason to use a magnification scope, and they will provide more problems than answers. On the other hand, if you need long range a reflex or red dot is not going to get the job done.
  • Shock Resistance: The AK and its caliber have some power and is a hard hitting rifle. And when you’re using one, the chances are that you are sending a lot of rounds downrange within short periods of time. Tigh compact red dots and most reflex/holo sights do well at handling this shock.
    If you are going with a higher power magnification scope, it is important that you put a lot of stock in the scope being highly shockproof. If not, over time the inner components of the scope might become misaligned leading to a poor performing scope. In the short term, a scope that is not shock resistant is going to get its settings thrown off and greatly impact the accuracy of your shots.
  • Typical Scope Qualities: As with any scope, there are going to be certain performance standards that need to be met. We have already covered shock resistance, but the scope needs be an overall rugged and durable optic that can stand up to hazardous environmental conditions. For lenses in magnification scopes, you need a clear picture and clear reticle with generous eye relief. Lenses should also reduce the amount of glare, allow maximum light transmission, and be abrasion resistant.

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The 4 Best Scopes for AK47

Following the criteria outlined in the Buyer’s Guide above, the next section will provide a selection of scopes that perform great in combination with an AK-47.

Hi-Lux Optics CMR-AK

Hi-Lux Optics CMR-AK

This is a versatile scope that gives you a true 1X both eyes shooting ability as well as true magnification properties. The total range of magnification runs from 1-4X. This is a heavy and rugged scope that matches well with the AK 47. The heavy duty construction is also going to help keep the scope zeroed in through thousands of high caliber, heavy hitting rounds.
This scope and its reticle have been rated for .308 calibers which are very similar to the 7.62X39mm rounds used by AK47 rifles so you can be more confident in utilizing the scopes adjustments which are extremely easy to handle while in the field.
This scope has multicoated lenses with the 24mm objective lens provides decent light transmission, though you might have an issue with darker images on the 4X magnification, especially during low light situations. In general, this scope has great image clarity.
From the 1 to 4X magnification you have a great field of view which makes target acquisition much quicker than with typical magnification scopes. The 1X magnification with the illuminated reticle functions as a red dot scope and is incredible at close range shooting where one eye needs to be on the field.
The reticle of this scope features both bullet drop and windage hash marks, and because it is rated for the .308 caliber, it is fairly accurate with 7.62 rounds. The dot and circle reticle is also illuminated when needed and features a rheostat to adjust brightness settings though it does wash out easily in bright light environments.
Also important is the 3” eye relief which is going to make mounting much easier as the scope can be placed at a convenient position on the rail without sacrificing a comfortable shooting stance. This is a long scope coming in at a little over 10 inches, so it’s going to take up a lot of space on your rail.

  • 1X capabilities
  • Magnification up to 4X
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Illuminated reticle rated for similar caliber
  • Excellent image clarity
  • Will take up a lot of space on your rail
  • Dark images at 4X magnification

Aimpoint Pro ak 47 scope

Aimpoint Pro

For a little variety, we wanted to include at least one red dot scope for AK47 models. The AK 47 is known as a rugged and durable rifle ever made by man, and the Aimpoint Pro can be your AK 47 scope that matches that resilience. This red dot scope for AK47 rifles is hard anodized and compact. It is lightweight, but the construction makes it extremely shock resistant.
Maybe one of the most over looked features of this scope is the incredible ease of mounting to your rail. It uses an audible clicking mechanism that alerts you to when the red dot sight has the proper pressure. There is a spacer in the mount that can be removed to give you co-witness with your iron sights.
The reticle brightness can be adjusted through several settings, but the reticle remains clear and easy to use. This adjustment gives you a scope that operates well through a range of light settings. This scope is also compatible with night vision equipment.
Though the batteries used for this scope can be expensive and difficult to come by, they have an incredible lifespan. This scope can be left on at its lowest setting, and the red dot will last for up to three years.
Once mounted, this scope is extremely easy to get zeroed in and is more rugged enough to remain zeroed through thousands of high caliber rounds. With a well-built rifle, you will only have yourself to blame for missing the target as this scope is highly precise. The unlimited eye relief and red dot reticle.

Everything about this red dot sight is geared towards fast target acquisition, and when mounted near the front of the receiver you will have a fantastic close range AK47 rifle.

  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Easy to mount and adjust
  • Incredible battery life
  • Ultra fast target acquisition
  • Holds zero
  • Batteries difficult to come by
  • Pricey asd asd

Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 ak scope

Leupold Mark AR Mod 1

What we love the most about this scope is its versatility. You get the true magnification aspect and can take on longer range shots while at the same time, the 1.5X magnification with the illuminated reticle makes this scope almost function like a true 1X red dot. We can’t think of another scope that has this type of versatility along with Leupold quality.
This scope is lightweight, compact and built strong enough to handle the hard recoil of your AK47. This scope is a breeze to sight in on the range, and once you have it nailed down, it can handle thousands of rounds without the zero setting sliding off. Not only can it withstand recoil, but it is also highly weather resistant and can take a physical beating without losing its performance qualities.
Now, the 1.5X is not true 1X magnification with unlimited eye relief, but it functions very closely and provides you with quick target acquisition when in the field. Where the Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 shines is with the 2-4X magnification. With Leupold’s lens technology, you get an incredible image from low to high light environments.
With the image quality and generous eye relief and eye box, you have some options when mounting to give you the most comfortable position for firing.
This scope uses a Firedot SPR reticle which is simply duplex reticle with windage and elevation adjustment markings as well as an illuminated center crosshair. The brightness can be easily adjusted making it a scope that can perform in all lighting environments.
While overall, the reticle is extremely usable, the windage and elevation adjustment markings are rated for 5.56 NATO rounds. There are a lot of options available for determining the bullet drop for your particular cartridge and Leupold is also available to help you out.
This is one of the more precise and accurate scope for AK 47 that we have come across and when paired with a well built Kalishnakov, you’re going to have a rifle that is extremely versatile and can perform from short to long range shots.

  • Close to long range versatility
  • Unmatched lens technology
  • Excellent reticle
  • Range of reticle brightness settings
  • Durable and compact
  • Excellent eye relief
  • Reticle adjustments rated for AR
  • Pricey ads asd

Bushnell Banner optics

Bushnell Banner

This is another hunting magnification scope that can make a nice addition to your AK. If you have an AK that you want to use for some longer range shooting the Bushnell Banner is a scope for AK47 rifles that will get the job done. This variable powered scope with a magnification range of 3-9X.
While this is a weather resistant scope, you might have issues with it holding its zero settings after repeated rounds through your rifle. The zero is not knocked extremely far off settings, but for precision, long range shooting it might be an issue.
Where this scope performs at its best is in extreme low light conditions. The Dusk and Dawn settings on this scope along with the quality lenses allow maximum light transmission. While quick target acquisition is never a strong point for true magnification scopes, such as this one, it does offer a generous field of view throughout the magnification range.
Another great feature of this scope and one that also adds to its use in low light settings is an illuminated reticle that can be adjusted through a range of brightness settings.

  • Very Affordable
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Good eye relief
  • Generous field of view
  • Wary of shock resistance
  • Might not hold zero especially well after extended use
  • Takes up a lot of rail space

Winner and Conclusion

After going through four scopes for AK47 rifles, it’s time to choose our top choice and winner of the best scope for AK47 rifle title.
We give the edge to the Bushnell Banner for several reasons. This scope is of quality design and construction that can withstand high recoil and is extremely weather resistant. The clear and easy to use illuminated reticle works wonderfully when paired with the high-quality glass provided by Bushnell. This is a versatile scope that functions near 1X magnification while also providing long range shooting capability. In our eyes, this is a scope for AK47 rifles that you should seriously consider.
At the end of the day, the effectiveness of an AK47 scope and the title of best scope for AK47 rifles all depends on your shooting application and the quality of your rifle. Because of this, we set out to list four scopes for AK47 rifles that have the potential to increase your AK’s efficiency.

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