The 4 Best Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights

The 4 Best Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights

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Your shotgun can serve many purposes. Depending on what you own, you may want to increase your accuracy. Investing in a ghost ring sight can significantly increase your precision and target acquisition. Particularly with slug shotguns, you can shoot farther as well. We’ve put together this review of the best shotgun ghost ring sights on the market, and we’ll let you know which was our favorite at the end.
The cool thing about ghost ring sights for shotguns is no two are the same. You can choose from a full night sight set, or maybe you’d rather stick to fiber optics. You can avoid glowing optics all together, or you can find a ghost ring sight set that gives you a little bit of everything. Trust us, you’ll want to do your research and read on before buying just any ghost ring sight online!

Williams Gun Sight Fire Sight

Williams Gun Sight Fire Sight

Materials – This first option from Williams is considered a universal ghost sight set. However, it only mounts onto shotguns with vent ribs. That being said, as long as you have the vent rib, then it doesn’t matter what shotgun it is! Any size vent slots will work – three different sized holes are included with the mounts. No gunsmithing is required for installation, either. The ghost ring features two glowing green dots on either side. The front sight features a single glowing red fiber optic. The contrasting colors are great for lining up towards your target quickly, and the sights can be visible during either day or night.

Performance – It may go without saying, but you are obviously limited with this Williams fire sight if you don’t have a vent rib installed on your shotgun. However, if you do have that, you’re set to go with this truly universal option. Since it includes various mounting sizes, it doesn’t matter what style of vent you have. It’s nice that the installation process is so nice too. Fiber optic sights are clearly no tritium, but you should still be able to get some visibility in low lighting. If it’s pitch dark outside, you may be out of luck. The sights will be best suited for day time, but this is definitely one of our favorite ghost ring sights for shotguns that we could find. Plus, it’s very inexpensive!

What we say – The Williams Fire Sights are the best shotgun ghost ring sights for those who are on a tight budget and use their shotgun mainly during the day. This is one of the only options available for vent ribs as well.

  • Lowest cost
  • Universal on vent ribs
  • Installation fast and easy

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Trijicon 3 Dot Front and Ghost Rear Night Sight

Trijicon 3 Dot Front and Ghost Rear Night Sight

Materials – These Trijicon ghost ring sights include a front and rear sight with the same three dot design as the previous option. They are built specifically for Remington shotgun models 870, 1100, and 1187. All three dots are tritium inserts, which are capped with sapphire jewels to distribute light evenly and protect the inserts. The tritium is also contained within aluminum cylinders for extra protection from recoil or debris. The ghost ring and front sight post are both mounted on silicone cushions as well to resist recoil during firing. To install, some drilling and tapping will be required. You can perform this at home or you can seek out a gunsmith for assistance.

Performance – Trijicon always offers some of the best sights for any style weapon. Their ghost ring sights for shotguns are no exception here. Honestly, the only drawback is that this option is designed specifically for Remington shotguns. You may also need a gunsmith for installation. However, if you own a Remington, you’re in great hands. We love the silicone bases, which will help avoid cracking after firing your weapon. You won’t notice any shaking or vibrations through the sights, which will also help protect the tritium inserts. You can use these ghost ring sights during any time of day, even in pitch dark.

What we say – These are the best shotgun ghost ring sights if you own a Remington and if you require their assistance during night or low lighting. You really can’t go wrong otherwise!

  • Tritium inserts on both sights
  • Silicone bases to absorb shock
  • Inserts set in aluminum housing
  • Only for Remington shotguns

Fusion Tactical Rear Shotgun Sight

Fusion Tactical Rear Shotgun Sight

Materials – The rear shotgun ghost ring sight from Fusion comes as only the rear sight. No front sight is included in this package, but it will complement the original sight bead on your shotgun. This option is also considered a universal sight to accommodate most popular semi-automatic and pump shotguns. It’s designed to withstand heavy gauge shots and powerful recoil. Featured on the ghost ring are two reflective white dots. You can adjust the ring’s elevation to your preference. To install, simply clamp the ghost ring sight onto your standard picatinny or weaver shotgun rail.

Performance – Admittedly, it seems like it’s a bit of a steep price for this option to only include the rear ghost ring sight. However, we included it because it’s easily one of our favorites. If you’ve never used a ghost ring sight on your shotgun before, this may be a great first choice. It is so easy to not only install, but to adjust as well. The windage and elevation adjustment knobs are big enough to grab and turn without having to focus too much on them. Everything is laid out simply and clearly. The ghost ring itself is very standard, with just the two white dots. If you don’t like the clamp style, this brand does sell another version that screws in.

What we say – These are the best shotgun ghost ring sights for picatinny rails if you want a quick drop in option. If you don’t want to fuss with tritium or fiber optics, then look no further. This is also the best choice for first-timers with shotgun ghost rings.

  • Universal for picatinny and weaver rails on pump action shotguns
  • Easy to adjust for windage and elevation
  • Installation takes seconds
  • Only includes rear sight

XS Sights Ghost Ring

XS Sights Ghost Ring

Materials – This is the only option within this review that includes both the ghost ring sight set (both the front and rear pieces) as well as the mounting rail for your shotgun. The XS Sights ghost ring sight has been designed for Mossberg shotguns. The rail is made of anodized aluminum, which accommodate both weaver and picatinny rings. To install, simply drop it into the receiver’s drilled and tapped holes. The rear ghost ring is made of stress proof steel with adjustment knobs for windage and elevation. It does not include any tritium inserts or white dots. However, the front sight post includes a single Trijicon tritium insert, and it’s also machined from stress proof steel.

Performance – Although it’s the most expensive choice, you definitely get the most for your money from XS Sight Systems. Similar to Trijicon, this brand is very well known and liked for its quality and style of sights it produces. In fact, this ghost ring sight also happens to use Trijicon tritium inserts! The front and rear sights are very sturdy and should be able to withstand a lot of recoil. If you need to save a little money, you may want to invest in this choice for the included picatinny / weaver rail system. No need to buy separate parts! The steel makes these sights a little heavier than some others, but this is minimal overall weight added to your Mossberg shotgun anyways.

What we say – These are the best shotgun ghost ring sights for picatinny rails if you have a Mossberg shotgun. Plus, this is another option that can be utilized during any time of day!

  • Includes front and rear sights and mounting rail
  • Trijicon tritium inserts
  • Strong steel construction
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Shotgun Ghost Ring Sight

Our favorite shotgun ghost ring sight set in this review was definitely the Trijicon 3 Dot Night Sights. Quite often, Trijicon winds up being one of the most expensive options within our reviews, and we were surprised to see that wasn’t the case here. First of all, Trijicon utilizes tritium inserts at all three points in its sights. You can use your shotgun during day or night for home defense, hunting, or whatever else it’s needed for. Second of all, those silicone bases really won us over. You won’t find this feature much elsewhere, if it all. You may notice that with almost any sight that is made with polymer or aluminum, there is the possibility of cracking or shattering if the sight isn’t mounted correctly or the weapon just has too much recoil. Trijicon truly remedied that issue, and your shotgun won’t harm its newest upgrade. Granted, these sights are for Remington shotguns only, but we suggest doing a little shopping around Trijicon’s seller page to see what you can get your hands on.

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