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Best Remington 700s – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Over the past 50 years, the Remington 700 series of rifles have built a strong reputation as being one of, if not the, best bolt-action rifle on the market.  What makes this rifle so popular?  There are many reasons that the Remington 700 series is chosen again and again. For one, it comes in a wide variety of calibers and designs to please any type of hunter or sport shooter. Additionally, it is made well and will last you your entire life if it is taken care of properly. 

Generally, the rifles available today are mostly adequate for what’s required of them, whether it’s for hunting or tactical shooting. However, this article specifically looks at the Remington rifles delivered to the market in recent decades and how they evolved.

History of the Remington 700

Remington first began manufacturing their model 700 bolt-action centered rifle in 1962 as a more modern development of their 721 and 722 series rifles. The Remington Arms engineer, Mike Walker, sought to increase the accuracy of the rifles that the company was producing.  He achieved this by using tight tolerances in the chamber and bore, a short lead, and a quick lock time. He also wanted a rifle that was easy to mass produce, but still had high quality designs and features.

Initially, the Remington 700 series rifle had two variants: the ADL and BDL.  These were long and short action rifles that gave the owner the ability to easily add different cartridges. Since these original variants, many different upgrades and versions of the 700 model were created to fit the needs of all types of hunters and shooters.

Remington Model 700SS 5-R Milspec

In the nineties, the Remington 700P in .308 was a quality rifle although some disadvantages included its long throat, which required seating the bullets beyond the magazine length for best accuracy. Regardless, it was still an excellent rifle. 

However, unless you’re a shooter who keeps abreast of the goings on in the industry, you probably won’t be familiar with the Remington Model 700SS 5-R Milspec. Named after the barrel, the 5-R Milspec indicates the rifling used. Remington offered this rifle through one national supplier in the early 2000s. Its principle feature was the stainless steel M700 action and barrel set in an originally designed HS Precision varmint stock. Then the HS Precision PSV74 varmint stock was introduced in 2005 with a well-shaped palm swell that allowed for perfect positioning for firm trigger control. The re-curve in the 3-inch wide forearm gave the fingers comfortable placement in offhand positions and a steady rest for benchrest shooting. Having a shorter forearm than tactical rifles, it had a great balance between feel and manageability. The barrel’s outer contour is very portable, making it easier to carry and handle over longer distances when hunting. 

The bullet jacket’s smooth engraving transition considered to reduce drag in flight, ease of cleaning and proven accuracy are just some of the advantages this rifle offers. Furthermore, the 700SS’s trigger weighs 5 pounds compared to the normal 8 pound triggers found on most rifles, and it also has a reasonable chamber, so you don’t need extreme loading practices for pure accuracy. 

To get started with testing the rifle, a batch of cartridges were loaded using Remington brass, 43 grains of Varget, CCI Benchrest primers and the 175-grain Sierra Match King bullets. After experimenting with seating depths, the bullets seated at the recommended SAMMI length of 2.8″ proved the best. Because this rifle is frequently used in F class competitions, hand loads were used for range testing. Starting with the IMI 175 grain match for break-in purposes, the rifle’s grouping was satisfactory at about an inch at 100 yards with each shot being a cold bore shot from a new barrel. 

There are differing opinions with break-in procedures, so a balanced approach was taken with shooting 10 rounds with cleaning after every shot using Hoppes M-Pro 7 and a bore brush to clear carbon deposits), after which dry patching was applied and Shooters’ Choice for copper fouling. After breaking it in, five round groups were shot between cleaning. 

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Next, using 200 yard benchrest targets set at 100 yards with a 10x magnification and OAL was about 2.885”, the results were decent around .6 inches Then using factory length loads, 2.800″ long like Federal GM or hunting ammo, the first three rounds produced .192″ at 100 yards. After experimenting with various charges and seating depths, the rifle performs best with 2.8” OAL and a muzzle velocity of approximately 2575 fps. When tested the following day at 200 yards alongside the Remington 700P, the 700SS was an outright winner turning out groups in the .3 MOA range. The best from the 700P was .4 MOA (.75 inches) at 200 yards. 

In summary, the Remington 700SS 5R Milspec is without a doubt one of the most accurate out-of-the-box .308 rifles that’s capable of true sub half MOA accuracy and tolerated the variables it was exposed to during the experiments. 

Remington 700 Police Sharpshooter (PSS)

The Remington 700 Police Sharp Shooter (PSS) has been widely used in law enforcement agencies in the United States. Its design was based on the old Remington 700 Varmint rifle, but has evolved with increasing accuracy. 

The Remington action boasts strength, rigidity, and safety, and many custom rigs and manufactured rifles were built on the 700 PSS. Currently, the PSS features the HS Precision kevlar with a fiberglass-reinforced synthetic stock and full-length, aluminum bedding block. The PSS does not have an adjustable length-of-pull stock and it has the same contour as the current Remington varmint rifles. It has a solid stock without the added weight and a wide fore grip and stability. The stock is black with a non-slip pebbled finish with a palm swell at the pistol grip for easy trigger control. 

On the downside, the PSS has an unacceptably long throat and a heavy trigger. The long throat means there’s no pressure spike when seating a handloaded bullet too long, but it also prevents seeing the rifle’s true accuracy potential with a standard length cartridge. The PSS tested in this context proved to be a solid .6 MOA rifle with factory loads. With handloads, it will easily shoot into the .3 MOA range and sometimes beyond. Aside from the throat length, the PSS tactical rifle is reliable, accurate, and consistent with a cold barrel shot (CBS) being centered and one-quarter inch high of the average group. 

The heavy trigger gives too much pull weight. Fortunately, Remington triggers can be adjusted so lowering it to three pounds is do-able. The trigger is wide, clean and doesn’t have creep. The only con is the weight that could affect accuracy. 

In summary, the Remington 700 PSS comes highly recommended for tactical shooting.

Remington 700 Models

If buying a used weapon doesn’t bother you, it is a great way to go to save some money and still get a quality rifle. Currently on, this Remington 700 model is available for sale. This particular model is in the .30-06 Springfield caliber. The barrel length of this bolt action rifle is 22 inches and it is finished with a beautiful wood grip. In addition to the blued finish, this used weapon comes with a Deerfield 3-9X x 40 wide view scope as an added bonus.

This Remington 700 SPS model is a highly maneuverable, tactical model. This particular model was created to have tack-driving accuracy. The barrel is 20 inches long and is a heavy contour, tactical style barrel. WIthin the black, synthetic stock is dual point pillar bedding, and on the outside are Hogue overmolded to ensure you have a strong an secur egrip at all times. More specifically, this model has a 223 Remington cartridge and a 5-round capacity.

This Remington 700 SPS Varmint rifle is known for its high velocity and pinpoint accuracy. The long, heavy contour barrel is 26 inches long, and works perfectly with any of the high velocity calibers you may choose. The black synthetic stock is ergonomically designed to fit your hands and body perfectly, while a vented, beavertail forend enhances your grip. These features also combine to reduce the overall weight of your rifle and better dissipate heat. The finish of this weapon is a non-reflective, matte blued finish that looks sleek and modern. This model also features a hinged floorplate magazine, a drilled and tapped receiver, and sling swivel studs. Overall, it weighs 8.5 pounds without any upgrades or scopes.

This Remington 700 SPS Tactical Bolt Action Rifle has similar features to the other tactical model previously mentioned above. It features a dual, aluminum pillar bedding that is combined with a free-floating, heavy contoured barrel. These features work together to give you superb accuracy in any environment. Additionally, the rifle is constructed with Remington’s proprietary “three rings of steel” that enclose the head of the cartridge. This provides you with ultra reliable performance and the best safety. A Hogue overmolded stock is ergonomically designed to give you a sturdy and unwavering grip in any type of weather. Combine that with the stability provided by the flattened, semi-beavertail forend and you have a steady and stable rifle. This model has a SuperCell recoil pad to soften the blow of your recoil, giving you the ability to have faster follow up shots. Last, but not least, is the X-Mark Pro trigger that can be quickly and easily adjusted to your preferred pull weight.

The Remington 700 ADL .30-06 Springfield Bolt Action Rifle with Scope is one of the most easily adaptable models of the Remington 700. The upgrades, add-ons, and chamberings that are available for this rifle are vast, and can match any hunting or shooting interests that you could possibly have. Additionally, this many options means that you don’t have to break the bank to modify your weapon either. You can choose options from different price ranges to match what you need perfectly.

As mentioned in the title of the rifle, this model is in the .30-06 Springfield caliber. The barrel of this model is 24 inches long and is made of Carbon Steel. The barrel and receiver have a stunning matte blue finish while the synthetic stock has a black finish. Factory pull length is 13-⅜”, however it can be adjusted if this does not meet your specifications. There is also an added bonus with your purchase of this rifle: it comes with a scope already! This model is a great option for those who have multiple hunting hobbies and want one weapon that can be modified and used for each hobby.

The Remington 700 CDL SF .30-06 Springfield Bolt Action Rifle is a stunning option in the Remington 700 series. The external finishes are what make this rifle enticing. The stock is made from gleaming American Walnut with a satin finish that catches the eye instantly. Add a satin stainless barrel made of 416 stainless and the whole rifle comes together beautifully. While the facade of the weapon isn’t necessarily the most important part, you can be sure that this Remington 700 model still has all of the reliability and strength that other models do. The cylindrical design of the receiver gives the shooter a solid bedding area in the stock to provide consistent shot placement each and every time.

Another unique feature of this model is the integrated retractor. It is set inside of a groove that is located inside of the rim of the bolt face. This allows for uniform support for the cartridge head. This rifle has a .30-06 Springfield caliber with a 5 round internal magazine. The barrel of this model is 24 inches long, and the overall weight of the weapon averages at about 7.5 pounds. The trigger pull weight is 13.5 inches, however it is easily adjustable.

Next up is the Remington 700 BDL .30-06 4-Round Bolt Action Rifle. This model gives you superior performance and that well-known Remington accuracy right out of the box. Known also for its smooth action, this model has been a favorite of all types of hunters and shooters for years. This particular Remington 700 BDL features the X-Mark Pro, an externally adjustable trigger that gives you exactly the amount of pull you are looking for. The classic “three rings of steel” design completely encloses the head of the cartridge head for maximum protection against case rupture. A 22 inch, carbon steel, polished blue barrel sits on top of a glossy, American Walnut stock to make this rifle a beautiful sight.

This Remington 700 model is a long range, CRD model that is made for extended range, big game hunting. This rifle is specifically engineered to make three shots look like one. Breaking it down, there are many enviable features of this rifle. First, the Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock is made from solid urethane that is combined with aramid, graphite, and fiberglass.

This particular combination gives you a sturdy and reliable stock that never fails. The aluminum bedding block increases your weapon’s accuracy and an extra swivel if you attach to a bipod. The barrel is 26 inches long with a heavy contour and a stainless finish. The X-Mark Pro trigger is externally adjustable to give you the type of pull that best fits your style and preference. This model is also drilled and tapped for any scope mounts that you may choose to add.

The Remington 700 Mountain SS 6.5 CRD Bolt Action Rifle has modifications that make it specifically for the high country. Its features consist of a streamlined, mountain contour barrel that is 22 inches long with a Bell and Carlson aramid-fiber reinforced, synthetic stock. This stock composition reduces the weight of the weapon to only 6.2 pounds.

The accuracy and dependability of this weapon can be attributed, in part, to the cylindrical receiver design, as it provides a solid bedding area in the stock for consistent shot placement. An X-Mark Pro trigger allows for easy and external adjustments so that it can be completely customizable to your taste.

This Remington 700 PCR Enhanced .308 Win Bolt Action Rifle is a fully optimized system that is designed to stretch your effective range and shrink your groups. This model has an exclusive, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis. This adds rigidity and weatherproofing to your weapon, making it stable and consistent for long distance shots.

The barrel is 24 inches long with 5R rifling and is free-floated in an aluminum handguard. The Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock is able to be completely configurable so that you are comfortable shooting from any position necessary. On top of it all, an advanced CATS (Computer Aided Targeting System) confirms sub-MOA accuracy before packaging.

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The Remington 700 Sendero SF II 300 RUM 3 Round Bolt Action Rifle is a model that was created specifically using input from some of the best shooters in the country. The barrel is 26 inches long, and is heavy contoured stainless steel, made specifically for long range accuracy.

The HS precision composite stock is reinforced with aramid fiber for strength, while the aluminum bedding blocks increase stability and consistency between shots. The stock also has a contoured beavertail fore-end with finger grooves and palm swell that are suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. The tactical style front swivel stud system allows for easy mounting onto a bipod or sling.

The Remington 700 CDL SF .300 Savage Bolt Action Rifle was originally introduced as a Limited Edition model. It ended up being so successful and requested by so many customers that a full line was produced. There are many features that make this model so popular. The 24-inch long 416 stainless steel fluted barreled action enhances accuracy, as does the cylindrical design of the receiver.

The receiver is made, by machine, from solid steel bar stock, making it completely uniform and extremely strong. The classic Remington 700 “three rings of steel” construction enclosed the cartridge case head, increasing the overall strength of the weapon. Top it all off with a SuperCell recoil pad and an X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger, and you have a highly accurate and extremely customizable weapon that will last you for years to come.

Last on our list is the Remington 700 Tactical Chassis .338 Lapua Mag Bolt Action Rifle. This particular model was inspired by the military and law enforcement models of the Remington 700 and was designed to have the utmost precision, reliability, and versatility. This rifle has an MDT TAC21 Chassis, which is engineered to be a base for adding any components that you want. It has a free floating barrel, offered in 24 or 26 inches, that delivers supreme accuracy. The Magpul stock is also fully adjustable, and has a pistol grip for consistency between shots in any situation.

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