The 4 Best Slug Gun Scopes

The 4 Best Slug Gun Scopes

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If you’re like hunting for deer and larger game, you’re probably a big fan of slug hunting. This style of shooting is powerful and a great way to practice accuracy and precision.
If you own a shotgun that you’re keen on using slugs with, you’re going to need a scope that is ideal for heavy recoil and average magnification power. We suggest sticking with the classic 3x-9x scope or one with a fixed power within that range. You’ll also need a scope that offers a little more than your average eye relief, for obvious reasons. Aside from that, we want you to think about whether or not you require illuminated reticles. Cheaper options likely won’t have that feature, so we’ve compiled a list of scopes that we know will keep a bright and clear picture during most hunting situations.
We’ll let you know at the end of this review which option we think is best for the everyday gunowner to purchase. Once you pick the right slug gun scope for you, you’ll be bringing home some serious trophy game.

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Scope

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Scope

Materials – The Simmons ProHunter Truplex slug gun scope is made of durable materials that have been extensively tested amongst experts. This scope is one of the most compact options, having an objective lens of only 32 mm. It’s small enough to fit on both your favorite shotgun and most handguns. The multi-coated optics deliver bright and clear imagery, and it is designed with a fixed 4x magnification power. The TruZero windage and elevation adjustment system and a Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece give the shooter the ability to lock onto their prey as fast as their fingers can move. The Simmons ProHunter Truplex slug gun scope is entirely water proof, fog proof, and recoil proof.

Performance – The Simmons ProHunter Truplex slug gun scopes are really convenient and compact scopes that come at a friendly price point. We like that the smaller package of this design is still durable enough to handle slugs, but you can also attach it to any pistol with the proper mount. This also means you will have great eye relief. A fixed 4x magnification is ideal for this style of shooting, but there is always the negative that this limits the capabilities slightly. However, everything this shotgun slug scope offers is high quality and shouldn’t falter on you.

What we say – The Simmons ProHUnter Truplex shotgun scope will cost you around $90 online, making it the cheapest option within this review. This is the best shotgun scope for any hunter that doesn’t require a bunch of complicated dials and knobs and prefers compact and convenient construction.

  • Cheapest option
  • 32mm compact and light
  • QTA eyepiece
  • Fixed power
  • Small objective lens not best for everyone

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Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope

Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope

Materials – The Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scopes are constructed of a one inch tube in a matter black, anodized finish. The shorter tube is great for eye relief and a light weight. While the exterior is sleek and simply designed, the interior is the selling point on this product. The 40mm objective lens is fully multi-coated for a bright and clear image in any weather condition, which includes the Rainguard HD coating. The lens has seven configurations and six reticle options, and the magnification range is 3x-9x. The Fast-Focus eyepiece and side parallax adjustment make dialing in your next kill a smooth and quick process. Of course, the entire Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope is water proof, shock proof, and fog proof.

Performance – The Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope is the next step up for slug guns and any hunting firearm in general. The one inch tube design is a more classic and traditional choice for hunting, as is the 3x-9x magnification range. What is truly impressive about this scope is the choice between six reticle options and the adjustability features within the interior. We do want to point out that these reticles are not illuminated, which is definitely a downfall to this scope. All of the other features are wonderful, so we just wouldn’t suggest staying out too late into the night, and be careful with glare from the sun.

What we say – The Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope costs about $110 online, depending on where you purchase it from. If you don’t have a particular type of reticle you prefer at all times, this would be the best slug gun scope for you, since there are so many options.

  • Traditional hunting style scope
  • Rainguard HD lens coating
  • 3x-9x range
  • Six reticle options
  • Not illuminated

Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope

Nikon SlugHunter

Materials – The Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope is a tubular design in a matte black, anodized finish. This is a compact and light weight optic, being only 11.5 inches in length. It allows for up to five inches of constant eye relief – nice! The 40mm objective lens is, of course, water proof, fog proof, and shock proof. The lens is also fully multi-coated for optimal brightness and a clear, high quality picture, and it features an enhanced BDC 200 reticle with four ballistic circles. This is perfect for longer ranges slug gun performance, and it features the classic 3x-9x magnification. The spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets allow for incredibly fast and smooth adjustments.

Performance – Nikon is one of the best brand names you can choose when looking for a product offering a clear picture and high quality focusing features. This makes the Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope one of the best scopes for shotguns available. While it still offers the traditional magnification range and general shape and style of a riflescope, its other features put it over the top: the five inches of eye relief is perfect for shooting slugs, and the ballistic reticle offers an innovative way to quickly acquire your target while hunting. This scope is another unilluminated product, but a bright optic picture should make up for most of that.

What we say – The Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope will cost you between $180 and $200 online, again depending on where you purchase it from. If you don’t want any guess work with the product you’re buying, Nikon is a great brand name to go with for shotgun optics.

  • High quality brand name
  • Plenty of eye relief
  • Innovative ballistic reticle
  • 3x-9x magnification
  • Not illuminated

Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope

Trijicon RS20 AccuPower

Materials – The Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope is a one inch tube made with aircraft grade aluminum housing in a matte black, anodized finish. The scope is light weight with a low profile, and has the traditional 40mm objective lens with a 3x-9x magnification. It offers a 3.5”-3.7” eye relief. The lens is completely multi-coated to protect against all weather elements, and the scope is, of course, shock proof. This slug scope offers an illuminated reticle, which can be purchased as a crosshair, mil-square crosshair, or MOA crosshair in both red or green for each type. There are eleven brightness levels you can switch between during hunting.

Performance – The Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope is our luxury item within this review (we’ll get to the price later), and it offers some incredibly high quality features that you won’t find in lower cost options. This is the best slug gun scope for hunters who require absolutely no-fail accuracy and respect cutting edge technology. This is the only option featured here with an illuminated reticle, and the eleven levels of brightness are the cherry on top of that cake. The multiple types of reticles you can choose from are also a really great selling point. We do wish there was greater eye relief, but the other features available more than make up for that fault.

What we say – The Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope costs nearly $600 online – ouch! If you can afford it, a higher quality scope such as this one are well worth the money, and the level of technology will easily make you the best hunter in your group.

  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Multiple reticle and illumination options
  • Resistant to all types of weather
  • Very expensive
  • Short eye relief

Our Favorite Slug Gun Scope

We have decided that the best shotgun scope for slugs out of these choices is the Nikon SlugHunter. The word “slughunter” is in the name, so why wouldn’t we choose that option? Not only is it affordable for most shoppers, but Nikon is a high quality brand name that can offer some of the best options for a standard 3-9x 40mm scope. You can expect your picture to be perfectly clear and bright during most times of day, and some rain or fog shouldn’t damage any part of the product. Our favorite part about this Nikon scope if the five inches of eye relief, which is one of the most optimal features for slug hunting. While we would love for every gunowner to have their hands on something like the Trijicon scope, $600 is a lot of money that most gunowners probably don’t have for a hunting accessory. The Nikon SlugHunter Riflescope would be a great addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

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