Glock 43 Sight

The 4 Best Glock 43 Sights

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The Glock 43 was a long awaited addition to the Glock family. The thinner model is a dream to handle, but there is often one component that many people would change: the factory sights. We’ve put together this review of the best Glock 43 sights on the market, and we’ll let you know what our top choice is.
There is actually a good variety of aftermarket sights to choose from for Glocks, since many brands make their products specifically for that handgun. You might think that it’s hard to shop for the 43, but there are two surprising facts you may want to know.

For one, anything that works with a Glock 42 will work with a 43, no matter if you are looking for a holster or sights.

The second thing is that all front sights made for Glocks should fit on any model.

This makes shopping for your new Glock 43 much easier. Whether you want to switch completely over to tritium night sights, or you just want to change out the front sight on your Glock, there’s something for everyone in the aftermarket selections.

Hi-Viz Glock Interchangeable Litewave Front Handgun Sight

Hi-Viz Glock Interchangeable Litewave Front Handgun Sight

Materials – This option made by Hi-Viz is the front sight only. However, the rear sight is also available to purchase separately. The front sight includes a bright, green tritium insert, which sits in an all black housing. The top of the front sight is left exposed with a diagonal wave pattern. This exposure allows the tritium to gather light while staying protected from damage under the special design. The face of this front sight has a serrated pattern to reflect peripheral light, and there is no painted contrasting ring.

Performance – The sight is a great buy for anyone who likes the factory rear sights on their Glock 43 but would still like a front sight that makes aiming at night a little easier. In the past, we haven’t been huge fans of tritium inserts being exposed in their housing, but Hi-Viz was thoughtful in their protective diagonal wave design that goes over the top. We’d also prefer a painted ring around the tritium, but the serrated face is helpful in reflecting light and should do the trick. As usual, we suggest having a professional install new sights on your Glock 43, unless you have the proper tooling and feel experienced enough to do it yourself. The good news is the single front sight is cheap enough that professional installation might still be in your budget.

What we say – Quite cheap for tritium this offer is worth taking advantage of. If you’ve never used night sights before, and you’re unsure about investing in a more expensive brand, purchasing just the front sight is a great way to test out how much you like it.

  • Lowest cost
  • Diagonal wave pattern protects tritium
  • Serrated face
  • No painted ring for contrast

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AmeriGlo Combative Application Pistol Sight

AmeriGlo Combative Application Pistol Sight

Materials – AmeriGlo offers a set of front and rear night sights. The front sight features a green tritium insert, and the rear sight is a standard dovetail sight with a reflective neon strip. Around the tritium insert is a painted yellow/ lime green square for high contrast and better target acquisition. On the rear sight, they placed a reflective strip in the same yellow/ lime green color. The single tritium insert is actually manufactured by Trijicon and installed by AmeriGlo, so you’re getting the same famous quality as in Trijicon night sights. Both sights are made of steel and are finished in black nitride.

Performance – These sights are a great option for somebody who isn’t quite prepared to blow $100 or more on a pair of Glock 43 sights with three tritium dots. There is only the one tritium insert in the front sight, but the rear sight is still effective without the tritium. We like the contrasting bright yellow and green combination; however, we’re not fans of the painted square – we think a ring would be better. The square, we feel, can really throw somebody off on their accuracy. AmeriGlo should have stuck to a dot and ring like most other companies. It’s certainly no deal breaker, though. Once you get used to it you should be fine.

What we say – The AmeriGlo pistol sights are reasonable priced, depending on where you purchase it from. For under $100 you get Trijicon quality inserts and a front + rear sight that might take you a littler longer to get used to it, but should improve your aiming in the long run.

  • Tritium insert by Trijicon
  • Contrasting yellow paint
  • Rear dovetail sight
  • Yellow square instead of a ring can throw off accuracy in the beginning

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Materials – The Trijicon night sights are a classic go-to option for many Glock owners. This is a front and rear sight set, which includes three bright green tritium inserts by Trijicon: one on the front and two on the rear. Each tritium insert is surround by a contrasting white ring for better accuracy and precision shooting, and they’re housed within iron metal sights. Even better, Trijicon offers a twelve year warranty to replace any worn out tritium from the date of manufacturing. There are no serrated patterns on the face of the sights, but the sight faces are very slim, allowing the green dots to receive all of your eye’s focus.

Performance – Trijicons Glock sights are easily one of the most popular sets that gunowners buy. Trijicon has proven time and time again that their tritium inserts last the longest and perform the best (that’s why other companies, such as AmeriGlo, use their inserts for their own products). This three dot night sight set is a classic design and is very minimalistic. We always prefer a white painted ring to green tritium contrast because the colors don’t blend together on the eye like a green/yellow combination might. The only complaint really is that three dot tritium inserts start to get pretty expensive, so it has to be worth the investment to you.

What we say – The Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols are little more expensive than the other options above. However, you’re getting twelve years of almost guaranteed use out of them, considering that, the price is more than fair.

  • 12 year warranty
  • Three dot night sight system
  • Contrasting white painted ring
  • Expensive

XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Express Sight Set

XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Express Sight Set

Materials – XS Sight Systems offers another popular purchase amongst Glock owners that might look a little unique at first glance. It includes both a front and rear sight with two tritium inserts, which are both bright green: one on each sight. The rear sight features a vertical tritium bar, which has a proportionally sized painted white ring around it for contrast. The front sight features the classic tritium dot, but it has a wide painted white ring to aid in accuracy. This big dot still has the contrast required for aiming, but it doesn’t allow for a black faced sight to block the view. This is particularly helpful at night.

Performance – These sights are a one-of-a-kind sight for your Glock 43 that you won’t find from other brands. For somebody who still needs tritium on both the front and rear sight, but doesn’t necessarily like the standard three dot setup, this option is definitely for you. We think high contrast is one of the most important features for a pair of night sights to be effective, so the big dot design gets a big thumbs up from us. It’s also advertised as a direct replacement for Glock factory sights, so installation should be a breeze, whether you seek professional installation or not.

What we say – Our last items is also the most expensive option within this review. For the money, you’re getting a unique and effective pair of Glock 43 sights that should increase your accuracy.

  • Tritium on front and rear sight
  • Big white dot for contrast
  • No empty space to block view
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Glock 43 Sights

Our top pick for the best Glock 43 sights goes to the Trijicon Night Sight Set. To be honest, choosing this for our top pick was a pretty easy decision. It has the classic three dot design, and it’s really hard to find someone who would advise you against buying it. Trijicon is an incredibly reliable company for tritium; so, if you’re going to spend a decent amount of money on your after market sights, then you can feel safe going with this brand. Besides that, you should have no problem acquiring your target while using these sights during day or night. The white painted rings offer high contrast, and the sights aren’t bulky in the least. We would definitely suggest going with Trijicon for your factory sight replacements.

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